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Magnus Rawstron



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††††††† There are many prophecies that predict aspects of the Age of Aquarius.One of such has undergone interpreted definition of many forms, the one that predicts a new conscious awareness arising.Not one interpretation I read was correct in its definition, but Iíve been saying since the late 70ís that humanity will become telepathic sentient beings before stepping into a golden era.

††††††† Itís always best not trying to interpret prophecies; comparison to past events is the best way to define them.My scientifically, independently and communally proven telepathic abilities are one set of circumstances that can be compared to the prophecy of a new conscious awareness, and then seen to be almost identical.


††††††† Then there are the prophecies of God, the Gods, Angels, etc. and a historical worker of God returning to earth, to help and guide humanity where need be, and yet again these prophecies can be compared to my life and then seen to be almost identical.


†††††† Most of the prophecies are truthful accounts of the future, they not being esoteric, then with some in the least there can be found an element of truth, thatís too big a claim for any person to make, unless like I they were speaking from experience.Humanity has become obsessed with interpreting prophecy, obsessed to the point that there are now that many definitions the precise original messages have been lost, and the original ones that do still exist many have been mistaken as defining something other than what they do.


††††††† I didnít read the prophecies then try and live my life accordingly; it was the other way around, I first read prophecies after I had already fulfilled most of them, with the exception of one.



††††††† The Piscean Age of individual freewill is coming to an end, and all of humanity will become telepathic.
















††††††† The above advertisement appeared in 1998, within a supernaturally concerned magazine, it being Marshall Cavendishís X-Factor, well to be precise its supplementary document given for free in every other edition of that magazine.Sorry on the poor quality of the copy above, I wanted to use the original advertisement and my limited computer program has messed things up a bit.

††††††† That was a previous address; I donít live there now, and I sometimes use my first given surname, hence my surname in this site as being my legal one of Rawstron, then in the advertisement above were using my original surname.

††††††† I received one reply, maybe I didnít word the advertisement correctly, Iím uneducated through no fault of my own and back then I wasnít able to write as I can now.


††††††† Now in 2011 I looking for people to prove these abilities too has gone on for more than a decade, Iíve been tested only once and I was successful in proving my telepathic abilities.  Only one time was a group prepared to test me, despite in separate circumstances contacting sceptical, atheist, news, media and scientific groups.

††††††† I received only one reply, from an investigator of the paranormal and I did prove telepathy to her within a few tests.  I scored 11 out of 11 correct answers, then I ended the test due to her searching around the room for a cheating gadget, such as a mirror, and she was thinking along the lines that I must have been cheating.

†††††††† She had hand cut pieces of paper with one symbol drawn onto each, 6 different symbols and 5 cards of each.I scored with my first attempts 11 out of 11 correct answers.For the first 5 she held the cards and I read her mind, for the remaining 6 I held the cards and let her read my mind.  The odds of me scoring 11 out of 11 by chance are millions to one.

††††††† After she had reported to other members of their paranormal investigating group I was asked if Iíd liked to join, which I did but they made me sign a contract that stated Iím under no circumstances allowed to talk or tell other people about anything we get up too, so Iím sorry that I cannot name their group for you here.Iíve checked the Internet for their group and it doesnít still exist, but the contract I signed may so I wonít go against that.My telling you about the contract, their group and their testing of me doesnít go against that contract, but it does if I name who they were.


††††††† My telepathic abilities are very easily experienced by all people who know of them, you only have to get close to my home and you will experience such, I live on Gillibrand Street in Darwen, Lancashire.


††††††† I was for a time trying to gain inclusion into a fair test within the James Randi one million dollar psychic challenge, but was given replies of either total disbelief or plain and simple replies not to let me enter their challenge.

††††††† James Randi was an on-stage illusionist before renaming himself a paranormal investigator, his profession was failing because we all now know magicians are just tricksters, so he renamed himself a paranormal investigator and created the illusion he cannot find evidence of the psychic and supernatural, his way of creating a unique selling point to keep with earning from his failing profession.He wanted to be a great trickster but he couldnít do it with normal illusions, so had to take a different path, but his tricking of humanity with his fake one million dollar psychic challenge is a lowly dirty trick.

††††††† James isnít a paranormal investigator; heís a paranormal debunker and not a very good one.


††††††Iíve also been in contact with the association of sceptical enquiry (ASKE) because they also had a prized challenge concerning psychic abilities.  The first email I received from them stated I was mentally deluded in some way, and in the second email they told me more than 80% correct answers from a collection of 125 questions would be necessary for a pass in full.Replying I said thatís extreme and only 80% from a collection of 25 questions is scientifically acceptable as a pass, which they only commented back in vague, un-professional and childish ways.  Again like the James Randi foundation they like to protect their cash prize by only allowing people to enter whom they believe will fail, or people whom they make sure will fail.  Just like James Randi, making a public name for themselves with unproven, unscientific biased theories and opinions.


††††††† To enter the James Randi challenge people have to pay him to come to them, that isnít scientific, money isnít an obstacle for scientific discovery but for James it is.


 †††††† In 2009 I contacted 4 science magazines, many science groups and many media and news outlets.I asked the science magazines if they would at the cost of myself (if I fail testing) test me, or if they knew who would test me, or if they know where I should advertise this major leap forward in human conscious awareness.  Only one replied, they said they donít have the facilities or time to undergo scientific research.


 †††††† ASKE stated they will test me but never got back in touch, so are like James Randi in being intentionally un-scientific and biased in protecting their fake cash challenges and the publicity that generates.


††††††† Even the Australian sceptics wouldnít allow me to enter their own prized psychic challenge and all based upon them not believing my claims.If these were true prized psychic challenges why are they afraid to test me?It doesnít make any sense, unless we consider that they donít want to be proven wrong and do want to protect their prize.


 †††† All scientists of great achievements believed in unknowns, but these paranormal debunkers donít consider that, they believe in their own belief structure and which is not scientific proven or based in any way.They believe the psychic and supernatural doesnít exist but have cash prizes for any person who can prove such!Why do they have prized psychic challenges when they donít even believe itís possible?It doesnít make any sense, what is their goal? Do they have a goal?Offering a prize for what they donít believe is possible surely is enough evidence for most people to realise they are not what they are portraying themselves as.

††††††† Surely if they want to prove the existence of the psychic then they should also run online psychic testing.


††††††Iíve given successful results in many tests of my psychic abilities.  My brother tested me with a scientific test for telepathy, I found the details of such within X-Factor magazine, and I scored 16 or 17 out of 20.


††††††† People have even discussed my telepathic abilities within national television broadcasts, speaking of some of their own experiences with my telepathic abilities.When I mentioned this in an online chat room, one with many sceptical atheists shouting their blind faith about the supernatural not existing, they replied with statements to the effect that I must have either hallucinated or lied about it.That is because sceptical atheists consider everything, except that their scepticism could be wrong.

††††††† What with James Randi and the others naming themselves paranormal investigators youíd have thought theyíd have given enough time and effort to check me out for telepathy, because many parts of the entertainment industry checked me out for that and quickly realised I am telepathic.I reckon they should give their prizes to charity, because it is obvious to all people who check me out that I am telepathic.



 ††††† When I took an online psychic test with the Edgar Cayce foundation, within the test what will the picture be my first answer was, a public building, a museum, with scrollwork, and the Eiffel Tower was the picture.My next test I said a wooden home surrounded by trees by the side of a lake, being dark, and it was a forest, lake and wooden fence in night time.Next I said a television with a view on the screen; it was a square window viewing out into a garden.Next I said food and some guy canoeing was the next picture, so that was my first incorrect answer.My score started falling, getting the next image incorrect too, so I switched tests to guess where the X will appear on the screen, I was always within an inch and with more than 5 tests, which got my score up to approximately 87% correct answers from more than 10 questions.I was only third on their scoreboard, with first place 97% from one question, and second place something like 93% from two questions.I should have been at the top of the scoreboard, because the odds of someone getting 87% from more than 10 questions are far higher than the odds of those in first and second place.

††††††† Before leaving their website I left this next message, ďif you have friends and family working or living in New York get them out soon, because that river of fire Edgar Cayce predicted for New York is soon to occur.ĒDo sceptics really believe I would lie about that?And it would have been a good thing for many people to get out of New York then; due to the microscopic asbestos particles hanging in the air for weeks after the twin towers were demolished, and that day occurred within 12 months of my prediction.


††††††† If my test and message claims were untrue the Edgar Cayce Foundation would publicise them as being untrue.


††††††† Please donít think these were the only people I predicted 9/11 too, I also predicted it to UK Police, in fine detail, giving them more than enough information to help them prevent it, but is of a set of circumstances I canít explain in this book.






††††††† While trying to find some employment, during a meeting I had with 3 management persons of a construction firm I approached on spec. on a construction site, I told the 3 men present that brick and stone restoration/pointing was my main trade, which then prompted one man to say, ď Are you psychic or what?Ē  I replied I was and then wondered why he said this, before realising the 3 of them had just been pricing and costing a pointing job a customer of theirs wanted them to undertake.  This I realised had just been occurring to the back and outside of the wall situated behind me, that I knew because I saw pictures in my mind of the 3 men doing precisely that, weighing the job up for costing.  And in areas of the building site my eyes couldnít see and I had never seen that area before.  I verbally told them I knew theyíd just been checking, pricing and surveying a possible pointing job on the back wall and also said I was telepathic, which is how I knew what theyíd just been doing.  One then said that if Iím telepathic Iíd be able to guess correctly their names, so I gave it a try.  I pointed at the man on the left and said ďyouíre Paul,Ē then pointing at the next and naming him as Carl, the last I pointed at I called him Kieran.  He then asked to try again with him, so I did and spoke the name of Kevin, which all 3 of them just stood silent and never spoke or moved for a few seconds more.  He then added by saying, ďIím Kelvin,Ē so then there was another brief quiet moment in the conversation.

 †††††† It wasnít coincidental I turned up on site a few minutes after theyíd been pricing a pointing job, Iíd seen the site weeks and months earlier but decided the time wasnít right to go and ask for work.


††††††† With me telepathy is more than what other people have claimed of their own similar abilities or experiences, with me itís permanently turned on and permanently two way, and works with everything from me to others and them to me, I.E. as pictures of the mind, thoughts of language and on rare occasions people seeing pictures in their mind of what I see with normal eye vision.It also works with senses and emotions.



††††††† With me telepathy is more than what other people have claimed of their own similar abilities or experiences, with me itís permanently turned on and permanently two way, and works with everything from me to others and them to me, I.E. as pictures of the mind, thoughts of language and on rare occasions people seeing pictures in their mind of what I see with normal eye vision.It also works with senses and emotions.

†† †††††I really can hold conversations with people in these ways; next is part of a conversation I had back in the early 90s.


ďIím telepathic, thatís why such occurred.Ē

ďIf youíre telepathic what am I thinking now then?Ē

ďDo you mind me swearing?Ē


ďYou just thought then; youíre full of chit.Ē

ďThat was a lucky guess.Ē

ďIíve just read your mind and you know it.Ē

ďOK what am I thinking now then?Ē

ďYou just thought the same thing.Ē

ďNo I didnít, I added a word.Ē

ďI know you added a word, you added the word really, you just thought then, youíre really full of chit.Ē

ďHow do you do that?Ē

ďIím telepathic, (long pause in the conversation) has it not sunk in yet?Ē My last remark was influenced into being because she had thought it hasnít sunk in yet, at the time I thought were my thoughts, telepathy can be quite confusing at times, even now when Iím 42 I still sometimes find it hard to know which are my thoughts and which are other peoples.


††††††† I next verbally told her, ďIím Agnus Dei, not far from Magnus is it?Ē (When I didnít know what Agnus Dei defined precisely, all I knew was that it was a reference of my name, Magnus.)

††††††† She replied with, ďYouíre crazy.Ē

††††††† ďLook me in the eye,Ē then I put these thoughts into her own a couple of seconds before verbally speaking the same, the way Iíve just read your mind, then next doing the same with, do you doubt I can change the world?

ďI donít doubt for one minute you can change the world and just with telepathy alone, and you know why Iíve just said that donít you?Ē

ďCourse I do, what I verbally spoke back then you heard in your thoughts seconds before I verbally spoke it.Ē

ďHow are you able to do this?Ē

ďMy soul is a part of yours, like it is a part of every ones.ĒShe should have known about these my abilities and claims when we were 12, but people in her family intercepted the letter, then twisted her to evil soon after.The first civilian I tried to turn to my ways, although back then I didnít know she had royal links and royal guards, back in 84 and she later became my worst enemy, this moment when she learning of my claims and abilities the early 90s.


††††††† I was never expecting my telepathic abilities to become as much as they did, where conversations can be held in such ways, and itís hard to believe if only reading about it, but it really does occur to these levels with I.And it does have its problems, such as being on all the time so near enough anything or anyone can get in at certain times.

††††††† This was long before any person in my life learnt of my supernatural associations and claims; I didnít want to make them claims so never did, although I had to a few government linked persons and one teacher.I didnít want to make claims that people may not believe, so no one back then learnt of them, although the supernatural making sure that some Authorities persons knew of me from an earlier age.

††††††† Now when looking back at how easily I convinced her of my telepathic abilities I could have made my claims in public long before I did in 2002, as the only thing that seemed to be off-putting me were/would be the sceptics that would appear.Although after considering everything I come to the conclusion that my supernatural origin friends have had me living out their plan.




††††††† Even from within live television broadcasts my telepathic abilities can be experienced by the people watching, and the other way around it also works, where when Iím watching a live broadcast its crew or people in the frame also experience my telepathic abilities.When it occurred in about the year 2001 I had shrugged it off as not being what had occurred.

††††††† I was watching a cup final in football, where an ex-Bury player was in one of the teams.He knew of my telepathic presence and was reacting to it, the only person at the final who did notice my presence, the same player whom I saw checking me out for telepathy years earlier when working at Bury F.C.When not many people in football knew of me and none in film and television.

††††††† This moment was what I initially believed to be the first instance of such, and then when writing the other book recalled the moment when a primary school kid and doing it to an English government person seen within a live television broadcast. The supernatural pretending their thoughts to be my own, encouraging me to telepathically speak my mind to him, so I tried and to my astonishment he reacted to it.Giving a live interview he suddenly went quiet with an expressionless look on his face, staring at me in shock through the camera, then moving out of shot to behind the scenes.It scared me so I never tried it again after that, and preferred to believe that it didnít occur, I didnít even want to think about it.

††††††† And then it occurred again when I was about 17 years old, and again it scared me so tried not to believe or think of it.Again it was my supernatural contacts who telepathically instructed me to try, this time to telepathically control a newsreader to do something out of character, certain body movements which she then did.

††††††† 4 or 5 times around those times in my teens I also connected telepathically with Uri Geller, every time I saw him in a live television broadcast giving displays of his own telepathic abilities.It didnít shock or scare me when it occurred with him, possibly because I was putting it off as his own telepathic abilities that my own were connecting with.






 †††††† Paranormal investigators offering cash prizes are not what they appear as, they are paranormal debunkers looking for public recognition, they are not investigators.If they investigated me, like how many thousands of people have they would notice Iím telepathic.

††††††† May be people who have experienced my telepathic abilities should send them an email or 2, to explain how they have experienced my telepathic abilities.They call themselves paranormal investigators and many investigators do rely upon witness information, so it would be rightful they receive information of my abilities by independent witnesses.


 †††††† French scientists took James up on his challenge and they said he was acting clown-like and creating an absurd atmosphere, that's because he was disguising his trickery in tampering with test results.Heís an illusionist and has the expertise to tamper with test results while no person notices his trickery.


 †††††† Iíve read a journalists newspaper report that said James Randiís test confines are too hard for any person to pass, and when people claiming to be telepathic took his prelim tests he wouldnít let them sit in the same room as the person whose thoughts they were to read.  When did James become an expert on telepathy to be able to say for a pass to be proven scientifically target people and telepathic people have to sit in different rooms?Iím an expert with telepathy, for the test to be successful the person would have to be sitting in the same room as the target person, if otherwise they canít concentrate correctly on the person they are to read.


  ††††† Offering myself for testing began in 1998 and I have a 100% success rate in proving myself this way, my telepathic abilities have been getting mentions in national television programs, so if I end up getting into some myself, some live broadcasts, the people watching will experience my telepathic abilities, itíll be for the people watching the same as people who have experienced it when close to me.It being so prominent that it is much harder to disbelieve than believe.


††††††† A UFO group tested me, days before the testing I told them all people have to be drug free totally, and when I got there they were all drinking alcohol except for one person, and she was the only person who experienced the telepathic in me.


††††††† Telepathy is a scientific fact nowadays, even a team of UC Irvine scientists has been awarded a $4 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Office, to study the neuroscientific and signal-processing foundations of synthetic telepathy, another shameful set of principles the corrupted beyond all others US government stand by.They know telepathy exists and their first action is to try and manipulate it to better their soldiers, thatís going be another of their failures, because telepathy isnít a function of the brain, itís of the soul.It would actually backfire on them if they did manage to make their soldiers telepathic, but I wonít tell them how.So thereís another $4 million of taxation that the US government has wasted.


††††††† And Rupert Sheldrake, a professor of biology and author, has studied telepathy within the animal world and has successfully experimented with people and telepathy; he sees it as being a normal capability of the animal world, not a paranormal one.You can check the net for Rupertís scientific finds, and you can also check up on them UC Irvine scientists too.


††††††† Itís been scientifically proven many times, I recall watching an English television program about triplets, 3 brothers they put in different rooms and with technology proved some sort of electrical connection between the three atheists.Even Dr Alejandro Riera and Dr Michel Berg scientifically proved thoughts can be transmitted telepathically.News reports about them 2 Drs also said the possibilities of telepathy are endless, maybe thatís why I find it so hard to finish this book, because I can always think of some other experience to add.









Noticed  By  Dolphins





 †††††† People noticing my telepathic abilities before I informed them of the same usually only ever occurred when spending long amounts of time with people, such as neighbours and some girlfriends, people in family didnít notice because they were always busy and already on a similar Ďwavelengthí as myself.  As a child no one but who I told noticed, except for 2 groups of people.  One being a group dolphins, they actually noticed my telepathic abilities before myself.I did beforehand know to be in telepathic connections with unknown origin life forms, but had no idea it also worked with all other life due to being one of my own abilities.

††††††† I was close to 6 years old when noticing these dolphins connect with me via telepathy.There was my brother, sister, mum and dad present, we were attending a show of the dolphins at the sea life centre, Morecambe, Lancashire.  We took our seating in the middle rows, then waited for the show to begin whilst chatting among ourselves.  Before it began there were 3 or 4 instructors and 3 dolphins in the pool, preparing for the show to begin.

 †††††† During a minute or two of waiting I sensed something overcome me, something that was attracting my attention but which I couldnít pinpoint what it was exactly.  I looked all around myself but could pinpoint nothing and no person to be responsible, or anything concentrating on I that could be attributed to the generation of these strange thoughts and emotions.  Next strange pictures flashed in my mind, of myself sat in the middle of the spectators, precisely as I was doing then.  I again looked all around myself, trying to find where the strange thoughts and feelings were appearing from but still couldnít find an explanation.  I looked at the dolphins once and considered it was they but then disregarded that possibility.

††††††† A few minutes later and the show had begun, then the pictures in my mind of me in the middle of the spectators returned, only this time were followed by a sentence of thoughts that said, ďthatís the view the dolphins have of you!Ē  who would have been one of my supernatural contacts explaining things for me.I immediately looked to check the dolphins then noticing the closest to me and which seemed to be looking me in the eye.  It was situated directly in front of myself, as soon as I realised it was in fact connecting with me in telepathic ways, pictures in my mind appeared a few times of each of us being precisely where we were, then a second or two later it generated excited and very happy emotions, so I was now happy too, whereas before I felt a bit baffled due to not knowing what or who was connecting with me.  I felt itís emotions immediately build up to an excited and elated state as soon as I realised it was the dolphin Iím connecting with, then next it swam off as fast as possible and deep to the bottom of the pool, when previous to this moment it was just wading water with its head above the waterline.  I could feel its excited emotions while it was swimming fast around the pool bottom, it also felt like it wanted me to know he or she was excited due to connecting and being close to me, and thatís why it was swimming around the pool bottom as fast as was possible.  All the time both of us looking each other in the eye.

 †††††† Itís keepers; those running the show were now looking very worried at each other, because it was ignoring their calls for it to return to the side of the pool near to where they were stood.  They were looking very worried and across to each other because none of them could get it to do as it was told.  It was swimming clockwise round the bottom of the pool and the entire time still looking me in the eye.  When positioned directly in front of myself it swam straight up and performed a loop in the air, then swimming back down to the bottom of the pool to get ready for another.  All the time it was still looking me in the eye, then when it performed its second loop in the air we were still looking each other in the eye, whilst it was in the air and when in the water.  While all this was going on the trainers were still calling for it to return to themselves but it just ignored them and continued looking me in the eye.

 †††††† I noticed the trainers looking more and more worried because its actions were not part of the show, and still I could feel itís excited and happy emotions.

††††††† Next I thought about the angry looking keepers, then reluctantly and slowly it swam back to them, but still was looking me in the eye all the time.  It definitely knew I had noticed the keepers getting more angry and annoyed because when I thought about what kind of punishment theyíd hand out it immediately swam back, and after I saw in my mind a solitary confinement punishment with less food than usual.Whilst swimming to them the emotions I could feel were a bit wary of what punishment to expect, whilst also not being bothered by whatever they would hand out.  So when the trainers then signalled it to return to the rear side pool and away from the show, audience and other dolphins it felt only a bit dismayed.  As it swam towards the adjoining side pool entrance we continued to stare at each other, and by now the other 2 dolphins were looking me in the eye too.  I was by now beginning to believe they were all concentrating towards me in telepathic ways.

††††††† At the time I thought it was their own telepathic abilities, took me a while to realise they were connecting with mine.For sure it seemed out of the ordinary for them to meet with a telepathic person, but they were not shocked or confused about experiencing telepathy, so beforehand they must have experienced it from some other source, possibly their own abilities.

 †††††† Many times itís been suggested in literature about when there was an early era on earth when humans were able to hold conversations of language with dolphins, which seems to me to be very possible if considered in telepathic ways.  Iíve communicated via telepathy with people, spirits and many different species of animals, wild and domesticated, even insects and flies, although the last two mentioned was only ever with pictures of the mind or emotions.Many animals are surprised by telepathy in me, many others amazed, but some are shocked and then there are others that just see it as normal but not from a human.

 †††††† The 2 remaining dolphins seemed like they were intermittently watching the misbehaving one, whilst also briefly looking at me, so they must also have known why it was ignoring the keeperís signals and commands.And there werenít many people in the crowd who noticed its actions were not a part of the show.

 †††††† Close to the end of the show this thought went through my mind, ďWatch this fellow, youíll like this big fellow,Ē then about 10 seconds later a killer whale, unannounced by the keepers or show guide swam into the main pool area then splashed every person sat in front of us, we only got a very light splashing, them sat in front of us got soaked.  Iím unsure if it was unannounced by the show guide but the only knowledge I had of its appearance beforehand was generated in my thoughts, no person told me it would be appearing and I never saw or read anything from the advertisements that said a killer whale would be in the show.

 †††††† Iím sure the whale also knew of my telepathic abilities, when it swam into the main pool I was generating amazed emotions due to the thoughts that predicted the big fellows arrival, despite these amazed emotions I could feel the happy emotions of the whale totally overpower mine very easily.  I could feel a massive happy feeling.  I say massive because it felt like a larger than life emotion of happiness, a massive emotion in a massive energy sense.  Surely a large bodied animal would generate emotions that have more power, volume, energy or whatever you wish to call it.


††††††† When we left the show I wanted to tell family about connecting with the first dolphin in telepathic ways but prevented myself just before beginning too.  Nobody would believe me, so my supernatural friends were influencing me in telepathic ways to avoid telling family about it, or any other supernatural aspects in my life, or telepathic ones.  This was the normal for me during childhood, keeping quiet about my supernatural, psychic, telepathic and spiritual abilities and experiences.  I told a few people within the UK authorities a couple of years later but was only a plan from my supernatural friends to make them wake up and realise there is something they cannot understand, control or duplicate.







The picture is of the Newquay, England, professional surf competition of 2005.




 †††††† In the first 2 months of 2005 I tried to relay images in my mind to the minds of wild dolphins and whales. With myself knowing and experiencing telepathy not to be obstructed by distance, I knew many in the seas around Britain would see and hear my thoughts.I connected with one group of dolphins, via live remote viewing pictures, it being a kind of telepathy.And just like the dolphin at Morecambe, as soon as I saw these wild dolphins they became excited by my telepathic presence.

††††††† I wasnít expecting anything else to occur, then a number of months later this occurred at Newquay, England, a place I have a few other stories to tell of my supernatural experiences.  They gate crashed the professional surf competition and so Newquay, England isnít anymore seen by surf competitors as the tame leg of the world championship.It has occurred in a few other places but never did I hear of it occurring in Newquay beforehand.When something occurs with near enough everything I try through psychic, spiritual or telepathic ways its harder to disbelieve than to believe.


 †††††† For them dolphins in captivity at the Morecambe sea life show to be the first animals to interact with me in those ways, then surely wild dolphins would know how best to reply to my attempts to communicate with their selves.They are far more intelligent and knowledgeable than we know or could ever know.The Newquay surf competition was probably the best place and time for any local wild dolphins to be given public coverage.  So now Iím trying to work out how they knew to be there then, which I reckon would be by knowing the surf competition would be there and then.  How they knew that would be by being in telepathic connection with earth, Gaia, Holy Spirit or whatever else you want to call it.It knows everything of all life upon earth.

††††††† The supernatural life forms I am in close telepathic and physical contact with have many times made me realise I should always expect the unexpected with the supernatural, and this was another episode of how that is usually the case.

††††††† And that wasnít the only unusual sea life activity of that year; a whale got stuck in Londonís river, the Thames, only the second time in recorded history one has been seen there.

††††††† I know at first glance it may appear as being unconnected, that is the whale in London and the dolphins in Newquay, but strange associations are always occurring with myself, although I donít see them as being strange, for it is easy for me to work out how it occurred.

††††††† With me being telepathic it cannot be coincidence, telepathic connections are always occurring, itís massively recurring, so is not a coincidence.Wild and domesticated animals can connect with me in telepathic ways as easy as people can.

 ††††† The dolphins at the sea life show definitely knew of my telepathic abilities, they were not surprised by them and they must have known of my rare and close associations with a kind of supernatural hierarchy, nothing else explains as good their actions and my experiences.


††††††† Iíve watched wild life documentaries within television programs and have been convinced by animalís actions and reactions that some are in fact telepathic with each other.Watching Gazelle grazing within one program one of their lookouts noticed a big cat stealthily approaching in long grass, and before it had been given time to make an alarm call for the rest of the herd to know of its presence they were all startled and also looking at it.And Iíve seen many other wild and domesticated animals react to my telepathic abilities and to not be surprised or startled by them at all.They seem surprised Iím telepathic but are not surprised by the telepathic itself.


††††††† Back in the late 70s or early 80s farm sheep in either Australia or New Zealand had worked out to tuck their legs close to their bodies so to be able to roll over cattle grids, in the same year they were also doing it in Wales, England, the other side of the world.For sure I know from experience some animals are telepathically in-tune, some more so than that, which is probably how animals on opposite sides of the world can learn from each other.


††††††† Some things that exist cannot be proven in scientific ways, as science only deals with the physical and then experience cannot be duplicated.But I can prove in scientific, communal and personal ways that Iím telepathic, and with me being capable in those ways then Iím not going to be the only life form on this planet that is such.Parts of the animal kingdom have been telepathic for as long as humanity have been here, and why they were telepathic long before humanity becomes such is easy to understand if you look at humanity on the whole.Telepathy was turned on in animals so to help them, it was turned off in humanity so to give us what we wanted, but it will be turned back on in humanity so to give us what the supernatural hierarchy wants of humanity, which is a new era based around the telepathic, psychic, supernatural and spiritual.







††††††† There was even a group of adults noticed my telepathic abilities, again when I was a very young kid, at a time when I hadnít noticed them abilities myself.I think it may have been before the moment with the dolphins at the sea life show, or possibly shortly after.

††††††† I was less than 6 years old, there was myself, my brother, sister, mum and dad, we had gone for a day out to a few places, I cannot recall where we had been earlier in the day but at about 4pm we arrived at a country show, venued at Colderstones, near Preston.The kind of show with small fairground rides for kids, demonstrations, performances, traders, stalls and competitions, etc.

††††††† As soon as we entered the field I saw a group of 4 or 5 adults, one was pointing at me, they were on the other side of the field and it looked like they were waiting for something or someone.They ventured closer to us and kept looking at me, I thought it was a bit strange before concentrating on other matters.A few minutes later I saw them again, only this time there were more of them and much closer than before.The way they were looking at me scared me a bit, and with them being adults with Downís Syndrome I was also a bit confused, I was less than 6 years old.One woman stood where me and my family would have to pass her and she was staring me in the eye and smiling at me, I was scared though because I was very young and didnít know what was going on, then these thoughts ran through my mind, ďWeíve been waiting for you all day, we thought you werenít coming and now youíre here.ĒI had no idea I was telepathic back then so her thoughts just got thrown into my memory and I didnít react to her or her friends.Except for a few minutes later when we had to pass 3 of them staring at me, I was getting quite scared so held onto dads hand and tried not to look at them.They could sense they were scaring me a bit so split up into different groups of 2ís and walked to different directions, and every now and then a group of 2 approaching and staying close to me.

††††††† They must have been informed by the spiritual that I would be there, they must also have been told of the historical significance of my life and my telepathic abilities, and also other aspects of myself, such as my ginger hair, I think that is what caught their attention first.

††††††† Back then I think it was a few months later when first realising I would be publicly accepted sometime in the future, as being supernaturally able and psychic.I was 5 or 6 years old when first realising this lot, the same time when agreeing with the supernatural to let them do with me whatever they need of me to help humanity.














††††††† One night in 2002 I spent a night and morning in a wooded area of Yorkshire; as soon as the birds began to sing in the early hours of the morning whilst concentrating on them they concentrated back to me due to me whistling with them.  While they were all singing pictures would enter my mind of many differing birds, one in particular kept repeating which was of a male Blackbird.  As we concentrated on each other a closeness of emotions developed as well as with the other birdís interest in me.  I was picturing myself in my mind and pictures of them kept appearing there too, which was being transferred to each otherís thoughts via either my and or their own telepathic abilities.   Then when beginning to feel slight disbelief towards the connections being real, and could or may be my imagination, a thought by my supernatural friends went through my mind that said this, ďTheyíre sending that Blackbird to take a closer look at you!Ē  I didnít believe this thought premonition so began feeling slightly humoured by it, then replied with thoughts similar to the effect of, ď yeah OK whatever,Ē then a few seconds later a male Blackbird landed on the ground directly in front of me and less than 10 metres away.  It stood looking at me for about 10 seconds then flew away, and I could hear him singing all the time till I left the area a few hours later.

 †††††† For my unknown origin friends to make a statement in me of knowing the birds were sending him to check me out, then birds must communicate with other birds not of their own species, may be also in telepathic ways.Surely it would be more plausible they sent him to check me out via telepathic connections in picture forms instructing him too, it couldnít have been the thoughts in me that influenced him to do such, he was landing near me within 3 seconds of me knowing heíd be there, therefore he must already have been on his way when thoughts told me of such.My supernatural friends would not lie to me on this level.

 †††††† One humorous moment was when a Pheasant sent out a call from a nearby field, all the birds in the woods around me felt as though he was an outsider so went totally silent for close to 10 seconds.I felt a bit sorry for him; he seemed to want in on the birds singing and possibly with me via telepathic connections.I saw a picture in my mind of what he was doing and where he was, at the edge of another grouping of trees, on the edge of a field looking for food on the ground.

 †††††† At one point I decided to act bird like for them.  I stood up and stretched out my arms down behind my back, bird wing like, kind of twisted to and fro and bit, whistled back the same tune I had been whistling to them all morning, The Power Of Love, by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, whilst imaging in thoughts blue energies leaving my body and flowing towards them.  As soon as I did that they went wild, their singing went louder, faster and more current, and there were more birds singing then than any other part of the visit.  May be they were reacting to my bird stance by acting human like in being more noisy.There isnít anything unpredictable about normal everyday wild bird behaviour, they have their plans and routine and stick to them always, but they do see humans as being wild like, unpredictable and with out of control loud noise.

 †††††† I stood like a bird for about 15 seconds, the only time they went wild with their whistle volume and all of them joining in, then next sat back down close to the burnt out fire, made a drink then stayed listening to them for a while longer.

††††††† There were other strange things occurred during this visit.I arrived just before sunset, collected some fire wood, made a small camp fire, something to eat and drink then settled into my surroundings.Much later there was one moment when hearing tree branches bending towards me and another moment of similar with tree roots, I was also pretty sure I felt a tree root in the ground under my body move, but it wasnít just movement that was occurring, I could hear the creaking of its movement too.

†† †††††In the middle of my sleep I awoke to feel something else moving under my body on the ground, I sat upright and found a mouse running away from the nest it had built under my body in the dead tree leaves.I didnít mistake the mouse for tree roots; I knew it was some kind of small rodent as soon as I felt it move.

††††††† This wasnít the first time I had witnessed tree branches moving in strange ways because of me.On another occasion my supernatural contacts telepathically telling me I could control the movement of the tree branches in a storm, back in I think 1991.My supernatural contacts got in touch with me via telepathy about it, I was led down on my bed late one night, Iíd just woke up and immediately thoughts told me this,ď Magnus, look outside at the storm.ĒI couldnít hear it because music was playing, so I got out of bed, pulled back the curtains and saw there was a pretty strong rainstorm occurring.

††††††† My supernatural contacts then instructed me to try and make the tree branches bend towards myself via only the movement of my hands combined with will power, so I tried and to my astonishment it worked.I moved my hand towards my body in a slow, beckoning over here movement, and when I did all the tree branches bent towards me and which was out of synch with the strong wind that was occurring.The wind blew to its strongest but the tree branches didnít move, only when I moved my hand towards my body did they bend towards me, and at the same time the wind had died down to a minimum.For more than a minute I tried more of this and was successful with every attempt.And every time the branches began to bend towards me the wind died down to a minimum from being very strong.The trees on the edge of Clarence Park, Bury, at the side of Royal Avenue.

††††††† Immediately afterwards I led down on my bed and being totally amazed and astonished but also not knowing how such was possible.Thatís when my supernatural origin friends came back to my thoughts and told me this, ďYouíre always telepathically open and with all life, and that includes the environment, trees and other plants, because they too are an intelligent being.ĒThey also began reminding me about being the man mentioned within prophecies, but I was having major problems accepting it then, I was only 19 years old, I believed in it but didnít want to accept it, so in thoughts told my supernatural contacts to stop talking about it, they wouldnít immediately but when seeing me getting stressed out left me be to go back to sleep.


††††† ††Some years earlier, close to 5, I walked up to a strange looking toadstool because Iíd never seen one before, touched it and it moved.  Itís head was flat before being touched, horizontal and out-stretched, as soon as I touched it softly, with one finger tip, it closed its head tight up to its stem in one very fast movement, less than half a second it took to close.  For sure I surprised it and for sure it was trying to protect itself from being broken by making its head surface area much smaller.  I jumped back in fright then saw images in my mind of it being broken, via a telepathic connection we had.

††††††† This could not have been anything other than what I claim it to have been.Some people reckon it could have been a time lapse, where I lost a short amount of time therefore incorrectly analysed the situation.If it had been a time lapse Iíd have been late getting back to school, but that never occurred, I was back at school on time.Close to Ruskins View, Kirkby Lonsdale.



††††††† For some reason it never knew I was there until I touched it, where as usually it would know of all close by animals.Plants see with live remote viewing, like how spirits see that way too.In separate moments Iíve seen wild animals not noticing my presence and when stood only a few feet from me.  Iíve also had quite a few moments of sensing mushrooms, fungus and toadstools knowing whatís going on around and to themselves, may be plants can do the same, Iíve seen it of trees so why not other plants?  But please donít imagine I talk to plants because I donít and I donít need too, they see, feel and hear what my soul does, like how people experience of me too.

††††††† Plants and trees bend and turn towards receiving light and warmth and so will also know to move away from cold, but only slowly with their branches, stems, flowers and heads are they known to do this.  I saw and felt that toadstool change stance in a very fast way due to being touched, Iíve felt, heard and seen tree branches or roots moving in strange ways so it must be a case of they only do it in rare moments.

††††††† Iíve had a few other strange moments with plants, one being where one just seemed to have moved on its own, one that it is said in legends can move to areas it prefers.


 †††††† One evening I watched a science program where a man wired two trees up to an electrical pulse reading device, as soon as he got an axe out of his bag they both went wild with electrical pulses, even more so when hitting one of them.


††††††† When driving through the Scottish Highlands, on a motorway in medium traffic, immediately when seeing a Golden Eagle stood on the grass embankment, it turned to look at me and stared at me all the time it could see me.I hardly turned my head to look at it, and there were many cars before and after myself.It was clawing and pecking at something near its feet in the long grass, as soon as I saw it looked up and at me.

††††††† Iíve seen similar occur with myself many other times too, where Iíd be walking somewhere and something would make me turn my head to look behind myself and then Iíd see someone significant in my life staring at myself.


††††††† One afternoon when in my garden I found a Bee that was on the ground, walking, due to being unable to fly.I picked it up, took indoors and placed near to a lamp so it could warm itself from the bulb.I was feeding it on Blackcurrant and Liquorice syrup, it nearly drowned itself in it, I woke up one morning and it was upside down with its head stuck in it.For the few days it managed to stay alive, when trying to connect with it in telepathic ways I could see in my mind what it saw with its vision, it was seeing everything in the blue light spectrum, all of its vision being different shades of blue or nearly black, and it also saw in its mind what I saw with my vision.

††††††† Within 12 hours of writing about the Bee seeing in the blue light spectrum I checked the internet for blue light spectrum, found a page in Wikipedia, ( it detailed saying Bees can see ultraviolet light, which is one established term for blue light spectrum.It occurs constantly this, that I experience something of the supernatural, then later when looking deeper into that circumstance, or information of, I find only reassurance that I was correct.The Wikipedia page said that they are able to see ultraviolet light, whereas I disagree and say they see only ultraviolet light.

††††††† I wouldnít advise anyone to take Bees into their home, for this one spread its lice into my carpets, 7 years later and living in a different home I still see them every now and then.

††††††† I can jokingly blame Lenny Williams on that one; I was 7 when he was showing me how Bees and Wasps are not to be feared.Joanneís dad, her mumís victim, my new spirit guide, along with 2 more of their victims.He wanted his name on my new book, a partnership in writing, will just mention it here instead.


 †††††† Whilst working on a new build church extension of St Laurenceís Church, Chorley, back in the late 90ís, I definitely connected with the emotions of two baby white Doves, so now I expect to be able to do the same with any thought and emotion generating life form, although I donít try too much as itís just normal every day for me.

 †††††† A colleague had just shook to the extreme a small tree that had 2 baby white Doves squealing from, within a nest, intentionally shaking it because Iíd just commented about the chicks.  The mother flew off immediately, the chicks were no more than 5 days old; they almost had no feathers at all, and were a little more than 3 inches from tail end to beak end.  The tree was situated on our building site grounds of the church; the chicks fell to the ground so he then quickly walked away, but only after being threatened by myself due to him saying he was going to stamp on them.

††††††† When he had walked away I walked over to them, then while reaching to pick them up off the ground could feel their scared and confused emotions, then after they had been placed back in the nest their emotions changed to ones of happiness and safety.  They did though now have emotions of interest growing towards myself and were crawling to the side of the nest I was stood by, so quickly I walked away.

†††††††† They ended up just disappearing so I reckon he must have taken them out of the nest and destroyed them at some other time.


†††††††† A week or 2 later a few religious people came on site chatting with me, and he was giving them more grief than he himself deserved, so I was all of a sudden defending this his other low life way.Lives in the middle of Moss Side, and was also perversely racist to the site security Black guy.

††††††† No one said anything, not even the security guard, or management of the firm, I bet one said somet though.


 †††††† A racing pigeon I released into the wild, every time I noticed it near my home it took off and flew around me, as soon as I looked at it that is.  It had rare black and white markings; quite similar to a Magpie so I knew it was the same one I released.  It always took off and flew around me as soon as I spotted it, because it connected with me in telepathic ways, knowing precisely what I am looking at due to connecting with my vision.  Iíve seen it occur with cattle and sheep too, I tried to make them move in a particular way as a flock or herd and they did precisely that.


††††††† It happens a lot, telepathic connections with animals, Iíve seen flies, fish and ants react to the same, and Iíve even had 2 Owls following me at night time for miles of my walk home.I could hear them calling to each other for more than 3 miles of my walk home, one either side of me, till I got close to home then they went quiet.Owls are quite well known for being spiritually attuned so this was a rare moment that didnít surprise me at all.They were actually a little bit wary of me; for they knew that I knew they had been catching wild Mice from my garden.Feeding wild birds in my garden for close to 10 years made sure Mice moved into the garden area too, to get whatever scraps of food the birds had left behind.


††††††† The Flies connecting with me occurred when sat at the side of the river, in Moses Gate Country Park, Farnworth.I saw the swarm of Flies a few feet in front of myself, I tried to move them away by picturing in my mind the swarm moving to my left, and they immediately did that, I tried it again and they did it again.

††††††† Next I heard these thoughts in my mind, ďLook there at the river (while a friend of supernatural origin placed an imaginary marker in my thoughts at a particular place of the river) when I say now, in a few seconds a fish will jump up out of the water from that point, now,Ē and sure enough as soon as now went through my mind last, a fish jumped up from that precise point in the river.It must have jumped out of the water to catch a Fly, so surely a person of supernatural origin made the Fly move to that part of the river, the part of the river he or she knew that a fish was looking for food nearby.


††††††† Itís occurred a few times with me and insects, telepathy that is, or themselves displaying a liking for me while getting close to me.One evening when opening my kitchen window to clear the room of steam a wet and motionless Butterfly dropped onto my window sill, appearing as though it was dead, with its wings closed and not moving.I picked it up then saw a very small amount of movement in its legs, so put it on top of my computer monitor so to warm and dry it out, within a few minutes it had flew off into an area of the room I couldnít find it within, then the next day found it stood on my window sill.So I opened the window and let it out, then later the same day when in my garden it came and flew near to me, then landed on the window from where it first fell into my kitchen.It was for sure the same one, the first of its kind id seen that year.Next pictures started appearing in my mind of me earlier in the day when shutting that window trapping it so it couldnít escape, trapping parts of its legs in the closed opening of the window, then as it began to rain got drenched and was close to death.It stood on the window for 5 to 10 seconds then flew away happy.Iím fairly sure it was showing me that I had trapped it unknowingly, it had to have been, I first started thinking that immediately upon seeing it in the garden.


††††††† Iíve seen Ants reacting to me strangely too but this occurred when I didnít know I was telepathic, when close to 6 years old, so I couldnít work out why it was occurring, I suspected they were communicating with each other via some kind of invisible sense.


††††††† Iíve seen some strange behaviour from wild animals close to me too, such as Ants farming smaller insects on the newly grown tips of plants in my garden.I watched them moving small green insects around, picking them up and placing them on new tips of the plants, so they could feed on the plant sap, or carrying them away to the Ant nest.


††††††† Iíve seen a Spider parachuting in my garden from its own woven parachute, the Spider with its legs spread was close to 15mm in diameter, its parachute was a similar size, perfectly circular, beneath that were 4 to 6 lengths of silk that joined together close to an inch beneath the parachute, and the Spider holding onto that linking.Itís well-known Spiders abseil by spinning lengths of silk that are attached to plants, they then hold onto the end and let the breeze blow them to other plants, whilst they increase the length of the line.I watched a lot of wildlife programs and have never heard of parachuting Spiders or Ants farming insects.


††††††† I always left the house Spiders alone, so theyíd get the flies.In 2014 I hand reared a Common Swift, found as a flightless chick hiding under a parked car on the road outside my home.All they eat are insects so the house Spiders I came across I caught, killed and fed to it, along with shop bought Crickets, Maggots, Freshwater Shrimp and the few Flies I caught in my home.Before I always suspected the Spiders knew I was leaving them alone to do their thing, then when rearing the Swift felt as though they now knew they were prey.After the Swift had flown away on its flight it took 2 weeks of leaving the Spiders alone then I came across the biggest house Spider Iíve ever seen.Opened an upstairs window and put it on the window sill outside, then 3 hours later found another a similar size, ground floor this time, the other was first floor.It may have been the same one but Iím not sure, it just seemed a bit strange to me.Iíve only ever seen one a similar size once before, about 20 years earlier, when in bed and it fell onto my back from the attic opening.That was a similar size to the palm of my hand too and Iíve got big hands.I didnít even know what was on my back, brushed it off with my hand then saw this massive Spider sprinting across the floor as fast as a running Mouse.

††††††† Thereís lots of strange behaviour in animals occur with me, sometimes they react as though they are for brief moments hearing what I hear, Iíve seen people do that too, and on a couple of other occasions I know for sure Iíve heard what someone else was hearing.

††††††† One time I was listening to a music track on headphones, it had songbirds singing in it too.I walked into the garden at about 4 in the afternoon, and as soon as I did this Blackbird came into view and began singing at the top of his voice, from a rooftop.I felt as though he was reacting to hearing song birds from my hearing, so took out my headphones and the instant I did he stopped singing, looked around, looked at me, then flew back to his nest.No other birds were singing, but he seemed like he was trying to be the loudest in the area and then flew off when everything went silent in my hearing.

††††††† Iíve only seen it occur close to 5 times so it may not be common in me.


††††††† As a kid I gave my science teacher a very large Moth chrysalis, and when it hatched out some kind of unknown to science insect emerged.The science teacher spent months trying to identify it but couldnít find anything, the closest resemblance he found was a European mainland kind of Stick Insect, but it wasnít the same, it wasnít even similar, it was just the closest resembling insect.

††††††† It had 4 legs, a body, neck and large head, black coloured, no feet and each of the legs, body and neck were all one diameter, very thin and round.Its eyes, head and mouth were larger than the diameter of its body, legs and neck.From head to the end of its back legs was close to 2 inches, the diameter of its legs, body and neck were close to 2 millimetres, and the size of its head was close to a 5-millimetre diameter.It was a horrible looking insect; proper gave me the frights when looking at it staring back at me, while it was trying to work out a way to escape.It looked very clever; it was definitely weighing up the situation and trying to work out a way to escape, it didnít need too though, as we later released it.Iím not going to explain where I found that chrysalis, Iíd rather they stay unknown to science; the area that I found it within has now been built upon anyways.


††††††† In 2012 I moved home from Greater Manchester and back into Lancashire, some of the wild Starlings I was feeding from my previous home have moved with me, I think theyíre just being their usual clever selves though, following me because they know Iím good for an all year round food supply.

††††††† For an amount of time I tried not to let them get to the bird food I put out in my garden, due to them being so common and taking food from other bird species, till I realised if I feed them all the other birds in the area do better as they are not competing with Starlings for what other food is around for them elsewhere.Theyíre probably the most successful birds in the British Isles at the present times; when they get a good food supply all the other species do better.Considered a kind of vermin by many, but then humanity considers all successful animal species that are not beneficial to humanity as being vermin.Theyíre probably the most intelligent birds Iíve come across in the wild, watching them competing with a male Blackbird for food in my garden was funny to watch, theyíd all be taking the food from a ground feeder then in comes the Blackbird collecting for his missus and chicks back in the nest.He would land in the middle of the Starlings, theyíd all scatter away a bit, he then filling his mouth with food to take back to the nest, but whilst he was doing such one Starling would sneak up behind him and peck his tail feathers, so he then turned and chased it away, but whilst he was chasing another would sneak up behind him and peck his tail feathers, so he turned and chased it on foot and the same was occurring with many of the Starlings, all this occurring whilst they were all running around on the ground.I was watching it and laughing, thinking heís gonna get one of them.But then a couple of weeks later saw him with no tail feathers left; he was proper struggling to fly but could just about.It took them about 2 weeks to totally destroy his tail feathers, they grow back so didnít matter much.And the Starlings were now nowhere to be seen whenever he was nearby; I think they had vexed him that much that he had become more aggressive so they avoided him totally.

††††††† Many another time wild birds have made it obvious to me that they are concentrating on I, it feels as though theyíre already telepathic and canít understand why Iím the only human who is, and many times they make sure I know that most local birds connect with me live when Iím concentrating on them.They also react with movements when making realisations of their connections with me or their knowledge of I, their kind of communicative aerial display.





Connection  With  A  Fox





 †††††† When approximately 20 years old Iíd began to grow more interested in the supernatural and spiritual around and in me, previous it was just a slight interest I had.

††††††† During childhood my friends of unknown origins had kept quiet in my thoughts for most of the time, and when they were there were pretending to be my own thoughts, thus making sure I didnít start to believe they were in fact there for most of the time.That was just in most of my childhood years though, there were rare occasions when we spoke in telepathic ways when they claimed they were in fact other peopleís thoughts, my friends of supernatural origins, but usually this only ever occurred during very early childhood, up till being 6 or 7 years old.

††††††† After leaving school they became more obvious in myself, this their plan to keep quiet in my thoughts during childhood because I wasnít responsible for myself, I.E. parents and the education authority having their holds on me.If Iíd have mentioned that I have supernatural origin friends, in my thoughts, they would have looked and reacted to me differently, and probably trying to force their harmful brain activity limiting drugs onto me.

††††††† After leaving school my unknown origin friends were more obvious in thoughts, this was accumulating in number and obviousness until fully accepting they were in my thoughts whenever they needed to be there.

††††††† Aged 18 till 20 years old they had been visiting me many times when I was alone, making it obvious it was they and I was getting a bit angered by it, I didnít really want them there and told them to leave me be but they wouldnít.How they made me accept them was by reminding me, how, as a child I had realised Iím the man as mentioned within many prophecies of the future, but now in my early twenties and just before I didnít want to accept or believe it, so it was a fairly long time before they made me accept that part of my life.

 †††††† During one moment when communicating telepathically I asked for them to provide proof of a kind of what was occurring around and to me and what else was possible.  They instructed me to go for a walk into the nearby Clarence Park, Bury, and once there would then show me proof of what was occurring to me and what else is possible.

 †††††† I quickly got myself ready, put on my shoes and jacket then locked up my home and walked to the park.  It was early in the morning, probably being about 1 or 2 so the nearby roads were very quiet.  While walking towards a bench I started deliberating in thoughts as to what was about to occur but no images or thoughts from supernatural sources hinted in any way, and there were no thoughts to suggest I was still telepathically speaking to a person of any origin.  Theyíd become totally quiet in thoughts; so then I started guessing at what may occur.  All sorts started to run through my mind, such as seeing another UFO, a spirit, ghost or something not known of the supernatural by me.

 †††††† When arriving at the bench I sat and waited for something to occur.  There was a street lamp situated about 80 yards directly in front of myself, and the Bowling Green was situated between the street lamp and I, so the area was lit up well for the night-time.  After close to 5 minutes of nothing occurring I started to believe Iíd somehow been tricked by telepathic connections with human people in my mind, they falsely claiming to be my supernatural origin friends, this was an understandable circumstance to consider, as government and other authority linked persons had been pretending to be my supernatural friends in my thoughts many times, before and after, and also pretending to be my own thoughts.  I was about to stand up and walk home when my supernatural friends quickly returned in thoughts, they were now almost begging me not to move and to spend just 5 more minutes sat down on the bench.I reluctantly agreed then sat back down and tried to relax.

 †††††† After a few more minutes of nothing occurring I began to sense/feel a life form of sorts, approaching myself from somewhere.  It felt like an emotion I was in connection with, outstretching from another being, it felt like myself being hunted by it.  I was a little scared and the hunting emotion began to grow stronger, so my fear was also building up in strength.  I started scanning every area around myself, looking for some sign of movement but nothing, and the emotion was still getting stronger.  Again I looked all around and had by now disassociated this moment from what the supernatural origin people said I would experience as proof to what is occurring with and around myself.  I knew and could sense a life form of some sort getting close, so for brief moments I thought could be some sort of animal, may be a supernatural origin life form, or may be just a person.  I was by now beginning to feel quite scared so was scouting the surrounding areas in a very fast manner with my vision.  Then all my fright and nervousness totally disappeared when seeing a young Fox walk around the corner of the nearby building, it had a Pigeon sized bird in its mouth and walking straight towards me.  Starting to feel nice emotions and waiting for it to see me and run off in the opposite direction but that it didnít do, it just continued walking straight towards me.  Many urban Foxís are quite tame but this one in Clarence Park wasnít.  The park is very close to wild areas and a Fox that hunts wild birds in the night wonít be of the tame kind.  It just carried on walking straight towards me despite the area being lit up well with the nearby street lamp.  I was watching and waiting for it to run off in the opposite direction but still it continued walking.  I was almost laughing in appreciation now as it was only a few metres distance in front of my left side, then when it walked in front of me, only 2 feet distance from my legs I made a tutting noise to attract itís attention.  It immediately stopped walking, when it was positioned (as a maximum to go off) only 2 feet distance from me, while positioned directly in front of me.  It was standing still with its head pointing to my right; it then turned its head over its left shoulder to check that area of land for where the tutting noise came from.  Its line of vision and head slowly turned clockwise towards me, then when it looked straight at me it for some reason didnít see me, so continued scanning the area with its clockwise turning head and vision.  It looked over its right shoulder then turned its head back to the front of itself.  I was completely baffled now because it had looked straight at me on two occasions, and I was sat within a hand reaching distance from it.  Even the Fox was totally baffled because it couldnít sense where the noise came from.  I could even smell it due to being that close and it stunk.  I then decided to talk to it, so verbally said, ďCome hereĒ, whilst reaching forward with my hand to stroke it.  It didnít even try to see where the noise had come from on this occasion, it just running away as fast as possible.  I watched it crawl through a hole under a nearby hedge and that was the last I saw of it.

††††††† The Fox wasnít the only strange occurrence I had with wildlife in that area, a few other things occurred too.


††††††† When on my driving licence test examination the examiner told me, ďWhen I hit the dashboard with my folder I want you to perform an emergency stop.ĒHe said this approximately half a mile down the road from my home, we were driving towards my home on the same road as, and when on approach to it I noticed a black dog, sat on the pavement about 10 metres away from my home.It was an old Labrador cross like, had greying parts of fur around its mouth and elsewhere on its face, it was short haired.As soon as I looked it in the face it looked back at me and I immediately knew it was going to walk out in front of the car, which it then began to do.As soon as its front feet were touching the road I was doing an emergency stop and I did a perfect one.The dog slowly walked across into the park area, walking towards where I had the moment with the Fox.

††††††† I know this may all seem like a coincidence but approximately 2 minutes later the test examiner hit the dashboard with his folder, I performed an emergency stop but messed it up, I took my foot off the brake pedal before the car came to a standstill, so the car was slowing, it nearly came to a standstill, then taking my foot off the brake it next rolled forward before then coming to a stop.After the test had finished and I was given a pass I enquired about my failed second emergency stop, he told me, ď But you're first one was perfect, itís very rare any driver would have to perform 2 emergency stops in a 5 minute time period, so I passed you on the basis of the first one.Ē

††††††† And only weeks earlier I had been reading of the mythological wild Black Dogs of English legends, it seems to me it was one of them for sure.My telepathic abilities are noticed by wild animals a lot, and for sure my supernatural origin friends interfered with that Fox so to make it walk near to me, interfered with via telepathic controls of it, and via something else to make sure it didnít see me when stood next to me.So I now believe the Black Dog had been influenced by the supernatural to sit there waiting for me, as soon as I saw it looked like it was waiting for something, then immediately after looking at myself walked out in front of the car and then left the area.It was being made to wait for me and probably didnít know it.


††††††† And I have one more story to write about wildlife in that park.


††††††† It was one afternoon, I was sat in my front room when noticing many girls playing Rounders on the park across the road, one of which I knew personally.Yeah OK I admit to it, I was checking out the girls across the road from my home, I was 22 and they were similar ages.

††††††† I noticed something very strange fly over them.The girl I knew was approximately 5 foot 8 inches tall, but when this bird flew over her its wingspan from tip to tip was more than 3 lengths of her height, equating to more than a 4.5 metre wingspan.

††††††† Iíve done quite a bit of bird spotting in my life, have lived in countryside and rural areas for most of my life and spent a lot of time in the countryside.Iíve kept birds, rescued and released them, my dad had Racing Pigeons and other livestock so I know how to identify birds and I know which big birds are present in the British Isles.It was massive, bigger than anything I knew of, its wings were rounded at the tips with grey feathers, its legs were long, thin and back stretched, its long neck was curled back and it had a long, orange, sturdy beak with a feather crest on its head.Its feather colours were grey on its top and white underneath.It would have easily stood nearly as tall as me it was that big.It was more than twice the size of the biggest bird in the British Isles, and looked nothing like one of them Grey Herons.Its wing beats were less than one per second, it flying above the fields by about 50 to 70 metres.It looked like it was looking for somewhere to roost for the night, the time being close to 4 pm, or may be 5 pm at the latest.None of the girls recognised it as being something other than what should have normally been there, but this was a Greater Manchester town, industrialised and not really a place were much bird spotting occurs.Iíve lived in many towns throughout my life, in cities, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and in the countryside near to the Lake District, so I would have had much more bird spotting experience than any of them girls had, hence me noticing it was not a normal bird and them girls not noticing the same.

††††††† Then a few weeks later when in a meditation session at an S.N.U. spiritualist church I found myself flying alongside another of these birds, flying around with it by my side, whilst we were in a darkened, empty place.We were interacting with each other, it feeling my happy emotions via telepathy and I feeling its own.A couple of times we touched each other, I stroking its head, it then touching me with its wingtip and both of ourselves flying close too and around each other, while flying in one direction.All the time I could feel my body sat on the chair in the church, I could feel my breathing, I could feel everything about my body and could hear everything from within the church, even the traffic outside, but was also watching this dream like existence occur all around myself.I knew it was some sort of spiritual realm, like how some dreams are the same, and I thought the bird was some sort of extinct species of Heron, by typing into search engines, 5 metre wingspan I found pictures of the believed to be extinct Dasornis, they were very similar, or in the very least the one I saw a sub-species of, it being a breed of Goose.It could have been something else but for sure it was not what is known by science to exist today.

††††††† The beak it had was a bit smaller than the beaks Iíve seen of Dasornis, its wings were more rounded at the tips and wider, and the crest on its head was much bigger, but everything else Iíve seen of these Dasornis and the bird I saw are the same.Its wingspan was easily more than 2 times longer than a Grey Heron, I know what I saw and it wasnít normal.

††††††† Unknown to science species of animals are being discovered every month, and the way we are destroying some natural environments theyíre also being destroyed and extinct before being discovered by science, and the Coelacanth is testament to science getting things wrong sometimes, it being a prehistoric species of fish science thought was extinct, but is still being caught in the waters off the coast of South Africa.The Coelacanth hasnít evolved for more than 300 million years; it is now how it always was.

††††††† Iíve also seen Eagle Owls reacting to me supernaturally, from the same area where I saw that giant Goose, 2 of them actually spoke to me, they didnít mimic, they actually spoke English words, it was a statement alongside proving a supernatural connection to myself.


††††††† Telepathy really does well in attracting the attention of wildlife.Not long before 2010 I was reading into the subject of the mythological big cats of England, Scotland and Wales.I decided to try and make one put in a public appearance, by concentrating on the countryside and picturing in my mind big cats there, and trying to persuade with pictures and emotions one to come close to human built up areas.I was expecting something close to where I live to be seen, within the month I heard radio news reports of a big cat being seen near to Altrincham, which was less than 10 miles away from my home of that time, 10 miles in a straight line.These big cats of the English countryside are not natural in this environment, back in the late 70s or early 80s the English Government clamped down on big cat owners by putting up lots of restrictions, new laws and legislation, many of the owners couldnít then afford to keep their dangerous animals, so instead of giving them to the authorities many set them free.

††††††† Iím pretty sure one got close to my campsite one night but I could have been mistaken.A few days earlier I had found a dismembered Sheep carcass in long grass, then one night when sitting next to my campfire heard something walking through the wooded area.I could hear its heavy footsteps and it brushing past and moving vegetation as it walked.My campfire made a crackle, it stopped walking, stood still for a few seconds then ran off towards the direction it had come from.When running away it was almost totally silent, not brushing any vegetation, making almost no sound at all, except for its footsteps but they too were much quieter than they had been when it was walking.It was definitely a four legged large animal, it could have been a Deer but the way it ran off silently makes me suspect it was a big cat.The sound its footsteps made while it walked sounded like soft pads on the underside of its feet, when it ran off its footsteps sounded even quieter, Deer canít do that due to having hooves, cats can because of their paw pads.










Reading  About  Myself





 †††††† This next encounter, up till then was one of the biggest moments of my own learning curve with the supernatural, it occurring when I was about 22 years old and fairly new to many areas of the spiritual.  When it occurred it was a massive turning point for me due to the physical properties it held.

 †††††† I remember it occurring when my niece was only 3 or 4 months old, which would have been 1995.  She was born on New Yearís day so the month must have been March or April.  I was at my sisterís home with herself, Sally her friend, my niece and her baby sister.  They were all talking girlie stuff so I went to the lounge while they chatted in the kitchen.  Trying to find a television programme to watch but the content of programmes wasnít to my liking, so decided to read the magazine on the floor to my side.  The content of that didnít really interest me much either as it was a womanís magazine; I was turning over to the next page quite quickly and on nearly every page.  Until coming to the astrology section that is, I quickly read through the Aquarian section but it didnít really match up for me, which did come as a surprise as they are usually precise (if I only read them on a couple of occasions each year).  Iíve since learnt because it was a womanís magazine the astrology readings would only have been appropriate for Aquarian women, and I donít usually read womenís magazines, honest, I was just bored at my sisters while they talked girlie stuff.

 †††††† I then saw on the same page as the astrology section a paragraph of writing that had the heading of The New Spiritual Leader.  I immediately remembered the times when my supernatural contacts had telepathically said I was a new spiritual leader like person, the man from prophecies, etc, so started wondering and guessing at what the writing would say.  It was written by a clairvoyant lady from London, the name of the magazine I canít remember but it was a mainstream one, the paragraph said something very similar too; There will be a baby who will talk for the first time ever, in a somewhat miraculous way.  This will act as proof to the new spiritual leader of who he truly is, but we will all have to wait a number of years yet before we find out who he is.

 †††††† After reading this I immediately turned to the front cover to check the magazine release date and was immediately downhearted when noticing it was 5 or 6 months old, so then throwing it to the floor in a bit of a dismayed emotion.  I had started to wrongfully suspect this miraculous event must have already occurred in front of who must truly be the new age supernatural figure, due to it being a 5 or 6-month-old magazine.  Beginning to watch daytime television but the writing from the magazine kept repeating through my mind over and over again.  It was my supernatural friends again, only they werenít letting onto me then that it was they in my thoughts.  I tried to ignore these repeating thoughts but they continued, then after a minute or two of the same I started to fear some kind of mental illness was surfacing into my mind, then suddenly the strange thoughts disappeared and was then able to concentrate only on the television programme.  A minute or two later moving video like pictures started entering my thoughts, they were of 3 girls with a baby in a pram and a lad was stood in the foreground.The baby then spoke which amazed everyone in the picture, except for the girl pushing the pram; she then said she must have said it by accident.  The word family also appeared in the images and they continued repeating in thoughts for a few minutes at the most.  To me this seemed strange and out of place, at the time I didnít know it was my supernatural friends putting the images there, so I continued watching the television program while trying to ignore the repeating images.

 †††††† I partially started believing the images in my mind could have been psychic portrayals of the events surrounding the magazines prediction, and that they must have already occurred in front of some other man who was the real new spiritual leader like person, all occurring some months earlier due to the magazine being 5 or 6 months old.  Next thoughts entered my own which said this,

ďMagnus, how would you feel and react to your spirit friends now that you know they may have lied about you being the new spiritual leader person?Ē  I didnít know these thoughts were my supernatural friends, then pondered over that possibility before thinking; ďIíd be slightly angry but wouldnít hold it against them.  I now believe in God and life after death, this I wouldnít have become to believe in without their years of telepathic, physical and supernatural contact with me.Ē

 †††††† Their thoughts then said, ďThey probably heard them thoughts then!Ē

 †††††† I started to slightly laugh in myself due to realising my supernatural friends were actually in my thoughts and had been listening to my thoughts, so then I thought in a slightly humorous manner, ďYeah, they probably heard them thoughts then. Ē

 †††††† They then went quiet again, and whilst I thought about and suspected not being that historical supernatural person.  I was a bit gutted so tried to avert my attention by watching the television program.

 †††††† It was about 10 minutes later I heard my 3 or 4-month-old niece speak from within the kitchen these words, ďmama, mamaĒ.

 †††††† Quickly walking into the kitchen only to see and hear sis say it was an accident and that she didnít mean to say that because she is too young to speak.  I asked if she had just said mama, mama, my eldest niece agreed she had.  Sally and I both agreed that she had so then I was by now looking at her blankly whilst recalling the writing in the magazine.  I wanted to tell and show them what Iíd just read in the magazine but was then influenced by the supernatural to walk back into the lounge.

 †††††† I had 3 witnesses to this and the magazines staff will remember what they published.  I canít remember the name of the magazine though, as I was too excited at the circumstances occurring to take note of it, but I did read the article again and even checked to see if it was real by scratching bits of it off the paper.

 †††††† When again thinking about telling the girls what Iíd just read my supernatural friends influenced me not too by saying no person would believe me in full.I asked them what I should do about things, in thoughts that is, whenever I refer to speaking with people of the supernatural it is always in reference to telepathic contact.They replied by telling me to get a job, which I had been trying to do but not as much as they had wanted of me.









An  Amazing  Insight





 †††††† Round about the same time, either weeks or months earlier or later, the same supernatural in origin people returned in thoughts, so we were thinking to each other when yet again they started to tell of historical circumstances surrounding me, which I didnít want to accept or believe.  I was in my early 20ís and again having major problems accepting these aspects as a part of me to live by, or as a guideline for my life.My supernatural friends began secretly instructing me in telepathic ways again, by pretending to be my own thoughts, to go and borrow my auntieís tarot cards for the evening, to give myself the first tarot reading I received.  Back then I thought were my own thoughts, then later learnt were the thoughts of my supernatural friends.

 †††††† When picking up the cards I quickly left, mainly because of being excited at the prospect of receiving my first reading.  I got home, took off my jacket and immediately set about to give myself a reading.  When looking at the cards I was totally baffled, they were Russell Grants own version of the cartoon type.  I hadnít got a clue as to what they meant, what I was supposed to do or where to start.  I also had no instructions on how to use the cards, so the supernatural had to formulate a way for me.  I stared at the cards in a confused manner for some seconds before being instructed in thoughts; they told me to shuffle them all up by placing them on the floor whilst mixing them around randomly.  Then I should gather them all up and place them on the coffee table, face down in many rows.  So that I did, starting by putting all the cards face down on the floor, spent about one minute shuffling and moving them around, to mix them up as much as possible.  Next thoughts said that whoever was in telepathic contact with me, from a supernatural origin, they are of the physical and not the spiritual, and that they would very easily be able to pick out the cards designated for me, which I agreed that they would be able to do.Next I was told of a woman who was with me in the room, a woman of the physical but unknown origin, being invisible and it would be her who chooses the cards for me.Picking up the shuffled cards I placed them into a neat pile, then started to place them all on my coffee table face down.  After filling all of the old world map glass tabletop I was left with about 10 to 20 cards, thoughts instructed me to put them to one side so I then did that.  I still didnít know what to do though, so thoughts told me to pick out three cards by pointing a finger at each card individually.  Along the first row was instructed to pick out one card so I put it to one-side.  Then in the third and fifth rows was instructed to pick out one particular card from each row.  The first of the three cards I turned over was the Rabbit but I didnít know what it meant.  Then the next card was the Oxen which I also didnít know the meaning of.  Then while holding the last card thoughts said it would be the most significant for me and would be the one that describes me in more detail than the other 2.  Upon turning the card was completely amazed when seeing a young looking; slim, tall, red haired man, sat on a spaceship and pointing to the stars.  I was totally amazed; I was also a young, slim, tall, red haired man (my hair has now faded in colour) and had many experiences of seeing UFOís.  I was amazed then even more so when I saw the heading, it was Aquarius.  Iím also an Aquarian and had in those times of the 90ís been receiving psychic information in my mind concerning the future of humanity and part of the Golden Era of the Age of Aquarius being somehow connected with me.  So this Aquarian title on the card just fell into place with all the other supernatural links in my life that were occurring close too or within them times.  This was again totally amazing to experience but I was still a bit baffled as to what the collection of 3 cards meant.  I was told Iíd find that out in the future so had to just remember which cards came out.

††††††† Now when I think of that card it reminds me of when I was sat on a nuclear missile in Huncoat, 1985, it looked very similar.

 †††††† Iíve asked in thoughts many a time what the 3 cards meant together.  I was told, because I hadnít used a known process for reading and picking the cards, it would also be a unique reading I received, which is as follows; I will multiply, with the strength of the Oxen, throughout the stars.A very big statement even by my standards, but one that correlates with my predictions that humanity will become like me, telepathic sentient beings, then later venturing out into other galaxies to reside on other planets.

 †††††† Before humanity masters the universe they have to master themselves and earth, so itís going to be a long time before humanity step off this planet onto a similar one, not hundreds of years, itíll be thousands.We are stuck on this planet till we perfect ourselves; no way will our all-knowing, secretive, studying and watching Alien friends allow humanity to step off this planet onto a similar one before then.


††††††† I donít bother with readings much, for most people thereís only a very small percentage of the past or future able to be learned of, plus knowing future events of your own life, either good or bad outcomes and influences doesnít help matters much.Readings are an over-rated area of the psychic, spiritual and supernatural, but itís what people become interested in due to not having anything else to go off, and itís what charlatans offer as services due to wanting to earn money from people, although there are a great many people who do give good readings there are also a lot who do not.Anyways, people can give themselves readings by learning tarot, astrology, numerology, runes, palm reading, or asking the spiritual to give answers in dreams (cannot be on any kind of mind altering substances for this to be possible) For spiritual readings that is something else.

††††††† Stick to less than one reading a year if that is what you want, but we warned youíll be gutted and dismayed if you only pay people who are no good at these readings, and there is no way of knowing beforehand if they are good or not, unless you go off recommendations by people you know.Plus knowing the future isnít too nice, knowing of future nice things in your life makes you expect them soon, and if they donít occur soon you get confused and frustrated.And knowing of bad futures is even worse.









3 Tonne Balanced On My Back





 †††††† In my early twenties I had began to grow more interested in the psychic, supernatural and spiritual, I was also wanting to find spiritual people so to share my experiences with and to learn more, so when myself and some work mates drove past a small Spiritualist Church, in Whitefield, Crystal Clear, I felt as though it would be a good place for me to go.

 †††††† I phoned Helen, the most advanced psychic of their group and main committee member, then telling her that lots of psychic and supernatural occurrences were occurring in my life.We arranged for me to attend her open circle evening meeting the following week, although I didnít have any idea what one of them was.

††††††† On the day I was to attend I wrote up a list of all the categories of supernatural events and abilities Iíd been experiencing, and placed telepathy at the top of the list.  It seemed like the place it deserved a mention most, only I wasnít expecting every person within a spiritualist church to be surprised and amazed by telepathy in me in the ways that they were.  When noticing people becoming very surprised and quietly amazed I was sort of just as surprised as they were.

 †††††† After visiting the church for a few months was asked if Iíd like to be a member of the closed circle, then soon after a committee member which I agreed to both.  Then soon after was asked if Iíd like to participate in a psychic quest to search for a lost mythological artefact, so it was one very good staging point of investigating my own supernatural abilities and others.  I donít think theyíll like me explaining our days and time together but for this book some is needed to be explained, so for this next description of events Iíll not explain what we were looking for, although people may find that from my thoughts.

 †††††† We never had any luck finding the object but we had other agendaís to participate within on those days out, so something supernatural was always occurring.  On one such day out we had visited a place just outside of Beddgelert, Wales.  There were quite a few of us and had arrived in 3 cars.  We were searching an area of riverbank situated across the valley from the old copper mine museum.  This area we had been drawn too due to myths and legends of the close by Myriddian Hill.  We were looking for a particular artefact, which is said in a similar named book was buried in a wax seal to be hidden for a long time.  I canít remember by how many years ago, possibly close in time to when the Gunpowder Plotters were active.  We had to walk up the steep mountain and as we got close to the third or fourth waterfall I sensed we were close to where we should be.   I picked a place in the river banking and was walking across the rocks and checking the waterfall by hand, while the others were checking and digging out from a group of rocks to one side of the river.  I wanted the others to come and help with my chosen area, and Helen, the medium in charge of the church and search did say the night before Iíd know where we should go, but on the day no one was listening when I was trying to get help with my search.  After a short time I was drawn to the small waterfall, I was actually checking it, the vertical wall of by standing in the shallow water at its lowest point, I found a small clumping of grass growing out of that waterfall, after trying to dislodge it from what it was growing out of, that lump of something fell into the river and floated away.It was actually the size and shape of what the artefact could have been within, but whether or not it was the object I cannot say.If it was the artefact Iím glad I lost it, it was supposed to have caused major problems for every previous owner.After watching the unknown object float down the river I lost interest in my search, then walked over to my friends and helped them with theirs.I decided to help with their dig, so then took over, climbed into the hole they had began making then started digging out the rubble with a small trowel and my bare hands.  The pile of very large rocks above and round the newly dug out hole looked like the capping stones of an old cave of a sort, which itself had been filled in with small half inch sized pieces of stone, it was probably an attempt by the miners to find a new seam of copper ore and it being filled in due to nothing being found.  It was on the edge of a natural rock outcrop, but the large stones and small pieced rubble looked un-natural in their placing.  There was one stone that looked naturally placed and that was the largest one.

 †††† I was a bit reluctant in helping with my friends search, mainly because I sensed something not right about the area, but then other peopleís emotions and thoughts in my own got the better of me, so I then started digging without hesitation.  After about 20 minutes Iíd moved enough of the rubble to be able to climb totally inside the hole so was beginning to start the dig down, into what appeared to be the filled in cave, cavern, mine or similar.  Nothing about the area seemed to feel like the right place but I was digging in a fast manner so to get the others to loose interest in the area quicker.  Helen had walked back to the car about 15 minutes earlier as she wasnít happy with the area either.  After climbing completely into the hole and digging out for a further 15 minutes or similar, a very loud statement echoed through my thoughts, which said, ďMagnus, just stop what you are doing, immediately, and just take a look around.Ē   These thoughts didnít sound like my own, or a personís via my telepathic abilities; as they were generated in a louder manner than usual, or of a differing speed or tone to what usual thoughts sound and appear like in my own.  I immediately realised that a supernatural in origin life form were making warnings to me of immediate danger.My suspicions were correct, I turned over and led on my back to check the hole and boulders and which was quite hard to do as the hole was still quite small.  It was roughly about 8 foot long, extending horizontally into the very steep slope of the hill, was just over 2 foot tall and about 4 foot wide, close in shape and size to a coffin.  Its base was of small pieces of stone and grit and then its sides and ceiling were of massive slabs of stone and bigger boulders.  As I led in that coffin-sized hole I reached for my torch, turned over onto my back then noticed a crack that had appeared in the slab of stone above my head, this totally horrified me.  That crack I was sure wasnít there earlier, I followed the crack with my line of vision whilst hoping for it to end but it just kept going down the full length of the ceiling slab of stone and was at the far edge even wider.  It was more a gap there rather than a crack; in total more than 1.5 metres long, stretching through the full length of the ceiling slab.  I was absolutely horrified at seeing it being a gap at one end whilst only being a crack at the other end, and then recalled only one or two minutes earlier feeling the ceiling drop slightly onto my back and shoulders.  I felt it touch and push my shoulders slightly and the top part of my back, and I knew it had moved but disregarded it as paranoia.My attention was immediately taken away from that when continuing with the dig down, before being telepathically warned of the danger a minute or two later by one of my supernatural origin friends.Whilst looking at the crack in horror and contemplating whether or not the ceiling slab would fall on me, at the far end of it I saw a very small pebble, about half inch round, it was wedged between the newly moved ceiling slab and a side boulder, both being more than 2 tonne in weight.It appeared to me that the ceiling slab had cracked then broke in 2, and one of them pieces slipping down to fill the hole underneath it, then becoming stuck by a small half inch sized piece of stone wedging between it and the side boulder.While staring at the pebble in horror thoughts said, ďMagnus that pebble is holding all of the ceiling up.Ē  Again this sounded like my supernatural friends warning, so very carefully I turned over onto my stomach and crawled backwards out of the hole, whilst trying to cling to the floor with every part of my body.  I was keeping movements to a bare minimum whilst hoping not to dislodge the precariously held small pebble, to not touch the ceiling slab of stone and the side boulders it was resting on.  When I did get out an enormous amount of relief overcame me because I really did believe I was going to be crushed to death.  I even had to sit down and compose myself a little before my friends asked what was wrong.  I was unable to reply as my nerves were still playing havoc, so instead of explaining I replied with the easier option of saying, ďWatch this.Ē  Standing up and reaching into the hole with my large torch held at armís length, I tried to hit the part of the ceiling where I thought the pebble was, but could only guess as to where it was because there was no way I was going to climb back into that hole to check, not even a little bit.  Reaching in with the torch held at armís length, I very softly tapped once the part of the ceiling I felt was where the pebble was situated, it being close to the entrance of the hole, immediately after tapping it very softly once a big boulder on top, some other rocks on top of it and the ceiling slab all fell to the floor with a loud crashing sound that then made me jump back in fright.  I was by now in more shock so had to sit back down for a few more minutes.

 †††††† The slab of stone that fell to the floor must have been about 3 or 4 tonnes in weight, may be a bit less or a bit more, but was definitely more than 2.No matter how heavy it was, if it had fell onto me we would have needed more than just a long bar to get it off my dead or mangled body.  Even the emergency services would have taken more than 3 hours to get there and get it off me, by which time I reckon I would have been dead.

 †††††† Iíve no idea how the pebble became lodged into the lowest edge of the gap, the slab of stone was more than a foot in depth, it could have rolled through the crack from the top of the slab to lodge into the lower edge of it, but which is still a freakish escape from danger if that occurred.  There were no small pieces of stone on top of the boulder that fell, but there were other large slabs of stone, all of which now looked to be very unstable in their positioning.  Feeling the slab of stone fall onto my left shoulder a minute or two before noticing the crack and gap, must have been when the pebble stopped it from crushing me, by balancing it precariously against one of the sidewall boulders.  Immediately after we left the area I was trying to work out who had warned me in thoughts but by now theyíd gone quiet, so was then only connecting with the thoughts of my physical friends.



 †††††† I re-visited the site in 06, and found the boulders that were resting on top of the slab that cracked and fell have themselves moved.   Then the very large stone which looked natural in its positioning had itself fallen to the floor and cracked into 2 under its own weight, which can be seen in the picture above.  The large stone at centre right ish was standing vertically when we were digging and when we left the area, in the photo has moved 45 degrees on a pivot towards the downhill slope, a large piece of rock can be seen in the photo that has broke away from the main boulder, that would have occurred when the boulder moved 45 degrees on a pivot.  It all now looks totally different to how we left it, and somebody had propped up that later cracked and fallen stone with small rocks because it looked a bit unstable in its new positioning.They and other visitors probably thought that was the stone that nearly fell on top of me, the one that can be seen centre photo as cracking away from the bigger boulder to its right.  To be honest it looked a bit heavier than that one, the crack in the photo directly underneath that being where the hole we dug was.

 †††††† It was definitely a supernatural in origin life form that telepathically warned me of imminent danger I created for myself, but they only knew of it because of me noticing it pushing down onto my back slightly, only I hadnít acknowledged it so they made sure I did, whilst they knew how severe it was before I myself noticed such.  I think the pebble rolling into the gap to hold the massive stones up for long enough for me to get out must have had something to do with the connections my telepathically open soul makes with the known natural environment and the unknown telepathic one.


 †††††† One woman from the church, when discussing where weíd be searching mentioned an apport, it being an object appearing from somewhere else, so may be it appeared from some sort of spiritual existence.  Then after Iíd wrote all of this I recalled the time when reading the artefact book before we visited this area.  I read it at home before we ventured to Beddgelert and something very supernaturally strange did occur while reading.  I had come to a part in the book where it was describing some spiritual entities being able to make apports, those being physical objects appearing in the physical earth dimension from a different one.  Then as soon as reading that sentence a very small piece of what appeared to be stone fell onto the page of the book, it even fell onto the sentence I was reading.  I picked it up and looked it over then started to rub my hair over the book to see if that was from where the stone appeared.  Nothing fell from my hair though so ever since I reckoned spirit or someone of supernatural origin had made it appear from somewhere else, and so thatís what must have occurred with the pebble that saved my life.  That small pebble appearing like that after reading of apports from that artefact book, and seeing a small stone apport appear and fall onto the apport sentence surely was no coincidence.

 †††††† And this wasnít the first danger to arise for people searching for that artefact; others had also put themselves into dangerous scenarios.Even Helen had a big major fall on this visit but like me suffered no injury.













††††††† Round about the same times I reading into the psychic, spiritual and supernatural only helped to cement suspicions about myself into substantiated beliefs, suspicions of me being that man mentioned within prophecies, suspicions that arose only because of the supernatural putting those thoughts into my own, and usually they were pretending them to be my own thoughts.Myself next reading a few books on the subjects that had prophecy content I wasnít expecting to strengthen my beliefs and suspicions, but the more I read then the more of my suspicions and beliefs became obviously correct.

††††††† The moment with my baby niece miraculously talking acted as a fuel for the mesmerising fire building up in the realisation of me, so that whenever I doubted being that man from prophecies that moment played back through my mind and made me go back to believing I was such.It was obvious to me when I was a child, I lost belief in it from 16 to 19, then regained it and have never lost it since, with the exception of brief and slight doubt occasionally surfacing.

††††††† One of the prophecy based books I read, Peter Lemesuriers, The Great Pyramid Decoded, was just like the others I read, giving correct definitions of the future, when considering them prophecies to be defining parts of me or my life.

††††††† I cannot recall every prophecy from that book that Iíve fulfilled; it was most of them, if not all.I recall a few that didnít make any sense to me, from more than 10 but it will all make sense to all one day.It was a case of the more I read into the subjects the more obvious the truth was.And the prophecies that predicted circumstances that would prevail in my life, I didnít read them prophecies then try and fulfil them prophecies, it was the other way around, I read the prophecies after those events had occurred.

††††††† Then there were 2 topics in Peters book that needed some outside knowledge adding too, those being the parts that described Landisilio in Wales, the U.K., and Chartres Cathedral in France.Peter wrote something similar to, that something is still to be found or uncovered in these areas, something not yet known of, so after deliberating about what it could be I decided to visit myself, to see if I could find or detect anything.

††††††† I decided to go on a cycling holiday, where Iíd get on a train just south of Birmingham, so I wouldnít be cycling through places I knew, then Iíd cycle down to Portsmouth, get on a ferry to Caen in France, then cycle to Chartres via Paris, then to the standing stones of Carnac, which had also been mentioned in Peters book.At a later date Iíd check Landisilio in Wales.Iíd been planning for a year or two to cycle through France, so in the year 2000 it seemed like the perfect time to visit.  Months previously Iíd collected a large amount of non-ferrous scrap metal from the demolition work I was employed within so my finances were better than normal.I asked my brother to come too but he was a bit reluctant to accept going on cycles, then later accepted after some careful persuasion from me.  I didnít tell him why I wanted to visit Chartres; I just said weíd be passing through that town so Iíd be visiting their Cathedral.

 †††††† I later learnt there is a lot of literature about Chartres Cathedral, but the only information Iíd read of back then only originated from the pyramid book named in this chapter.  I had no other information about the place, despite there being much literature that either describes its splendid architecture, past Cathedral owners claims they had the Turin shroud, whilst other works describe the maze pattern incorporated into the floor of the building.

  ††††† On the morning I was to visit my brother got out of his tent long before me mine, he had gone down into the town by himself, so I ended up arriving at the place alone and we had agreed to meet up at the Cathedral.  When arriving I walked in by the side entrance and was immediately struck by the buildings grandeur of its very tall walls, its finely carved stonework and complex stained glass windows.  The inside was dimly lit and playing was some organ music, it made the place sound and look very mystical and perfect for the occasion.  While slowly walking around the inside of the building I began to scan the stone work for hints of a kind as to what I was searching for, but I really hadnít got a clue what to look for.  Before long Iíd walked upon the maze paving stones but my interest was directed away from that, so continued walking around the interior in a clockwise direction.  When at the other side of the building some sunlight was shining through a hole in a stained glass window so I took a photo of that.



 †††††† Next I came across the finely carved woodwork but I didnít seem too interested in that either, so continued walking around and came to the area leading me to the altar, thatís when the many large pentagrams set into the marble flooring captured my attention.Only one week before I set off for France I bought a new, Celtic styled pentagram, to replace one Iíd given a girlfriend years earlier, which seemed to me to be a little supernaturally influenced as I had never before these times wanted to replace it, and I had no knowledge of there being pentagrams set in the floor of the cathedral.While walking towards the altar I was actually holding it in my hand whilst it was tied around my neck, then a few seconds later noticing the many pentagrams set into the marble floor.



 †††††† Walking towards them I noticed ropes and posts cordoned off the area so walked to where I could stand closest to them, which is roughly close to where the above photo was taken.  When there noticing some cracks in the floor that were old and severe, which prompted me to think, ďI wonder what has caused them cracks to appear?Ē  Immediately after thinking that I was shook and scared by an earthquake or tremor I could feel shaking all around and below myself.  I immediately looked at the surrounding masonry and vaulted ceiling area, as I believed some masonry could have worked itself free.  None came falling down though so I felt a lot of relief for that.  The quake or tremor really was that big as to cause me that much fright, I have a lot of construction experience, especially with masonry and I was scared pieces would be falling around or on me, the owners of the building really do need to recheck the vaulted ceiling of the altar every month.I think they need seismology equipment hooked up to the building and ground too, but theyíve probably had that installed ever since hearing of my story.  The whole area shook for about 2 seconds in each of 3 bursts; each separated by point something of a second.  After it had stopped and I noted no masonry had worked free, images entered my thoughts of myself sitting down on the cracks which I then promptly did.

 †††††† I felt an overwhelming peaceful and calming emotion enter myself, so just stayed there for a short amount of time, till an undercover follower intentionally disrupted me, so I then walked away.It was actually the ex-girlfriend billionaire pretending to be an undercover officer intentionally disrupting me, an ex-girlfriend from school, her, some of her lot and her murderous royal guards had been up to all sorts of dodgy ness against me, because she was obsessed with me but I wouldnít let her into my life, so she went full on to ruin mine as much as possible but from a discreet distance and arms length.


††††††† Earth definitely spoke to me, within 2 seconds of me thinking about what had caused the cracks to appear, the answer must be earth tremors and/or quakes that are of a supernatural origin.

††††††† Before leaving the cathedral I walked up the spire and signed the visitorís book, also leaving a little comment, I wrote: A gorgeous cathedral, just a shame itís been built on top of a pagan sacred site of enormous energy.One that shakes a building to those extremes cannot be healthy for any building, and the original building had once before been totally destroyed by fire, which was the sites second major fire, previous to this another fire totally destroyed its facade.I reckon it would have been earth tremors that caused them fires, by knocking over candles.

††††††† I know the paving stones would appear to have been cracked by people walking on them over the many hundreds of years, but to hear and feel an earth tremor at the precise moment of thinking about what caused them cracks surely was the answer.Earth tremors loosen the ground, which contribute to the slight sinking of a building pressing down on that loosened ground.Nowhere else in the building where any cracks in the floor, if people walking on them was to be the blame surely pathways through doorways are where most cracks would be.

††††††† When strangeness occurs with earth every decade of my life, in every year and whenever I try something with the supernatural or psychic, itís too much to consider anything other than that.It has become harder to disbelieve, and the more I write of whatís occurred then more people believe in me, although it gets pretty impossible not to believe, when you have experienced my telepathic abilities.

††††††† Thereís more to Earth and the rest of the Universe than even I can see or know of, I have seen on many occasions it reacting to my thoughts and emotions, with out of place changes of itself, making it hard for me to consider it to be coincidence.It reacts to aspects of my thoughts and emotions like how my supernatural origin friends reacted to me for years, to teach and show me things, to prove to me its own existence and awareness, and its closeness and loyalty to me.

††††††† May be Iím wrong, may be its not aware, but I have nothing else to consider that can be as easily believed.


††††††† There have been many major connections with me and earth, in 2003 the night after the afternoon when I handed some free booklets out to the local Bolton Asian community, it was a life changing point for some of their people, due to very soon after they very easily experiencing my telepathic abilities.During the evening of that same day earth generated thunder and lightning in the Bolton areas, which was a sign of power and connection, although some religious and superstitious people may have believed it was a bad omen.The local Asian people who were speaking of me that night knew it was more than a coincidence and wasnít a bad omen.


 †††††† When attending the outdoor Live8 charity London music concert, in the year 2005, all day the weather looked as though it was going to rain, when persons performing as a part of the concert were mentioning the bad looking dark clouds and possibility of rain, I knew it wouldnít rain and some of them performers heard my thoughts on such too.  Twice the weather was mentioned by performers and on both occasions within a second of the weather mentions I felt a single drop of rain hit my face, the only times that day I felt any rain.Without the clouds it would have been a very hot summerís day, with them it was the perfect weather for it.

††††††† People in the performance did know of my telepathic presence due to my writings and heard my telepathic presence, and on the day I in telepathic ways told them something supernatural in the sky may occur.On many previous occasions I had seen supernatural origin circled cloud formations, then late in the day at live 8 an opening in the clouds appeared directly above myself, which grew till it uncovered the sun which was by that time very close to disappearing over the horizon.

††††††† Some people who know me where thinking along lines of it defining the sun will shine just before it disappears.

††††††† Itís too much to consider the circle cloud opening appearing above myself was nothing to do with me, because Iíve seen many similar such occurrences.


 †††††† At another outdoor music festival, years earlier, I and many police saw a perfect circle clear sky of about 15 miles circumference, it was surrounded by dense clouds which stayed like this for more 3 hours.  There was something of a supernatural origin rising up from the centre of land that was situated directly under the clear sky circle, which was causing the edge of clouds to roll up, then backwards and then back round again.  There were supernatural properties affecting the clouds, and they were trying to recover the sky but all they could do was rollup against the edge of the clear circle, then being pulled up and backwards, then down into the draft only for a new line of clouds to roll up against the edge.  The clouds were continually rolling up, back and forwards in a circular motion, an ever-rotating edge of clouds.  It was amazing to watch and I wanted to take a closer look but the edges were miles away from myself, so I couldnít take a closer look as I was attending an outdoor music festival.  It reminded me of a bigger than normal nuclear explosion mushroom cloud, only in a reverse kind of way, where the clear sky was the centre and the clouds the exterior.

 †††††† When occurring my UFO friends were telepathically claiming to have created this via an atomic jam.  This they claim is where they use an atomic device to generate and duplicate an almost infinite number of sub-atomic meson like binding atoms, all being attracted to the area I was in.They said to put people and objects into a paused state of being.

 †††††† Creating binding atom particles in this way generated what looked like the opposite of a nuclear explosion in the sky, where as nuclear explosion mushroom clouds are formed by splitting atoms, so my unknown origin friends explanation do have a basis to be believed by atomic physicists.

 †††††† They added they attracted all the sub-atomic particles by placing a rod of a certain very, rare, heavy metal in the middle of the land where they wished to freeze peoples conscious awareness, then to reverse it they took the rod into space and the particles followed before then being dispersed.They explained all of this in my thoughts hours later during the night time, when I was wondering about how the Ďreversed mushroom cloudí could have occurred.I was walking through a darkened field away from the stages, tents and stalls, no people nearby, no lights, nothing but an empty field and almost total darkness.As soon as they told me about the rod of very heavy metal they used to attract the particles I found a lump of aluminium in the field.A disposable lighter casing, a heavy lump of metal for its size, polished cast aluminium.†† I saw it shining in front of me as soon as they telepathically mentioned the rod of heavy metal.I was alone, in the middle of a field in total darkness; I could see no other objects on the field anywhere.

††††††† Finding that heavy cast alloy lighter casing within a second or two of thinking about an unknown to humanity heavy metal isnít a lone circumstance of such, that only touches the surface.There was a time when walking through the streets of Bolton and the supernatural did very similar but to more extremes.Iíd be speaking with them in thoughts, they telling me I am a part of the environment, and to bolster that belief in myself this is what occurred next.ďYouíre Walking,Ē went through my mind then the very next item I looked at was an empty bag of Walkers crisps, then next a thought went through my mind and yet again the very next item I looked at advertised the same as what went through my mind.This continued for about another 10 words and each next item I looked at was precisely the same as the word they put in my thoughts.It did my head in actually, so I tried not to look at anything but every time I did again it occurred.This was walking through the streets of Bolton, at night time and either looking at litter on the floor or advertising signs.It totally baffled me deep into thought about how such could occur; all the supernatural elaborated on is that Iím a part of environment in spiritual and physical ways.


 †††††† Iíve attended approximately 8 outdoor music festivals or concerts and never once did it rain during, before or immediately after the event, which people of the UK will know for sure was strange due to it usually raining during the outdoor festival weeks and months.


 †††††† When my nieces were performing in an outdoor dance exhibition, in Bolton town centre, the clouds were very heavy and totally covered the sky, so it looked for definite it would rain heavy.  I started to imagine the clouds opening up directly above myself, which then slowly began.I tried holding back the rain and then after the dance demonstration had ended the clouds recovered above us.  I had my cycle at this exhibition and before I set off for home I thought about the rain beginning while cycling home and that Iíd get drenched, which then occurred.Very heavy rain and I was absolutely drenched in about 2 minutes, yeah Earth is very funny at times.


††††††† It still occurs.On a Saturday, Autumn of 2013, I set off on a cycle ride, my route from Darwen to Bolton, then Bolton to Bury, then Bury to Darwen going through Rossendale.As soon as I set off I knew Iíd have to be careful with the weather, so tried to make sure it wouldnít rain, but then received thoughts suggesting it would rain when I hit the Rossendale area.I set off on the last leg from Bury to Darwen just as it was getting dark, I took a wrong turning then found a road and collection of buildings I had been wanting to find for over 2 decades, a walk Granddad had taken me and sister on when we were small kids.This put an extra 45 minutes on my journey, and it still didnít rain till I hit the Rossendale area.Was I meant to take that wrong turning so Iíd find that walk Granddad had taken us on decades earlier?It seemed the case to me, Iíd wanted to know where that walk was for years.


††††††† And there was a night to day sky occurrence in Clayton Lee Moors, which me, mum, dad and my brother and sister saw when I was about 4 in 1976, the night sky turning to a day light one instantly and silently, staying that way for near to 10 seconds, then turning back to night time instantly and silently.


††††††† And in the 90s I predicted to Greater Manchester Police that for the 4 or 5 days leading up to my sisters birthday it would be very heavy rain all day every day, on my sisters birthday it would be like a fine summers day with hardly a cloud in the sky, then the 3 or 4 days after it would be very heavy rain all day everyday again.I also added this would occur to prove to them how close to God I am, which then occurred precisely how I predicted.

††††††† We suffered at work with that one, so people canít say it was I who controlled the weather.We were outdoors, concreting, gulley, pipe and kerb laying, also preparing the land for a new tarmac surface.It was the worst weather Iíve ever had to work in, many hours of work being ruined by the rains, and we had to make up for that with over-time.Working till 2 am one night, then back at work at 7.30am, I never controlled the weather that week.


††††††† Newquay, Cornwall, the morning of the total eclipse of the sun in 1999.As soon as sunrise began early morning heavy clouds began to cover the sky.I told my brother and friends that an opening in the clouds would appear during totality of the eclipse and so we will see it.Then when totality began and the clouded over sky began to get dark I saw a vision of an opening in the clouds appearing to the side of where the sun was hidden behind clouds, then next seeing in the vision the cloud opening size, shape and movement over the sun and for how long it would stay over the sun.Then when the eclipse began the clouded sky went dark and then during totality the vision of the future I saw began.An opening in the clouds appeared where I knew it would, it began getting bigger and then moved over to where the eclipse was, and for long enough for us all in Newquay and close by to see the totality of the eclipse for about one or two minutes.I knew the time the opening would appear, the place, its size and shape, its movement over the sun and for how long it would stay there.Did I control it to go that way or did I know it would be?Either way it doesnít matter, I knew more than I should have under normal circumstances.


††††††† Then I predicted a perfect circle of clear sky, around the moon, within a totally clouded over sky, I predicted this to Greater Manchester Police, in 2001, I adding it will be situated over and around the moon for most of the night.And when it occurred a few weeks later it had definite sudden edges to itself, it was a perfect circle in every way, it wasnít one of the halo like circles seen around the moon when slight cloud is around itself.I predicted this to Police and adding it would occur to prove to them I am the man as mentioned within prophecies.The doormen of the nightclub I was visiting that night also saw it and knew it to be something they couldnít understand, they were all looking at it baffled and commenting about how they didnít know what it was.

††††††† In one of my earlier versions of this book I made a prediction about another similar cloud circle sign, which would prove to the public I am who I say I am, although occurring with a circle of clouds covering the sun and staying covered whilst it moved through the sky, but now I donít want to prove myself in that way whilst I live.I took the prediction back long before the year it was describing, I wasnít proven wrong; I took my prediction back before I could be proven either way.

††††††† It may still occur during my lifetime or shortly after, I hope not whilst I live because Iíd then be getting mobbed everywhere I go.I already see people checking me out every time I leave my home, visitors to the area, thatís just going to escalate if that sun disk sign occurs, putting areas around me into a standstill.


††††††† A storm in England, in either 2001 or 2002, had been disrupting a lot and killed a few, it had been present for a couple of days, I tried pushing it out to sea which occurred a few hours later, I suspect this was earth doing what I wanted of it.


††††††† 24th March 2010.I received a small electric shock from a Dock Leaf in my garden, so I reckoned a thunder storm was on its way, it was 5 minutes of hail within the hour, with only one thunder, and rain for an hour after that.


††††††† Intentionally falling on a pivot onto my bed in 2002, readying for sleep, was interfered with via telepathy to look to the sky through the window and I saw horizontal fork lightning.Less than a quarter of my window was giving me a view of the sky, and that lightning was seen throughout that small area of the large window.The only time I've seen horizontal fork lightning is when I was horizontal and falling onto my bed, Iíve seen a lot of fork lightning but never anything similar to that.


††††††† I saw the moon look like the sun, during an evening in Wales, in 2002 or 2003, on Trinity Sunday.I know atmospheric conditions are attributable to making the moon sometimes appear as an orange colour, but before I saw it I made a similar prediction in my thoughts, which many people heard via telepathy.I said Wales is the land of the rising sun, many times.I didnít know what I meant with this statement, people of the UK authorities hearing this from my thoughts, a few times enquired there as to what I was thinking about, and I couldnít give them a clear answer because I too didnít know what I was defining.Till about 30 or 40 minutes later, when we all saw the moon rise over the horizon and it looking a very orange colour for close to 30 minutes, before then fading back to its normal colour.It looked similar to the sun rising in the night sky but the contours of the moons craters could be seen.


 †††† I also predicted to Greater Manchester Police the many Manchester tremors of late 2001 or in 2002, a few months later Manchester endured more than 50 earth tremors and all in the same week, which was reported in the news.I predicted minor earthquakes and adding everyone would be ok because they wouldnít be severe.I felt one a night before it had been news reported, but didnít realise what it was till seeing the news reports.I felt the building and floor shake around me and I heard the tree branches and leaves in my garden rustling while moving.I thought I was imagining things due to the time of it being so small, somewhere close to 5 seconds, then saw the news reports the next day.


 †††††† I can also associate with my connections to earth a primary school trip, to Gatwick or Heathrow airport; I attended when about 6 or 7 years old, so it could have been 1979.  On that day I watched a large passenger airliner scrape the underside of its tail down the runway while taking off.  It did take off but had to immediately land.  I only watched one plane take off that day, because I think the organisers of the trip were more interested in the shopping areas.I did notice it scrape the underside of its tail down the runway while taking off, may be a gust of wind, or may be pilot error, I donít know what caused that, may be something much worse had been prevented.

††††††† May be it was a coincidence; it just seems strange I watched that occur, the only time I watched a plane take off in England.


††††††And then when spending time online watching videos about major climatic and environmental changes, then considering such and writing about it, then the same night I watched what I took to be the best video about such, it begins snowing and for 10 minutes the snowflakes were massive, bigger than anything Iíve seen before.Some were 4 inch long, obviously many clumped together as one, Iíd never seen them that big before, and it became the snowiest winter I ever experienced, there was snow on the ground in some places in April.


††††††† In booklets I handed out to local businesses, I wrote that in the future earthquakes and tsunamis caused by such will be more common place, more devastating and moving to regions that donít usually have quakes.I also explained how all coastal nuclear power stations are time bombs waiting to go off, IE due to the future increase in quakes and the resulting tsunamis.In less than 6 months the Asian tsunami occurred, then some years later the Fukushima nuclear power station was destroyed by the Japanese tsunami.

††††††† Again to some people this may seem like coincidence, but I wrote about it because I saw visions of those futures, although I didnít expect it to occur during my life time and I still expect more of this increase.May be the increase will slow back down to normal, I canít see it happening though as there is human interfering with the crust and mantle causing the increase.So that would be another prophecy fulfilled, the one that says during a time of quakes caused by man.


††††††† For years Iíve believed earth and even the Universe is aware, how else could I predict abnormal environmental changes or abnormal weather, if I hadnít connected telepathically with it?I know the supernatural can and do control it at times, but they have also given it its own awareness and to be able to control itself.

††††††† I once knew beforehand that there would be big change seen in our solar system soon, on one of the other planets, the very next week it was news reported, I canít recall what it was precisely though, that much has occurred some things escape my memory.I saw it news reported within a few days of me knowing that future; It may have been a bigger than usual storm front brewing on Venus, mid 90s.

††††††† Humanity can build computers with intellect, senses and awareness, so it isnít hard for me to believe a species of life we know not much about would be able to build intelligence, memory, control and awareness into a Universe.To consider the most advanced and most knowledgeable species in this Universe brings into our awareness every kind of advancement we canít imagine.I know Iíll lose some people to not believing in environmental awareness, whilst they program their silicone chips, read the time from their quartz crystals or program their vehicles to send them in the right directions.


††††††† A very strange one was as follows; When working at the Daily Mirrors Oldham printing depot, undertaking a contract for a construction firm.When on dinner and sat in their canteen I picked up a newspaper, began reading then found an article about the James Randi one million dollar psychic challenge.The story was by Tom Dunne, he was asking for psychics to get in touch via the phone, to speak about their psychic experiences, if they are interested in being tested within a prelim test, and if successful with that then to enter the one million dollar challenge.I took his details then rang him up a few days later.We spoke over the phone a few times, the last being close to 40 minutes.After explaining some of the psychic predicting and solving I had performed with police I then began chatting about my telepathic abilities and adding itís what Iíd be most interested in being tested for.He asked how I can perform telepathy, I said in many ways, next he asked if I could do it over the phone, I said may be but I had never tried before, so next he asked me to try.I agreed and he then asked me to tell him what kind of car he owns, after a brief pause in the conversation and getting nothing in my thoughts I told him I had no answer, but when I stop talking he should repeat the name of the car over in his thoughts many times, this time I did get something.I told him the car model and version and he said yes, correct.

††††† ††Since I had told him I had predicted much to police officers, including many futures and which then came true, he asked if I could predict any futures for him, I said yes and he asked what, this is what I told him; Thereís going to be a bomb at your place of work, but donít worry, everybody you know will be OK.I then became defensive and explained that I didnít know where I got that information from and thatís its probably wrong, but when it occurs he may have to speak to police about me, if they suspect I to be something other than what I claim to be, he said they would then asked me a few more questions on this matter but I couldnít get any more information.He finished the conversation by saying he would have to go over a few things before deciding on who takes the prelim tests, so would have to speak to me again in a few days.I phoned him back up a few days later and he invited me down to his place of work, at Canary Wharfe, in London, I asked what Canary Wharfe was and he seemed surprised I didnít know, but then I backed out and declined the offer, adding I couldnít afford to take a day off work.I was hoping for an offer of payment for loss of earnings but he didnít offer it and I didnít want to ask for it, I apologised for wasting his time but he was OK about things, we said our goodbyes and that was the last I spoke to him.

††††††† A few weeks later I was working on a contract for the same construction firm, this time helping to make an outdoor tank pit, at Vernacare, in Bolton.They specialised in making paper products for health services and using unsold newspapers to make them products.One morning or afternoon I watched a large articulated lorry with an open back trailer pull up, and then people began unloading the unsold newspapers; there must have been millions of sheets of newspaper on the trailer.Thoughts then told me this, ďMagnus, I bet Tom Dunneís follow up story is on that trailer, the prelim test result story.Ē

ďYes I bet it is, thereís no way Iím gonna go searching for it though.Ē

ďNo that would be a bit futile.ĒMy thoughts went silent so I got back to work, later that afternoon when walking back to the site area from my car, I saw a piece of newspaper fluttering around in the wind on the tarmac, I thought, ďWouldnít it be strange if Tom Dunneís follow up story is on that piece of paper.ĒI inwardly laughed and agreed, picked it up and to my astonishment there it was.I looked all around myself to make sure no person was around, someone who could have placed it there for me to find but I could see not one person.

††††††† Part of the article said something similar to this; ď James Randi has made the test confines too hard for any person to pass.ĒThen the closing sentence said that some people claim they can predict the future, which I knew was an indirect reference to my bomb prediction.

††††††† When I asked the supernatural how I came to find that page of the newspaper, I was told, ďAs weíve said many times before, youíre part of the environment, part of earth, you drew it towards yourself via earth pushing it your way.Ē

ďSo how come I was working in the Daily Mirrors depot when I found the first story of such.Ē

ďSame as this follow up story, you were both drawn to each other.ĒIt wasnít my usual contract to work at the Daily Mirror, I only did one day there to help a ganger catch up on a contract, but after my time speaking with Tom my employers got more contracts from them.


††††††† Foreseeing the future was a common one for me, whilst being taught about the psychic by the supernatural origin friends of myself, or when performing psychic detecting.And it was pretty easy for me to realise I was able to predict news reported actions of people I donít know by telepathically connecting with some kind of technology that knew of those future plans of people.It had to have been a technology; it always predicted the future to me via video like images in my mind of those events, sometimes the images being a kind of puzzle to work out, and in some of those moments the images only I would be able to decipher, due to being of circumstances known by me, which when I spoke of them images or deliberated in thoughts about was able to work out what it meant precisely.

††††††† It seems whatever it is it understands language but cannot communicate with it, so it makes the receiver of image information use individual personal insight to decipher pictures into what it wants to say.

††††††† Easy for me to predict the future actions of people when all thoughts are recorded by the supernatural, but them making me do it with transportation accidents was hard for me to work out how such is possible.The supernatural have told me many times they know of future transportation accidents via virtual reality simulations, but that isnít a good enough explanation for me, I find that too hard to believe but itís the only explanation I have.

††††††† Itís occurred a few times with me, knowing of a major accident beforehand.


††††††† And then police, people in the Pentagon and US and UK government persons have been witness to my vast psychic detecting, I have witnesses who can say I knew details of such and such a crime weeks before those details were first news reported, but again this is a part of my life I have to keep detailed explanations of for the other book.

††††††† It may seem to some people that psychic detecting shouldnít be covered in the Strange Earth chapter, but all of the psychic, spiritual and supernatural is interlinked, and that includes my Alien associates because they are also very spiritual and psychic.

††††††† I have to vaguely mention parts of my psychic detecting outside of the other book.My psychic detecting the information I learnt originated from an environmental technology that records everything we do and plan, there are other life forms recording such of us too, but Iíve always believed I receive my psychic detecting information from earth herself.


††††††† I also weeks before it occurred predicted the Darwen flood to a local police officer, the first major flood Darwen had endured for decades.That was a warning from earth to police authorities, back away or else it gets worse.


††††††† In the summer of 2010, there was a water shortage in the UK due to the dry months; a hosepipe ban had been implemented, so I asked the supernatural to give us some rain because it would be hard for me to water my garden with buckets.The day after the hosepipe ban came into effect there was rain near enough all day every day for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

††††††† I have tried to do this for countries needing water more so than my country but I was never successful, may be these strange moments with earth can only ever occur in the area I am within.


††††††† One night I was being burgled by 3 teenagers masked up.They were knocking on my front door but I wasnít answering due to it being late at night, they thought I wasnít home so began kicking in my door, I do that a lot, wonít answer my door to people I donít know because I donít want people I donít know to know my routines.When they had got the door open I immediately rushed to the door and fully opened it, upon doing so they ran while I tried to photo them, so they returned fire by throwing half bricks and paving stones at my head, but everyone missed easily, while I laughed, taunted them with ridicule and continued taking photos.I then decided to throw one half brick back, or may be a third of a brick, saw it on the floor after it missed my head, then a picture entered my mind of me throwing it at full strength, to the left and in front of one of the lads, and to make it bounce twice on the road before whacking him on his ankle, who was by this time more than 30 metres distance away, running further away from myself and moving across from the right to the left.So I picked up the half or third of a brick, threw it full force in front of him, to his side and at the road, it bounced two times, once a bit to the right, then a bit to the left, then whacked him on his ankle so he then limped away.He was a moving, running target, and increasing the distance between us and moving across, I was expecting to hit a 2 square inch part of his running leg, making the half brick irregularly bounce twice before whacking him where I wanted too.That was an impossible shot made possible with my telepathic connections with earth.The brick did precisely what images in my mind portrayed seconds before I threw it, bounced a little to the right, then a little to the left before whacking him.He watched it flying towards him, when only a few metres away he actually stopped running, and that is when it whacked him on his ankle.I couldnít stop laughing and his mate continuing to try to hit my head with paving stones.I was stood on my door step and he was a metre away, taking time to pick them up off the ground and readying himself to throw them at me, a few times he was lined up perfectly for a flying knee to his jaw but I didnít want to shatter his face bones, so just dodged every paving stone.Wrecking his friendís ankle was enough for me.







Our Lord




††††††† I regard the human aliens who visit earth as who cultures and civilisations of times past regarded as the Gods and our Angels flying in the sky.Looking at archaeological finds and religious and spiritual claims of times past, the Gods and Angels originated from the sky and what we now know of the size of the universe itís impossible to imagine earth is the only planet with intelligent life upon.

††††††† Indiaís Sanskrit text talks of humanoid figures in the sky, Chinas ancient texts also speaks of similar, the Roman Empire regarded the Gods as originating from the sky, Native North Americans too, African tribes and many other writings also say similar, that God like beings originate from other planets.The bible says Jesus had many supernatural events originating from the sky and there are many other parts of that book that describe alien like encounters, although not being described as such.Even prophecies of the future say God like beings originate from somewhere in space, somewhere past the sky and who will always be visiting us, and there will be a time when they return and show their selves in more and different ways.

††††††† All my experiences with the aliens who visit me and watch everything I get up too or into, and whom influence most of what I do within certain circumstances they wish to control me within, via telepathic controls of I, have made me realise they must be the people regarded as the Gods, God, Angels and similar.My experiences, interactions and amount of contact I have with them are always of a magnitude rarely seen, and many of those circumstances are of global news importance.

††††††† My telepathic abilities amount to a lot of the supernatural I experience, in me connecting with people, animals or the environment in telepathic ways.Then these alien people close to me are a permanent presence in my thoughts, adding to some of my telepathic experiences a twist I had never seen or known of beforehand.

††††††† They have predicted the future to me many times, also beginning those abilities for me by giving me dream premonitions, then later turning it into a conscious ability in I.Some of what they predicted were the actions of people, major abnormal environmental changes either on earth or on other planets, moments of the supernatural and have also predicted major transportation accidents.

††††††† I knew Concorde was going to crash and even tried to prevent it, by telling police what would be, when I had already established myself as being psychic detecting able with their line of work.I also told them they all had to be permanently grounded and thatís the only way to prevent it, and that there is more than enough documented evidence of minor mishaps and minor accidents to justify permanent grounding.I also told em it was going to be something that falls off the nose cone area which causes the crash, it was a small strip of titanium that fell off the tail of another plane which caused the crash, it shredded a tyre at high speed which in turn ruptured a fuel tank.

†††††† And then the Formula 1 Grand Prix, 1994 in Imola, Italy.At the beginning of the race there was a major accident, before starting one car stalled, no one went to his aid when he used race policy to postpone the start, so when it began a car behind him went straight into his car, almost ripping his car in 2.I was at my friends home, 4 or 5 of us, I told them all that there is a more serious accident to soon occur, and 7 laps after the new start Ayrton Senna died in another accident.

††††††† It baffles me totally when trying to work out how they know of future accidents, it seems too hard for me to comprehend how itís possible.

††††††† And there was another death at this race meeting, the day before in qualifying, Roland Ratzenberger.



††††††† My supernatural friends they know more about us than we know, and they know a lot more of the future than they let us know of beforehand.Usually it is regional catastrophe, terrorism, war, serious violent crimes or major accidents of the future that they let me know of beforehand, I asked why always on these lines and was told, what do you want us to predict instead?The weather or somet?We show what we can do and what humanity can do.




††††††† Iíve done a lot of psychic detective work for the police, but in my definition I wasnít helping the police, I was helping the public where the police failed.How I was able to do that is because the human aliens Iím in close telepathic and physical connections with, have told me on numerous occasions that every thought, action and emotion of all humans are recorded and stored for reference, so I was able to access such dataís so to help the public through the police.


††††††† One of the psychic detecting circumstances of the future I predicted to UK police was as follows.


†† †††††It was one night in the late 90ís, I had drunk too much alcohol, which is a very rare occurrence for me, probably only once or twice a year at the time and now probably once every few years, or less.  It was roughly 9 pm and I was led down on the bench next to the cafe on Bolton bus station, while waiting for a bus home to arrive.  There was a slight problem though, I was feeling a little ill then fell asleep.  I woke up to see 2 friendly faces talking who were 2 police officers from the nearby Bolton Police station.I suspect someone had informed them of a drunken layabout on the bus station because the 2 officers werenít wearing jackets; they looked like theyíd just dashed out from the very close by station.  They were checking up on my emotional state as they do, by asking me questions of what Iíd been doing, where was I going and why I was asleep on the bench, I explained myself and they seemed happy with my manner, then I noticed neither of them knew about my telepathic and supernatural abilities.  Police stations work closely with neighbouring ones, so previous to this moment I believed the times when I had time and time again proven my telepathic and psychic premonitory abilities to many of Buryís police officers, word would have travelled through to the neighbouring Bolton police.However, with the way the 2 officers were now speaking it became apparent they didnít know of my psychic and telepathic abilities.  We were chatting decently and respectfully to each other when I decided to mention some of my psychic abilities, one being that Iíd previously helped police by using only my psychic abilities in predicting the future or giving valuable information with serious unsolved cases seen in news reports.I was drunk and I donít usually talk openly like that, I mentioned these things then one officer replied with, ďIf youíre psychic what will win the Grand National then?Ē  The Grand National is the most famous horse race in the U. K. and was to be run only the very next week, which I didnít know of at the time and which is why the officer spurted out that question in a humorous reactionary way.  It wasnít his intention to be given the horse name; he was just having a laugh at myself.  I immediately replied with, ďOur Lord will win the Grand National, thus proving how close I am to God,Ē I added I saw in my mind the words Our Lord appear.

ďYouíre only saying that because itís the favourite horse to win.Ē

ďI donít even know the horseís names, never mind when itís to be run.If this horse leads the race from start to finish would you then believe Iím psychic?Ē (Itís a 3.5 mile race over very large fences!)

ďMay beĒ, was his reply.

 †††††† Next I started seeing in thoughts not so nice circumstances for the race meeting, seeing police evacuating the crowds and a suspect bag was being looked upon by some of them.  I also saw them receiving a threatening phone call so the conversation then went like this: ďThe police are going to receive a hoax bomb scare phone call during this race-meeting, but the police concerned shouldnít evacuate because there will be no bomb, itís just going to be a hoax call. Ē  I then asked one officer that if these things were to occur exactly and precisely how I predicted would he then believe I to be psychic, and then he replied with another may be.

††††††† I even proved my telepathic abilities to them, telling one I would give him my first name that way, when asking him to verbally speak the name repeating through his mind he said he didnít want to do that because itís a stupid name, I said, ďit isnít a stupid name, you donít know what youíre talking about.ĒBecause he said it was a stupid name and wouldnít verbally speak it I decided not to prove it obviously, so said, ďThat name that was running through your mind began with an M didnít it?ĒHe said nothing and looked puzzled.

††††††† Despite me predicting a future hoax bomb scare they didnít look at my driving licence when I offered them to take a look, so to prove my name, may be they had decided to follow me home instead.  Anyways I then started talking about Bury police by asking the 2 officers to share this new psychic information with them, which they then agreed to do.  After a bit more idle chat they asked me to leave the bus station and walk home or they would arrest me so I then walked home, with a stop off in a derelict building to get some sleep first, and the first vehicle I saw when leaving that building was a police van.

††††††† 2 days later I travelled back into Bolton, whilst sat on the bus noticed a newspaper on the seat by my side, which was a rare thing to happen in the 90ís, as the free newspapers werenít given out on the buses back then.  An undercover police officer then instructed me in my mind to pick it up and check up on the Grand National horse race, so picking it up then looking for the horse race pages.  When finding the correct pages was immediately amazed to find Lord Gyllene was the favourite horse to win.  It must have been the same horse I predicted would win, as no other name was similar to the words Our Lord.  After Iíd read the write-ups of the horses I sat on the bus waiting for my stop whilst thinking about my meeting with the 2 officers throughout the remainder of the journey.  I did have a brief telepathic conversation with someone from Bolton police, but it was so brief it sort of flew past without me realising it was a telepathic conversation, I just believed I was thinking to myself.

 †††††† Anyway, the race was only 5 or 6 days away so I had plenty of time to go before placing money on Lord Gyllene.

††††††† On the morning of the race I didnít have time to place money on, then later in the same day learnt the race had been cancelled due to police having to evacuate the race meeting, it was due to a phone call hoax bomb scare they received.A few minutes after learning of this I noticed a police van pulling out of a nearby street, the driver making sure I could see her writing my vehicle registration down.

††††††† Later in the day my friend Carl told me the race organisers were going to run the race on the following Monday, so we agreed to go and watch the race in person.  On the day there was me, Carl, Mick and Chaddy.  We left the car on a car park then got on a bus to the meeting, there were uniformed police officers everywhere but none noticed my telepathic presence or recognised myself, so I was able to mingle into the crowds un-noticed as we waited to be let into the meeting.  When we got to the front of the queue I noticed one officer staring straight at me, and then when I looked back at him he started to smile back, so I gave him one back.  As I walked past he telepathically told me many police officers had their money on Lord Gyllene to win.  I asked in thoughts how many, when he replied with, ďAll of them I thinkĒ.  We started to slightly smile and humour ourselves, then I broke contact as I was now being led into the meeting by security.

 †††††† A few days earlier I told all my friends to put their money on Lord Gyllene, but now on the new race day they still had their old bets and wouldnít change them, because the race had been postponed all bets could be refunded.  I couldnít tell them of my psychic and telepathic abilities because I didnít want to try to convince them of those things, so had to try to get them to put some money on the horse without telling them why I believed it would win.  They didnít listen though and I didnít really listen to myself in full, I only placed a £5 bet on, I took 12/1 odds though so won £60.

 †††††† Iíve never gambled much at all, but I am very much up with what I did.  Even when I went into my uncles gambling shop I won 4 out of the 5 bets I placed.  A horse called Paddy OíBrien was the one that I didnít win with, it came third or fourth due to its weight handicap.Even one afternoon when my home in Bury was full of friends who were all watching horse racing with me, and they all had bets on, not one of them got one winner, but every horse I said would win did win.The last race of the day I told them to quickly get to the betting shop and put their money on what I said would win, only one guy listened to me.A guy at Bury FC got a good winner off me once, Nice One Mr Fox, a dog that won easily.I donít bother with betting anymore though.

 †††††† And Lord Gyllene won by leading from start to finish, I was at the paying out desk handing in my ticket when it had about a 50 metres left to race, the cashier telling me, ď Can you just wait till itís won please?Ē  I didnít want to be at the back of the paying out queue so offered my ticket before the race ended, and I'm glad I did because there were dozens of people queuing up for their winnings.

††††††† During one moment in the race I turned around from watching the horses and saw a group of police officers roughing up some lad, I donít know what he had done but I was a bit paranoid about them may be wanting to grab me, due to may be suspecting I made the hoax bomb scare, they didnít seem interested in me though despite one watching me, so I turned back around to watch the race.









Influences  Within  Pro  Football





 †††††† Back in 92 was offered a temporary place of self-employment, where many of my friends were also working, as construction labourers for a sub-contractor of a company who were rebuilding Manchester Unitedís Stretford End into an all-seater stadium.

††††††† I took the position then after a few weeks a boss asked the many labourers if weíd like some over-time the following Saturday, working as ball retrievers within the Stretford End construction site , during Unitedís first home game of the season, the inaugural season of the English Premier League.I, Darren and Dennis each agreed, so were then told to be at work the following morning.

 †††††† The next day just before the football teams came out to warm up (Everton) our boss asked where weíd like to stand.Darren and Dennis were asked first due to being United supporters, luckily for me they both choose to stand close to a corner flag, so I was left with the construction site area situated directly behind goal.  This was perfect for me because I was working out plans to use telepathic abilities to make Peter Schmeichel, Unitedís then world number one goalkeeper have a bad game, so to help Everton win.

††††††† Before the game began I started deliberating in thoughts as to how to affect Unitedís goalkeeper, I decided to shout at him whilst they were warming up, then when he turns around to look at me Iíd give him a confused look and with similar looking body language, then looking over my shoulder to make it look like I was looking that way to see if that was where the voice came from.  This I knew would influence him to think about me a bit, thus placing concentration towards me, so Iíd then be able to connect with him in telepathic ways more easily, and then Iíd be more able at messing his game play up a bit.Thatís all I need to connect with people in telepathic ways, concentration towards myself makes it work perfectly, or my concentration towards a person.

  ††††† Whilst revising this plan in thoughts the ball Peter and his team-mate were practising with was kicked over the goal, into my area of the construction site, so quickly I ran to retrieve it.  Whilst picking it up I recalled our boss telling us labourers that we werenít allowed to throw the ball back onto the pitch, we had to take it and hand it to the nearest player.  I looked at my 2 bosses, who were by now enjoying their cans of lager while sat on top of a newly built concrete support pillar.  I realised Iíd be able to get away with throwing the ball back onto the field once, because the game hadnít yet started.  I then took a run up and threw the ball as hard as possible; in the same way goalkeepers throw the ball one handed.  I threw the ball too hard though, trying to loop it over the goal from distance the ball left my hand earlier than I wanted it too, it actually rolled down part of my arm whilst in mid throw, which caused a slingshot effect, so it flew higher than I expected, wanted and tried for it to do, it went near enough straight up, instead of a loop over the goal.  It fell into Peterís hands without him needing to adjust his hands, arms or standing position.  When he caught it he looked back at me in a slightly confused manner, then turned around and continued practising.

 †††††† The ball was nearly as high as the stadium roof but I didnít mean to do that.It was more like a kick than a throw, but then thatís just me, strange things always occur.I had passed footballs with goalkeeping throws many times before, but never did the ball roll down my arm just before leaving it, so when it did such with Peter it must have been my supernatural friends telepathically controlling me to throw it that way.

 †††††† He immediately knew it was an excellent pass, and totally amazing in how high it went, but it went too high, nearly as high as the stadium is not an exaggeration.  He then averted his attention back to the warm up practising.  I looked back across to my bosses who were by now staring at me and were looking a little vexed and feeling the same towards me, due to myself throwing the ball onto the field instead of taking and handing it to Peter.  Quickly I turned around away from their direction and tried to disconnect from their angry emotions and looks.

††††††† I encountered a similar problem when being trained by Bury F.C some years later, training as a football coach.When on chipping exercises I always chipped too high, despite getting the ball to where it was supposed to go.All I was doing is what my boss told me to do, but I was chipping to the extreme and I couldnít do it any less, so made other people do them demonstrations for me, whilst I coached the rest.It also occurred with a 40-yard curler but Iíll go into that later.

 ††††† Back at United in 92, as I waited for the match to begin my supernatural friends then had a very brief telepathic conversation with myself.  They said that my plan of action to get Peter to concentrate on myself, thus giving me more access to his thoughts was perfect, then as a bonus the ball I just threw was also very good in making Peter concentrate on me via thinking of me.  I agreed in thoughts then put my plan of action into effect, and shouted at the top of my voice Schmeichel.  He looked around at me, then I looked behind myself, then turning back round to face Peter and giving him a puzzled look from my face, whilst shaking my head and also shrugging my shoulders with holding my hands out to my sides palm side up.  To display body language suggesting I didnít know who had shouted his name.  This baffled him slightly so he then turned around and tried to concentrate only on the warming up exercises.It was too late though, Iíd made enough contact for him to start thinking about myself, thus concentrating on my presence and knowing of it, and giving me access to his thoughts more easily.

 †††††† I quickly looked around to check my bosses again and who were now looking straight at me, so they must have seen and or heard my new antics with Peter.  They were from Liverpool though, the same place as the opposing team, Everton, so Iím sure they will now laugh if they get to read this.  I ignored their emotions and tried not to look in their direction again, then soon after noticed I was very able to connect Peterís thoughts with my own, and he was every now and then generating images in his mind of me, thus placing his concentration towards myself, so I began doing the same in his thoughts too.  I was keeping a low profile presence in his thoughts though, but just enough contact to mess things up for him.

 †††††† When the game began I waited for the perfect opportunity to telepathically influence him.  Some time into the game United were looking very strong and held possession of the ball for a long time within Evertonís own half of the field.  It looked inevitable they were going to score, then I noticed Peter was standing off his goalkeeperís line by a good few yards.  I decided to try with telepathy to make him walk out of his penalty area and far away from his goal, and to my surprise he was following my every thought with his actions.  I first said in my thoughts, Keep walking, just keep walking forward, followed by, United are going to score and you can then celebrate with them in Evertonís half of the field.  To my surprise he just kept on walking, first out of his 6-yard area and then to outside of the penalty area.  I kept repeating thoughts for him to continue walking away from the penalty area and to my surprise he never stopped walking.  By now he was closer to the centre circle than his penalty area, then Everton regained possession of the ball.  One of their players kicked it to Peter, he then trying to control it to his feet with his body, but before it reached his feet Peter Beardsley took it from him.They both began sprinting towards Peters goal, the rest of the United team just froze as they watched the 2 Peters sprinting to goal.  Peter the goalie managed to get past him, in-between him and the goal but wasnít able to save the shot.

 †††††† Some other time into the game United had a throw in close to Peterís goals, and Peter himself was the closest United player to the ball and throw in.  So I telepathically instructed him to go and take the throw himself and which he then ran to do.  Goalkeepers never take throws-ins but Peter; the then greatest goalkeeper was trying to take one.  Until 2 of his team mates ran up and tried to take the ball from him, but he continued trying to take it because I was instructing him telepathically that way.I was continually placing thoughts into his own for him to continue to take the throw, which his team mates then had to counter by forcefully taking the ball from him, after receiving a verified signal of the same from Unitedís manager.  Whilst Peter ran back to his goal I felt his overwhelming emotions of being embarrassed so then tried to disconnect and leave him be for a few minutes.I also tried to make him do something else embarrassing, making a certain part of his body itch, so to try and make him scratch it, and every time I tried he moved his hands as far away from that part of his body as possible, he was reaching up to touch the cross bar.

††††††† Everton eventually winning 3-0.


††††††† I can say that my antics with Peter were also an experiment to see how much influence I could have on his performance.As a kid I grew up in Accrington, the place where professional football first began, so I was bound to want to give it another new influence.Knowing what players on the field are thinking of is something coaches and managers sometimes mention when training and coaching their players, I just seem to have taken it to a new level.

 †††††† Another time in the game Everton were attacking Peterís area, when the attacker was closing in on Peter I made him dive early then the attacking player kicked the ball into the other half of the goal, then looking at Peter in a way to suggest he was thinking, that was rubbish, and that is precisely what he was thinking, well something similar to that.  Both goals will just look like goal-keeping errors on video, but I will be seen as being the only person stood in the Stretford End area directly behind the goals.Iíve checked the Internet for videos of this but could only find the goals that were scored, I couldnít see myself.

 †††††† May be Peter had at half time told his team mates that I put him off his game slightly with my physical antics, because every time United were attacking the goal I was standing behind many of them were looking me in the face.  I was the only person in that part of the stadium and they werenít able to score in this goal, and their every attempt was a very feeble attempt.  Some of them were also looking at me strangely during and after their attacks, so I must have attracted their attention in some other way too.I was trying to put thoughts in their minds when attacking the goal I was behind but whether or not I was successful only they would know of that.  There were a couple of moments when it looked like they were going to create a good chance, by getting close too or within the penalty area, so when those few moments arose I jumped up off the ground and around, a daft looking move to try and distract the attackers.  They never scored when them chances arose.I did try to put many thoughts into the United team when they were attacking this goal too, I dare not say what them thoughts where though, they were derogatory comments about their performance, repeating over and over again.I received many strange looks from many United players but they tried their hardest not to make it obvious they were noticing I.

 †††††† I never got offered another chance to be ball retriever in future games and I werenít too bothered, it was only United, I had a season stadium pass so just walked through the turnstile for the next home game, I never tried to influence this game.

 †††††† I got fired a few weeks later for not doing overtime at the last minutes notice, one night when I had other plans.Then they took me back the next week, so I walked out the week after that, they overpaid me by a week so I thought it be a good time to get out.


 †††††† I tried to affect one other game of United, again in the 90s but I canít recall who they were playing.  I recall Casper coming on as a substitute for United, on loan from Burnley, but they won that game.  United were making chance after chance and then easier chances, but they couldnít score because I had used the supernatural to stop them from winning this game.  Even the commentator commented about it being absurd and ridiculous how they havenít scored yet, then next commenting about how Ryan Giggs looked shocked that his easy chance didnít go in, after every other easy chance had missed.  Eventually they did score though and ended up winning by 2 goals, so they beat my attempts that day but I gave them a good fight theyíll never forget.


 †††††† When the game with Peter Schmeichel had finished people around me were commenting that it had gone to Peterís head that he had just won almost with his own skills the European Championship with Denmark.I agreed with my friends and colleagues but within my thoughts and emotions I knew that in fact I had got into Peters head with telepathy.


††††††† Another good one I got over them was working for a different firm, at Man Unitedís health club, hotel, bar, restaurant getaway close to Manchester, constructing speed humps on the approach road was funny when seeing one of them drive on in his yellow Ferrari and having to slow down to about 3 mph.


 †††††† Iíve influenced the run of play with telepathy within many other pro games and it never always went my way, for most of the time it did though.


††††††† People can sometimes see images in their mind of what I see with my eyes, so watching a live game where the players know of my telepathic presence they see the game in their mind but from my point of vision, it gives them more to see and from a different angle, kind of like themselves live remote viewing the field of play around them with video like images in the mind, it shows them were players are on the field without them having to look around themselves.

††††††† There was one final game I decided to try to help one team, during the times when all of football knew of me so both teams knew of my telepathic presence, and my plan to try and help one team win.The first half was embarrassing, the opponents I were trying to use telepathic based live remote viewing against seemed to be benefiting from it most, they were able to get comfortable and relaxed with the game and how it was going, but them I wanted to win couldnít.They were 1-0 up within a minute of the game starting; by half time it was 3-0.I very nearly left the game at half time, I had actually decided not to go back for the second half, but not wanting to be defeated influenced me to go back, also not wanting to feel like a deserter of the team.

††††††† By the time the first half had finished I had noticed the opposition strikers when they were onto the defence they were already at full speed so were almost impossible to defend against.As soon as half time began telepathically I told the players and their manager that and to counter they had to put their defence close to the centre line, maybe it was the managers thoughts about moving the defence up, itís sometimes hard for me to work out which are my thoughts and which arenít.In the second half that they did, their defence close to the centre circle, and they equalled the oppositionís goals, went into extra time then won on penalties.

††††††† I helped them with the penalties too, when watching each person ready to take one, the team I favoured their first penalty taker telepathically telling me seeing himself in his mind from my vision was making him nervous, so as each of their team readied to take a penalty I closed my eyes, so they saw nothing in their mind, but when the opposition were getting ready to take each penalty I was staring them out, they seeing themselves in their mind from my vision so each were getting nervous.I was also questioning them about which part of the goal they were to target, so the goalkeeper of the team I favoured knew where each shot would go.He was also messing about with them too, acting a bit funny and instead of passing them the ball handing it to them by walking right up too very slowly, and then only handing it to them after walking back towards his goal, he dived the correct way for nearly every shot too.So anyways they won and immediately after the game the winning goalkeeper said on interview, I think the soccer Gods were helping us.A few people in television also mentioned God having a part in this game, one of the winning players and a journalist; I expect there would have been others too.


††††††† Itís easy for me to influence any live sport.The Italy/France World Cup final, I wasnít watching live so the teams didnít know of my presence, whereas during those times in other moments of my presence during live games, due to them knowing of my claims by then, they would always know of my telepathic presence.But on this occasion I wasnít watching a live television broadcast, I was listening in on an FM radio broadcast and intentionally keeping my remote viewing ability away from the final, so they wouldnít know of my presence and therefore may not see what I was going to try to do, which in turn would give me more ability to get my telepathic control into the person I wanted to get them within.May be the teams did know of my presence throughout, Iím unsure because I couldnít see players reactions to my presence due to only listening in on radio.My plan was to provoke Frances star player, to get him anxious and angry, and to try and get him to hit out in reaction to opposition barracking that was also on going.I think the players could have known what I was planning, because it seemed like the opposition tried the same when I began with it.During one moment of altercations with him and an opposition player, after the foul or tackle had occurred the commentator explained how one player was verbally trying to wind Zinedine up, so I joined in and intentionally placed emotions in him of wanting to hit out with a head-butt, within about 2 or 3 seconds of putting that emotion in him he head-butted the opposition player, he got sent off, France down to 10 men and they lost.

††††††† It was the first moment in the game I tried to do that, sorry but France did deserve it, check the net for scandals of the world cup and you wonít get the full story of how France knobbled Brazil in a previous final, Zinedine was part of that so it seemed right he get sent off against Italy.I know it seems extreme, but what is said about what they did to Brazil was far more extreme.

††††††† And then when Michael Schumachaer was in his last F1 race before his comeback, all he had to do was finish in the top 10 and he would win the championship, but what kept repeating through my mind was how a few seasons earlier he rammed Damon Hills car so to steal the championship off him, so I decided it was now my turn to play a dirty trick.Thinking about Uri Gellerís metal bending, I next tried to twist out of shape slightly Michaels car engine, within 30 seconds of trying that he got a punctured tyre, one next to the engine.He pitted, changed that, then was making his way back to the top 10, his engine then blew a gasket or something and began spewing out oil onto the track in one stream that was shooting up into the air.It looked like a clown car; Iíve never seen anything like it before from similar such race cars.

††††††† A bit dangerous oil on the track, I know, but it was only a little.


††††††† Back in the 90s when watching a Sunday league game at Goshen playing fields, Bury, I tried to make an attacking player do as I telepathically instructed him to do, which he then did and they scored a good goal.Theyíve done it with me too, influenced my game play with telepathic instruction, when it first occurred I thought I had worked out a good way to beat a good attack on goal, then later realised it was an ex pro defender who had used telepathy in me to instruct me to do that.


 †††††† Even my supernatural origin friends got involved with me in affecting a good many of Unitedís other games in later seasons. 


 †† ††††How the supernatural and I beat them in the 01/02 season was by me finding a discarded Manchester United mirror in a skip, as soon as I found it I thought to myself, I could use this to jinx a United season.  How I did that was by placing it upside down in my bedroom, so the words United were back to front and upside down, and my energies being directed to it everyday would turn around their form into a mess.How this was successful I do not know, may be mind over matter on my part, may be my supernatural friends getting involved, may be the mirror really did have something to do with it but Iím not really sure.May be it was something to do with my soul being a part of the environment.

††††††† May be the mirror was just a mind over matter thing, may be on my part or on-lookers parts, who were Greater Manchester Police.They knew of this curse and were watching it unfold weeks after knowing precisely what would occur, I told them what Iíd began and what would be.I canít really pick and choose what occurs except for with the telepathic.I donít know if it was my mirror ploy, or the supernatural affecting this season of Uniteds, or just me and my soul, either way it was something to do with me.

††††††† One afternoon I was in Farnworth Police station, October of 2001, giving information about my stolen car and also giving them psychic information about terrorism, it was then that I told them about me messing with United in this season, I told them what Iíd done with the mirror and that Iíd asked the supernatural around me to get involved.I told the Police they would have a lot of mess ups, I also told them Barthez was going to make lots of mistakes, Uniteds goalkeeper, and that he would be offered a deal by Tesco for advertising butter, people who drop the ball lots are sometimes given the title of butter fingers.I said many things would mess up their games and at the beginning of that season many things did mess up their games, which was a rare thing back then for United.

††††††† After a few weeks or may be a little longer, a Greater Manchester Police officer was giving me loads of grief telepathically, because of how I was messing up Uniteds season.I telepathically told the police officer I and the supernatural would make sure United win nothing that season, then next telling him Uniteds bad run of form will now end but they will still win nothing.Later that day I smashed the mirror and put it in the bin, the very next game United won 10-1, against I think may be Aston Villa, they returned to their usual high standard of play for the rest of the season.They were chasing titles for the remainder of the season but won nothing, a rare thing for United back then.

††††††† Football is riddled with cheating, and there is nothing in the laws of the game that says telepathy and the supernatural are not allowed to be used to affect the run of play, although I wonít try anymore of this, from outside of football that is.I wonít do anything against United either.I wonít favour teams when Iím watching games, Iíll give equal opportunities with the live remote viewing aspect of telepathy, and I wonít turn to the supernatural to try and change any game play.



††††††† For football fans who donít believe in some of my supernatural influences, according to a book Iíve read called, The Illustrated History Of Football, by Chris Nawrat and Steve Hutchins, of Hamlyn, the highest scoring FA cup final was won by Bury, my place of birth and the same pro football club I worked at for a short amount of time in the 90ís, as a trainee football coach.  Their record was beating a team claimed by the same book to have been cursed, who was Derby, it even says rumours of the curse arose only after theyíd built their stadium on the site of a Romany camp.

 †††††† And now in 2008 when I first began writing about that Derby curse, they were at the bottom of the premier league so going down a division.  They accumulated the lowest points tally ever seen that far into a season, and at the end of the season it was a record lowest points tally.May be they need someone able with the supernatural, to turn around what has been done to them.

 ††††† And Bury FC was another place I showed in-person displays of telepathy too, and how the same and the supernatural can affect the game.  I also tried other stuff too and with me there they went on to win a record, not losing a home game for I think 37 matches, it took Manchester United to beat that record.When Bury were making that record they never won many games but drew the rest, and won the record by one game, so something strange was going on which prevented the opposition from winning.  They also went to Wembley for their first ever time, for the play-off finals.  They never won but then I only predicted to them they would go to Wembley, I never actually told them they would win.  The first home game of the season I told Buryís management to tell the players to use lots of headers on their attacks and they would win, and they scored 2 goals from 3 headers and won.One goal they scored was proper impressive, a throw-in by Bury, it was headed backwards by one player, then another player did the same and it looped in over the goalie into his back, top corner.The other header they scored was more impressive but it was an accidental goal, he wasnít trying to score.I telepathically instructed a player to cross the ball, he did against his wishes, then the receiver having to sprint and jump high to reach it on a header close to the centre circle, he was trying to control the ball to his feet, he glanced it, it flew towards the goalie, he stood motionless in line with it, waiting for it to reach him, it bounced on the turf a few metres in front of him, but the spin on the ball caused it turn on the bounce into the bottom corner, the then diving goalie missing it.


††††††† I bet they deny any knowledge of my telepathy now though, pretty hard for people to admit to all that when they know sceptical criticism is so mainstream.It was actually an accident I told them about my telepathic abilities; otherwise theyíd probably have never noticed it.Writing some coaching session details for goal-keepers, at home one evening, when on the part for penalties my supernatural contacts were telling me via telepathy to write how goalkeepers if they had telepathic abilities would be able to know which part of the goal the penalty taker would target, but I didnít want to write this in my papers due to criticism and not wanting to share details of these my abilities.So my supernatural contacts controlled me to write it in pencil and Iíd be able to rub it out before my boss read it, so that I did but forgot to rub it out, so the next day had to explain myself when my boss read it out aloud.Thatís when I realised they had interests in telepathic abilities, that I was generally wanting to keep it hidden but my supernatural contacts had been controlling me to make sure I speak about it with certain people.


††††††† Another help I gave Bury FC was to say how to get a good player off Manchester United for free.These two teams worked closely with each other, so I worked out away for Bury to get a good player for free, or may be the supernatural telepathically instructed me with this plan, or maybe I was just seeing the future.I told my boss if someone from Buryís management makes a long standing joke of, give us a good player, come on, and just say this as the first conversation piece every time they meet, after a few months Unitedís management will cave in just to shut him up.The very next season Bury got David Johnstone on a free loan from United.He helped Bury a lot, scoring more than 30 goals in one season, the next season they had to sell him, sold 20 games into the season after he had scored 15 goals, and by the end of the same season he was still their highest goal scorer.They ended up reaching the top of the championship league but after heíd gone was a downhill struggle.


††††††† I have to admit my guilt here though, I erm tried to help United, I wasnít thinking of United, I was more on the lines of wanting to help them so to help English football.They were playing a final and were one nil down with 15 minutes left to play, then I asked the supernatural if theyíd help out.Their reply in my thoughts was, well youíll see if it occurs.They won 2-1, 2 substitutes each scoring a goal with nearly their first kick of the game, shots on goal that to me looked like they didnít go where the shooter wanted it to go.

††††††† I expect many people will deny them shots on goal didnít go where they were meant to go, but that is how things are with the supernatural, when your involved you know the truth, when your not things just look normal.One was a slice shot when about 5 defenders and the goalie were on the goal line, it didnít look like an intentional slice shot though, looked like he aimed right and slice shot left by mistake.Many defenders stood motionless and watching the ball when they were close enough to easily stop it, the other looked like he was aiming for the bottom corner and it went top corner, whatever occurred on the deeper level when asking my supernatural friends if theyíd help out they did tell me, well youíll see if it occurs


††††††† Even one of my hometowns, Accrington, is where professional football began, that surely is no coincidence either.Accrington, mainly known for beginning professional football and making the then hardest and best bricks around.I also worked as a brick and stone restoration specialist, and I didnít begin that work till away from Accrington ties.Itís more than strange I have ties with Accrington and have worked in both of the professions they received global acclaim for, I didnít try and work in them professions, opportunities arose for me naturally, without me looking into them professions and when I had no ties with Accrington.Thereís lots of strangeness in my life that is more than strange, I.E. it has to be something else.Something strange has occurred with nearly every facet of my life.

††††††† Even my local pro football teams that seemed a bit strange to me, Burnley, Blackburn, Bury and Bolton and each doing great when I was a supporter first time around.I always favour the closest pro team, so with me moving around them 4 have been who I supported when living nearby.Grew up near to Accrington so Burnley was my team then, then moved into Accrington so Blackburn was the closest team, then to Bury, then Bolton, then to Darwen, a few miles away from Blackburnís ground.I donít favour any teams anymore, just wanna see excellent football no matter who it is.


††††††† Being taught coaching by an ex-professional from Manchester City F.C.Many coaches from many different clubs, our instructions were to curve a ball to another player, 40 yards away.So I lined up my first and said this to Paul, ď Do you think I can impress you with one Paul?Ē

ďGo on then lad, letís see what you can do.ĒHe moved himself to watch, I explained Iím left footed, so he moved again, and what I did Iíd never seen anything like it before.There were 3 of us in a line, me at one end, a guy in the middle at 20 yards and a guy receiving at 40 yards.The ball curved around the guy in the middle, close to 1 metre away from him, less than waste height.He turned to watch it curve around him then I had to move to be able to see where it went because it changed direction that much.The receiver messed up his control because it was much further to his left than he was expecting.The ball bounced once, the receiver then tried to control it but was over-stretching and messed it up.By the time it got to him it had moved across at least 2 metres.I thought it was nothing special at the time but for me yes, and now when trying to find similar online in videos Iíve not been able to find anything the same.The ex player shouted in front of all the others, ďWhat was that?Ē

I replying with, ďI donít know, Iíve never done that before, itís something Iíll have to work on in my own time.Ē

††††††† Before this moment I had asked the supernatural if they would help me to impress the ex pro, to help me with my game play.When lining up that 40 yarder I lined it up in ways id never done before, first mimicking the kick with my body stance, then back tracking my steps away from the ball, then 2 steps to the right, then a slight change of direction.

††††††† To be honest I can only ever remember seeing one guy in football do one of them, a curler at waste height or below.I tried to recreate it with 2 more but failed, I had told Paul Iíd may be impress him with only one.

††††††† Who I thought was the best player out of us coaches he couldnít get past me or take the ball from me, the ex player at one point shouting at him, ďHeís done you again Dibsy.Ē I werenít good enough for pro anyhow, had an amount of skill but that is all, not much experience either.

††††††† For me to throw a football at Peter Schmeichel, the best goalkeeper of his time and it being the highest throw he ever saw, and for Paul Power to have seen me do that I think both were influenced into being by the supernatural.

††††††† The throw to Peter the ball rolled down the length of my arm before leaving it, something Iíd never done before.To be honest I donít think Iíd be able to recreate these 2 moments; I havenít played football since I was in my twenties, more than 10 years ago.

††††††† My mumís Uncle had an apprenticeship with Bury, and another of her Uncles played for Leeds, and my Uncle was Wicket Keeper for Accrington and Lancashire Reserves, so when at Bury I thought my skill level would be enough to play pro or semi pro, it takes a lot more than that though and I had no competitive experience in football, and telepathy is very distracting too, it breaks concentration levels.



††††††† I managed to play football in Stretford once though, well Stretford Police Station, close to Manchester Uniteds ground, in the Polices prisoner exercise yard, while being held on Operation Lockout for a 3-week prison sentence.

††††††† The exercise yard was close to a 40 metre length, I was sprinting with the ball on volleys straight towards a line of 4 police officers, then when near to them lined them up for a big kick, made it appear as though I was going to blast it at them off a volley, then just before I kicked it changed my move and took the ball elsewhere.I did this about 4 or 5 times.They didnít flinch one bit, they went silent and motionless, I could feel their scared emotions but they didnít show it, and they were hoping I would kick it at them so they could rough me up. They did deserve it, a Doctor in Oldham Police Station had prescribed me Cocodomol for migraines, prescribed on a give him 2 upon request basis, but every time I requested 2 I didnít get them because they enjoy torturing any prisoner.They even broke the law by throwing other medication of mine away, Temazepam, prescribed by the same Doctor in Oldham Police Station, prescribed for insomnia.Yes they liked a quiet wing in Oldham Police station.

††††††† My footballing antics in Stretford didnít rile them, so next I started blasting the football repeatedly at the mesh yard covering, then turning around and telling them, ďIím just looking for a weak spot.ĒAnd what I did the next day made them get rid of me totally, theyíd had enough of me so shipped me out to Liverpools Bridewell Police station, to let Liverpool Police deal with me instead.A prison van scheduled just because of me, I the first in, then they filled it with prisoners from other police stations.

††††††† My petty offending when young was only occurring when I didnít know unknown to myself telepathic connections with people around me can and was affecting my decision making and emotions, and that persons of big crime were secretly using telepathy against me to send me into a life style of undesirable ways.When I realised the full extent of my telepathic influences that petty repeat offending ceased.

††††††† It took me till 2014 to realise who it was exactly, for reasons unknown to myself the supernatural not bringing them to my attention before, evil world leader status of people in my life, people I knew but whom I didnít know held that status.





 †††††† I know a great many United fans and workers in the pro football business will be opposed to some of my influences into football, in reply I say Iíve lived with telepathy all my life, so itís just normal every day for me.Managers have always encouraged players to cheat to some point and they are more than happy too.

††††††† And everything always evens out with me, so Iím pretty sure they will get some good supernatural influences back, they probably wouldnít want them anymore but I donít control the supernatural, they control I.



††††††† Many hundreds of people went against me recently, in the most horrible and serious criminal ways ever, with police encouragement, backing and support.

††††††† In a publicised and public live televised event, of the most serious violent crimes ever, the most serious kinds of warped evil and unjust criminal tortures ever, the worst kinds of unjust serious criminal punishments around, the most barbaric awful and heinous evil and gruesome torturous unjust crimes around, also the sickest perverted violent sex crimes ever imagined.For me an innocent man they thought had escaped justice, although the police knew I was innocent, so it was a personal vendetta for them, why I have no idea.

††††††† This is what people in pro football gave me, people in television, people within Lancashire Police, local Darwen people, they subjected me to the most perverted, most awful, most despicable violent and sex crimes ever, with Police backing, with police authority, with police help, police support and police organisation.

††††††† No arrests, no intention to make arrests, law and order has been abandoned within England and its all being done so to harm me, if I do not get justice society has gone backwards 1000 years.How authorities in England are being with me is making people want to turn to anarchy reactions of, because authorities are being intentionally anarchic with me, when people return fire I will then get the blame for that too.

††††††† Authorities are actually being driven to cause as much grief to I; their authority is doing everything to oppose me in as many ways as possible.

††††††† The biggest injustices in England are occurring now and it is ongoing, it is against human rights and law.Law and order has been abandoned by the authorities to me, it is criminal, it is the most serious criminal ever, and it is by police, other authorities and whoever they get onboard, this latest was one of their friends who put this new one to them, the torture in Darwen Town Centre they all became a part of, OK not doing it, but making sure it occurred, and making sure they made me go into it all.And making sure they would not try to prevent it.It was police organisation, pro football people, TV people, Darwen people, and Joanne with her European Royal guard permissions.

††††††† It has to stop, the prophecies of my win over evil world leaders, evil people and all that are not there for image building, they are true depictions of the future.

††††††† Law and order has been abandoned in England because they want me to be subjected to the worst, and are giving me those circumstances, it has spread throughout the Police, I have done nothing but help humanity.

††††††† The European Courts of Human rights, they need to read this, to see what is occurring, to see how the authorities in England are trying their hardest to send people me into awfulness, which then spreads into the emotions of other people.They are doing their best to do their worst with me.

††††††† This is Nelson Mandela all over again, only worse, because my supernatural protections beat them they go to the worst evil and sickest levels ever imagined.

††††††† In 2001 I verbally told police if they heighten surveillance of me it will cause my suicide, within a week surveillance was heightened to the extreme.

††††††† Please can someone get in touch with them for me, European Courts of Human Rights and whoever else can do something about this, it cannot be any authority from the UK, and send them copies of the recording from the Darwen torture and all of that, and this chapter.

††††††† Justice, law and order needs to be returned around I, people are close to going anarchic because of how they are being with me, and many attacks have already begun.This will increase if law, order and justice isnít returned around and to I, higher up authorities need to get hold of this situation now, stop it continuing because the authorities of this land are only adding to the troubles.Justice has to be served on my most serious criminal attackers, but so far it is not even a consideration for police.

††††††† They still follow me everywhere, undercover.It has to stop, all this opposition has to stop.

††††††† These are the worst and most current injustices ever, performed on the street with police backing, the European Courts of Human Rights need to get hold of this situation, they need to get law and order back around I, and make sure justice is served because the police are not doing anything, they are involved.How authorities are being with me is turning society backwards, people are hitting back, suicide rates escalated with the latest opposition of me.

††††††† I am receiving worse treatment than Nelson Mandela received, far worse, and it is affecting people everywhere.European authorities need to get hold of this situation before it spreads to much worse levels.

††††††† This has been continual since 2001, harassed permanently by them the police of this land, it occurred in Bury Lancashire too, in the 90s, their police were set up to go against me too, following everywhere, dodgy comments, etc.It has been a continual surveillance operation of me, since I contacted the govt back in 78, they wonít back away and I have done nothing to justify any of it.


†††††† In 2014 I was setup by Lancashire and Darwen police, people in pro football, people within television and locals from Darwen, as well as billionaire Joanne and her dodgy lot. Set up to be subjected to the most serious sex crimes imagined, violent crimes, forced animal sex at sword point and all sorts of other things.

†††††† Why is this happening?What is going on?Crowds of people watching, police watching, TV cameras broadcasting.I have done nothing to justify such, how could anybody do anything that justifies that lot, itís impossible to be just in that, and yet it occurs to no other but me.

†††††† The European authorities need to get hold of this situation; people are getting close to going anarchic, all because of how authorities of England are being unjust, criminal and major malpractice everywhere, all with me.

††††††† Someone please pass this site to the European Courts of Human Rights, or whoever can make them wake up and be human beings, not animals.I need justice and so do the people who pay the wages of these authorities.

†††††† The most sick and perverse violent crimes ever imagined, went on for over an hour, town centre, Darwen weekday, and broadcast live, and not one authority stopped it because it was me.Iím still owed 35 million for giving Osama, that should have been enough for me to say to all authorities go away.


††††††† This was a billionaire womanís plan, a serious sex criminal and doing people in, couldnít get in my bed so took it to these levels, with royal guard authority from Europe; she paid police to let this occur on the street.Planned to occur at United, when police were onboard, plans were changed to Darwen Town Centre.

††††††† Previously she and hers drugged me up with sodium pentothal and heroine, may be something else, and many times throughout my life, when I am under authority surveillance, took me to wherever, then made propaganda photos of me within managed photography, whilst I was in a drug induced coma like effect of my person.Photos that made it appear I was into paedophilia and doing animals.


††††††† Thousands of yrs prison in the next life for all who organised it.Check the prophecies, itís all over them, thatís one of the reasons Iím here, for justice.

†††††† All who chose not to use authority to stop it, Iím gonna get them in the next life; Itís what prophecies say so I have to explain the prophecies I will fulfil.Iím also going to become a world leader, thatís what prophecies say, that would be from 10 Downing Street, I know I would be able to make a govt the people will be proud of.

††††††† Police will be getting the biggest shake up eh!They need it, and the way this country is it needs me in govt.



††††††† Many hundreds of people went against me recently, in a publicised and public live televised event, of the most serious violent crimes ever, the most serious kinds of warped evil and unjust criminal tortures ever, the worst kinds of unjust serious criminal punishments around, the most barbaric awful and heinous evil and gruesome torturous unjust crimes around, also the sickest perverted violent sex crimes ever imagined.For me an innocent man they thought had escaped justice.

††††††† Did I use enough words to describe it?I need to ask other people because they suffered it more than me, astrally projected elsewhere I endured about 0% of the torture and violent crimes, even without astral projection, the drugs they gave me alone would have made sure I remembered not much, or even known it was occurring.

††††††† Attempts to kill always fail with me, the main organiser of this serious crime spree knew this, so coupled attempts to kill with the most perverted criminal torture, in public, town centre, with police backing.Designed to cause permanent mental instability which they may have caused but not in me, it has been spread out into many other people.They attacked me more than any for supposed serious sex crimes, the mental torture others suffer most because they had to watch it.

††††††† Police, TV crews, people in pro football, evil billionaires with royal guard authority, hundreds of people, all a part of these supposed to be justices, serious crimes in the street against a man they didnít listen to my legal defence of.Tortures that went on for over an hour, in the town centre street, day time, week day, when I was working for the army undercover.Authority turned their back on law and order, TV turned their back on law and order, they organised and broadcasted the most serious sex crimes ever and all given to me, they were the serious perverted sex criminals distributing illegal pornographic material, and it is they and the police who escaped justice for serious sex crimes, not I.

††††††† Police also intentionally interfered with me to put me straight into it, the violence on the streets, they allowed it to occur, unopposed by police watching, they helped to organise it, so they were guilty, police were guilty and no justice is being served.

††††††† You low life lawful criminals in police authorities, if you continue to refuse to serve justice with me youíre sending countries back 500 years, street punishments escalate when police are involved, and which they have now caused.

††††††† People are hitting back, this is going to escalate if they do not stop their awful ways with me, justice has to be served, justice has to be served to get societies back in the year 2014.

††††††† I will not lose, look at the prophecies, the more opposition I have the greater I become, and they even needed me to explain that one for them.With every escalation of harms, I reach higher, and always catch what Iím reaching for.

††††††† It is they who have whacked people out in the head in serious criminal ways, it is they who have taken society back 500 years, they were the serious sex criminals distributing illegal pornographic material, with police backing, help and to have no arrests.They all became serious sex criminals against I who has never committed any, when they thought differently.

††††††† The worst kinds of seriously criminal humiliations, for accusations they didnít give me chance to explain my innocence of, and when I did they ignored it and began the torture from the start.

††††††† If they did this to your mum or dad, what they did to me, with police backing and no arrests, like they did with me, youíd do more than what I do, which is just write about it.

††††††† Crimes of the most serious cruelty, the most serious perversions too, and Lancashire police joined in and were part of arranging it, and allowing it to occur in the streets, which is why all on duty that day in Darwen Police will be targeted by my supernatural friends, the same with them at Manchester United who were there, and all those others that went against me in some serious ways, and those other people from professional football, TV channels crews and broadcast authorisers, they all encouraged it, they were all for it, they filmed and broadcast it everywhere, many organised it and helped it to be, many siding against me directly, they were all guilty of aiding and abetting the most serious violence and perversions against me an innocent man, one that none of them listened to my legal defence of, and continued with their awful plans.

††††††† They went there to criminally punish me in the most evil and sickest criminal ways possible, for what not one had questioned me about, and them broadcasting it was serious sex crimes of epic proportions.They became the evil against decent people when thinking they were doing right.

ďFFS, all we had to do was question him and itís so obvious,Ē was one guys thoughts I heard when we were speaking about all this propaganda, for close to 10 years they were all performing serious crimes against I by distributing illegal images of I.Serious sex criminals all who looked at all those illegal photos.They put them on notice boards at Manchester United, that was thousands of serious sex crimes by them.

††††††† Crimes could not get any worse than what they gave me, they unjustly punished in the worst evil ways possible, before accepting and considering my total exoneration.

††††††† Presumed to be a failed Christ, paedophile and animal doer, I was none and they never gave me chance to defend myself with words, no defence was allowed before these street injustices began, because the organisers presumed guilt without questioning.I shouted my legal defence which was total exoneration, just before the torture and major drugging began, I not knowing what they had planned; they ignored my exoneration statements and continued.

††††††† Them evil, awful, dumb police who are supposed to be working in law, in on it too.

††††††† I have no permanent body damage at all; all due to my supernatural protections, they failed with their attacks and will fail to defend against the supernatural.They even tried giving me herpes again, but yeah that always baffled them in the 90s when they couldnít pass it to me, so they try again and think it will work in a different decade.They did give me another minor animal infection though; they did that in the 90s too, more humiliation tactics, a talking point for me at hospital.This time it was something similar to Chlamydia, in the 90s doctors wouldnít tell me what it was.


†††††† These organisers and participants spike drugged me with pure heroine, sodium pentothal and serontin, to take all control of.

†††††† With TV cameramen filming and broadcasting and being major participants, and not trying to stop these the most awful and most horrible crimes ever, to an innocent man they presumed was guilty and had escaped justice.

†††††† Honestly, all that were involved directly with the worst plans, thousands of yrs prison in the next life, for sure that is the minimum.

†††††† They owe me millions in compensation and still run around like itís not their issue.All who conspired and organised against me in those most awful criminal ways, and did not try and make amends, that is continuing the unjust harms.TV crew and broadcasters, people in pro football, local police, local idiots, the most serious of these against me will be supernaturally visited.

††††††† They all became much worse than they claimed of me, far worse, filming, broadcasting, possessing, the most extreme perverted serious sex images, serious sex crimes against I, those are major sex crimes and if all copies are not destroyed expect years in prison in the next life.

††††††† Law and order is not being upheld around and to I, and police are in on a lot of it and my major opposition, encouraging and being a part of serious crimes against I.I have done nothing to justify any of it, and it continues.

††††††† Broadcasting that, and letting it occur in the street, whacked people out big time, some people will never be happy again, people who were happy now struggling too.Barbaric practices, evil of the worst levels.They were all major sex criminals and always will be, perverted sex criminals of the worst kinds.And Iím refused justice and compensation, and there being no justice means this sort of thing occurs elsewhere, lots more often.

††††††† Those laws are there for a reason, those images disturb people permanently, they did it in the street, with police backing, unto an innocent they wouldnít accept exoneration of, broadcasted, filmed, recorded.Honestly, if all copies of them propaganda photos arenít destroyed it is years in prison in the next life, everyone, everywhere.Itís a serious sex crime to possess such, to pass onto others, to look at them, and since law and order isnít upheld around I the one who worked for law and order, then God will have to give that justice in the next life, and to the worst in this life.

††††††† With police and other authority backing, they thought it was a good thing, even if I was guilty.Wrong, guilty persons donít get that, but because Iím a Christ claimant I do.Sick, evil perverted, violent serious crimes to me an innocent man.I only put other people before myself, for most of my life, since I was 5.

††††††† TV crews not trying to stop the most awful and evil crimes ever seen, they arranged for it to be, itís a serious sex crime to broadcast that and which they did, to record and possess that and they did and still do, to participate in that, to know of it beforehand and not try to stop it, they all became the most evil kinds of serious sex criminals around, against a man who has never committed one sex crime ever.

††††††† Police, hundreds of locals, people in pro football, and many moving in on the area due to live broadcasting, and none trying to attempt to stop it.


††††††† One group of friends I told years earlier not to get involved with what occurs in 2014 and torture, so they shouldnít worry there.


††††††† Hundreds of local guys laughing and being a part of, conspiring against me, not listening to my defence when the crimes began, and blatantly siding against me, and encouraging it to be, and going with one intention, to be part of serious crimes unto me, broadcast around to let kids and adults watch.You could not get worse than what they did, Silence of the Lambs was less awful.

††††††† We will wait and get them when they give us our soul back, IE theirs in the next life.


††††††† A guy I know had camera crew there since beginning of October, both with normal and night vision cameras, they were there by my invite the year before, told to step back and not get involved.


††††††† Never punish without questioning, and still they have no idea the extents of what they have done.You donít do that to guilty people, not what they did, and they televised live, more serious sex crimes they have not been brought to justice on.


††††††† I now want to explain again how it wasnít me, I think I need to explain I was not in control of myself; Iíll be wanting to re-explain all my life.Never was I in my body for the worst or average, astrally projected elsewhere some awful guy who deserved that occupied my body throughout the worstís and averages.

††††††† What hurts most is they donít do that to guilty paedophiles, but because they thought I was that and a telepathic failed Christ itís ok, and that they made other people watch that, and so called decent people let it be and joined in.It doesnít even enter my moral questioning that low lives would do that, but others is sad and pathetic.

††††††† Hundreds of people watching and doing nothing, TV camera crews broadcasting and siding against, all who own a copy are guilty of owning serious sex criminal material, all who let others watch are guilty of distribution, all who filmed and broadcast are guilty of distribution, police were involved and God gives justice in the next life anyhow, so at least in this instance its gonna all be Gods justice, because thatís more so.Some people will be getting justice in this life, a lawful justice of the supernatural, police have abandoned law, their ways are sending countries backwards.This needs to be stopped before it goes out of control, European authorities have to nip this in the bud, or it grows.

††††††† If I werenít a Christ claimant they wouldnít have done it, although an evil woman had falsely turned them all against me, idiots do it every time then later realise their mistake and ask for forgiveness.I donít accept apologies for intentional actions, and the sword man has already come up crying, apologising and throwing a big wad of money at me, which I kicked back and told him to give to charity, as well as half of every other big wad he gets.He said some army guys shaved the left side of his long dreads, and he canít even them out till heís got 8 inch on the left side.I am thankful for them hitting him, army please donít think I am ungrateful, I stand for justice guys, you shouldnít have needed to go for him, justice would have been enough.


††††††† I used to walk away from who I wanted most in my life, so to keep enemies and awful people far away from them people, I can see why now.


††††††† Itís impossible to explain what they did itís that awful, sickening and perverse, and with telepathic abilities makes things worse.Some friends canít look me in the eye anymore, because of what they did, friends who were always happy and now donít see them smiling much.

††††††† People who I have only just realised now, that I predicted this torture day to them back in about 2007.They need explanations as much as me, because it all seems like, why couldnít he or they counter some of what wasnít?They do that elsewhere, to other people, for punishments, for kicks, as torture to control others, to me theyíd been trying to kill for years, couldnít, so tried to get me onboard, couldnít, tried to get in my bed, couldnít, tried to be my girl, couldnít, they tried everything and couldnít do most of it, so had to try everything else.I the one they had to kill and couldnít.

††††††† If I had escaped the torture theyíd have given it other innocents, ones with no miraculous properties, you vex these people they go to the next severe level, no matter what height of level they are already at.I had to have a confrontation with her lot; theyíd tried to nuke me once as a kid, wouldnít leave me alone even when abroad, and falsely ruined my image everywhere it mattered.They had got another nuke to try with, and so there was always going to be confrontation there.If I avoid one thing they try three other ways.

††††††† It was that bad I still need more explanation.When Iím confronted by the worst kinds of violent crimes around, I do virtually nothing to win, or get no chance of defence, and yet they always fail and I always win, I do nothing and win against people failing with everything, most of it I donít even notice because Iím built that way.


††††††† I can go anywhere and birds recognise me, they greet me, interact, make it obvious they know Iím here, birds the size of a finger know what I am, and yet people the size of me havenít got a clue, or donít know how to find out.Birds donít even have to see me, they see my vision and notice their own local environment, then they let me hear and see them interacting.

††††††† There is one stretch of road I always see a bird of prey, or two, every time I pass, itís like they are seeing my approach then fly into view when near to there, it always happens, except for when seeing two Doves.And only now is when I know why, the birds of prey were busy stalking.


††††††† I proved to Greater Manchester Police in 2001 I was Christ, with the eye in the sky sign, and still they doubted me in Darwen, I the telepath they never saw guilt images from, or thoughts!Seems more like Dohwin now.How much evil can peopleís stupidity cause?They suspected a telepath of paedophilia, they can question me telepathically and didnít even try that, they didnít even question me verbally, I wasnít confronted once.Itís sick, pathetic and evil, of the worst crimes any could give another.

††††††† And journalists also talked many of my family into starring within against I, and they were talking lies too, and then everyone realised my innocence, after they had finished their serious crimes unto me and unfavourable lies of me, so theyíve also destroyed my family too.


††††††† It wasnít my soul throughout the worst, I know this, people are not sure, some are, I spent about 5 seconds in the worst parts, honestly.


††††††† A few weeks after this days moments I had a police officer pointing a gun, and another pointing a tazer, so you see it is ongoing.Then today one hit me with his transit when I cycling on road, and an intentional hit but near miss few days before, both these just normal vehicles, not police.


††††††† Many in 2014, planned and initiated many awful, evil, despicable, vulgar, perverse and serious violent crimes and tortures against myself, in public, whilst being filmed and broadcasted, with local Darwen police allowing it all to occur and watching, and in some cases being a part of it, alongside humanities biggest and worst criminals, them billionaires from Accrington being involved.

††††††† Even the cameramen and broadcasters are severely warped evil individuals for being part of this seriously criminal perverted evil crime spree.They should have stopped the most serious crimes, not filmed and broadcasted it, they showed allegiance against me, they were in on it, they were wanting it and hundreds from many different groups were in on it against me, and not one bothered to ask if anyone had questioned me.And when I gave my defence it was ignored, a total exoneration defence.

††††††† What they did could not have been any worse in sick and perverted serious violent crimes, and Lancashire police in on it and no arrests, broadcasted live from a town centre street, I still canít believe this was allowed to be.All TV channels donít bother coming near me ever again, unless ya cameramen want a face like mine, the damage of feeling like it has been pushed in.

††††††† What they have done is irrepairable and unforgiveable, they all became perverted, violent serious criminals targeting innocent people, and which was far more criminal and low life than what they presumed of me.

††††††† They, them few from Accrington, had falsely made local police, people in pro football and others believing propagandas of my past criminality, propagandas greater Manchester police investigated in the early 90s and beyond, and who then ceased within 2 minutes of questioning I, due to seeing my innocence in my reactionary behaviours they ceased the investigation instantly.

††††††† Enemies had intentionally falsely turned many decent people against I, billionaire evil people who can get any people to do whatever they want of them, people who have an authority above the usual.

††††††† First they, well Joanne and company, falsely turned many people within pro football against me, with propagandas they built against me, of serious and awful crimes on my part.Sheís a billionaire and them at United needed money, and she had an authority above police, a royal guard kind of authority, but they were seriously criminal with it.She had money and authority over police, so she had them feeding off her too, and believing her propagandas of me, her then making them all believe I had escaped justice, so they were more than happy to give some justice on the street, and be a part of allowing to occur.

††††††† If it was their mother, brother, father, son, they would have stopped it, or someone elseís, but because it is me they wanted in on it all.


††††††† Sheís a clever girl this one, but not as clever as I, she put microphones everywhere in my life, because I ruined her sex life by giving her one night of passion in the 90s, then told her I wanted no more.Sheís an evil billionaire with royal authority, the best she had in bed told her to go away, her who majored in sex and he who didnít bother with women much.So she was vexed, angry, spiteful, furious even and very calculating.

††††††† I recall one morning when I thought she had sneaked into my home when asleep, drugged me when asleep, then did somethingís to me, but what I did not know.I now know it was pure heroin, sodium pentothal and maybe serontin.I knew something with drugs and sex had occurred, with her and possibly others, I didnít have memory of it though, she must have somehow, sometime got a key for my home, or how I suspected made one from an imprint taken from the key.I had strange hazy memories, my thingy was half its size, and I couldnít get it up for weeks, something they did to me in 2014 too.In the 90s I thought was a strong kind of amphetamine after effect of their drugs given to me, I didnít know Iíd been mutilated; it was only a temporary effect.

††††††† For weeks after, possibly months, I was knowing of people passing in cars, wondering and baffled as to why I didnít have herpes, they tried giving me that many times.

††††††† So that must be one of the other times she must have made some propaganda photos of me, to stitch me up, to make me look like a serious criminal of sexual attributes, when really that was part of her criminality, and her lots too.

††††††† Sodium pentothal they use, it puts people into a coma, used at different doses can make a person stand still in any position while having no control, then they manage photography to make it appear as a serious sex crime photo.

††††††† In the 90s police showed me one and a filmmaker showed me two in 2014, none showed my eyes, because that would have shown up in the photo as being not right.The drugís effects on my eyes would have been seen.It was so obvious to me to be fake it was sad.No background items, camera views from where a camera would not be when someone is doing them things, and no close ups of eyes.They are so obvious to be fakes itís sad people believed them.

††††††† She got involved with pro football and local policing, to falsely turn them lot against I, and to get her ways with as many as she could, but she was being led into a trap by my supernatural friends and the army.


††††††† Back in 85 my supernatural friends through me told the army they were leading her into a trap, the second nuke theyíll try with me.In 2012 I told them it would be October 2014, I also told Hollywood contacts October 2014 is when we should be prepped in Darwen, undercover cameramen in town, discreet cameramen on the outskirts.

††††††† Then in 2012 when going to my friends home, 3 of his friends and one woman were sat with him, he said, ďI bet you donít know who this is do you?Ē then giggling while looking at her.

ďYou h are too stupid to realise the truth here, and so is she, I know who she is, sheís an evil low life murderer trying to get you lot in on her ways.If you get involved with what she is suggesting, you gonna get ya thingy cut off, youíll have a pipe in its place and a catheter bag.You lady youíll be getting a bullet in ya knee, then one in ya elbow, one in ya abdomen, then one in ya head, slowly so you feel each one.????? realise the situation here, they thought I didnít have a clue who she was, but I went straight for the kill and I know what they are planning, if you get involved with this youíre gonna get decapitated.And you little man, youíll be losing ya legs at the knees, and you will be getting skinned alive.

††††††† Now realise this thick ?ucks and intelligent folk, I realised everything before you realised I could, you are all gonna die if you all take on this path you are conspiring to build, I have army back up and theyíll take you all out one at a time, slowly.Ē3 backed down immediately, not saying anything while I there though.

††††††† So my supernatural friends did know what was being planned in 2014, they led me in; it was the second nuke time, but only some of Joanneís lot and my lot knowing about it.

††††††† So she managed to turn many decent and awful people unjustly against I, local criminals, so called friends of mine, police, people in pro football, and people within television, because they loved her obsessed with sex personality, she had dirt on me which was untrue, but she couldnít have the best around, me, so she falsely turned everyone against me.They went for her, her looks and her easy sex, her billions and whatever she said, they liked her above police authority, her handgun firearms permissions, and her we do whatever we want attitudes, which turned into her downfall and many of theirs.Little did they know me and the army had been waiting for her serious crimes to come to an eventful conclusion in 2014.

††††††† I didnít know it was to be how it was; I wasnít even expecting it, I was on my way shopping and then got pulled and sent into all of that, my supernatural friends keeping me in the dark about her, despite giving those threats in my mates house.


††††††† On their day of reckoning, I think Iím just going to the shops.

††††††† Weekís earlier 2 guys from Manchester United approached me in the street, asked If Iíd give a favour to the club, I agreed then asked what I can do.Iíd wrote into this website I would help them out with results, for a price, but now they were asking If I would beat up some guy for them, on a loyalty card issue, so I said I would do it as a good will gesture.

ďWhat guy?Ē
ďA player.Ē
ďI canít do that, it would be premeditated.Ē
ďWe can work it were he will attack you somewhere round here, wherever you want, he wants to fight you, if you knew what heís been saying youíd wanna batter him.Ē
ďWhy whatís he been saying?Ē
ďBad stuff about you, and he wants to batter you.Ē
ďWhat bad stuff?Ē
ďReally bad stuff, if you knew youíd batter him, you have to warned though, heís a 2 dan.Ē
ďJust give me a minute,Ē
checking thoughts then going back and agreeing, I only agreed to do it because he was a 2 dan, I thought this white belt doing him be good for my public image.

ďWhy does he want to fight me?Ē
ďYouíll see.Ē


††††††† So 2 weeks later, I see Alex Ferguson and some black guy is with him, he shouting obscenities at me.They both walk over, me and Alex say hello and I try and ignore the idiot.After the 4th or 5th attempt at getting me to bite, I did do.He walked towards me, ďYou want to fight me?Tell me when youíre ready,Ē I said, then hearing in my thoughts, toes, so went up on the toes of one foot, and forward flicked his jaw with my other, within a second of finishing saying when youíre ready.He backed away startled and half unconscious, held his hand up and asked, ďHang on a minute!Ē

††††††† I wasnít even watching him when I kicked him, as soon as I thought toes Alex looked at my feet and I was watching him watching me.

ďDonít be putting requests in you cheeky ?astard,Ē then he falling onto his behind, and just sitting there dazed, holding himself up by holding onto the ground with one hand.

ďI havenít put in a requestĒ

ďAsking me to hang on a minute is asking me to pause, that is a request dhead, O.K. then on your rules of fighting Iíll give you time to recover.Ē


ďHe was our best fighter!Ē

ďHeís a piece of chit Alex, like ya team and ya club, if this is a stitch up you havenít got a clue on the outcomes, I am innocent of all accusation not thrown at me, not one person has questioned me!Ē

††††††† I canít believe the idiot did this next action, I talked him into putting his hands above his head, to get some air to his arm pits, cool him down a bit, to freshen him up, and when his hands were there I told him to wave them about to cause a wind draft to cool him down, and as soon as he started waving I said, ďWave goodbye to everyone,Ē he fell to the floor, it looked like he was waving goodbye to everyone as he fell down.

††††††† That was the first moment evil low life Alex spiked me, itís when I started to feel funny.I put the guy into the recovery position, looked like he was gonna be out for a while.Me and Alex chatted a little, then the guy began to get up, so I used telepathy to make him give me an easy shot, and he went down again.Me and Alex chatted some more, he telling me lots of lies, the same lies Joanne had been telling them and me, the same lies my supernatural friends were going with although knowing it wasnít such.The guy started getting up again so I put him down again.

††††††We had a break, well another waiting on him getting up, then we made for a new start, and I turned his foot upside down with an aggressive football move, I basically ran at him full speed and stood on his ankle, whilst pretending to be getting a fist ready for him.He did hit me on the nose one attack previous, forgot to mention that.

††††††† By now I was properly spaced out, Alex had got a few in me at least.I sit down on a bench and contemplate, then readying to go home.Crowds watching but they being obscured from my view by police, wherever I was they were out of my sight.Someone telling me in thoughts not to go check them out, due to some obscene banners, emotions of similar keeping me away.

††††††† Then police begin telling me to go give him some more, to catch him up on his way to town, that way, for sure they wanted me up that way, for some reason.Using telepathy against me too, they managed to get me to catch him up, and managed to get me to attack again, using telepathy against me of course, coupled with the drug spiking Alex gave I was getting proper out of control.

††††††† This guy pulled a knife on me, I disarmed him, threw it near to where police were moving crowds away from my sight, one picked it up, another two came questioning me, and there was one more there too.

††††††† Then a TV camera crew approaches, and a woman journalist asking questions, I say Iíve said enough and wonder at what is going on, they retreat out of sight, to where the crowds are being kept out of my sight by the low life evil pigs.

††††††† This had all been set up by Joanne with her royal guard authority and billions, Manchester United, people at Bury F.C. Harry, Lancashire Police and Darwen Police.Lots of money passed hands, lots did her in the street, hundreds, more serious sex crimes with police backing, she gave them all many propaganda photos of me, and they didnít want to search for innocence, they jumped down hard on me by assuming guilt without considering questioning.Never was I questioned, never was I confronted, they just conspired criminally, to the worst criminal and torture levels any person ever could.

††††††† They believed I was a paedophile and animal doer, because of them propaganda photos Joanne had made, with sodium pentothal drugging of me, to put me into a coma like effect, within managed photography to make me look like one of them sex criminals.

††††††† So they all conspired to do me in, to seriously criminally torture me and rape, to force the worst serious sex crimes upon, and to broadcast it live.Hundreds of people in crowds following me about but whilst out of my sight, while Iím spaced out on spiked drugs, police making sure it all occurs, low life evil serious sex criminals is what they all became, unto an innocent they never questioned.They became far worse than what they supposed of me, police authority was in on this, Darwen and Lancashire Police paid off by the billionaire group sex freak.

†††††† Justice has to be served or this country goes back hundreds of years, and it will spread into Europe because that is where Joanne got her royal guard authority, Brussels.The European Courts of Human rights need to get hold of this situation before it escalates.Royal guards are abusing their authority, Europe needs to wake up to this, and stop them.

††††††† People will not accept this the worst injustice for hundreds of years, justice has to be served, or societies have gone back 500 years.

††††††† They have all become the most serious sex criminals against I who worked freelance for free within justice, police and all their authority were in on it, this stops now or civilians go to this level authorities put themselves on with me.

††††††† This is going to escalate out of control, law and order has to be returned around I, if it doesnít the repercussions will be far reaching.It is worse than what they did to Nelson Mandela, that is how bad some UK authorities are with me.


††††††† Plod arrested him and no other, when serious crimes were occurring elsewhere on the street, and much worse to begin soon after which they did nothing about, except allow and gave reassurances it would be allowed.

††††††† The Black guy they arrested was the only one who tried to warn me, heís the only one I now want to be friendly with from that day, and db.Mr, If I get sorted Iíll sort you out, come and have a chat sometime, Iím a man of my word.We are both victims of these evil low life most serious criminals.Come and find me when Iím right, Iíll put things right for you.

†††††††† If he is inside see my power, judges will get him out fast.He was encouraged, influenced, interfered with and paid off to batter me, but he tried to warn me of a plan against me, they had him contracted and cornered, and blagged into believing any old lies of me, they threatened his career if he did not, he was all for it but blinker cornered himself.

††††††† Dozens of people using my telepathic abilities and the drugging to make me do his ankle in, if he couldnít do me I had to do his ankle, so United could tear up his contract, United reckoned they were on a winner no matter who won that fight.

††††††† Iím sorry Mr; if I get my finances sorted Iíll give you more than a better contract of work.

††††††† United asked I do his ankle on a loyalty card, I said I would do it for a good will gesture, so they owe us both that.

††††††† United threatened his footballing career if he didnít have a go at me for a few Kís, that is temporary insanity, that is his legal defence, he didnít know he can use that in court.

††††††† He has lost everything because of them low lives, he needs people, and within half hour of me writing this saw depictions in my mind of him getting that.


††††††† Ferguson, it is easy to win by being a low life, but honourable to do it the other way.Youíve got face cancer about to begin but I think youíll be gone before that surfaces.My friends in spirit, some black guys who stood for black power, reckon there are many who will do you for nothing.



††††††† So police were trying their best to make me go and walk into town, where hundreds of local guys were doing her in the street, town centre, morning, while waiting for me to arrive near to dinner.Her people getting their torture equipment ready for me, her guards controlling with authority and guns.But they out of my sight too, like with the crowds and cameras.Police following, I the only one not knowing they all believe Iím a paedophile and animal doer who escaped justice.

††††††† I catch the guy up I was fighting, because police sent me into him again, and we got arguing for a while.She was doing another group now, out of my sight, behind some buildings, a street away, blocking off a main road in town centre, Darwen.Donít know if that was being filmed and broadcast, probably.

†††† †††I turn the corner of a building and see her surrounded by players from United, naked players, taking turns doing her on a table top.Had they been paid?Iím told she plashed out on sex this week, also paid all local police off.

††††††† Iím proper spaced out by this time, donít know how many times Manchester United staff spiked me, it must have been at least 4.I always told her no way for me with the group thing, but she had been trying through my telepathic abilities to get me into it.She sees me, and so do they, they back away and she encourages me in, Iím made to shout some daft stuff, then back away as Iíd never do that ever, not even when spaced out to the levels I was then.

††††††† So I go back to the elders of football, and stand with them.I knew they were up to something, I just didnít know what.Then cameras move in, and people begin trying to blag me that she has bought United for me, a wedding present and all that.

††††††† I disagree, and begin shouting that Manchester United are planning some awful and despicable crimes to me, as punishments for what they havenít asked my defence of.I again shout out in defiance, and my innocence, and my defence is given, and is ignored totally.I shout Manchester United are going to lose most of their fan base, and if they continue with these street crimes I will destroy their club.They now have more curses on results than any other club ever has, not my doing, the supernatural working in justice around I.

††††††† By this time I donít have much control over myself now, argue with a cameraman, state my innocence once more and demand this stop and I be taken to safety, cameraman argues against me, so do many people, and they go back to saying she has bought United for me.

††††††† Then David Beckham walks up, (innocent, just tagging along, following everyone else) he wasnít involved and just ran into the situation himself, we have a quiet chat, and he asks about her and them over there.

ďTheir problem not mine, she has herpes, donít go there mate.Ē
ďDo you have it?Ē
ďNah, I havenít done her since the 90s, sheís tried to give it me many times but Iím immune.Ē

ďClass mate, pure class.Ē

††††††† He then walks away, out of sight towards them lot.Then about 20 seconds later one of these half men tells me there is a problem they need me to sort out, one of them men who were about to begin the worst kinds of perverse torture and violence unto a person possible, and heís asking me for help.I walk to where he points, and see David near her, the group backed off, and one of her guards pointing his dum dum pistol at his face.

ďDavid, donít look him in the eyes, it winds them up.Ē

ďItís not real, itís a toy.Ē
ďItís a titanium alloy dum dum pistol; they make them look like toys so people wonít back down from them, they like exploding heads you see.Donít look at him, Oi ?ickhead, if you put one of them in him Iím gonna pile drive ya, you know I wonít die, Iíll get ya.David just walk over there.Oi you, you better not put one of them in him, I warning ya, ill go for it.Iím gonna pile drive ya and Iím serious, you know I wonít die.Ē
David then walking out of the way and sitting down nearby, and the guard I could feel he was vexed and with gun pulled.David had broke it up, by telling them what she has, so this royal guard was vexed at his boss not getting her way.

††††††† I could feel that he wanted to shoot someone, so knowing my supernatural protection, I told him to put one in me, save putting one in someone else, so he did.I recovered as usual, whilst Joanne and her guard smirk, I run at them in football, with a bit of head damage, and them lot in football either freak out and run, or donít know what to do and just stare.

ďWTF are you?ĒDavid asks.
ďFlesh and blood, same as everyone else, and Iíll be declared Christ by the end of the day.Ē

ďThink youíve just done that mate.Ē
ďOh that head thingy, thatís just a UFO technology, same would have occurred to you if he had put one in you, they did it to my mum once and the same occurred to her.WTF is going on here?Why have this lot got no clothes?Why is he here when he has a wife and kids?Ē

ďI donít know, can you find out?Ē
ďI can check with them up there,Ē
then consulting thoughts, I heard, celebrity executions, she has a nuke on the way, it will be here in 30 to 40 minutes, it is being driven to here now, the second nuke.I whispered the same to David, he didnít believe me, I explained he needs to get them of football far away and to believe me, because this lot is not normal, and to tell no others.I make him leave, whether he believed me I do not know.

††††††† I didnít want to stay, I wanted to escape, I saw a route and I knew the other people in football were up to no good with me, some sort of dodgy plan I was unaware of.Then considering the second nuke, I had to stay.I had to keep my miraculous properties in the area for the nuke, so stayed.

††††††† Many people from football come into my area, and cameras, and I get spaced out a bit more by another spiking.Bryan Taylor, Paul Power, Ryan Giggs, Alex Ferguson and David Lee were all present, and others from pro football, a woman from Bury F.C. too.They were filmed and broadcasted as being there.Gary Neville was involved and panned it so didnít turn up, he was all for it, one of the organisers, and his dad too.To be honest most in pro football knew of this plan, Iím learning bits every time I telepathically connect with many.Itís a serious crime knowing of a criminal intention by friends and associates and not doing anything to stop or prevent it.

††††††† I then shout at the guy from Bury, David Lee, ďWhat are you doing here, get out of here, what is going on?Ē
ďYoure in trouble.Ē
ďI havenít done anything.Ē
ďWe have photos.Ē
Which makes them all guilty of serious sex crimes, possession and distribution.
ďWhat photos? I have done nothing.Ē
ďYou and Paedophilia.Ē
ďNot me, theyíre fake.Ē
ďWeíve had them checked, theyíre real.Ē
ďLet me consult with my supernatural friends, they tell me they are drug induced come like effects of the person, within managed photography, sodium pentothal, they are stitch ups, they are not real.Ē
ďTheyíre real.Ē
ďNo they are not, listen to what I just said, I am innocent and not one person has questioned me, get out of here, get to the library and check what it says about this drug, I am innocent, this has to stop now,Ē
crowded and out of control, something from behind occurs, donít know what.Stood amongst them, not knowing the perverted criminal torture they had planned for me, designed to cause permanent mental instability of me.I stayed there knowing they were up to somet but not what, and I was out of control, proper spaced out by what they had spiked me with, and now I was going way out of it, someone must have got sodium pentothal in me by then.I again state my innocence, it is ignored, one man agrees I am innocent, nothing changes, I am out of it now, totally.

††††††† I find myself having my pants pulled down by Bryan Taylor, ex player, defender, my old boss from Bury F.C.Next I wake up on the floor, half naked, unable to move, cameras broadcasting.Alex Ferguson walks over with a sheep on a lead, I keel over backwards unconscious.I wake up with it on me, if you know what I mean, and push it off, shout, ďwhat are you doing to me?Ē then kick it away, and keel over backwards unconscious again.

††††††† I next find myself in the same place, only this time someone is placing a white duck in my lap, so I grab it, snap its neck, shout, ďDinner, cook it donít ?uck it,Ē then throw it to one who looked concerned.

†††††† I next find myself being approached by a pig, so I kick it in the nose and it ran the other way.

††††††† I next find myself stood behind this man being sword forced by Harry, sword forced to do a bull, I think, he looks a bit like me, then realise I am in spirit out of body.Next I find myself under it so drop to the floor as if Iím going out again, to stop it.Then I move over to its side, get up, then punch the horse in the left eye, it goes up on its back legs, stamps on my face with its front foot, I drop to the floor, it was about to stamp on me again so I turned over and it got me in the back.I backed off, got up, then started throwing things at it, to make it bolt through the crowds of people, which it did.

††††††† They also cut off my thingy 5 times, so Iíve been told, and it kept reappearing in its rightful place, like how occurs to me with all major body damage.Live TV broadcast, how do they get away with this?It had to have been not only police allowances but also government, mi5 or mi6, whichever is homeland security.

††††††† I then took up the sword and killed the bull, and then shouted for Travellers to come and get this Beef on the back of their Transit.

††††††† Iím told Harry put his sword in my torso, fully, a few times, and I reckon Iíve missed much more than this, Iíve also been told they tried to cut it off many times, you know what, but yes supernatural protections prevented that too.

††††††† Next I find myself having sex with a woman, she has shoulders on ground, legs over her head, me on top, I see her face has all the skin acetone burnt off then back away and off.

ďWTF have you done to her face?Ē

ďYouíve just got herpes,Ē then her pointing at the massive herpes rash on the girl.

ďYou canít give me herpes, Iím immune, she tried that in the 90s and couldnít understand why I didnít get it.ĒI went to see the National Health Service, got checked up, and it was something similar to human Chlamydia, but wasnít, I explained it was a kidnapping and violent and sexual assaults via sodium pentothal drugging, and is probably a bull or sheep Chlamydia.They agreed it was probably an animal disease.

††††††† I explained to the Health Service that this evil billionaire woman was stitching me up in massive ways, because she couldnít get me and for other reasons, I also explained that she has been trying to give me herpes since the 90s, and it always fails, hence them going to animal diseases.I explained there may be something in my blood that fights of herpes, something that may be able to be detected and used as a cure, so if a cure does arrive soon; youíll know where it came from.

††††††† Glazers, Bury F.C. Gary Neville lives between Bolton and Darwen, his dad Neville Neville lives near Bury, they were involved too.Giggs lives near Radcliffe, Bryan Taylor lives in Bacup, Ferguson and Power near or in Manchester.David Lee he is near Bolton too.Her from Bury she is from Bury.People from the first team doing her were forced to do it, theyíre innocent.I canít recall who else was there; I was proper mashed out on the drugs they gave me.All Darwen Police were involved, db wasnít involved.


††††††† Youíve lost your most able policing detective ever, because of these people and authorities and polices refusal to serve justice.

††††††† I donít want to do anything similar to what Iíve been doing before now, I have quit from psychic detecting, law and order has been abandoned around and to I, and authorities refusal to serve justice to all who were concerned.

††††††† I have given UK and US authorities Harold Shipman, Osama, Doctor Wishart, high command in one conflict and this list can go on and on, Iíll save all of that for Chosen, my next book.

††††††† Them who authorised broadcasting also need some public pressure.

††††††† They arenít even thinking along the lines of compensation, hasnít entered the situation once.Ferguson needs to be stripped of his knighthood.

††††††† All those involved against me need to be driven out of society by the masses, police involved need whatever, I may have permanent body damage, and Iím still waiting on HIV tests, Iíll get them results and others on the 12th of December.

††††††† The National Health Service, in the UK, under orders from the government, do not test for herpes, unless there are symptoms, but not all people show symptoms.So yes to save a bit of money they are helping to spread it all over.Sick and evil this countries ways, absolutely.


††††††† And Ferguson is still scheming against me as well; he thinks it is appropriate putting up a defence after attacking an innocent man in those ways.Ferguson you wonít see 2016 how it is.

††††††† Will people please copy and re-make this website elsewhere and publicise, opposition people are trying to jam up the limited bandwidth of this free website.I still cannot afford to pay for my own site; Iím still on state benefits because no one listens to what is necessary for me.

††††††† They even had at least 3 Christmas trees at United this year, on show in their windows, has anybody ever told them it is bad luck to have more than one?





††††††† Next I find myself being held by Patton, the sodium pentothal making it feel impossible to move, whilst a woman sticks a needle in my penis, a tube on that, and plunger on end of that, and sucks all the fat out of, takes the plunger off, replaces with another, it has half as much fluid, whiteish, and I get told it is duck fat as she injects it in.ďThatís just ruined youíre erection permanently.Ē

ďAre you telling a miracle worker like me that a bit of non hazardous animal fat in my fat vessel is gonna ruin it for life?Ē

††††††† They did that to me in the 90s, and yes it only prevented erection function for 2 to 3 weeks, like how this time also was the same.
††††††† A bit later I find myself being chased through the streets by Patton and the woman, Iím well out of it on the spiked drugs, totally, shouting for help, police moving out of my sight as I did, I get gripped and taken back.

††††††† I cannot remember anything else of that lot, someone said they had a pack of black mongrels taking turns, then tryna eat me, I never knew that one, needed someone to tell me that to know it.The supernatural got me out of that lot too.

††††††† Thatís all I know, bound to be lots more.I was told they emptied a cart of cow manure on me, and had me eating human excrement at a dinner table, canít remember it at all.

††††††† They tried to OD me and poison me, and sword was used lots, but my protections of the miraculous are somewhat hard to believe if you donít see them yourselves.Shot me a few times too, and tried decapitation.

††††††† Many of my memory problems will be due to what theyíve been giving me, think Iíve had a lot in the last 4 months, I think there has been at least 5 nights, days or whatever.Theyíve proper stitched me up in them, bound to have had.

††††††† Next thing I remember is its night time, well I thought it was night time, the sun disk sign had began.I was still out of it, although I had more control back.

††††† ††A lot of lies began, ďWeíve killed your family,Ē was a common statement they threw at me during these moments, even people in the crowd shouting it at me, but theyíve been giving me those lies and similar since I was a kid, so it didnít affect my emotions.Plus they like to put lots of lies within their crimes, so to cause doubt on other things.Even police and army were saying the same to me, and people from the crowd, and Joanneís lot.Why were army guys saying it?How am I supposed to get my head around all of this?Itís impossible.

††††††† And next I hear family on loudspeakers, pretending to be tortured, screaming, shouting, so I hum and arr, mess with my ears so I cannot hear it, and ask people to rip down the speakers for me, which they then did.

††††††† At one point I shouted for a friend to please come and help me, someone I hadnít seen for years, I had no one and needed someone; I knew her and her friends would be seeing this live broadcast.She arrived with some friends and helped me out, the only people I had that day, thank you.Iíve always loved her in a desirable way; donít know if I ever told her.I can remember waking up in that bath in town, I think theyíd just cleaned me up; Iím naked and wake up with the woman I love by my side and 2 of her friends.

††††††† I was very distant, I know, sorry, the drugs they gave me and the medication I was on aside from that didnít exactly help me be me.Iím off that medication now.I cannot thankyous enough.

††††††† I know Iím a bit messed up inside, who wouldnít be with this lot occurring to them, and being alone makes it far worse, but I promise to those people Iíll try my hardest to move on from this lot.

††††††† I need a break from my work, some normality returning, well beginning I should say.





†††††† What authorities of the UK were doing with me, and in some cases still occurs, is far worse than what they did to Nelson Mandela.I asked a man in Bury what people are saying about me, a man I didnít know.

ďAre you that Magnus Rawstron fellow?Ē

ďI am yes, why what are they saying about me?Ē
ďThe greatest ever, subjected to the worst ever, Iím sorry I sided with these women your enemies, I didnít know they were your enemies.Ē

ďYou werenít to know, you do not need to apologise to me Sir.Ē


††††††† My emotions went into chaos because of that day in Darwen, I donít know who I told not to get involved, I know my religious friends I told not to get involved.I donít know how many other people I predicted it to; I donít know what I advised people to do on this day.But I feel let down by many, they didnít stop it when they could have, but I may have told them before that day not to get involved and I will be OK.

††††††† May be it was all encouraged to be by my supernatural friends, back in 85 I did tell the General my supernatural friends were setting her and her lot up.


††††††† My supernatural friends give memory lapses, intentional.For one it makes me forget about mission and supernatural plans, and important discussions and meetings, therefore enemies cannot hear my thoughts on such, because I wonít think about it.When I begin verbally opposing peopleís ways with me, or writing of it, which is sometimes nice things they gave to me and what I advised them to do, it is because I have a memory lapse and canít recall what I advised, or all details of such.People think I am being awkward, but I am not, Iíve been given memory problems to help my work for humanity, so sometimes I got against what I have advised because I didnít know I advised that.

††††††† The supernatural are so very clever with me and those around me, they know how to lessen outcome effects to the bare minimum, they control situations with intelligence no government can match by half.To let lesser harms be the outcome, instead of worse ones, and Iím in the middle thinking what is going on?This isnít right.

††††††† Whoever I told to not get involved doesnít mean Iím not seeking justice, but police donít want to give justice and donít plan to because they were part of it.Justice has to be served on all that were involved, if not then street punishments all over earth escalate, innocents will be being killed and societies gone backwards 500 years.

††††††† If I donít get justice then I shall have to take parliament with votes and serve justice from there.If I canít get justice then I have to make sure all in the future do.

††††††† Law and order has been abandoned with I your most achieved justice apparatus, and now the supernatural wonít allow me to give youíre authorities any more help.Your most capable policing detective has been forced to quit, because of how English authorities have been reacting to me in worse ways that what South Africa did to Nelson Mandela.

††††††† If I take parliament then power to the people spreads all over earth, see what they are doing, the more they do against me the higher I reach.If I do go for it I will take it very easily and never lose it, the people wonít want me to lose it.Iíll give the people a govt and political system they are more proud of than any before, and the biggest shake up will be police.I know them more than most, I know their dirty tricks, their awful ways, theirs way to conspire against people they donít like, their criminality, their pathetic ways of policing.I know where money is being wasted on police and the judicial and prison process, I know how to refine the justice system and police.I know how to bring law and order back to this country, to lessen the effects of crimes unto innocents, to make the country financially better off and emotionally more stable than it has ever been.




††††††† Maybe they edited that torture, rape, sword forced animal sex, etc, to make it appear more of my actions than it was, even though I was astrally projected elsewhere, some people do react to me as though it is my thing.This is as sick and evil and perverse as any crime could be, to an innocent, with police watching, laughing and being a part of, in the street, day time, week day and broadcasted live.What is going on?They all became the worst kinds of sex criminals around, distributed it illegally in the worst ways possible, to harm a man falsely accused of similar and who was given no questioning or chance to give a defence.Authorities are responsible, police are responsible, govt, and television, Joanne and her royal guard authority are responsible.And the mob, journalists even managed to get some of my family in on it.And whacked people in the head everywhere, some permanently.

††††††† Me being guilty or not you donít do that, and broadcasting live was the sickest extreme ever, these images are illegal for a reason, they disturb people mentally.Illegal broadcasting of illegal images, of the worst crimes being performed and they all being a part of those too.They all became more serious sex criminals than they accused me of, with Sir Alex as the head, you wanted to be the head Alex?Fair enough, that was your choice, not mineÖ.

††††††† Where is justice with I who gave the best justice?None whatsoever, with police joining in with the serious crimes.

††††††† No explanations, no apologies, no compensation, no copy to know it all, no justice, no arrests, no anything, just more unjust opposition.2 run downs, 2 guns, 1 tazer, all since that time, 3 were police.Why?No comment is always their low life reply.

††††††† I need a copy for justice, for moving on, for the European Courts of Humans Rights, for my books, for my work.I know the worst so can handle the rest.

††††††† These the most severe authority crimes of injustice should not be continuing and unopposed, authorities are trying to turn me into an awful path of reactions, they are trying to turn me extreme, it is what they want, but I never do.They canít kill me so try and twist every little bit of me, or torture to the levels circumstances allow them to.




†††††† Joanne, one day back in the 90s, managed to hide a microphone in a Magistrates Court, one where I was being sentenced and she was causing distractions within.She was told to leave the courtroom but she was still recording everything that was being said in there.Me and the Magistrate had a loggerheads about law, justice, authority, lies, untruths and shut up, you havenít got a clue what you are talking about.That was the kind of discussion we went into, a total war of words but me winning everything, doing within law you are nothing and I am great, and proving it with law and words, and acts of the supernatural.

††††††† We got talking about law not applying to me, that amendment in law of the description of a human being, as law only covers human beings.I started chatting about there being an amendment in law about the definition of a human being, that there is such a thing as altered humans, who arenít to be classed as human beings, so law does not apply to in the same respects as.I donít know if this is true, but every person in the court room seemed to know about it, they seemed to recognise what I was talking about, a well known amendment in law, that in the case of altered humans they are not humans, so law does not apply.Donít know if itís a true law, or I was just talking gibberish like the Magistrate, either way I was winning the arguments very easily, all of them.

††††††† I was adhering to the law in an awkward manner and doing it respectfully but in an angry manner, because this magistrate tried to stamp unnecessary and irrelevant, and in one case criminal authority on me. She was questioning me as to why I wasnít with her, and demanding I kiss her.

†† †††††Joanne got kicked out of the courtroom but having that mic in the room she learnt of this law, that altered human thing, if it does exist, it was probably just mumbo jumbo on my part, and she reckoned she could turn police against me with the propaganda photos, and money, and law, she made them falsely believe I had escaped justice for paedophile and animal things, due to being a police informant, and possibly because if that Human law definition amendment does exist because of that too, that law does not apply to me due to not being a normal human, so they can do to me whatever they want.

††††††† I have a birth certificate; my body was born from my mother, so I am in legal terms classed as a human being.My soul people say is alien though, but law does not recognise the soul of people, so lawfully I am classed as a human being.Police are just talking gibberish when saying I am not human therefore law does not apply, their cover story, if that is the case then I should be allowed to direct people against police, in minor ways but lots of minor ways, without fear of lawful repercussions.

††††††† She got police, people in pro football, friends, criminals, family, locals and neighbours, and people within television, believing propaganda photos of me, and then many to go against me in the most sickening and seriously violent and most cruel criminal and evil ways ever, as well as being the most perverse criminal ways ever seen, whilst they had me drugged up.I didnít know what was going on till I had been spike drugged up.The TV people just standing, filming and showing obvious allegiance and support for these heinous, horrible, awful, evil, sick, perverse, twisted crimes and tortures unto myself, and siding with her against me.They are guilty through association, aiding and abetting, and conspiracy.The main organisers best watching out for the supernatural.

††††††† These people who in television decided to broadcast those serious criminal perverse and violent attacks unto myself, they have caused suicide rates to escalate and kids to watch it, they have taught some people that street justice is OK, that it is OK to bypass law, that it is OK to be a sentencing street judge on a person who wasnít given chance for his legal defence be considered.All you sick and evil twisted low lifeís who went against me in average and serious ways are gonna get in the next life more than the accumulation of unjust harms I received in this life.Thatís more than 5000 harms and harassments.

††††††† Seriously torturous ways, attempts to kill, rape, body mutilation, disease given, animal rape, homosexual rape, forced to have animal sex at sword point, attempts to kill, and mental torture immediately after for the next 4 weeks, based upon falsely suggesting I had escaped justice because I am not human and or because I am an informant.

††††††† A televised public event in the street to humiliate and kill the telepathic and supposed failed Christ, paedophile and animal doer.She knew I was innocent; her lot made them propaganda photos with spike drug induced coma like effects of me, she was of the most evil in England, and decent people joined in with her, they becoming worse than serial killers.

††††††† The photos are obvious staged settings around drugged up effects, so obvious I noticed about three obvious signs in 10 seconds of looking at one a police officer showed me, back in the early 90s.

††††††† After the unjust most evil and awful punishments and they not allowing me to be defended, I instantly turned that law around as someone had referred to it, as law is all about definition, one guy saying I am not human so they can do to me whatever they want too.I am the only Human Being here, you are all the altered Humans, not I, my abilities are complete, yours are limited, therefore legally I am the only Human Being here.You against me you are all animals, in behaviour as well as the legal sense, I am the only human being here, in a legal sense, and a behavioural way, and in humane and moral ways.So I am the only one here allowed to interpret human law, police in this land are now viable targets by all others, as they are being unruly to me the only Human Being they know, and they cannot be controlled to stop being unruly towards me, so they need to be stopped.Some guy was reading from a law book so I gave my interpretations, they spoke a lot of lies that day; itís what they do to increase the effects of, and place doubt in the victim due to the memory problems the drugs cause that they use.May be some of this law talk was true, it defo worked for me back in the 90s, now I had turned it completely around and made it work for me the totally opposite way around.

††††††† The first place that man with the law book went was police, and they walking away within disgust their emotions were now generating.When organising the area for this my punishment day, they told all I am not human so he deserves all of this we have organised, that was the basis for all these sick, perverted, evil low life crimes in the street with police backing.Criminally, and morally, they all became much worse than what they presumed of me, their justice will be much more than they expect.

††††††† All who turned my family against me, broadcasters and individuals, compensate them, seeing that they destroyed my family too.They all owe me compensation and justice to my attackers and organisers, and if I donít get it all get worse in the next life, a further justice that will make them realise they wished theyíd never been born into this low life they became.Not trying to make amends is continuing the harms.


††††††† Spike drug induced coma like effects of my person, to take control of I, heroine, sodium pentothal and serontin the drugs they use, to take all control of I, within managed photography and filming and live broadcasting, serious crimes unto my person, the most serious kinds of criminal torture, attempts to kill, rape, animal rape, serious body mutilation, serious body damage, disease given too.

††††††† To humiliate me in the worst ways possible, and ruin my image, to punish me for things they didnít accept defence of, they didnít want me to be innocent, they didnít even consider that so wouldnít accept the legal defence.

††††††† Poisoned, O.D.ed, severe body damage, lots occurred that day.

†††† †††I was there for the torture for about 2 seconds of time; I was astrally projected elsewhere, some dodgy spirit being put in my body to endure what he deserved.So they totally failed to harm me with 2% of what they planned, but they did whack many people in the head totally.Suicide rates have gone through the roof; the second time police with me have caused such.A funeral parlour told me that about that the second escalation, I was told by the supernatural about the other.They have emotionally disturbed millions of people, some will never be happy again.All to harm me which never occurred, they have become more sick and evil than what they accused me of, police from Darwen and them in pro football, and Joannes lot are the most obvious guilty persons to look at, there were others but I need not search for them now.

††††††† They have emotionally disturbed millions of people, in the most serious criminal ways by broadcasting illegal extreme and sickening evil pornographic material.This is what law and order has become in England, to do this to their most achieved justice apparatus.Theyíve disturbed millions of people and never harmed me, they angered me, that is all.

††††††† The greys told me I would fight off the herpes, and yes I didnít get it again, so even that didnít work again.Sheís been trying to give me that since the 90s, and tried again in 2014, what did she think?That a different decade and she will have better luck or somet?They even tried to ruin erm, well that didnít work either, and it is now working.

††††††† They all became much worse serious criminals than they accused me of, and no police to stop it, no arrests, and police in on it.

††††††† They say I am not human so can do to me whatever they want, that is more lies.I am Human, all my protections are UFO technologies, they are just making up lies to try and get more people on my case, and to try and blag the people into believing they were doing right.If I am not human, then it should be OK for me to violently attack a police officer, like how they encourage to me, since law only covers humans then I can do whatever I want too.See how their lies only ever go one way, because they are more full of it than most they arrest.

††††††† Please people, do not get involved in criminal ways, lawful opposition is always best.




††††††† These people in pro football from 2 clubs, and the others in pro football, who criminally conspired against I, who planned, initiated and were a part of serious crimes unto myself, in 2014, will be targeted by the supernatural.

††††††† Iíve been told all in pro football knew of this plan, so then that is all that were involved in conspired and criminal ways.Every person who knew of this plan, and never tried to stop it, are guilty, so that in the next life is a minimum of 50 years prison, which raises up to thousands of years, depending on severity of involvement.

††††††† They owe me millions in compensation, them who now want out of publicised serious crime but it doesnít work like that.You canít jump ship on intentional serious violent and evil and sick and twisted perverse crimes, once youíre onboard thatís it for the duration.You bypassed law and order, justice and peace, police and the judicial system, on an innocent man, and took things to the worst levels any serial killer could not have imagined.

††††††† This is the level they put me on, they wanted this level, they took it to this level and they put me on this level, I donít need any levels and just sit, watch and write.

††††††††††††† ††

††††††† I do not commit serious crimes or crimes of the person, but my alien friends are not human so need not adhere to human law, and they do give out true justice, in this life.

††††††† Enemies they wanted and did make a public spectacle of being my most major criminal enemy, to seriously criminally, seriously violently, the most serious perversities, punish me for propagandas of me, with local Lancashire police allowing it in the street and being part of it in many ways.

††††††† Propagandas of me Greater Manchester Police cleared me of in the early 90s and beyond, so now I have to reply in a similar public manner, but I will stay legal, and just, and decent, and give them chance to explain themselves, everything they didnít do with I.


†††††† They stitched me up in massive and serious violent and torturous criminal ways, with the worst perversities ever seen, and local people, and them low life evil billionaires from accy, alongside their evil royal guards being part of it too.Them from accy and their guards knew I was innocent, because they made them propaganda photos of me, so to falsely turn decent people against I.

††††††† They have an authority above the police, and authorised royal guards, of a Hapsburg line.They get their authority from Europe, and were the worst active criminals in Europe, hence them building propagandas so to oppose me with decent people.They have a property very close to Darwen police station; Iíve seen police patrol vehicles going back to there instead of the police station, that isnít right.

††††††† Look at the prophecies, they say I will be on the heels of the most evil world leaders, but this local wealthy lot who falsely turned many decent people against I, on my case since I was 7 and who were trying to do me in since then, are good at making it appear as though they arenít world leader status.They have authority above police, they have more money than most, I was living amongst them as a 7 year old and they intentionally went against me in many awful, evil, sick, and seriously perverse criminal ways.Combined family assets of gazillions, on paper its zillions.

††††††† So these people made people falsely believe I wasnít Christ and a serious criminal, then the people realised I am Christ and never were a serious criminal.

††††††† With those serious criminal and torture plans and initiations against I, which was televised as a street punishment thing for who they believed was a failed Christ, paedophile and into animals, as well as believing I had bypassed justice, they increased the suicide rates on earth, so no person better come near I shouting the odds.I proved my innocence, I proved my Christ label, and they never gave me chance to defend myself with words, until after they had began the serious crimes unto myself.

††††††† I was on a military mission against her you idiots, waiting on her making a move in 2014.

††††††† Ferguson, Power, Taylor, Giggs, Neville, and the others who were present and counted for, whoever else was there standing around I.Even the owners allowed a lot, including them seriously criminal photos being put on notice boards at United.More serious sex crimes, they all became the serious sex criminals and never giving me chance to be questioned or to even know what people were saying of me.

††††††† You know there is one religion, I began reading their book, and it said Christ will be persecuted by a certain religious group, it wasnít descriptive of them all, but them billionaires from Accrington were of that heritage, and so were many guilty persons from United.

†††††††† I know the others and them from Bury, the first team doing her in the street were forced at gunpoint by her guards, they never wanted in, football management wanted them in but they didnít want in, so her guards used gunpoint threats, so they were all innocent.

††††††† So yes it was mainly people from Bury F.C. and Manchester not so United anymore.

††††††† Some people will never be happy with what they have done, people who I always saw smiling now struggling too, my family unjustly destroyed and all of everything else.



††††††† How can they go weeks without paying comp?Theyíre not even offering, theyíre the sickest of the lowest and one affiliated person tried to run me down the other day, I cycling he in a car.

††††††† What they did to me was pure evil serious criminality, low life of the lowest lifeís, the worst and sickest crimes Iíve ever seen, the most awful behaviours I will ever witness unto my person or any other, the sort of stuff you only hear the worst low life evil doers doing to innocents.Extremely perverse and sickening, they stooped to levels worse than serial killers go to, with police, television and crowd backing.That is what they are now, the worst low lifeís they could be, and they did it to me as an unjust punishment, without giving me chance to explain my defence, as a public spectacle televised all over live.The most serious and perverted sex crimes, the most serious violent offences ever, and the low life Darwen police allowed it, participated in some ways, they deserve holy hell too, police they always were a close 2nd behind Joanneís lot as my most major enemies, it needs to stop and stop it will.


††††††† You cannot attempt to execute whilst torturing with the most perverse ways ever, its sick, evil and more criminal than anything else.I was on a terrorist nuclear weapon mission for the army, any consultation of me by authorities, footie, pig scum, or whoever, questioning etc, would have given those details out.

††††††† They became more sick and evil than anything they ever supposed of me, without questioning I has to be stated again here, and their ways were the perversions of their selves, their ways, and their futures in the next life.Punishing without questioning, assumption being used to determine punishment, it will be their justice of the next life, and some are getting it lawfully in this one.








††††††† May be I should tell them here how I may have saved the Queens life when 13, and how she never learnt of it till 2007, it had to be kept quiet because the military mission was ongoing, waiting on the 2nd nuke from Joanneís lot.

††††††† That nuke in Huncoat, 85, they put it there for me, but when Elizabeth may have been in the blast zone, on her nearby country estate, they went for her because I thought about her lots; I loved her, that is why I was thinking of her lots.

††††††† I can remember the Silver Jubilee in 77, when I was 5.Months earlier my supernatural friends told me she would one day come to see me, so then when the Silver Jubilee began I thought that is when she would come to see me.All day I was waiting for her, even told many she would be coming to see me.Early in the day I asked in thoughts, is today when she comes to see me? May be, it could be, didnít want to spoil the day for me.

††††††† Then my enemies were on me in 78 or 79, told me in thoughts theyíd kill her because of me, within a week or two of them being on my case I was predicting all of these situations in a creative writing school exercise, a nuclear weapon designed for us two, and disarmed by me and my alien friends.

††††††† I was in a location that baffles me when they first told me theyíll kill the Queen, in 2014 I returned to check up on that place, and again the places baffles me, although now in different ways.I donít know why that location confuses me; it always has done since I was 7 years old.I cannot understand the place, it just messes with me inside and I never feel normal when there.I always avoided that location as a kid, it just made me feel horrible.May be I was picking up on past murders.

††††††† I am unsure if Elizabeth was close by when they put that nuke on Altham Lane, Huncoat, but the amount of grief I get from police they need to know, they need to back off and feel the guilt of their crimes and ways against me the innocent man who does nowt but help.And they donít, they just continue and change tactics.

††††††† I didnít want to write about this because Iím unsure, and if it is true wanted Elizabeth to be the first to talk about it in public, but the amount of unjust enemies I have in police and elsewhere they need to know now.It may not be true, but that nuke was the biggest in circulation back then, so Iíve been told.Elizabethí estate was close enough to be affected, and the season the nuke was there would have been close to when her nearby estate becomes busier due to seasonal activity, or was the season.

††††††† Details of that nuclear weapon are in my next book, Williams.

††††††† Back in 88 a guy from Williams told me the Windsor family are F.A.This was his saying, not mine, so for sure some from this other royal linked family had something major against them, and people in that distant royal family in Accrington had been on my case within weeks of the govt receiving my letter about me being Agnus Dei.

††††††† Me and the Queen were close in location in 85, and it raced a nuclear weapon to the scene, them Williams are distant relatives of Hapsburgs, like myself.

††††††† In 2001 I did some major things for the Brit and US armies, in Afghanistan, I basically gave via psychic information every primary target, because Osama asked for a holy war, every primary target close to him, that is.

††††††† I did Osama because he asked for a holy war, and I didnít get the £35 million reward, but that is neither here nor there, when considering other particulars.You know that should have given me major honors, rewards, etc, and it should have put me and the Royal family close to each other, and it would have done, if a suspected particular circumstance that year hadnít of occurred round about the same time, a little later.We kind of went distant through words of my own, more than distant if you know what I mean, believed to be delivered as and of circumstances elsewhere, words from the supernatural speaking through me, words I had no control over due to it being trance talking, a kind of enemy statement, but they were structured lies, to protect futures, to keep London royalty away from me, or theyíd also become a target.

††††††† They were all structured lies to set me and royalty apart, to distance us, if not we would have got close, and that would have just raced another nuke to the scene, London then becoming a target, so then there would have been two targets for my enemies, London Royalty and me, like how they tried when I was a young child thinking of her lots, and she being close to me with her nearby estate.

††††††† It was all structured lies based around unassociated normal events, to keep us apart, to stop the Windsor family from becoming targets again.She became a target when I loved her as a kid and we were close in location, so that had to stop, my thoughts and emotions of her taken out of the situation.

††††††† This is how clever The 9 angels are; they will create untrue atmospheres so to protect the best outcomes, to protect a plan, to protect people, to make things easier and safer for all concerned.Atmospheres are nothing compared to what they were trying to avoid, and what they did avoid.


††††††† Look at earlier in this book, I explain a reverse formula mushroom cloud, saying it was this and that, and then in 2014 The 9 angels say, Oh no it wasnít, they were our lies, it was really a nuclear explosion made safe by the grey aliens.We didnít want to concern people with this nuke mission you were on, not until all four nukes were accounted for, and that couldnít be safer circumstances unless the nukes were put close to you, and they had to be close to you, so you could stamp on these evil distant relatives in Accrington.Take them out of the situation by being their only target.

††††††† I do sometimes say how clever The 9 Angels are, way off the scale, and itís only now some people are realising how big that scale is that they have stretched way beyond.



††††††† People should never jump on isolated statements without questioning further, or serious criminal suspicion, because it isnít always true, you know people say things they donít intend or plan, spur of the moment things, emotional overloads instead of they being plans.The reason we have courts is to get to the bottom of the truth, to find the truth within what a load of awfulness covers as something else.

††††††† It is the basics of every judicial system on the planet, to question every person involved, to find the truth from what is supposed.

††††††† Elizabethís people came to see me in 2007, to speak with me on other matters, that is when they learnt all of this, and the fine details not mentioned here.Tried to get close to me, which I had to stop, to protect futures and other people, and the army nuke mission I was on.I said we have to appear as enemies so attack me now, so that is what they did, sorry I floored that copper but it had to look real, but they got me back with that electrical reel.

††††††† So there it is, friends made to appear as enemies, to protect the future and the best outcomes.




††††††† Some people have been suspecting I have been abusing the supernatural, and innocent people being harmed by the supernatural around I.What happened in Darwen with torture and attacks unto I proves me and the supernatural do nothing to those that attack me, we just sit it out and watch them fail.

††††††Another similar moment in Bury, where I had to endure it, again I did nothing, this time I wasnít astrally projected elsewhere, and still I did nothing to her trying to kill me.

††††††† These are our ways, our outcomes, to let people try and fail, and not to do the same back, or to not go for innocents.We have never gone for innocents, and we donít attack my attackers, we ridicule by forcing their own failures.

††††††† We have never attacked people trying to kill me, we just make sure they fail, and we have never targeted innocents, how could we ever do that when we cannot even attack the most guilty persons?

††††††† Words are my weapons, encouraged by enemies actions, and peoples failures unto I are also my weapons.We donít need to attack and we never do.








††††††† Be best all who were involved in that moment of crime and torture in Darwen get together and see what they can get together, I need 11mill at least, United you also owe me a good will gesture, so that means you all owe me more than 11, you remember that goodwill gesture I gave United, 2 weeks before they stitched me up in the worst violent criminal and perverted crime ways possible.

††††††† I donít want to see their faces anywhere, and neither do many other people, their own fans turning against them, Iím coming down to Stretford, gonna see if I or my supernatural friends can do somet lawfully relevant.

††††††† They organised and became part of a seriously criminal public unjust punishment of me, with serious crimes and homo and animal rape of me, live recording and broadcasting, attempts to kill too, whilst I had been drugged up and forced to do this, some at sword point, just some of what they did to me, they wrongfully thinking I was a paedophile and into animals, not giving me chance to defend myself with words and then ignoring them when I did, they became worse than what they accused me of, and forcing it into the public via live broadcasting from a town centre street.So now they have it, that public punishment but now it is their punishment and theirs of me was countered to some levels, but mine cannot be countered by them.Bryan Taylor I also want that £15k back, that £15k I let you scramble for in the 90s.Even his daughters turned against him because of this lot, I sparked him out and they were smiling at me while their dad is unconscious on the floor.I saw one woman leave her footballing fellow too, because of what they did to me, I saw her throwing her wedding ring at him, and she waited till I could see it being thrown.

††††††† My supernatural friends did a good job to keep me away from my body, astrally projected elsewhere and one who deserved to go through all that lived my body through it for me, forced to do it as his punishment by my angel friends.What I learn of it mostly comes from the supernatural or other peoples thoughts.


††††††† The religious people who have gone a bit weak in the head because of this, and the kids, and the many others, we will all get far away from evil one day, it will all be totally wiped one day too.Iím speechless now, I can usually find the statements to pick people up but itís pretty hard here.Other people witnessed it more than me, wished you hadnít seen it, glad for those who came in support of I.

††††††† I tried to live for the irreligious and this is what they did to me, so now itís time to go to religious people, to go to where I want to be, if they still want me that is.Enemies have done that much against me, twisted my emotions into anger and insecurity, ruined my image, I now feel as though not only have I lost everything but I may also have lost religious people.


†††††† Organised rape in the street, homosexual and animal criminal rape in a public place, and sword point forced to, then done by, and the most serious violent offences, televised and broadcasted live, because they suspected I was a paedophile and into animals, a failed Christ claimant, they thought Iíd escaped justice.I was none and I proved Iím Christ, and more than 7 weeks later and nothing, but more opposition and lies, from a few who were present.People in pro football owe me compensation, 12 mill will do.


†††††† Poisoned, O.D.ed, stabbed, they tried to kill me many times, but like Jesus I cannot die, what they did to me was worse than anything else they could have done, publicly in this day and age, in the next life they will suffer far more than I did in this life.It was worse than what Jesus had, but that makes me a bit more happy than before, because I know I wasnít there for most of it, astrally projected elsewhere while another uses my body, and when in my body at rare moments the pain just becomes nothing within them sorts of tortures.I stop feeling pain when this begins; I donít even feel the sense of touch as they try and try.So that is also how Jesus went through his day.

††††††† Why broadcast live?How did they get away with that?It has caused a mass of grief elsewhere and I suppose theyíll blame that on me too.All you who decided to broadcast, you have increased suicide rates and messed up many kids inside, you sick low lifeís will pay in the next life, severely, whoever authorised broadcasting of serious criminal violence and serious criminal perversions unto myself became worse in morals than the people who force others to do that, they forced seriously criminal images into innocent peopleís homes, they were part of it, they spoke against me many times, they organised against me, laughing and joking, well in the next life I will laugh and joke, and in this life many will be targeted by the supernatural.

††††††† Most of my enemies do not give me chance to defend myself with truths, IE words, they donít want me to be cleared, they want me to be guilty, so I donít get chance to explain myself, most know it canít be true but they choose to go against me because many low lifeís want to beat God.

††††††† I will get justice on them all in the next life, and many in this life, and it may go to the European Courts of Human Rights, this is absolutely evil of the lowest order, and not prosecuting is worse, all who authorised it to continue you have condemned yourselves to punishment for more serious crimes than they accused me of.All who authorised it to continue, watch out in the next life, the animals youíll be meeting you wonít even know what they are.

††††††† Men in football and others who criminally conspired against I that day, 12 mill comp cleared a week b4 Christmas, if not expect to see the supernatural.

††††††† They were some of the seriously criminal organisers and part of it so now they either comp up or see the other path, not by me or people I know, or by my wishes or desires, or by any people reading this, it will be the supernatural.If it comes to it theyíll go for the head first, after a warning of severity, which the warning has occurred, the turncoat will be last, he who was all for it, sent his mates in then sneaked off home instead of going.

††††††† My alien friends will do it, be fun to watch, the unknowns of me wow if that gets involved, be equal in amazement to a hand the size of Europe waving to me.

††††††† I cannot control the supernatural, I do not commit serious crimes, Iíve never committed crimes against the person, it was all property when people in my early 20s were able to secretly control me with telepathy into the pettiest of crimes.I do not plan to commit serious crimes, I will not commit any serious crimes, and I will not encourage any kinds of crimes, but now step up to the levels people took me too, where police choose to fail and ignore law around I.

††††††† I will stay lawful, but my supernatural friends are not human and I cannot control or influence them, so they can do whatever they want too and it will be legal.




††††††† Pro football, Joannes lot, police, 3 of my worst enemies ever and Joanne linked herself up with both, and friends of mine, to falsely turn all against I more so, she got a lot from both, free rule on serious crimes in the street against I, lots of men group doing her in the street, her fantasy, to get group done by hundreds in the street, authorised with her royal guard permissions, and police wanting to be in on it and being in on it, when they could have stopped it, theyíd have stopped it for anyone, but me, in the street whilst Iím being raped and tortured, sick and evil, twisted and depraved, cheap and nasty, low life and evil, the worst of the worst in this decade.

††††††† They will all get justice in the next life, some in this life, some wonít get a next life, itíll be total annihilation time.


††††††† You cannot go into the most awful and most evil serious violent crime in a public spectacle way, in evil and unjust ways, the most serious and awful and evil unjust punishment ever, the most sickening ever, and perverse, for what you never gave me chance to defend myself of, then expect nothing in response.If this occurred to your brother, sister, mum or dad, and the perpetrators had bypassed justice, then law and order has gone and it has to be done some other way, and those other ways it will be done, but I will stay lawful, the supernatural may get involved, if justice isnít delivered by the authorities.

††††††† Their lowly evil unjust punishments made them become, in a legal sense, worse than most murderers, in a criminal sense they have become worse than murderers, worse than what they accused me of, much worse than what they accused I of.

††††††† Why no arrests? Why allow to occur?You made society much worse, I am here to protect and serve humanity, and you lot do the opposite.I am here helping, you are hindering.


††††††† My lawful greys can cause cancer, they can shine a torch on a face from outside of a window, depending on how long the light hits skin, determines ferocity of the cancer.They can control a person to drive their car into a collision, they can telepathically harass, cause the worst kinds of sleep paralysis and sleep walking, yes, lets sleep walk Alex Ferguson in the naked around Manchester, and control him to do some of the worst dodgy stuff ever.They can rip souls out, can prevent breathing during sleep, can influence decision making, they can do a whole lot more too.

††††††† How can low intellect persons mistake a telepath for a paedophile and into animals?Iíll tell you how, because they wanted me to be guilty, they wanted to be correct, they never gave me one chance to defend myself correctly, they never confronted me, like how instructed to by the propaganda photo makers, they never questioned me, they just assumed and planned.Like how all police want the people they arrest to be guilty.

††††††† Iím of God and they thought I wasnít, so they wanted to prove me wrong, and total torture, humiliation and violence.People close to me donít go out of their way to prove or substantiate my Godliness, they never do that, they go out of their way to suggest the opposite, then realise their mistake.

††††††† Never punish without questioning, you made society suffer, you took law and order back 500 years, you unjustly punished the only man to put his life on the line for all of you, and give me nothing as an apology, just more lies and opposition.

††††††† Those propaganda photos them billionaires from accy used to falsely turn decent people against I, Iíve seen 3 of them.Police showed me one of a Cockerel, a journalist showed me one of a dog getting and one of a naked 5 year old girl with a naked I.I was angry and vexed, not embarrassed, I was vexed and out of control, I wasnít calculating and thoughtful.

††††††† I was arrested in the early 90s, Greater Manchester, for a very minor petty theft.Somehow police had some of them propaganda photos; donít know where they found them, I didnít even know they existed, and I had never done anything of the sort, to my knowledge.

††††††† After the interview on the thefts one officer asked if we could speak on other matters, so I said yes sure thing.

ďWe want you take a look at these photos, tell us what you think, just give us your natural reaction to what is seen in the photos.Ē

ďYeah sure go for it,Ē he then placed a photo on the table, it took me about 20 seconds to work out what it was, a naked me and a cockerel.ďWTF? WTF is that like?Ē
ďWell you tell us, itís what weíve put it here for.Ē

ďThatís a stitch up, thatís what that is, where TF did you get that from?How many have you got?Ē
ďWeíve got all of these
,Ē then showing me a large pile.

ďWhatís going on?How does a guy even do a cockerel?Itís a male bird, I canít do that, Iíve never done that, Iím straight and only into women, Iím traditional that way.ĒI then hearing thoughts telling me they design these animals especially for sex, so I then saying, ďOh so I see, they design these animals for sex.Ē

ďWho do?Ē

ďWhoever did this to me, this isnít me mate, this is a stitch up.Ē

ďDo you have any major enemies?Ē
ďMe have enemies, thatís like asking a Queen Bee if she has workers, itís a daft question.Ē

ďDo you take drugs?Ē
ďYou know I take drugs, mainly and usually only ever cannabis, why are you asking me that for?Ē
ďHave you ever taken sodium pentothal?Ē
ďThatís that truth drug thingy in it? That stuff the CIA use, no Iíve never had it before but Iíll take some to prove my innocence on this lot.Ē

ďThatís not what we are getting at here, you need to check up at the library on this drug, see what it says.Ē

ďWhat else is on them photos?Letís have a look at the others.Ē

ďNo Mr Rawstron, were gonna wrap this up now.Ē

ďNah, I wanna see them photos, I wanna see what you lot are looking at.Ē

ďNo Mr Rawstron, thatís it.Ē

ďI donít ?ucking think so, give me them photos now,Ē I then jumping onto the interview table on my knees and kind of like fighting the two of them whilst tryna grab the pile of photos off one.

ďYou get them photos out of here, Iíll hold him back, Custody Sergeant we need back up in here now, heís tryna fight us for the photos.Back away Mr Rawstron, back up is on its way and theyíll be here in seconds, and youíll then get arrested for police assault.Ē

††††††† I backed away, got off the table, sat back down on the chair then in comes a big officer, smiling as he sees everything has calmed down.ďEverything OK?Ē

ďIt is now.Ē

††††††† I was told to be careful everywhere I go, for people were stitching me up everywhere I go, I always noticed something about neighbours but always my attention diverted elsewhere.

††††††† The low life idiot, seriously warped and evil individuals in football, who went against I in that public manner, they became as bad as the sex criminals who were stitching me up with drugs and managed photography.Some of them billionaires from accy who are into murder, torture, and then kids, animals, s n m and genetic inbreeding for extreme criminal sex.


††††††† All the criminal and conspiracy organisers in pro football against me 13mill comp, that is the supernatural, not I, no crimes will be broken, no crimes will be suggested, influenced or encouraged to be, my most major publicly known enemies will see my kind of street justice, but it will be by the supernatural, not I, where the people can see it too.I have to stay lawful to beat them, and all who want to help me you do the same too.Lawful opposition is what they donít want; they are trying their hardest to turn me extreme.

††††††† In 2001 I verbally told police if they heighten surveillance of me it will cause my suicide, also telling them when I die all hell breaks loose.Within the month they had heightened surveillance to the extremes, how is that not authority trying their hardest to cause the worst?


††††††† Before I arrived people would say only God has the right to kill, well I disagree, but my disagreements with God go nowhere, he does his thing.

††††††† My way is to wait for them in the next life, to be there feeding them beetles and live swarms of flies, then deciding on their many punishments, that is my way, that is how I am to my enemies.Then things can and do occur down here, earth, God, Goddess, spirit, earth bound greys, alien greys, alien humans, unknowns, there is a lot that can lawfully occur down here, as all these supernatural life forms wanting to help me.

††††††† You cannot do that to guilty persons, it sets society backwards, they become much criminally worse than what I was incorrectly accused of, well they didnít even accuse me of it, they just planned violence and perversions without questioning of I.Honestly guys, everyone who knew of this plan and never tried to stop it, the justice they will receive in the next life will be far reaching.They have totally messed up their futures, and have built me into someone who now is much more able than I was before.

††††††† They did it to me with kids watching, it was far worse than what those people do, and they did it to me without giving me chance to defend myself with words, thousands of years imprisonment I will get for all most participants in the next life.I wasnít supposed to survive, I wasnít supposed to remember, I wasnít supposed to be Christ but then they realised I was.

††††††† They became worse than what they suggested of me, and harmed other people more than I.Even the attackers and organisers are far worse off in emotions now than I, and some friends who had to watch it also the same.

††††††† Unjust harms of me never cease, they escalate, and I will fulfil all the prophecies, so any others who wanna get in my way will fail and fall, one of my greys could take out every seriously criminal enemy of mine in a morning, one giving telepathic barracking can cause suicide in less than two hours, but what would other people learn from that?

††††††† Donít tempt them.

††††††† People do not see what we are capable of, they see what we resort to, so please donít ask to see more, seeing what we resort too that is a massive shortfall in what we can do.

††††††† Even if I was guilty that doesnít occur in this country, but because of me claiming to be Christ they thought they could put themselves as the good men whacking evil, all because not one bothered to question me, and when I did shout my legal defence it was ignored.

††††††† People in pro football, after they had realised their mistake, IE my innocence, they tried to get close and pally with me, tried to make up, tried to get my forgiveness.I never forgive for intentional actions but just went with it.I was still drugged up so not knowing what they up to.

††††††† One other part of this elaborate crime spree, was making me believe the attackers had murdered all in my family, weeks this went on for.Another part of their, lets cause the worst mental instability ever possible, which again has not worked.Nothing works with me, murder, nukes, when will they all realise nothing works against me, and I then rise far above what their outcomes should have been.

††††††† Theyíve been at it 35 years and still havenít learned, I donít think they ever will.Iíve seen more intellect in birds that weigh 35 gram, and still them idiot enemies will refer to brain size and all that, intellect comes from the soul, not the brain.

††††††† Them lot in television, get my compensation.You twisted my family against me in criminal and unjust ways, so you fix it.Because of what you did to them, and how you made they become, and their lies of me based upon propagandas you made them believe, I do not want to speak to them ever again.

††††††† The legal system is there for a reason, you sick, evil, low life, severely warped perverted sex criminals and twisted idiots.You have become serious sex criminals of the worst perversions ever imagined, pay this compensation.Donít pay up and in the next life you get a lot more justice.

††††††† I will never give television any interviews; if they approach me then we may see a good news report of my reactions.Television had their entrance with me, and it was also their exit.

††††††† If I do not get justice from the authorities who are supposed to give justice, all who refuse to give that justice expect a thousand years prison in the next life; itíll be more if you disagree with it.

††††††† Justice has to prevail; I need a copy for the justice system and European Courts of Humans Rights, also for compensation claims.I will never trust any other authority in this land, for as long as I am refused justice, and so will all other religious people, and those numbers are fast climbing.

††††††† If I donít get justice, I will at a later date force justice as the Prime Minister of England.Iíll give the people a govt and political system they are proud of, and all others after will have to step up to those levels.


††††††† Many times before, my supernatural friends told me I will be the Prime Minister of England; I always didnít want to do it, so laughed and refused those futures.

††††††† My supernatural friends could have very easily made me avoid all that torture and what not, although I never had to endure due to astral projection taking me elsewhere.Due to me not being given justice on this lot, and police and other authorities being in on it and part of it, I now want to be the Prime Minister of England, to make changes that makes sure justice always prevails in the future for other people.

††††††† To stamp out conspiracy and crime in authorities, to better the justice system and police, to make them accountable for all of their intentional and unintentional lapses of duty.

††††††† I will win, like how the prophecies state, so the more opposition I receive then that is more people who have to lose.You cannot win, people have been trying to kill me for 35 years, it isnít happening, people have been trying to break my emotions for that long as well, it isnít happening.I am still out there, with every major opposition I climb much higher than they expect I could, I am still shouting justice, law and order, and it still isnít happening.

††††††† People are taking on the most able life forms of this Universe, and I have their minds in mine to keep me in that line of thought, emotion, analysis and working out.

††††††† Can you see what is happening?Evil criminality ruling English authorities to do the worst things to me possible.Why canít I have justice?Why is it law is abandoned around I?Why is it that this abandoning of law and order with I continues unopposed by them same authorities?

††††††† Iíve watched authorities persons who have handgun permission papers, Joanneís royal guards, they turn to serious criminality and own the police, they kill people as easy as starting a playground argument, shooting someone dead, to them, is like you hitting someone in the face with your fist, Itís that easy for them.Annoy them and that is it, youíre gone.Anger them and its torture time.

††††††† Authority from Europe, no authority to answer to, they act like serious criminals with laws of their own.This was just one group of royal guards I met, of her lot from Accrington, I donít know what the rest are like, from other families, Iím speaking only about that group from Accrington.

††††††† They knew they were above the law so became the most serious criminals around, with authority to do it unopposed by other authorities.This needs to stop; there should be no security group with more authority over others.

††††††† They tried killing me in Bury one night, emptied his dum dum pistol 3 times, when police arrived I stood with them, and the 2 enemies they came, flashed their permission papers, and put another in me.ďHe aint human?Ē

ďMore humane than you will ever be.ĒAnd one of them police officers went missing, the other I advised to change his statement, to, I must have been LSD spiked and began hallucinating.


††††††† With my family journalists made them believe the propaganda photos, because no one knows anything about law and order.Every time they look at those photos they have committed a serious sex crime, and one against me, and every time they pass them onto someone else they have committed as many sex crimes as the number of photos they pass.Passing them propaganda photos to my family were serious sex crimes, distributing illegal pornographic material.

††††††† The journalists convinced my family I was guilty, and then convinced them to say whatever about me, within that broadcast.One of my friends told me how my mum said some of the most awful things she could have, about me, in that television broadcast.She was telling lies; they were making things up saying anything against who they suspected was a paedophile, plying them with drink too I think.

††††††† The biggest, worst, sickest, most perverse criminal actions anywhere, with police involved, they all became the worst sex criminals in this land, to their only God, and police react to me as though it is my fault.


††††††† How can police, journalists, crowds of people, and the army I am working for free, let these most serious crimes against me continue unopposed?Live broadcasted for over an hour in a town centre, daytime, weekday.Everyone that was involved became serious sex criminals of the worst levels, and not one arrest or investigation, or attempts to stop it.

††††††† All organisers should be targeted by them they instructed to be in on this, the organisers put them into something not one person should ever do, they have had all their future destroyed in the next life, all this moment did was wreck decent people in the head and awful people loved it.They gave evil what they wanted guys, idiots, sort it or get sorted by the supernatural.

††††††† This is England 2014, not 1014.They could only get away with it because it was me, so yes, they made this level, this circle, the one I do not step onto ever, I just write about it all, then they blame me for the repercussions elsewhere.

††††††† All my enemies, of the past, present and future, just check the prophecies before taking me on, because you will lose and ill climb higher with your opposition than if I didnít have it.It always occurs that way; they try and subdue me so I end up reaching for the sky and catching it.


††††††† All my family who were in that television broadcast, laughing and joking while looking at them propaganda photos, they were all guilty of serious sex crimes and against I, and so were the people who handed them the photos.They all became serious sex criminals against me and not one arrest or investigation.It is illegal to possess them pictures, to look at them, to hand them to someone else, and to look again is another set of serious sex crimes.


††††††† During the seriously criminal torture of me, many were telling me my family had been kidnapped, and then loud speakers nearby relaying their voices to me, and then screaming pretending to be murdered.And then these lies continued for weeks, that they had been murdered.Like I said before, this torture treatment was also designed to cause permanent mental instability.They tried to kill me but only my supernatural protections worked there, the organisers knew I wouldnít die, theyíd tried many times, so they worked out what may cause permanent mental instability.

††††††† Does my writing make it appear as though they have caused permanent mental instability?They fail with everything; sometimes I just stand there accepting their crimes so they donít have to try that one again.They have angered me that is all, and that always makes me reach further than they expected I could.They always gear me up with their opposition; Iím now on about gear 25 in overdrive, and it is always an automatic change.

††††††† This is how far away from knowing me my family are, very quick to accept any lies of me, and even quicker to act on those lies, whilst not giving me chance to speak for myself.

††††††† Presumption and assumption being used to formulate punishments is worse than many serious crimes, itís a killer, never punish without questioning, its evil, pure evil.

††††††† One journalist said to me while she had 50 propaganda photos of me in her hand, that she is allowed them because she is a journalist.She wasnít using them to investigate; she was using them to look and be shocked, which are serious sex crimes.She said she was checking to see if it was me, she didnít need all of them for that, just one cut out is all she needed for that.Lying low life sex criminals making lies up about their defence, serious sex criminals against I the one who has never committed a sex crime or a serious crimes.

††††††† See how people become the serious criminals against I, and react as though they have done nothing wrong.I know law, donít try and teach me law, possessing and looking at them photos is a serious sex crime, letting other people see them is a serious sex crime, if people still want to do it then expect prison in the next life.

††††††† They all talk these lies about their sex criminality, well at least I can truthfully say, if one person commits anymore sex crimes against me, hundreds of years in prison in the next life.Destroy them all, or have your future in the next life destroyed.

††††††† You journalists, youíve taken my family, my respect, youíve thrown everything in the bin I worked for and replaced it with serious sex crimes unto I and disrespect.Youíve messed up people in the head permanently, people I used to see smiling all the time no longer can.You have criminally distributed illegal pornographic material on grand scales; you have all become the most serious sex criminals alive in this country, with police backing.

††††††† My family deserve compensation from them who twisted them that way, broadcasters you have mashed more than thousands of people up in the head, permanently, so start paying compensation where it is due.Donít pay it then Iíll get yous in the next life, and some will get a visit by the supernatural in this life.

††††††† Some people need guidance and advice on everything, how stupid and evil some people are totally messes with my thoughts, it is unexplainable, how can people be like this?

††† ††††Now I know why the supernatural tell me I will not allow any other to do this kind of work on Earth.Look at all the greats, Quetzalcoatl, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Osiris, Zeus, Mohammad and the many others; they all lived at different times to each other, so must have somehow been affiliated with each other.They were definitely of God, all of them and the many others I havenít named.But we cannot believe everything that is said of them, because they never gave us writings of their life.Which is why I have to write everything from my life, and I suppose opposition will try and bury my words, and I expect some of the greats had their words buried too.


††††††† The woman I found myself having sex with, I woke up and found myself with her, saw her face had all the skin dissolved off, all she had was muscles.I pulled away, got off her if you know what I mean, and asked what they did to her face.ďYouíve just got herpes, look at her down there,Ē then pointing at her down there and sure enough, she had a massive rash.

ďYou canít give me herpes, sheís been trying to give it me since the 90s, Iím immune.Ē

††††††† Next they told me it was my sister, and she began walking away, hiding her face from me with her hair.She was a prisoner, it just wasnít my sister, I know her real face and recognise her, I donít want to know where from, I know she knew me, I knew her face had just been done.Walking away she was turning her head from me, in shame trying to hide her face with her hair.What I saw in my mind of her destination was much more gruesome than that.

††††††† Royal guards need authority limiting; or may be all police and royal guards to have body cams, video equipment recording at all times when on duty in public, authority is being abused and it is worse than serious criminality.Royal guards they seemed to be the main men of this lot, Joanneís royal guards, Joanne and her mum were proper fearful of their own guards, the 2 most evil people I ever met, so how evil were the guards and their boss?They were worse than them 2, them 2 women were just being how told to be, and not being able to get out.

††††††† Iíve been told by other Royalty me and Joanne were more closely related than Iíll believe, of a similar Hapsburg line, and as close to thrones as each other, which is as far away as we could be.How she and her lot managed to get Royal guards I do not know, probably something to do with her families zillions.

††††††† Look at all awfulness I put myself into for other people, and the supernatural telling me I will never allow any other to do this kind of work on earth.They always try and talk me out of it, saying someone else should go, but I never allow it.They donít like it that I stamp my authority on them in these ways, but they have to go with it, they have no choice, they do what I say and that is final.


††††††† Even after it took me 4 weeks to realise they and others saying family are dead were lies.I havenít done anything to deserve this; even police were telling me family were dead, and weeks after, and people in pro football, other authorities and people in the crowds watching.Theyíve done that one before, tryna convince me itís my fault my family are dead, but really they were not.

††††††† I believe I have done something wrong; and end up saying Iím not responsible for what I said or did when on those drugs they put in me, and all agree.

††††††† I donít sometimes explain everything in my books because I donít always remember everything; till a later date, I remember some important info when needed most, if pushed for it.I know some ways I have worded things incorrectly, or incompletely, and has caused some decent people to go against me, but Iím not a writer, Iím not professional in that sense, any doubt on my high moral standing I can always say will be unsubstantiated, it just may sometimes be described as something other than what it truly was, fine details differing but the main always correct.Iíve always been on high moral ground, but it causes disruptions, like how telepathic abilities do too.

††††††† Yes my anger boils into my words sometimes, but what else can I do?Theyíve frustrated me by not adhering to law with me, and not giving justice to my attackers, and police being part of my most major opposition.I always stay lawful when my enemies do not, so sometimes my anger seeps into my books.Itís bound to do that, Iím one man targeted by so called decent people, and I never resort to the same levels they do with me.


††††††† What Darwen police did to me is a 30 year prison sentence in the law of this land, allowing, encouraging and being part of them serious crimes, unto one, is at least a 30 year prison term.And yet they abandoned law and order because they arenít police, they are impersonating police.Theyíve become the lowest of the low, and I still canít work out why, they donít do that to them guilty sorts, but for me it was OK.

††††††† Darwen police working when that lot occurred, you will all be tortured, very slowly, in the next life, by me, to levels God says.They were all involved.All torturers of me will get much worse.Iím gonna mess them up so much in the next life they will wish they were never born into this life, this low life criminality they are performing while impersonating police officers.

††††††† Swarms of flies will be your breakfast, and you have to catch them if you want to eat.Cardinal beetles for evening meal, cold stone bed, for dinner youíll probably have to look at yourself.


††††††† Never go into crime without considering every possibility of your path, that is the golden rule of being within criminality, but these evil low lifeís didnít consider anything, except that they and a Sir could get away with criminally torturing a man in public to the worst levels ever witnessed, and with police backing.I was innocent and not given chance to defend myself with words, just on that basis they deserve much worse.I did give my legal defence, but they were all ready and not willing to accept it.

††††††† On a military mission to help save millions of people from my and humanities worst local criminals, I became the targeted by police, by locals, by low lifeís, by the evil billionaires buying nukes for me, with the most awful and horrible serious crimes and tortures anyone can imagine.

††††††† Thousands of evil people have been either locked up or executed because of me, and what do I have to show for it?Propagandas that turned decent people against, police that encourage serious crimes of me, and allowed and were a part of.Supernatural time for them, I know some police of Darwen will be targeted by the supernatural.

††††††† Darwen Police station that day, they are all a disgrace to authority, the uniform and badge, they would not have allowed those crimes in the street for any other person.It is why God tells me I can give all who were part of, worse in the next life.It is what all of them lot are gonna get in the next life, much worse.It is what all serious criminals get in the next life, worse than they gave in this life.And victims get to dish it out, gosh, thatís millions of victims in England, because they broadcasted those seriously criminal images.

††††††† People have taken things to a level that my supernatural friends now have to step onto, I never do, I just sit, watch and write.


††††††† When everything in my life has been explained in my final two books of this series, every decent person who went against me, after theyíve read those books they realise they unjustly harmed me, and my moral standing was always better than any other on this planet.Most of the low lifeís already realise I was unjustly harmed by themselves, but by the time Iíve finished explaining they will all believe I should not have received any opposition by any person.


††††††† Humanity is a lost cause; itís pathetic how pathetic somethingís become.Humanity needs a text book on moral codes, authorities you canít even react to me correctly afterwards.I aint writing ya moral code text book too, itís too big a job for one, more like one million.

†††††† Weíve gone through tens of millions of years of moral code deliberations; we access accumulated knowledge and experience of all those times, as our verbal, thoughtful, reactionary or emotional reaction to whatever, humanity hasnít even gone through 500 thousand years, and as thoughtful, verbal, reactionary or emotional reactions only access personal data from your own life.Thatís the gap between earth humans and my alien human friends, as far apart as it can be, and Iím getting tired of explaining my morals.

††††††† Individually youíre not built on tens of millions of years of communal accumulated knowledge and experience; where as we are, youíre built upon personal knowledge and experience.So sometimes yous cannot even begin to understand our highest moral ways, and cannot see it for what it truly is.It gets annoying having to explain everything; itís been a constant for 35 years.






††††††† Let me give you one more example of these gaps, this time with authorityís persons and them not noticing what I saw very easily.

††††††† It was 1992, Heaton Park, Manchester, a Thursday afternoon, a fine summerís day, the park was very busy.

††††††† There was me, about 8 other guys on probation, and 3 probation officers.

††††††† We were sat down on grass, having a break, drink, smoke etc.Probation officers standing around keeping an eye on everything and everyone.

††††††† A woman drove up in a brand new Escort RS Turbo, parked up next to us, got out, locked up and walked away.Herself and her car were less than 3 metres away from us.

††††††† Within 5 minutes 2 black guys turned up, one with a baby in his arms.He put the baby on the car roof, mashed the driverís door lock, picked up the baby, got in, let his mate in the passenger side, and within 40 seconds from start to finish they were driving away.It was all over in less than 40 seconds and no one noticed it, except I.I wasnít gonna get involved, had decided to keep quiet then changed my mind and told everyone.

††††††† This all occurred less than 3 metres away from us, when 3 probation officers were doing their best to keep an eye on 9 criminals on probation.

††††††† I explained to the probation officers what I just witnessed, and they didnít believe me.So I shouted to our lads, ďWho just saw a blond woman park up in that RS Turbo?Ē3 or 4 lads verified that, then next I said, ďAnd who saw 2 black guys drive away in it?ĒOne person verified that for me, so then one officer was off to find a phone for the police, when really we needed to wait for the woman to return so to tell her the details of what I saw.

††††††† We were all moved away in less than 5 minutes.

††††††† To be honest when watching them 2 guys take it I thought it was another windup, a test by probation, but it wasnít, it was a true moment.







††††††† What hurts most is that so called decent people let all that occur in town centre Darwen, they all watched, authority being in on it and all had enough people to stop it, even a guilty person shouldnít be subjected to what they did, but for me it is OK because we want to prove I am nothing.It would not have continued for any other, they became worse than the worst they have put in prison.I am now nothing, youíre right, feeling like nothing here and to become nothing to my enemies, I will never be anything to my enemies, just that guy who messed up their every future existence.

††††††† I will find it hard to trust the irreligious again, how things are now, itís just how it is, I spent 13 years tryna be Christ for them, and they gave me this, and now I want to be there for religious people, and to let them be there for me.I need them, Iíve never been around religious people, need them more than anything.

††††††† My friends own all souls from earth, they own you, and you do and go where they want you to go when in that next life place.Go against God he takes it personal, punishment for that is his say, and his closest after his partner is me.I am not permitted to choose punishments in the next life; Iím too lenient so they wonít let me, but I am allowed to dish it out to my enemies.

††††††† My supernatural friends now have a hold over thousands of my enemies donít they, that is now officially thousands of personal and direct unjust enemies of I, What for?Proving Iím better than them at everything?For keeping a high moral standard and because they think they know serious crime.And because they didnít question me.


††††††† Theyíve ruined peoples concentration unto a telepath, in the worst ways possible.They have permanently depressed many, totally made them sad for the rest of this life.

††††††† Justice has to prevail, if it doesnít I will never trust any authority of England ever again, with their ways with me they have depressed millions, totally messed them up inside, irrepairable a lot of it.And Police were involved with most of it, I donít care now what occurs, they took things to this level, not I.

††††††† Theyíve targeted a telepath to have the worst unjust outcomes possible, and police were part of it, billionaires, them in football I worked with.


††††††† Who I want near me now are religious people, but the propagandas have probably made them not want to be near, and the way I am now seems too late to repair, but I can repair myself, with the help of some.

††††††† Every person knows more than me of that day, this isnít fair, it isnít just, I need the full recordings to move on, I need the stills of supernatural events for my books, I need the recordings of the attacks for the European Courts of Human Rights, and no person is willing to give me a copy.Delete audio, you have my permission to do that.I know all of it now and know the spiked drugs in me made me speak a load of rubbish, I need to see what occurred, I canít recall most of it and people show it me from their thoughts.This isnít fair, you know it isnít, the victim receives second hand witness statements and images from thoughts, when all are watching them recordings.I didnít even see the sun disk sign; I was too embarrassed to move that day.

††††††† For as long as I am refused a full unedited copy I cannot sort out my emotions, messing me up inside is continual.

††††††† Certain UK authorities and persons of, them groups are why Iím a bit messed up inside, and then others try to force their way into my life now and say I am being awkward for not wanting that.Iíve been messed up inside since I was 7 because of particular UK authorities on my case in unjust ways.Iím not gonna do a Nelson and forgive all who went against me, I never forgive for intentional actions, unless it was based upon lies, but when people turn to serious criminality to me, based upon lies, it isnít something that can be forgiven.Minor things yes, serious criminality no.

††††††† I need some time and space away from UK authorities coming at me, time and space to recover, to get back to normal, I can do it alone, I just need time and space, interruptions put me straight back into awful emotions.Please guys just give me some time and space away; I know what is best for me.

††††††† When people from authorities were approaching me immediately after this event, I couldnít eat correctly because of my internal organs being messed up, I couldnít sleep, I couldnít relax, couldnít plan ahead, couldnít be happy and felt let down by all.And I was taking a lot of medication at the time too, so couldnít present myself correctly.I apologise for how I was with them people from London, and the medication was giving me short term memory problems.I just needed some space to sort myself out; Iím not on medication now, and will be out of its influences before Christmas.

††††††† I apologise to those people, my emotions had hit rock bottom and Iím more emotional than most people.I do everything differently to other people, sorting my emotions out I do that differently too.I even cook and eat differently; I probably eat the worse around and yet are one of the healthiest people around.

††††††† I need no one but myself to sort out my emotions, and a different way of life to keep them that way, because new awful circumstances always change them back again.Itís like my emotions go through a permanent looping of their selves, I get them back to normal then awful circumstances pushed my way send them back to how they were.

††††††† That is why I have to step up to the level people put me on, to counter from there and to make sure it doesnít continue.

††††††† The few weeks after this event I had 2 police aiming guns at me, and one with a tazer, so you see they do not plan to cease with me, they just change tactics with the times.And what do I do in return?I sit, watch and write about it.It is all I ever do.

††††††† Well now theyíve pushed me into wanting European Justice and 10 Downing Street, see, I use authority, rules and law to counter criminality and conspiracy to me from within authorities.

††††††† All I ever need is words; itís all I ever use.



††††††† This is how sick, evil and twisted Darwen police were that day.They conspired with the billionaire, paid off, to let these sickening and perverse most serious crimes occur in the street to me.When seeing me they saw how I was wanting not to go into town, so with verbal advice and telepathic controls sent me into all that.

††††††† The billionaire knew I would survive, her lot had tried that many times they knew I couldnít be killed.Police didnít know that, so after I survived police moved in on me, standing in my vision.I began to complain, at them letting all these most serious crimes occur in the street to me, and they began to get defensive.I began shouting at them, swearing, and telling them to get out of my sight, and they threatened to arrest me.They let all that most serious crimes and perversions unto me, whilst they watched, then threatened to arrest me for complaining.I began throwing stuff at them, and asked the crowds to join in if they didnít move.Again they threatened to arrest me, so I said do that and your police station will be totally trashed within 24 hours.

††††††† They looked at the army guys and girl who were closest to me, for some moral support, and they backed me up, said I was right.


††††††† Horses are clairsentient.So a person standing in its obvious line of vision, sending awful emotions to it, and that horse will feel everything.They become temperamental, unpredictable and wayward when they feel awful emotions from people.

††††††† Dogs are easier to mess up, just stare them out and they get proper insecure and fearful.Dog whistles are good, and so are the electronic cat and dog deterrents.Those high pitched sounds mess them up completely.

††††††† Drug dogs are easier to mess up, just put a smear of drug here, there and everywhere, and the biggest stash where they canít reach, high up in a wall or similar, and hey presto the drug bust is a complete mess up.

††††††† And to prevent a fast entrance into your home!Just wedge external doors with a piece of 3x2 to another wall or frame, or a few pieces.

††††††† It is not compulsory to give police your name and personal details when asked for it; you can refuse, unless in a vehicle, but allowing them to search you that has to occur.

††††††† Filming police isnít a crime.

††††††† When on arrest never answer questions that are not about the crimes you have been arrested for, they always do this, reroute to other matters and you donít have to answer any of it.

††††††† Water bomb balloons filled with water and chilli powder, I used them to deter cats from my garden!Catapults were good for them too.

††††††† Another they donít like are criminals using pubs near to police stations, because they donít feel safe when that occurs.

††††††† I heard of a place where people were pretending to be skinning up cannabis joints in public places, shopping centres and town centres, in view of CCTV, to have them going here, there and everywhere for no reason, and enough of this and they will have to decriminalise it.

††††††† Never be questioned without a solicitor, unless you have an excellent defence, and always give the court room the upmost respect, no matter what.And if pleading guilty, always give a sad story about it, because courts always accept any story you give, they have to.

††††††† Always keep small packages, IE stuff to intake!close enough to be able to be swallowed.

††††††† Always have codes on mobile phones, and if you know your gonna get stopped, turn off ya phone.Same with computers, code them up and turn off when police are obvious to be coming.

††††††† Looking skint and down and out for minor offences always works with magistrates, character references, plans of the future, people relying on you, etc.


††††††† Justice is not being served to their most achieved detectivesí attackers, IE me.They deserve some minor stuff in reaction, things that are pretty fairly impossible to counter.Until justice is served, like Nelson Mandela, I have to fight lawfully my own ways.Law and order around I has been abandoned by police, and justice to my attackers has been abandoned, so justice doesnít prevail in this country anymore, and neither does law and order, it has all been trashed, in relation to me by police, so like how Nelson Mandela had to take things into his own hands, I have to do the same too.All I will do though is write about it, I will stay legal.I have to, being telepathic means I cannot do anything without them knowing my plans.

††††††† Justice has to be served unto my attackers and organisers of that, all of Darwen police that day were guilty through aiding and abetting, conspiracy and joining in with making sure I was walking straight into all of that.

††††††† The police of this land are not police anymore, not in relation to me; they are serious criminals hiding in uniform.They have never liked me because of telepathic invasions; they think I donít deserve a place in society because I invade people in those ways.They hate having to work within my telepathic abilities, but it is not within my power to turn them abilities off, I cannot turn them off ever.


††††††† When justice is served to my attackers and organisers, then I will change my words and ways.Police called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, and then after his decades in prison, he became president of South Africa.



††††††† Police, them who have been my 2nd most major unjust enemies, have told journalists I will not get justice because I am not human, what a load of lies.I have a birth certificate, driving licence; this body was born from my mother, legally I am a human being, in behaviour I am more humane than any on this planet.My body is human, legally I am human, but some people say my soul is alien, law does not recognise the soul of a person, so I am human and more humane than any on this planet.

††††††† In a heated and humorous discussion against a magistrate, in her court room, I claimed not to be a human, and used statements from law to substantiate that, it was a verbal criticism and humorous argument, so police took my intellect and used it to say the most serious, sick, evil and perverted crimes can occur to me in the street, because I am not human, without any criminal proceedings being brought against all, well police were part of it, so yeah they wonít investigate themselves.

††††††† They used that he aint human as a cover story, to cover that they were paid off to let it occur, and they just wanted rid of the invading telepath too.They knew I was innocent of those crimes, all police knew I was innocent of those crimes, and they never told local people who confronted them about dodgy photos of me they had posted through their doors.Police never even came to me, and they never told them people they were propaganda photos, they were responsible for a lot of what occurred in Darwen.

††††††† Yes police are good at stitching people by refusing to talk, by law and order, justice and all that, every person who took them photos to police should have been told they are propaganda photos, IE not true accounts of my actions, but no they didnít do that because that would have decreased the number of enemies I have.

††††††† If justice isnít served I intend to take 10 Downing Street with votes, I can give the people a government they will be proud of.All police that were working Darwen when that lot occurred will be fired dishonourably, named and shamed in public, and the police officer who had authority over Darwen Police station from elsewhere, he also will be fired dishonourably, named and shamed.

††††††† Justice is what I have lived within since 20 years old, giving it out by informing on who should have been informed on, and yet I get none on the worst, sickest, cruellest, most perverted criminality ever, and when police were involved, for money and personal vendetta.


††††††There will be no policies for my political party.They make party policies so to make you concentrate on subjects they have been prepared to speak about, to divert your attention from elsewhere.Police shake up is a definite though, because I know all of their dirty tricks and malpractice from experience, and their criminality.Justice will be one of the biggest shake ups, I know a way to make the country far more financially better off, the people to be better off emotionally and physically, and law and order will be returned to a much better condition than it has ever been.Crime will subside, decent people will be much better off, and criminals given more to live without having to commit crimes, we cannot force change in people, change has to come from within.But in crime I know many ways to refine police and the judicial and prison system, and to make criminals not want to commit anymore crimes.

††††††† We donít need as many police as we have, when I get into 10 Downing Street Iíll prove that within 10 years, by making sure crime levels falls drastically.

††††††† If justice isnít served I will serve it myself, from 10 Downing Street.


††††††† Can the European Justice authorities be informed by other people, send them a copy of what occurred in Darwen, I donít know where to go to start this legal process off and I have no evidence to start it off.I need one of the recordings of those crimes in Darwen; I cannot get justice or begin the justice process without evidence.People are refusing to give me a copy of the recordings and broadcast, I am not allowed one because they donít want me to seek justice, they donít want me to know everything they did to me, authorities have the people conned, saying he should not have a copy because it will ruin his emotions.I know all of what they did to me!It is a cover story they say it be best I donít get a copy, their propaganda, I need a copy of what was recorded, all of it, and so do the justice authorities of Europe.I also need it to help me get back into emotions that are beneficial for me and others around me, I cannot settle them as things are now.

††††††† I also need recordings of the supernatural events, my book releases are on hold till I can get the stills from them video images of supernatural events.




††††††† The criminal torture and violence unto me in the street was worse than what most worse serial killers do, and police allowed and were a part of it, it is too evil and awful to describe in detail here.

††††††† They have been an ever present and unjust enemy, they have escalated suicide rates; they have raced us into cataclysm territory, they donít plan on stopping with me, they plan on changing tactics so to try and keep one step ahead, some of them that is.They try and control me out of the supernatural plans, while pretending to be friends, try their hardest to ruin my emotions everywhere all the time.Police have given me more street injustice than I can be bothered to write about, itís what police do when they suspect someone has escaped justice, or if they just canít beat them.

††††††† Iím gonna become the Prime Minister of England, I will give the people what they want, a government they are for once proud of, and the police and other similar authorities will then get their shake ups.

††††††† People need to know what is occurring, all need to know what is at stake, everyone needs to know I have done nothing to justify even name calling, and yet major unjust opposition of physical and telepathic properties continues, from police mainly.

††††††† All average and major opposers of me will suffer a lot more in the next life than the collection of harms I accumulated in this life, it is how it has to be, it is the way, thatís more than 5000 harms for all of them unjust opposers, which was all of them.So donít take chances on me being deserved of any punishment, because if you are wrong you will receive more than 5000 harms, harassments and awful controls of, in the next life.


††††††† My enemies can drug spike me up again, all of this can occur again.


††††††† That torture, violence and perverted attacks the police watched and became part of, I had a route away from the beginnings of those troubles about to begin, I didnít know what troubles were about to begin.I was about to leave the area then realised a bomb was on its way, thoughts telling me she had a nuke on the way, being driven to there, will arrive in 30 to 40 minutes.I decided not to escape whatever troubles lay ahead for me, to stay and place my miraculous properties in the area, to make sure the bomb didnít work.

††††††† I walked back and stayed within the people of pro football I trusted, they who had double crossed me, I stood within them knowing they were up to something, so that I could diffuse a bomb that was on its way.I didnít know their incorrect thoughts of my past serious criminality, my supernatural friends block that sort of stuff out from my soul, and I didnít know their plans, except for the nuke from her guards and her lot.

††††††† My supernatural friends just want to take you all, but I donít want that, I want comp and for you all to be seen as what you truly are, insignificant devils working for evil as a lesser.


††††††† Iím on my way to Old Trafford guys, see if anything supernatural occurs when Iím there, letís see if I can get some unwanted telepathic control in United management.I donít need to put drugs in them to get them to do what I want them to do; one of my alien friends will do it for me.Possession, we gonna win all possession.

††††††† Now then, this is looking interesting, now I may be able to see a way through all of this, to make other people see how easy it is to make people do what I want them to do and what they donít want to do, then the decent people who were turned against me with them propaganda photos and live broadcast collection of serious violence and perversions unto my person, will have video evidence of seeing loosing total control in action.Yes, this may be very interesting, and if done by the supernatural is not a crime.So Alex, pick ya exhaust when I arrive, if youíre still here, make sure itís not hot, thatíd hurt mate!

††††††† See how easy my supernatural friends can change me, now I want to try and give them lot in footie some of the same back, only with supernatural controls of their body, and if I do that then I can record them being idiots, and put that in my books and websites as evidence against the propagandas of me, helping to turn decent people into knowing anyone can lose all control.

††††††† Think Iíll do that then United yeah, come down there see if any other greys will put a bit more control in.

††††††† Anyways, the supernatural will go for the enemies, if no comp arrives.I wanna see what they above can do.

††††††† And if anyone tries to get this site shut down, then thatís a direct assault on God and he will see it as precisely that.We are fighting for survival here, and injustice to end, and to find lawful justice where police choose to avoid.

††††††† Why am I being refused justice?Why do the police allow serious crimes unto my person?Why do they get involved?When all I do is the right thing.


††††††† And them who are supposed to be there for me, family who starred within, this lot were threatening to do you lot in when I was 7, I never threatened them with anything, except total torture if they did that, I made them scared of what I can do, they were more scared of harming you than me.I put distance between us to make it appear as though I donít value family, I said in public my love for family can be broke as easily as my love for a woman, which basically means, never.I said it like that so enemies would think I donít love family.

††††††† All Iím glad for is that Nelson never had to see that, theyíd have ripped his heart to shreds if he had, as an old man he would have lasted a week.Thatís the only good point I can find in my moral code for that day, that he wasnít here to see it.


††††††† I need a copy of what was broadcasted, I need it for the European Courts of Human Rights, and compensation, and to prove to the world that policing, law and order has been abandoned in England, when it is me who is being targeted.55 Gillibrand Street, Darwen, Lancashire, England, BB3 1HA.

††††††† I know the worst attacks, I cannot be depressed or horrored by it all, I know most of it, I need to know it all, and so does the justice system of Europe.Come on people, stop doing what is the worst route for me, I need a copy.I cannot move on without it, it is unfair I get nothing.I need it for Justice, for compensation, for proof, for evidence, to help me move on because while I know most of it I am wondering about the rest.I know the worst parts, I need to know it all and so does justice.And people put lies in my thoughts too, other people know best of that day, Iím in the dark about some of.

††††††† I can handle more than anyone, If I donít get a copy Iíll end up trusting not many.I have no one, someone give me what I want.People do not know what is best for me, authorities are putting propagandas around, that it be best I do not get a copy.They are responsible, which is why they donít want me to get a copy.

††††††† I want justice more than anything, to make sure this doesnít occur to some other, I need evidence, I need evidence to make the world a better place, awful authorities are trying to make sure I donít get a copy by putting those lies around that it be best I donít get a copy.

††††††† Wrong, it be best for them I donít get a copy, that is their game, that is their cover story, that is their conspiracy to make sure their authority isnít seen as being part of it.I know most of what was in it, so I canít be shocked.Itís totally unfair I donít get a copy, and I will never be able to move on in emotions, Iím stuck for as long as I donít get a copy.

††††††† I have worked for justice for free, for 20 years; I need a copy for justice, for compensation, and to be able to move on.Donít believe people who say it is for the best I donít get a copy, this isnít for my best, it is for other peopleís best.

††††††† You all get to see the serious crimes against me in a live television broadcast, but I donít, this is unfair and human rights breaching.This is sick and evil, twisted and despicable, I deserve a copy and I need one for justice and compensation, for my books and for evidence, to make sure they donít do it to any others, to make sure the world knows what they did to a perfect person.

††††††† These are the worst injustices occurring today, it needs to stop as soon as possible, and I need a copy to help make sure it does stop.

††††††† They made me do a bull at sword point, and then got done by it, horse was next, If I didnít make it bolt.A pack of dogs, each having a go on me, this was in Darwen Town Centre, day time, week day, with police watching and helping, and crowds enjoying, and television crews filming it and broadcasting it.Mutilation, attempts to kill, all a public spectacle broadcasted live.

††††††† No apologies when they realised their mistake, no compensation, nothing, except go away.

††††††† Law and order has been abandoned and encouraged to be the worst crimes possible to me, by police and their authorisers, unto me.

††††††† Law and order has been abandoned around me, by the police and their authorisers.No justice prevails with my attackers, so I now will never work as a psychic detective for them again, the way they are with me has made humanity lose their most able criminal detective ever.

††††††† The police were part of making sure I was tortured and raped that day, by people and animals, sick evil idiots gonna pay up in the next life, all of them.


††††††† Iím gonna end up taking parliament, with votes, to give the people a govt they can be proud of, if my friends and closest want me too.


††††††† I apologise for my anger seeping into this book in earlier versions, I have no other release, I am alone and have to sort out my emotions myself, going through everything that occurred, or stating emotions in me they have caused, helps to move on to brighter emotions.






††††††† They used to just pick me up sometimes; my supernatural friends had to make me oblivious, dozens of rich folk having fun and games trying every way to kill me.

††††††† My short term memory problems can be gone as fast as writing a, started that now in November 2014.How could anyone know wherever he went theyíd be scheming to try another way?Too much for anyone, so they thought I was just slow and memory whacked.

††††††† My memory is better than any, can remember being less than 1 year old, would be able to write more than a million words if someone asked for everything from my life.Iím not slow, ever; I was in the control of my supernatural friends, with enemies thinking they had free rule on me.

††††† ††Iím 42 and spent 35 years with the most major criminal enemies anyone could have, in my life and soul, getting rid of them isnít a few week recovery, itís a 6 monther, and most will be done by Christmas.

††††††† The reason I never saw peoples awful thoughts and awful assumptions of me, all that propaganda, for close to 20 years, is because my supernatural friends are that good those sorts of images and thoughts cannot get through to my telepathic abilities.And then because people knew I wasnít seeing those images from their thoughts, they supposed I was able to hide my memories of those moments, when really I had no memory of the moments, and my supernatural friends block all that propaganda out from other peopleís thoughts into my own.

††††††† Only now in 2014 have I realised why I have had so much grief throughout my life, from decent people I never knew, I couldnít understand what was going on because I had done nothing, and my supernatural friends hid from me the reasons for.The propaganda photos her and her lot made then distributed around.



†††††† ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________






Many  Miraculous  Recoveries




 †††††† I may or may not have mistaken some good luck in dangerous scenarios for a supernatural protection of my life, but after reading this chapter its obvious that on occasions the supernatural has stepped in and helped myself out of danger, so with those moments alongside all the other danger I encountered its hard working out which was good luck and which was something else.


††††††† As a 15 year old was participating in a school canoeing session, on the River Lune, Kirkby Lonsdale, about 50 metres up the river from Devils Bridge.  There was myself, two instructors and about 8 other pupils.  Us pupils had only a small amount of canoeing experience but enough to be wearing spray-decked canoes in a fast flowing river.  One of our practises was to each perform a sharp turn into a strong current.  My first turn was good but I became over-confident and on my next turn took it too sharp and quickly, so when the tip of the canoe hit the faster flowing opposite direction of current it pushed the front of canoe under the water, and then I capsized instead of turning.  I was upside down, under the water line and still sat in the canoe, so quickly reaching and leaning forward to undo the waterproof membrane covering the canoe opening, but I couldnít feel the release strap anywhere.  Franticly searching for it whilst being swept down the river upside down but still I couldnít find it.  I always made a habit of double checking my spray deck release strap after tying it but for some reason on this occasion I hadnít and now couldnít find it.  After more than 5 seconds of being submerged upside down under the water I started to panic due to gasping for air, so began trying to push my head above the surface of the water, so to take a breath of much needed air.  I managed to push most of my face above the water line on two occasions but during both moments as I tried to take a breath of air only water filled my mouth and lungs.  Only the top portion of my face was above the water line, my nose and mouth were still under.  While breathing in water on the second occasion I recall thinking, thatís water again, and I recall nothing more of being in the canoe and river.I blacked out immediately after thinking about inhaling the water a second time, then waking up from total unconsciousness a minute or 2 later.  Waking up whilst kneeling down with my face resting on the riverbank.  I was coughing water out of my lungs so was unable to think of anything other than that and the pain it was causing in my throat, nose and chest.  After a couple of big coughs of the last remaining water from my lungs I led down on the riverbank while recovering.  I must have been coughing for close to 15 seconds before realising something strange had occurred, or that an instructor must have dragged me out of the water whilst myself being unconscious.  I looked up around myself and was again a bit more baffled when seeing my canoe to the side of me on the riverbank but no person was near to it or me.  I looked up at the instructors and other pupils who were by now all motionless and silent in their canoes on the river, and staring at me strangely.  I asked who got me out of the water and canoe when one instructor said I got myself out, before then telling me to pack my equipment away.I began gathering my canoe and paddle and as I did noticed the cord that fastens the spray deck around my waste was still fastened how I fastened it, and was still in place on the canoe.  Therefore I must have somehow pushed the canoe and spray deck off my body, despite the cord being fastened to its extreme tightness above my hips.  It should have been virtually impossible to pull off without untying, because I always tied into the tightness of the fastening the slack held in the un-stretched elastic of the strap.  However, it was pulled off my body and still on the canoe, I being totally unconscious when the canoe and spray deck were pulled or pushed off my body, I then must have grabbed hold of my canoe and paddle and swam to the river bank with them, picked them up, placed on the river bank then knelt down as I put my face on the floor.  Then while coughing out water woke up from total unconsciousness and knew what I was doing but not what had occurred.  I also never once knew beforehand thatís the best positioning of the body for coughing water out of lungs.

 †††††† I was totally unconscious within 3 seconds of inhaling water the second time.  A spirit or unknown life form must have then taken control of my body, pushed the canoe and spray deck off my body then made me swim to the riverbank with it and the paddle.  Then when there put me into that recovery position and then I awoke.  Sceptics will say I had a memory blackout, which I reply to with, I totally filled my lungs with water by 2 big inhales, that was more than enough to cause total unconsciousness to a 15 year old.Also Iíve sleepwalked on 3 known to myself separate occasions, sleepwalking has been scientifically proven not to be memory blackouts and is scientifically proven to be a control of the body by an unknown source.  So now some sceptics will reckon my escape could have been an instance of sleepwalking, but I wasnít asleep when I breathed in the water, and sleepwalking has been scientifically proven as not being a function of the personís brain signals controlling their muscles.Both sleepwalking and this moment is a kind of spiritual possession, it can be nothing else.

 †††††† The soul of a person decides on the bodyís voluntary movements, itís just the brain that controls it, so unknown to humanity life forms are able to and do sometimes take every control of people whilst theyíre unconscious and sometimes even when theyíre conscious.  There arenít many mentions of good influenced possession but without the same I wouldnít be alive today.  Thankfully on this occasion a decent unknown to humanity life form took control of me.

 †††††† There was a full minute or two of time where I was totally unconscious but was saved by my bodyís actions, that was something other than me; it couldnít have been me because I was totally unconscious.Some things cannot be proven and science cannot prove supernatural life forms are capable of controlling a personís body, but itís been proven to me which is more than enough for many people to believe me.


††††††† As a baby I nearly died, I stopped breathing for more than 3 minutes, whilst being frozen in movement, by which time my upper body had turned a purple colour.  Both mum and dad were panicking and not knowing what to do.  I then snapped out of it instantly and behaved as if nothing had occurred.My mum was trained as a nurse so she was correct in knowing I hadnít breathed for more than 3 minutes.


††††††† As an adult on 2 occasions I nearly died due to sleep paralysis related breathing difficulties, and this is another condition and outcome not accepted to exist.There are many reports of people experiencing breathing difficulties during sleep paralysis attacks, but as of yet I seem to be the first person to say people are dying because of this condition, babies, children and adults.The first instance I couldnít inhale or exhale for more than 2 minutes and needed advice from my supernatural friends to help me to breathe.The second instance of such, in the same year I couldnít inhale or exhale for close to 40 seconds, on both occasions I was awake, on one occasion I could move the other I couldnít.


 †††††† A couple of years after the not breathing for more than 3 minutes as a baby, I received a major electric shock when trying to fix my electric train set.I was sticking a stainless steel knife into the electricity supply plug socket, trying to get out of the plug socket what I knew worked my train, but using a knife as a tool to fix it, like how granddad used knives to fix things.I was 3 to 4 years old, I was thrown about 6 metres and suffered no injuries or burns whatsoever, despite the electricity melting the knife and leaving a burn mark on the plug socket.

 †††††† And it was only a few days earlier mum had seen the mysterious womanís face appearing in her mind again, who she immediately recognised as being the woman of supernatural origins who keeps indicating to her of imminent danger appearing soon for someone in family.  Whenever her face appeared in her thoughts bad family news appeared shortly afterwards, or a major catastrophe or accident had just been avoided or was about to be.  My mum isnít psychic but she always believed in the same, and always knew of people in our family who were, so on rare occasions a psychic or spiritual circumstance would occur in her life.


 ††††† As a 6 year old tumbled down the steepest slope of Pendle hill, Lancashire, a very steep slope of more than 50 metres.  I was rolling and tumbling forward, spinning and cart wheeling, crashing to the ground then bouncing up off it, on a couple of occasions my head bounced up off the turf within inches of hitting rocks.  The scariest part of that moment was somersaulting through the air watching rocks come into view, and I then watching myself fall towards them as I cart wheeled and my head nearly hit them.  My head bounced off the turf within an inch or two of hitting the rocks, twice.  For some of the fall I watched my granddad looking up in fright whilst stood motionless.  I must have somersaulted, twisted and rotated at least 5 times, may be more than twice as much as that.   After nearly landing my head twice on large rocks I landed on my back and stopped at the foot of the hill just a few metres in front of granddad.  A place which itself has amassed a wealth of supernatural myths and legends, of both good and bad influences.  When granddad saw I was O. K. the fright on his face disappeared, he smiled back up then asked if I was all right, then we walked back to the car without speaking of it again.  I donít think he wanted mum to know what had occurred so it was never again spoke of.

 †††††† Just the fall alone was enough to kill or seriously harm, my head landing within an inch or two of large rocks on two occasions I think was the supernatural influencing events again, they making sure I didnít hit the rocks.


 †††††† I fell off a small cliff when 12 years old, when landing sank up to my knees in loose, small pieces of stone, ones that had fell from the cliff face.  It was a little more than 40 foot in height, so when I looked back up at the cliff then down at my legs and which were still sunk into the finely broken stone, I decided to jump off for fun.  Quickly ran back round to the top and jumped off again, then did it again until thoughts and emotions got the better of me so then decided to stop.  I think supernatural friends were deterring me with thoughts and emotions.  Before falling off the first time I approached the edge of the cliff and thoughts in me said,  Donít get too close the grass is wet, you might slip.I wonít slip, was my thought before then slipping on the wet grass.  So then I was hanging over the cliff edge holding onto the wet grass above the edge, my hands were slowly slipping down the length of the grass and I wasnít in a position to be able to pull myself back up, because every time I tried my hands slipped further up the approximately one foot long grass.Thoughts then instructed me to look below myself, then upon doing saw the small pieces of broken stone piled up at the foot of the cliff in a big mound.  That was when I decided to push myself away from the cliff face just before letting go so not to scrape my face down the cliff face while I fell, if I was to push myself far enough out Iíd miss the cliff face and land in the fine stone dust, so that I then did.After jumping off for fun 2 more times thoughts had got the better of me to stop, by saying there could be hidden rocks in the small stone, which would break my legs if I hit them when landing.


 †††††† When 15 fell off the top of a 20-foot pile of hay, then landing upside down.  When hitting the floor landed on the back of my head and neck, my back doubled over, my chest pushed up against my chin and I was balanced upside down like that on the floor for a few seconds.  After crashing to the floor in a heap I got up, walked away then tried to massage the severe pain out of my neck, and which ended within a minute of trying.  Breaking my neck could very easily have occurred, and I did feel as though I was stuck motionless upside down on the floor for a strange amount of time, whilst crushing all my weight onto the parts of my head and neck that were the only parts of my body touching the floor.Whilst on the floor for a few seconds in that upside down position on the back of my neck, it felt as though my movements had been frozen, it was proper weird, may be my supernatural friends froze me that way so to make sure I was OK, then letting me fall to the floor in a heap.


 ††††† As a 16 year old during a bout of sleepwalking walked straight through a glass door, this I did by pushing my hands and face through the glass door whilst walking towards it.  Again I had no injury whatsoever and I never knew till after Iíd walked through it that Iíd been sleepwalking, then realised I was stood in a room and had to then try climbing back out of the locked broken glass door.  I had to slowly and carefully crawl out of the hole sideways and slightly hunched in height, otherwise Iíd have been cut up badly, so Iím now a bit baffled to know how I walked in through the size of the opening in the glass because the hole was smaller than the outline my body made when walking through it.


††††††† Aged 18, during a shamanic technique I found myself in a white-clouded area, kind of like the cloudy heaven.I was walking forwards when voices started telling me to stop walking forward, repeatedly and sounding like a warning.I stopped walking then saw this woman approaching from in front of me, I began to walk towards her and she made me stop, saying this, Youíve got to stop, donít walk forward, do not come this way, youíre not allowed here its dangerous, go back Magnus, go back from where you came, now.ĒI then woke up in the physical reality, and was shocked to find myself sat a few metres away from the edge of a cliff.I asked a friend how I got here and he told me I stood up and said come on lets go, and then walked to here then sat down.I couldnít remember any of it though.


 ††††† Whilst working on the M65 extension, helping to construct concrete bridges with steel girder spans, walking past an unlit wood pile I had tried to set on fire to get rid of the scrap wood, but it had gone out before it took too.Carrying a partially open canister of 30 litres of petrol, a spark on the pile of wood lit the fumes while walking past.  I never knew the petrol fumes were on fire and closing in on me from both sides behind me, but something attracted my attention and I didnít like the feeling it gave, so I stopped walking immediately, turned around and saw the flames flying through the air towards and round myself.Closing in on me they moved to less than 2 metres away, so very quickly threw the open petrol canister towards the flames and ran in the opposite direction.  I then saw all the lads on the scaffold laughing so quickly I stopped running, tried to look cool and calm then walked off casually and had a bit of a laugh with them.  Something definitely attracted my attention to the flames behind myself and they werenít making any noise so it wasnít a physical event that made me turn around.I turned around, saw the flames in the air about 10 metres away, then they stretched forward about 8 metres almost instantly.  About an hour later my boss walked onto the site and asked for his £15 canister of petrol he had just bought a few hours ago, I offered him the money to replace it but he refused.

 †††††† The petrol canister could have engulfed me in flames if I had dropped it at my feet but I never had to endure that scenario because I noticed the flames just before they reached me.  It may be wasnít miraculous but was definitely danger being avoided by some kind of telepathic or supernatural awareness to the same.

††††††† I nearly had another serious accident on this contract, working on the top of an unfinished bridge, with no scaffold or railing protection, I lost my footing and was falling over the edge of a 70-foot drop, I stamped my non-standing foot on the edge of the bridge and it gave me my footing back.That I think was a supernatural influence making me stamp my foot down.Bosses saw what occurred and we all got told to get off the bridge, due to there being no rail protection, one boss telling me how lucky I was.


   †††† One evening the car I was driving went into a violent spin whilst travelling more than 70 mph.I recall feeling the back end of it slide out then the car was sent into a violent spin due to my lack of driving experience back then, when realising it was going to violently spin into a wall or two I blacked out, this must have been the supernatural blacking me out, to take control of me, just my fingers alone on the steering wheel could have been seriously damaged, due to the violent movements of the steering wheel by the front wheels being violently twisted to and fro.  Regaining consciousness as soon as the car came to a standstill by banging my head on my door window, well thatís what I recall as being what woke me up.  I immediately noticed that the car headlights were balanced in the tree branches in front of the car and were positioned in a way that mimicked the positioning of the headlights in a cars body.  They were pointing straight back at the car side by side, were level and even the right way round pointing back to the car.  The car was stuck on its chassis at the top of a small embankment to the side of the road; the headlights were positioned in the tree branches situated just above the cars full height, directly in my line of vision.  Lots of bits of the car was spread out over a 100 metre distance or near too, due to the car spinning over a kerb into a wall, it then bounced back into the road, traversed it, rode the other kerb, hit a couple of trees then came to a standstill at the top of the small embankment.

 †††††† The car was totally unrecognisable on the outside, both bumpers being ripped off, each wheel the tyre was either shredded or the wheel or axle buckled.  Everybody panel was crushed in and the front bonnet was ripped off, the boot was stuck fully open and every door was crushed in.  The rear sections of each rear wing were closer to the centre of where the boot would normally be.Each side had hit a wall or small tree.  However, not one window was broken and the interior was totally un-damaged and intact.  Sitting in the car no damage could be seen by me, except for the headlights balancing in the tree, then I realised the car was wrecked and I had to force open the door by kicking it repeatedly.It was very lucky the car didnít roll, or maybe it was prevented from rolling by Ďsomething.íWhen first getting into the car to drive away my friend would not put on his seat belt, so I refused to drive away until he did.

 †††††† But then this accident may also have been supernaturally influenced to occur, this being a suspicion of mine due to what I found in a nearby field.  I found the clothes, bag, shoes, purse, photo identification and personal items of a woman, which when investigated by police they initiated a full-scale search of the area.  According to the news reports police suspicions were the same as mine and they feared for this womanís life.  It was the A666 road so is well known in that way.  So may be the car crash had been supernaturally influenced to be, so that Iíd find that womanís personal items and then the police would be on the case.

 †††††† The reason I suspect the crash may have been supernaturally influenced to occur is because it was very poor driving on my part, the reason we crashed was because I over compensated for the sliding back wheels, but a couple of months later I performed an excellent driving skill and being way above my own driving skills of them times.Iíd only been driving a couple of years at the most.I was driving fast down country lanes, late at night; a small, narrow country road is where this occurred.  I approached a left corner so slightly swerved out to the right to take the apex left, let off the throttle then turned in, the back end was screeching and slightly sliding right, then when round the corner noticed in front the two lanes merged into one very narrow lane, just before stone walls surrounded the road ready for a bridge to take the road over a small river.  Funnelling the two lanes into the narrow single lane bridge with walls either side of itself.  There were tall hedges and trees on either side of the road before and during the turn, so I never saw it till coming out of the bend at about 50 mph.The back end of the car was sliding slightly to the right while doing about 50 mph and fast approaching head on the right side wall.  I knew if I broke Iíd slam straight into that stonewall, so instead drove out of trouble.  I turned the wheel slightly right towards the head on wall so to grab the right back end of the car which was still sliding to the right, steering the vehicle more towards the right wall than before, when Iíd grabbed that slide back into grip turned the wheel to the left slightly, so the car turned towards the narrow lane over the bridge, but the right rear side was going to hit the right wall, so then I turned the wheel slightly right and that turned the rear right towards the left wall, again I slightly turned the wheel to the left, by this time I was fully on the narrow single lane bridge, and that last turn of the wheel grabbed the back left side and turned it away from hitting the left side wall.  I checked my left mirror and the rear bumper missed the wall by about 2 inches, the rear wing missing by about 6.  These driving skills were for sure more than my own back then, so I will always believe the other car I crashed was sent into that high-speed spin purposefully, so that weíd find that womenís items.Theyíd been dumped in a field, thrown over the wall of the road.They were both the same model of car, Vauxhall Cavaliers, the one I crashed had sporty tyres, wheels and suspension, the one I didnít crash had box standard everything.


††††††† As a young kid the garden shed roof came flying through the air in a violent thunderstorm, it came crashing through our very large double glazed bedroom window.What stuck out in my mind most was that seconds before it came though our window I woke up from sleep.  I sat up in bed because I sensed something not right in the room, something supernatural which then scared me into getting under my blankets and holding them tight to my body just a second before the wind and shed roof blew all the window into our bedroom.  The carpet on the floor couldnít be seen because of the glass covering it, but not one piece landed on me or my brotherís beds.


††††††† And then there were the massive boulders in Beddgelert, Wales, the ones mentioned in the 3 tonne balanced on my back chapter, the ones that very nearly crushed me to death.


 †††††† Iíve also had many serious road traffic accidents when on a cycle, being hit by cars usually but there was also a van and a young kid on a cycle, never my fault except for one with a car when 17, no injuries on any, the cars and cycles came off worst.The kid was lucky not to be hurt, I was doing 20 on a road, passing a parked vehicle when he came out from behind it at about 20 and straight into the front of my cycle. His bike tore a big hole in my front tyre and inner tube and I went over the handlebars after holding on till a point, it was a heavy smash for me, never mind an 8 year old.


††††††† Then there was the time I very nearly had an eye ball ripped out, demolishing some reinforced concrete, picking up a piece of concrete but it was flexing down to the ground a piece of steel rebar, it sprung up into my eye and whacked it, missing my eye ball by millimetres.Seeing the steel rebar spring into my face I quickly slightly moved my head so that either prevented it from ripping out my eyeball, or made sure it hit my eye socket.It hit the top part of my eye socket, missing the eyeball by 1 or 2 millimetres.I was seriously concussed too, driving home I was lucky I didnít fall unconscious, had to leave all the car windows open and this was in winter, so the cold and wind would prevent me from falling asleep or unconscious.I was proper struggling to keep my eyes open.


††††††† And then there was the time I very nearly fell unconscious due to smoke inhalation.A friend and me were trying to put out a fire, he was outside looking for buckets and water, I was inside trying to dampen the fire out.My eyes welled up, began to stream tears and were very painful due to the smoke, then I began coughing, started stumbling around, got a bit dizzy and very nearly blacked out into unconsciousness.I was struggling to stand up and nearly fell down, opening my legs to widen my footing prevented me from falling, then I very quickly regained control of myself and walked out.May be on this occasion it was adrenaline that saved me.


††††††† There have been many other moments when I very nearly died, well I should have died if under normal circumstances, but I have physical life forms of alien origins and hidden earth areas following my everywhere, up close and from strategical distances, they cannot be detected, they cannot be seen or heard, they have advanced alien technology the likes of which we can only consider if they let us see it.They have many times prevented my death by using technology and other processes, it is they who kept me alive, it is they who are more than I, they are why I am still here and why I have so much of the unknown and supernatural to explain in fine detail.


 †††††† Itís obvious something or someone of unknown origin has been helping me through some of this lot, I just donít know if through all these moments.When it occurs many times its hard to work out which was of the supernatural and which was just good luck.













 †††††† So far Iíve only mentioned the moments when serious damage or worse may have been prevented from occurring, thereís also been moments when damage to myself via a supernatural healing ability occurred.


 †††††† Back in the early to mid 90ís I received a lot of bruising to the back of one hand, because I had to block a load of punches and kicks some guy sent my way, he had 2 lads with him tooled up so I couldnít do anything back, and even if I had of done the three of them theyíd have just come back with more.

††††††† He attacked me when I was sat down in my front room, on a sprung swivel chair that was helping to cushion the impact, they walked in and he told me stand up but I refused because I had a better defensive position sat down.He then began sending many punches and kicks my way, but most of them I blocked and every time he finished the attack I smiled back at him, so he then began again, this occurred about 3 times in a 2 minute period.Eventually he threatened to kill me, so I told him I was under police surveillance and if he doesnít believe me he should spend 20 seconds looking out of my front window and then he will see people staring back at him.So he looked out and then about 15 seconds later I told him how he had now been seen as being in my home so he canít do anything to me and get away with it.He started throwing many more punches and kicks, so I blocked most, smiled back at him, and after another set of punches and kicks threatened to throw him out of the window, then his back up saying I had attacked him in a pub, so I then told them why I attacked him, so he began throwing a load more punches and kicks due to being vexed at telling his friends what he had tried to do to my auntie, again I just blocked most of them, and then smiled back, till I got tired of it so began making some noises as though he was hurting me, but he wasnít, and my blag worked, his back up told him to stop so he did.

††††††† This he did because a few weeks earlier I threw him around in front of his mates in his pub, what he tried to do to my auntie I wonít explain here, but it was a good enough reason to start a fight on him, in his pub in front of his friends, me a thin looking 6 foot 2, he a 16 stone muscle man.Plus I told people close to him what he tried to do to my auntie so he wasnít happy about that either.Then a week or two later he came to my home with them 2 friends and tried to hurt me but failed totally.Eventually he walked away but dropped and left his sunglasses and a bit of money, so I destroyed his sunglasses and kept his money.

 †††††† Within 5 minutes a deep colour of purple bruising started to appear on the back of one hand along with some major swelling.  As soon as I noticed it I thought to myself It wonít last long for me, I knew some sort of supernatural instance would help me out but I wasnít expecting what soon after occurred.  Within 3 or 4 minutes the entirety of the back of my hand was a deep colour of purple bruising and had also swollen at its maximum point by about 1 cm.  And then as soon as the entirety of the back of my hand was fully covered with the bruising it started to very quickly disappear.  The edges of the bruising were slowly fading back to the normal colour of my hand, and within 3 or 4 minutes the entirety of it had disappeared totally.  While watching it disappear it reminded me of a person using a pencil eraser due to it being so very easy to watch it disappear right before my eyes.  The swelling had also subsided by roughly two thirds its size.  It was all totally amazing me as Iíd never seen anything of the sort before, Iíd never even read of similar in any psychic or supernaturally concerned book or publication.  I wanted to go outside and stop a person in the street to show it too, but realised they wouldnít fully accept it was some kind of miracle so decided to just carry on my afternoon as normal.  I had no camera or video camera to record it, as I hadnít back then planned to use photo evidence for my future books.


 †††††† My mum has worked within the nursing profession all her life, when speaking with her about this she said she has never once come across, or heard of any kind of bruising that disappears as fast as it appeared.  I later reckoning it occurred via mind over matter abilities because I knew at the onset it wouldnít last long.

††††††† If I think of something only once it will always occur, no matter how farfetched it sounds, and that was the case with this bruising, I thought about it only once, about it not lasting long for me.I donít know if this is some kind of spiritual programming, or thoughts from my supernatural contacts explaining what will be.I first noticed this variable of either mind over matter or my supernatural contacts getting involved when I was a young child, possibly close to when 12 years old.I tend to suspect itís a kind of mind over matter ability, for if any thoughts of doubt creep into the thoughts of, or more than one thought of, it wonít occur.It has to be one solitary thought sentence of such.

††††††† Many times Iíve tried to program my present and future by thinking of a circumstance only once, but doing that intentionally is impossible.So taking this to the extreme with my most prominent enemies, I worked out to think of as many circumstances I wanted for them to receive, dozens of circumstances, thinking of one then instantly moving onto thinking of another, doing it repeatedly this way, thinking of random dozens of circumstances I wanted them to receive.Doing it this way I was bound to forget about some of what I thought about, therefore only thinking of that circumstance once.

††††††† I know how that may not fit into a healing chapter correctly, but it subdued many of my enemies, therefore giving me a kind of protection from what they wanted to send my way.Anyways, Iíve only done that once and I neednít explain in-depth here.But what I will say is that that is only one defence of me thatís available, thereís more than a dozen different ways and a lot more than a dozen of my unknown origin friends who do things too.

††††††† Most of my enemies donít believe all of what I claim, and all of what the prophecies claim they also donít believe, if they did believe them they wouldnít be my enemy, with the exception of some.They usually have to learn the hard way and thatís what they do, and usually in the worst-case scenarios for themselves.

††††††† Itís a kind of healing, of course it is, itís a protection from harm, thatís healing.



 †††††† Round about the same year when receiving the bruising to the back of my hand, I found ways of curing myself of severe migraines, that on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis Iíd suffer.  On those occasions I used visualisation exercises Iíd read of in a book of a similar title, combined with belief that the migraines would stop within a few minutes.

††††††† 5 years later I was unable to use the mind over matter ability and visualisation to stop them, for some reason I couldnít do it anymore, then the supernatural stepping in and telling me, ďyouíre not sorting out the problem, youíre only masking it, you need to find the source and stop that.Ē

††††††† Iíve since learnt it was all the chemicals we get fed in our foods, and the tap water from them areas wasnít too good either, thatís what was causing the migraines, putting myself on a low chemical diet, and avoiding digesting that tap water got rid of them totally.Not much processed food, also avoiding dodgy additives and stopped drinking and cooking with the tap water from that area and my headaches were no more.

††††††† Fluoride is a major I avoid, look into it online, itís probably the most harmful chemical we get fed, a dangerous by-product of an industrial chemical process, renamed a pesticide and not allowed to be dumped at sea but allowed to be dumped in us, our children, babies and pets.It can and does cause many illnesses, look at what it says on fluoride toothpaste containers, Not to be swallowed, in the event of seek medical attention immediately.Despite these health warnings governments and councils put it in tap water, which is then being fed to babies, kids and adults as well as pets and livestock.And then the recommendations on how much harmful chemicals we eat or are subjected too are incorrect, what the studies that made them recommendations donít take into account are all the other harmful chemicals we are digesting or being subjected too.Them warnings are in respect of not digesting or being subjected to other harmful substances.I now avoid foods with lots of manmade chemicals, and avoid coming into contact with as many chemicals as possible.

††††††† For my migraines to cease within days of changing my diet to a low chemical diet what does that say for Authorities?Never once did the health service explain to me how I should prevent the migraines I was asking for help with, they just wanted to mask the problem with pain killers, addictive painkillers.Asking the National Health Service for help with my migraines for close to 25 years I continued suffering them.Using Youtube for health advice explained how all the chemicals I digest and are subjected too had been causing my migraines, the same night I tried to find the answer in Youtube and I found it.

††††††† Theyíre making it hard to find fluoride free toothpaste but people can make their own, it isnít hard to do, thereís lots of videos and pages online about it.Fluoride is one of them by-product dangerous chemicals they have masses of so need to find a use for, if otherwise they have to spend a fortune disposing of it safely.

††††††† A lifetime of using fluoride tooth products will on average save 2 teeth, the health risks involved with absorbing fluoride into your blood through the tongue and teeth nerves are not worth subjecting yourself too just to save 2 teeth.Itís supposed to strengthen teeth but strengthening something beyond its normal capabilities is riddled with problems.It also discolours teeth, I stopped using it and within 6 months noticed how cleaner my teeth are.Our teeth are strong enough if cleaned correctly and at the proper times, but I havenít seen any dental workers promoting that, they always go for promoting chemicals.

††††††† Governments are allowing industry to intentionally poison us very slowly, them putting fluoride into our products was a way to find a use for something that costs them a fortune to dispose of, theyíll formulate a use for everything that costs them a fortune to dispose of, itís what they do.And the people who promote that poisoning are not questioning the government or that product in any way, who are dental workers.They promote fluoride and donít even know its history, my last visit to a dentist she used a lot of concentrated fluoride for reasons she wouldnít tell me because she knew I donít use that product, then within 6 hours I had a headache.She advised me to take fluoride products and I said I will not use any, I explained the health risks involved with taking fluoride are not worth saving 2 teeth, she then said it is a much needed product, so I explained how hundreds of years ago peoples teeth were perfect because of their diet having much less sugar, their perfect teeth was not because of the chemicals they use to clean them, and I am on a diet and teeth cleaning plan that tries it best to recreate the effect their diets had on their teeth, therefore I do not need to strengthen my teeth with a very dangerous chemical.

††††††† She didnít want to listen to me and she never did, all they want to do is promote a lazy outlook towards teeth cleaning and to use very dangerous chemicals instead of spending more time cleaning them at the correct times.

††††††† Next she promoted another fluoride toothpaste, the sensitive stuff, that stuff that fills teeth holes leading into nerves but not one recommendation in television advertisements say the teeth should be cleaned before using it.It traps food debris in the teeth if they are not cleaned before using it, so can actually speed up tooth decay.

††††††† Homemade toothpaste with clove oil is good for numbing sensitive teeth.

†† †††††They are subtly poisoning us for the benefit of industry and nation; over in Sweden they have banned many of the harmful additives, flavourings and colourings allowed elsewhere.


††††††† Before I put myself on that low chemical diet a few times my supernatural friends had told me to avoid coming into contact with as many manmade chemicals as possible, and one way to begin such was to limit the amount of different chemicals I use.Cleaning products, toiletries, digested chemicals, medicine, all these toxins are taken into our body and which hasnít once been subjected to correct safety level testing.All them safety level recommendation studies cannot take into account every other harmful substance being taken into the body, so best just to avoid as many as possible.


††††††† I think industry is out of control, totally, and they will always do what governments are allowing them to do, which usually has their own interests as a main, instead of the people and planets best interests being the guidelines.






††††††† One other instance of miraculous healing was back in the 90s too.While sat in psychic circle after meditation in an SNU Christian spiritualist church, while everyone was talking of what they experienced my turn came to talk and I told a friend this, she was close to 45 years old. ďWhatever is youíre major issue will be fixed and reversed, donít worry about it, its gonna be ok.ĒShe got a bit upset and told me this, ďThatís impossible; I donít believe you and it canít be fixed.Ē

ďOf course it can, my supernatural friends are capable of more than anyone else in those realms, they will help you, believe me, I am in close physical and spiritual contact with Aliens who visit this planet in UFOs, the same people regarded as Angels and the Gods by many cultures of times past, they are world renowned for performing medical treatments on people, they will fix you, believe me.Ē

ďI donít believe you.Ē

ďWell you lot always asked with your prayers for help to others, so when it was my turn to make the prayer I asked for you lot to get help, theyíll sort it out, believe me, ask Helen if you donít believe me.Ē Helen being the most experienced psychic in the group and the organiser of the church then said, ďHe knows whatís he talking about on this level, I believe him.Ē I stopped going to that church soon after so lost all contact with my friends from there, it turned out her major issue was she couldnít get pregnant, but over the next few years 2 times I saw her with her own babies.


††††††† And then in 2013 I wrote here about how one of my sisters cannot have kids but due to my supernatural connections would soon be able too, I then deleted that paragraph of writing and uploaded the new version to my site because I thought it would be unfair on herself that she heard or saw what I wrote of her.Now in June 2014 she is pregnant, despite herself saying for the last 10 years that she cannot have kids.


††††††† There have been other moments too, such as when approximately 9 years old, copying older lads jumping off the school roof onto the playing field became a bit of a habit of mine, it being probably a 15 foot drop, was an easy fall using a parachuting technique upon impact on the grass, letting the knees bend and falling forward onto my side. I got quite confident with them drops so took it elsewhere; jumping from a stone wall near home but landing on tarmac so couldnít use the parachuting impact technique.Upon impact it forced me to lean slightly forward while a massive pain began in my lower back, trying to stand up straight I couldnít, trying to twist my back to my right or left I couldnít do either, so struggled to walk the half mile home.Thoughts instructed me not to let mum and dad see the problem, so I said a few words to them from rooms they werenít in then went to bed.I really struggled to get into my top bunk, still not being able to move my back at all, then struggling to find a comfortable position laying on the bed, eventually falling asleep after a couple of minutes and when I wasnít even tired.I woke up the next morning and everything was back to normal, no pain whatsoever and I had full control of my back again.For sure I believe my supernatural origin friends helped me out, not my spiritual friends, my UFO ones.Nothing was proven to me that they had come and helped me out and this was a time when I wasnít totally aware UFO people to be following me around, but for sure when awake and noticing there was nothing wrong with my back I knew something miraculous had occurred.


†††††† I cannot do healing for other people; itís my supernatural friends who pick and choose from people in my life how they will help and if they will help.There have been many other moments when people close to me got help from a supernatural source, due to having connections with I, and Iím sure thereíll be others too, I just cannot pick who to help and somethingís cannot be fixed.Jesus was the healer, not I; Iím more about what should be learnt and done.There have been other healing moments and I suspect there will be more, it just isnít a major of me and I cannot pick and choose for other people.I canít even do some things for myself, as an adult I damaged my back again, this time due to construction work, repetitive heavy lifting.I do still have major problems with it on occasions.


††††††† I cured one lad of hearing voices, well it was more a case of my wishes but my supernatural friends actions curing him by scaring his harassers away, within 12 hours of me telling him Iíd cure him he was fine and free of them.


††††††† The lad we cured of hearing voices was told by his psychiatrist not to tell me I had cured him, because they wanted to keep this hidden from me.Within 2 weeks of him being cured one psychiatrist hung herself and another went missing soon after, both moments being news reported in my region.They felt insecure, useless, wrong, unprofessional and no use to their patients, doctors working on the same ward that lad was on.

††††††† Iíd been unlawfully sectioned into psychiatry, my religious beliefs being used to unlawfully section me, whilst on that ward is when I and my supernatural friends cured that lad of hearing voices.Himself and I were chatting when in the smoke room early one morning, he telling me about his two friends who had killed themselves and were now plaguing his thoughts to try and get him to kill himself also.I told him I and my supernatural friends would be able to help and that he should tell the one present in his thoughts now that I was going to rid them from his thoughts, almost instantly she entered my thoughts and started trying to stress me out.ďLooks like Iím gonna have to come plague your thoughts for a while then doesnít it,Ē her thoughts remarked in my own.

ďYou're on a losing battle with me Miss, itíll be me who plagues your thoughts, till my supernatural friends step in and scare you away from both of us, and then taken to a place you cannot escape from.Ē

ďOh really, so you have supernatural friends who will scare me away from you 2?Ē

ď Yes I have, and if you and youíre friend donít leave me and this lad alone before I fall asleep in about 3 minutes the pair of you are going to be in deep trouble.Ē

ďAnd who do you think you are, the controller of spirits or somet?Ē

ďIím me, Magnus Rawstron, the most able person with the supernatural you will ever have chance of meeting.Ē

ďHehe, haha, look around you Mr, you're in a mental ward.Ē(Unlawfully sectioned based upon supernatural claims, held for observation and they wanted rid of me after 2 weeks)

ďWhy donít you tell me something I donít know?I know you exist, you know you exist, but you havenít yet had chance to see what Iím capable of.Iím warning you now if you and your mate donít leave me and this other lad alone before I fall asleep my supernatural friends will appear and drag the pair of you off to a place you will not be able to escape from.You now have approximately 2 minutes escape time and if you havenít gone by then the pair of you are going to be in troubles you cannot escape from.Ē

ďNow Iím gonna mess you up and Iím not gonna leave you, you made a mistake threatening me, Iím gonna mess you up in massive ways, now Iím gonna plague your thoughts whilst my mate plagues Carls thoughts.Ē

ďWell its gonna be you who loses, Iím glad you donít believe me cause thatís 2 more low lifeís Iím gonna beat very easily.Iím going to bed now wanna follow me?If the pair of you are still around by the time Iíve fallen asleep its end of story for the pair of you.Ē

ďYes sure Iím following you, I aint leaving you ever.Ē

ďYour mistake, Iím very tired, Iíll be asleep within the minute.ĒI then fell asleep whilst blocking her out with constant thoughts, when I awoke she had gone and I was only hearing the usual people in my thoughts, and then when walking to get my breakfast Carl walked past and he was no longer stressed out, he for the first time was smiling and happy, I asked, ď Are you all right?Ē and he nodded and smiled at me, and these are the thoughts I heard from his mind, ďHe did it, he really did get rid of them for me, the Doctors have told me not to tell him he was successful.ĒHe then heard my thoughts about the situation and went straight back into stressed, confused and depressed emotions, so I did my best to telepathically disconnect from him.I never saw him again after that, for he was on the ward voluntary and had released himself.I asked a doctor where he had gone and he looked like he didnít want to speak about it, reluctantly he said, ďOh heís released himself, he was here voluntary.ĒShould a Doctor have told me that?I thought patient confidentiality was a must in this profession.

††††††† It wasnít long before hearing voices sufferers were being placed near to me, and this was the same week one of the psychiatrists there hung herself and another went missing soon after.


††††††† The same service that told me to rest my leg due to a pulled muscle, and 2 years later it wasnít any better, then when working at Bury Football Club they told me the exact opposite, to exercise and work my legs as much as possible, and within 2 weeks it was fixed.A profession that couldnít help me with migraines as good as Youtube did.




††††††† *****




††††††† This next chapter isnít about healing, it is of how I was more than lucky to survive 3 life threatening situations, maybe it was 4, Iím not entirely sure if one instance was life threatening.


††††††† There have been 3, may be 4, separate moments when I very nearly died, due to sleep paralysis related breathing difficulties, sleep paralysis is the medical term, I prefer to call it spiritual attack originating from supernatural sources.

††††††† If you ever woke up paralysed and unable to breathe for close to 3 minutes, like how has occurred to me twice, after enduring hundreds of other moments of sleep paralysis and sleepwalking, ranging from the most extreme kinds to the least severe, you too would not believe what any health service says, that these are moments of half awake dreams mistaken as something else.They are real life situations being ignored by health services, life-threatening situations they donít acknowledge as existing, a killer condition being left to its own devices.

††††††† My first lucky survival of such was when about 1 year old; I stopped moving and breathing for more than 3 minutes, by which time Iíd turned a purple colour from my head to about halfway down my body.My mum was a trained nurse and knew how check for breathing and pulse, she knew I hadnít breathed for more than 3 minutes, although my heart was still beating.I could have stopped breathing for much longer than 3 minutes, that time period is just what she noticed.Then I snapped out of it almost instantly and as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

††††† ††Iíve had 3 other moments of such, that I know of.One of them moments was during childhood again, waking up in the middle of the night and having to take a massive gasp in for air because I felt as though I was totally out of breathe, it felt as though I hadnít breathed for a while but was then able too so was being woken up by that first gasp in for air, sitting upright fast whilst I took in that first, big and loud gasp.

††††††† I know this moment did have connections with supernatural circumstances but whether it was life threatening, or I was dead and brought back, or astrally travelling Iím not sure.

††††††† Iíd been floating around in space watching earth, in what felt like something more real than a dream.Some guys approached me and tried to talk me into going with them which I wasnít for doing, also asking what I was doing, where I was going, where I was from and who I was, and how I got here.They were also trying to win my trust because they felt that I didnít trust them.I wouldnít let them near me, threatening to fly off faster than they if they came any closer, so they backed off a few metres.Eventually I let them grab me, and when they did the moment ended and I a couple of seconds later woke up in bed gasping for air.

††††††† The second for definite life threatening situation was when 30 years old, I awoke to find myself paralysed and I couldnít inhale or exhale for more than 2 minutes, and in that same year another instance occurred, that time I could move but couldnít inhale or exhale for close to 40 seconds.


††††††† Sleep paralysis is the medical term for what health services say are delusions, explained in level head kind of statements an infant, incomplete, theoretical approaching profession, and which knows nothing about conscious awareness totally ignoring peoples claims of their experiences.The human race has long known about some people who endure minor breathing difficulties during certain attacks of sleep paralysis, and I havenít read of any person claiming worse has or could be occurring with the breathing difficulty side effects.The minor breathing difficulties SP circumstances have been causing have been occurring for tens of thousands of years that we know of, and despite this collective knowledge that has not changed over thousands of years, medical professions have existed for less than 200 years and reckon humanity is wrong and they are right.We have thousands of years experience with this that we know of, and if more dangerous and more life threatening situations of similar were occurring, like how I know are how would we know about them?We wouldnít unless we had a survivor of such, and that is what you have in me.

††††††† The true description of these circumstances: Unknown origin life forms taking control of a person by whatever means they use, spirits, aliens and other unknown origin life forms perform these controls on certain persons, controls of both good and bad outcomes, to good and bad people.They wait till the person is asleep; they initiate the paralysis and the waking up of the person and whatever else they do, by whatever means they use.

††††††† In legal terms these are very serious assaults, but not by the perpetrators, as human law only covers earth bound humans, in medical terms they are dreams, to me they have been life threatening 4 times from having hundreds of instances of sleep paralysis.

††††††† Iím 42 years old and it began for me as long back as I can recall, I think my first recollection would be way back when sleepwalking also began for me, I was about 4 years old then.

††††††† Many sufferers have reported enduring non-life threatening breathing difficulties during some of what I call the lesser intense attacks, them kinds have been occurring to individuals for as long as we have been on this planet, its widely known of and the details of these moments didnít change through times and eras, which is contrary to what health services say in them being half awake dreams.If they were correct with that theory the attacks would have changed as much as societies and cultures, communities and dreams, individuals and eras.But all the attacks are very similar to each other in many ways, the attacks havenít changed for as long as we have known about it, if they were dreams most aspects of the attacks would have changed.

††††††† Medical services have access to scientific proof that sleepwalking is not a function of the personís own brain impulses controlling their muscles, and they themselves can take control of a personís body, either in giving paralysis or putting into comas as preparation for surgical and medical treatments, or putting to sleep for other reasons.They can even teach people to control prosthetic limbs with their own brain impulses, but mention sleepwalking and sleep paralysis and they refuse to accept any kind of unknown origin life form could exist and be able to do such.

††††††† Medical and health services presuming we are the most advanced and most intelligent life forms present on this planet, is an unintelligent, naÔve, unscientific and dangerous way to be.Total disregard that there could be more intelligent creatures than us and whom hold more knowledge than us, and not only of the physical and carbon, and total disregard that if they could exist they would be able to keep their origins secret, and their selves far from being controlled or captured by any kind of earth authority.

††††††† Even Einstein reckoned consciousness could become only pure energy, but heís not that well known for his supernatural beliefs.And I myself once had physical evidence of a silicone-based life form, one that had been part of a sleep paralysis moment I endured, but I discarded it.Science would have said it was unidentifiable so there was no point in keeping it.

††††††† Health services ignorance lets sleep paralysis continue un-addressed in medical ways; they wonít accept it occurs so it continues un-noticed, and they know nothing about it because they wonít look into it.

††††††† Medical and health services are experts of illnesses and similar of the body, they are not even beginners with conscious awareness and experience, and neither can be duplicated by medical, laboratory or scientific means.They cannot explain what controls a person when they are sleepwalking, they cannot explain how we are able to see pictures in our thoughts, they cannot explain how we are able to think with language, they donít even have the experience and knowledge to be able to tell us how we generate emotions, and despite all of this they cannot explain of conscious awareness, they have a big percentage of the population blagged into believing they are the experts of everything our conscious, semi-conscious and unconscious awareness is.


††††††† Itís quite well known that people have suffered minor breathing difficulties during sleep paralysis, but what isnít well known about are the extremities of what is possible in these ways.3 times I very nearly died of sleep paralysis related breathing difficulties, and each instance was of a way I have not been able to find other writings of, or other witness statements of, which scares me quite considerably and ill explain why next.I have always been full of luck you may say, me Iíd say I have a spiritual development and supernatural connections that help me through harmful, dangerous and life threatening moments.Miraculous recoveries, healing, a kind of telepathic awareness guiding me out of major damage from a serious accident, and sometimes personal defence from others is telepathically controlled in me by my supernatural associations, as well as also unexplained moments that helped my health, alien encounters that did so too, I get luck and more, in every kind of format, with most that comes my way.A sub-conscious awareness strangely guiding me away from dangerous moments was always a big one I encountered lots too, and with all this in mind none of it was able to keep life threatening sleep paralysis circumstances away from me, and it felt to me as though I was very lucky to survive 3 moments of sleep paralysis related breathing difficulties, the circumstances had got to the severity of me being on the edge of death, possibly twice I was dead, the only times I got to such a dangerous state, now can you see why this scares me?

††††††† How many people has it killed?How many people will it kill?Cot Deaths and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome enters my mind most but it will be extending into adults too.

††††††† When I was a kid and suffering I told no person, and it developed into 2 or 3 moments that very nearly killed me.There were many other times when harmful things were occurring during these attacks but then there were also nice and helpful times too.


††††††† It all began for me when about 4 years old, the same time my sleepwalking began.At Prospect Terrace, in Huncoat, Lancashire, thatís where sleepwalking and sleep paralysis began in ways known by myself, it may have begun before then but I have no recollection of it.Our next home, Dryden Street, Clayton Lee Moors I never had one attack despite having dozens at the previous address.Our next home, Lowergate Road, Huncoat, the attacks got really bad but I was also living elsewhere during schooling terms, sleeping in the dormitories of a residential school and never once did I have any sleep paralysis or sleepwalking there.For an extreme sufferer to have environmental circumstances as an aspect for allowing or not allowing it to occur is another slap in the face for sceptics.Building and personal security seemed to be the boundaries there, if there was really bad home security the attacks escalated, good security no attacks, and the dormitories making sure the moments never returned I can only presume the other lads sleeping in the same room as I made sure they couldnít do it to me without them being seen by other lads, and or possibly even the staff checking up on us every hour or so could also have had something to do with it not occurring.


††††††† The second or third time it very nearly killed me I was 30 years old, in 2002.I was sleeping at home, in bed, then was awoken to find myself totally paralysed, led on my back, this time I couldnít move or open my eyes so immediately knew it would be a bad one, whereas in the past during certain attacks sometimes I could move my eyes with them being either open or closed, and during other moments couldnít move them whilst being either open or closed.During this attack immediately after thinking this is going to be a bad one a voice speaking to me could be heard; only the second time Iíve heard an audible voice when no person was physically present.It wasnít in my thoughts; it was a real voice I could hear with my ears.It was a woman speaking with a really croaky witch-like voice, in a threatening and nasty tone, she wasnít speaking English and I donít know what language she was speaking, I never recognised it but did recognise her speak my first name, once in the middle of a sentence of the foreign language threatening tone.

††††††† Due to my vast experiences with everything of the psychic, spiritual, supernatural and sleep paralysis, I generated an interested emotion towards her, interested in knowing who she was as Iíd never before this moment come across her in any of my experiences.As soon as I thought and generated emotions of interest she snapped and became more nasty, more threatening and next started causing a lot of pain in this next particular way.I could feel her reaching into my chest with her arm and hand and then trying to rip something out.With every pull from within my chest my body violently raised up off the bed, except for my feet and head, then with her putting her grip back down and loose my body then rested back onto the bed.Enormous pain was spreading out in my chest with every pull and push, this continued for what I believe took the attack close to 40 seconds, I wanted to shout out in pain but couldnít because of the paralysis.Then the pain started spreading into my neck, face and head, and was building up to enormous levels, which is when realising it was because I hadnít breathed since waking up, and that was when I noticed I was unable too.Every time I tried to inhale I couldnít, so I tried to exhale and I couldnít do that either, then after a while more of failing trying I noticed that every time I tried to breathe her pulling and pushing from within my chest was contributing to preventing me, if not being solely responsible.

††††††† I saw pictures in my mind of who she was, well it was more a case of what she was because she didnít look like a human soul, Iíd best be describing her as a grey, skinny, tall thing, no way she looked like a human spirit.Sheís the closest resemblance of a human soul I have ever seen of an unknown origin life form though, very similar in many ways but the biggest differences being her grey coloured skin, tall skinny human like body with a face and skull very similar of human.

††††††† What she was doing to me was the worst pain Iíve ever endured, trying to gauge it for you now I have to say it felt like someone was trying to rip my heart and lungs out through my rib cage, but was probably a case of her trying to rip my soul out of my body.

††††††† I was by now beginning to believe she was going to cause my death, and the pains in my head, chest, face and neck had got to unbearable levels, and with me being unable to breathe Iíd resorted to waiting for unconsciousness then death.No matter how hard I tried to breathe I couldnít, so it seemed futile trying.

††††††† Thatís when a helping hand stepped into the situation.On occasions I confer in my mind with my friends from unknown origins, or if they know I need their help they step into my thoughts with their own so to guide me correctly, within about 3 seconds of me giving up trying to breathe one of them friends started generating her thoughts in my own, next is as close as I can recall the conversation was.

Magnus you have to time a very small inhale in-between one of her pulls/pushes.

I canít do it, Iíve tried, Iím giving up trying.

Sheís trying to kill you, do you want to give her what she wants?

No but I canít breathe so whatís the point trying.

I know how you can breathe, you have to time a small inhale in-between a pull and push, itís the only way youíll be able to do it, try.

††††††† I began trying to time it how she told me but the attacker noticed this and so tried to counter it, she was now pulling, pushing and yanking faster, stronger and with much more violent movements and with less space between 2, it was much more painful too.The attacker looked vexed and out of control (only images I saw in my mind) that I was still alive and now conferring in my mind with a friend, even the violent ripping pains increasing in strength from within my chest and my violent body movements becoming more so suggested she had become vexed at not getting what she wanted, for they were faster, stronger and much more painful than before.

††††††† After close to 15 seconds of trying to time my breathing how I was instructed too I managed to grab one very small inhale, and then a few seconds later managed to grab another, within a couple of seconds of the second inhale the attack stopped.

††††††† And that wasnít the last of it, over the next 3 weeks I had enormous pains all over my body, small stabbing pains on the inner, beginning light and not many, and then gradually building up in pain and number, then slowly easing back down till had ceased all together.


††††††† Only twice in my life have I heard audible voices when no physical person was present, that moment and once as a 17 year old, and both moments seemed to be of the same language I didnít recognise from anywhere else.


††††††† In that same year, earlier in the year and the 2 months leading up till that year, I had, erm, letís say did something linked with the spiritual to some hierarchical Satanists, then within 8 months of that had endured 3 life threatening situations originating from the supernatural.It was no coincidence and it was no coincidence I survived, Iíve always known about a protection of me originating from supernatural sources, and me contemplating such helped me find the courage to take on them Satanic people.And no I donít do that anymore, it was just a few people from one family I took on in ways of words, so they tried to have a go back with ways of their dark occult practises.I being attacked like that opened up a massive unknown area to me, something of the supernatural I never knew about and you never knew about, so now I thank them for letting me learn of these outcomes.

††††††† Some adults cannot live with these attacks, they cannot handle it, it scares them so much and disrupts their sleep patterns so much that it ruins much of their life, and there is absolutely no way any baby can handle the worst Iíve endured, it must be killing a lot more than any person realises.The supernatural did once tell me people donít survive the attacks when their soul is being ripped out of their chest by an unknown origin life form, but now people know how I countered it others may be able too.

††††††† The older I become the less these attacks occur, for despite the body becoming weaker the soul becomes stronger through age.My last attack was in 2013, before then there were 4 instances in 2002, many attacks in the 90ís and dozens in my childhood, possibly hundreds in my childhood.Only 3 or may be 4 moments were life threatening with breathing difficulties.














††††††† Most of these questions were put to me when living in Kearsley, some donít seem relevant to me but itís what people asked.



Why is there suffering, violence, wars and govt authority crimes and corruptions if there are almighty beings watching over us?

A... Because freewill and choice are allowed to be.


Why are there so many differences between the most well known religions and spiritual paths?

Theyíre usually moulded around older beliefs, customs and events that were more recently occurring.I donít know enough of all religions to be able to step into them debates, all I know is I never once doubt any religions claims of supernatural happenings, I base my beliefs in them from my own experiences with the supernatural.


Why were the well-known major supernaturally able figures miracle workers of high standards when other people were unable to perform the same?

They received the necessary abilities, contacts and connections needed to fulfil the expectations of.


Why canít I remember anything from a past life if I have lived past lives?††

I'm the same; I don't remember those times too. I have though woke up in the morning and knew I had a good dream the night before but was unable to remember it, which is a similar circumstance of forgetting naturally.We also forget a lot of what we experience in this life, for if we didnít our memory would be cluttered with irrelevance.Many times Iíve needed my supernatural friends to remind me of circumstances that I should be covering in my books, moments that didnít log correctly into my memory because it wasnít an event that I felt would be covered in my future books.Moments that when I was writing my books they reminded me of those moments with telepathic contact, then added to my own knowledge of with some of their own.


How does the spirit or soul become fixed into the body at the beginning of life?

It happens naturally, kind of like magnetism.


What would your Alien friends have to say to humanity here and now?

  The Greys would say they have had their operatives on earth for as long as humanity have been here, my Human alien friends say, everything is going to turn out perfect, the future on this planet is safe, although hardships are yet to come.Every person who deserves it will find their paradise, their time out, a getaway to be enjoyed, what they want to an extent.And all who deserve justice will get that too.We are the same as you, we grew with him and its always him, he wonít let anyone else do it.


You believe humanity were once telepathic similar to how you are now. Why and how did humanity loose those abilities?

Humanity wanted to be that way and look at how all of recorded history has entailed ever since.


How does telepathy work?

Chakras are the essence of the soul, generators of emotions and thoughts, decision and calculation, the brain just performs involuntary or voluntary regulation and movement of the body according to the souls wishes or bodies own needs.

††††††† Some of mine are permanently open and connected with other peoples and the environment, so I'm able to connect aspects of my soul with other peoples and the environment.  My thoughts extending out into other people is proof of sorts the soul can exist separately from the body.

††††††† The brain of a person is only a controller/ regulator/ receiver/transmitter of body functions and the souls desires.Memory, intention, thoughts and calculation are all soul generated, which if life after death is true would have to be abilities of the soul.

††††††† Breathing regulates verbal language as well as thoughts of language, due to thoughts originating from the throat chakra area, thoughts of language even feel as though they originate from the throat area and when I picture things in my mind it feels as though it originates from the mindís eye area.Try humming a single note in thoughts without breathing disrupting it, itís almost impossible if not.


How does miraculous hands on healing work?

I donít know, Iíve never done that before or experienced similar, but I see it occurring to some people in my life, and on occasions to myself, but it usually isnít my doing, itís my supernatural connections doing it for me, my unknown origin friends.


What will next weekís lottery numbers be?

Haha, Iím pennyless, if I knew do you think Iíd tell anyone?I did try to tamper with lottery machines using only my telekinetic or spiritual abilities.May be thatís the key to using psychic and supernatural abilities to win the lottery, instead of choosing which numbers people believe may be chosen by the machine, try and make the machine pick out any numbers they have chosen.

††††††† I did once know in advance that a lottery machine was going to fail on live television, and then it occurred on the same night I knew it would.

††††††† When the lottery first began I would always do the same favoured numbers, then after a few months forgot to put them on for the first time ever.Then later that day watched the live draw in horror as my numbers came out.First the 3 then the 4, the 7 and then the 11, my next number was a 20 and a number higher or lower by one was chosen by the machine, then my last one was again only one number away.I thought I'd lost a fortune as I would have had 4 numbers if I had put them on, then was later a bit relieved to learn it would only have been about £60 or £70.

††††††† They were definitely spiritual or psychic influences that gave me the numbers, I picked them within an exercise of meditation conducted for the same reasons.So something strange has already occurred with the national lottery and I but I donít play anymore.I had to stop playing; many people of authorities were using telepathy against me to steal my chosen numbers.


Why were all the true prophets of God men?

I donít know if they were, we had Joan of Arc for a start and there are many mentions of Goddess or angel like women throughout history, myths and legends.


Why wonít God allow humanity to become telepathic now?

Because humanity needs to become aware of these things before they occur.I never favoured telepathy or tried to be telepathic, it was just always there and unable to be turned off.The masses wonít become telepathic, first will be a few telepathic people in every town, city and village on earth.Then within 200 years of those first appearing the masses themselves will all be telepathic.


Do you have any more prophecies of the future?

I did predict a supernatural sign in the sky that would occur in 2011 but then I took it back in 2010, I had various reasons for doing so but it still may occur close in time to a major event in my life, or shortly after my life ends.Iíd prefer the last but I have no control over when things occur, or if they will at all, Iíd prefer it to not occur during my lifetime.

††††††† Many signs occurred in 2014, but I was erm not available, I have no recordings of it, could do with some and the rest of the supernatural events recorded from that day, sending to my address please, 55 Gillibrand Street, Darwen Lancashire, England, BB3 1HA




††††††† This picture, from Richard Roachís Messiah Triumphant, depicts the life of Christ, from his birth to a crowning moment of glory.The large circle at the end must be depicting my prophecy of a sun disc sign occurring to prove to the people what I am, I didnít know of this picture before I made that prophecy.Anyways, it may be something other than that, and it may already have occurred, I saw something in 2014, but have no recording of it.More will occur, the end circle will be yet to occur.

††††††† The supernatural did call me, The New Key a few times; IE a key to enlightenment, and this picture does look like a key of sorts.


Can people train themselves to become psychic?

Yes and no, it all depends on the person trying.If there is already a small ability there it can be built upon, meditation and being drug free is the best way to build on that and also a good way to begin from nothing, belief in it with no doubt and mind over matter can build it further too.Reading into what is capable of these ways, asking spirit to show you in dreams parts of futures or valuable information, a lot of the time though they wonít reply but the information will be received.Agreeing to use it more for the good of other people than for the good of yourself will always build a lot on a small ability too.It really needs the cooperation of unknown origin life forms to help it further and they canít be with all people, so they go where they want to go.


Do you really believe you have fulfilled prophecies?

Itís obvious that I have, Iíve looked into writings of messiah claimants, ones who had thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of people believing in them, in one case millions of people believed he was the messiah, but when I looked deeper into their lives it became apparent they may have fulfilled one prophecy out of more than 10, which isnít fulfilling the prophecies, all of them need to be fulfilled to be that man, and thereís only a few left which I havenít.

††††††† If Iím not the man then at least Iíve set the standards, all who claimed similar before me can now be disregarded.

††††††† A prophecy says many false messiahs will have been and gone before he arrives, now as I write this in 2014 thereís a Russian messiah claimant who has a big following and one in the USA, there have been dozens before me.

††††††† A holy man told me in emails the Christ he is expecting will have nail scars from a previous life, IE Jesus.I wouldnít and could never believe I was him, and that isnít correct anyhow, no way God would send someone with scars, although I did have my big toe nails and their beds ripped out when a kid, and I have 2 slightly irregular hand nails due to always biting them, so I do have nail scars, just not the ones some people expected.

††††††† An Islamic guy reckoned to me the Christ will have a bone missing, due to an alpine skiing accident back in the 90s I snapped a right hand bone clean in 2, the knuckle on the end of that bone now looks like itís missing due to the hand bone shrinking upon mending.

††††††† Then there was the spiritual taking over prophecy from within Peter Lemesuriers The Great Pyramid Decoded book, it saying a spiritual taking over of a physical body would occur.Other people in my family had known about their own telepathic abilities long before I spoke to them of my own, so Iím not sure about this spiritual taking over prophecy, but considering my telepathic controls by the supernatural and in some cases physical people that is a kind of spiritual taking over.

††††††† My height of 6 foot 2 is similar to what people have predicted, aged 30 when first starting to tell religious groups about myself is also in line with prophecy.I did though tell some religious people in about 88 but was replied to with disbelief.It wasnít a proper claim, just an idle comment I backed down from.ďIím the man your religion has been waiting for,Ē but I never knew much about religions back then so didnít know the full picture of what I was saying.

††††††† Another one from Peters Pyramid book was pointing, that would have been a reference to one of my trades within construction, what I did most of, pointing masonry.

††††††† 72 features heavily in that book too and elsewhere too, 72 is the year I was born, (9.2.72) 1972 was also the longest year ever, within the context of the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time.)It was a leap year and 2 extra seconds were added, an event that hasnít been repeated since.

††††††† And then as a sideline to this lot everything it says about 1972 the year of the Rat is also correct for me, with one exception.


†††††† And the big boss mention in Peters book, Iím representing the authority of God.Part of Peters book suggests there may be 3 or 4 messianic figures, the supernatural elaborating and saying probably stages of my life or my books.Somebody could take over from I, if I leave earlier than expected, but none of that is needed to be known before it occurs, if at all.


†††††† Then there is mention of a bow in the sky and the sign of the Messiah.A bow can be described as a double loop and in 2002 I predicted to Greater Manchester Police that a perfect circle of clear sky would surround and cover the moon all night, whilst the rest of the sky was totally clouded over, and within the month it occurred a few days before full moon.The edges of the cloud were definite, sudden and perfect.I do expect a similar sign to occur for the public to witness of me but will probably be of the sun, we will see and I hope not during my lifetime.

††††††† I would never believe I was Jesus but he too was telepathic like I, look at where in the bible it says, he knew their thoughts, there are a few similar mentions and which could only ever be referring to telepathy.Some religious people have commented to me about how that doesnít refer to telepathy, people can twist the truth to whatever they want it to sound like but everyone who can weigh things up for themselves know them statements are referring to telepathy.People have told me those statements refer to him being omnipresent and it isnít a reference to being telepathic, whatever they want to twist they can do, but it doesnít take away from the fact it is referring to telepathic abilities, that is a kind of omnipresence but using different words to explain such.Even many films show circumstances that suggest telepathy is what he used to amaze some people; he seemed wiser than me though and kept these abilities of his discreet.

††††††† The prophecies of Osirisí return I believe are a bit mixed up but referring to me, the prophecies of Christís return I believe are a bit mixed up and referring to me as the New Age Christ, the same with the return of Quetzalcoatl, the arrival of Pahana, the Messiah, Vishnu, Mahdi, Maitreya, New Buddha and whatever other prophecies refer to a man from God being on earth round about now.God would not need all these people to represent him, all he needs is one man and there will never be another that fits the prophecies as well as I.Not everyone believed in Jesus whilst he lived and it was supposedly religious people pushed for his execution, so Iím not fazed one bit by the people who donít believe in me, but I will make sure to write the right words to convince as many people as I can, and I only have to do that by explaining what Iíve done, what Iím capable of and which prophecies Iíve fulfilled to date.Itís pretty obvious itís me, not one of the other Messiah claimants converted atheists and sceptics into believers of themselves but that is what Iíve done for many decades.

††††††† I donít belong to any religion or spiritual path, and my mum and father deciding not to have me and my sister baptized so we could choose for ourselves, Iíve never wanted to be baptized before 2014, now I do into one religion.


††††††† My first name given at birth fulfils prophecy, Magnus=Agnus (Dei) and the year I was born, 1972 ties in with many peopleís expectations, my telepathic abilities fulfil the new conscious awareness prophecy, me living in the United Kingdom ties in with the New Kingdom prophecy.Myself psychic detecting on many who deserved it fulfils the, he will reinstate justice and beliefs of the supernatural.Myself directing the troops to Osamaís whereabouts time and time again fulfils the Dajjal prophecy; he asked for a holy war, that we do know so he invited me to get involved.


††††††† On Trinity Sunday, in 2002, I watched a red moon rise from the horizon, it looked like the sun rising in the night sky and I also predicted it hours earlier, that also fulfils a bible prophecy.


††††††† How I have showed authorities my abilities with the supernatural whilst also being lawfully anti-establishment also ties in with a lot.


††††††† The times in which we live is about right and this book being on the Internet for the global audience to connect with whenever also fits in with prophecy good.


††††††† My vast UFO experiences fulfil the alien prophecies, me having a white customised 190e when first making public claims ties in with the riding a white horse prophecy.Thereís more fulfilled prophecies I havenít yet mentioned but will appear within the other book.


††††††† The sun being darkened prophecy may have occurred before I was born or may be something else.The industrial revolution began in the region I was born and grew up within, the sky there was a smog filled mess for more than 100 years before I was born, and only clearing up a few decades before I was born there.Or may be that prophecy could be referring to a future moment with volcanic ash filling the sky, may be even referring to my sun disc sign(it being a prediction of the future I took back but which may still occur some other time.)I canít say for sure which it is, it could also be referring to the 1999 total solar eclipse in Newquay, I am sure it was my own mind over matter that made the opening in the clouds appear for long enough for us to see the full corona.

††††††† My sun disc sign prophecy, a perfect circle of clouds to cover and surround the sun, may have become fulfilled in 2014, I and many people saw it, but I was in a bit of a daze at the time, so Iím unsure whether to take it as real, depictions of the future, or implanted false memories through my telepathic abilities, because people have tried the implanted memory BS on me before then, or it could have been something else, Iím not entirely sure.

††††††† Enemies had spike drugged me with pure heroine, serontin or something named similarly, and sodium pentethol, so to do some awful and evil things to me, I was already suffering lack of sleep and hadnít eaten all day, and had been taking a herbal remedy social thing, so I was in double trouble in more than 6 ways.The enemies of mine controlling the situation to only a percentage of the total control of I they wanted, and then the supernatural around I stepping in and helping the situation out and away from the worst it could be.

††††††† But I was also kind of like outside of my body, and being controlled telepathically, and with moments of spiritual possession, coupled with myself being astrally projected elsewhere whilst unknown origin life forms stepped into my body with their own soul and used it instead of I using it, and enduring trance talk, and my supernatural friends giving me memory resets nearly every 40 seconds, I wasnít there but my body was, so I only recall brief moments and which Iím not entirely sure which way to believe of them.

††††††† I saw the sun disc sign, and animations of a new age Christ, Jesus Christ on the cross and he then turning to UFO technology, stars leaving earth and floating up to the animations, then page after page of UFO and technology plans, all in my handwriting.Just before the stars floating up began I asked someone in the crowd to reference this biblical prophecy summary, of what may be occurring then, and read all of the biblical prophecy back to us, breaking down walls for heavy treasure.A person in the crowd within the minute recited this, When the armies of God are seen to be breaking down walls for heavy treasure, the crowning moment of Christ will be seen by all.And then I added, ď And as the stars leave earth and float up to the ocean above, what will be seen there that will be me.And copyrighted material for all to see, in the sky above me, my gift to humanity, UFO technology.Ē

††††††† Stars began floating up out of earth, thousands of them, white light stars the size of tennis balls, then animations were seen in the sky, Oís and Xís, they were side by side, many of them, then one flashed in the sky and the other, they joined one to form a cross with a circle, which turned into something awful of that day my enemies tried on me, then Christ on the cross, those being 2 depictions of what 2 people endured for yous, then that turning into Christ in a UFO.Then dozens of pages of UFO writings and diagrams, in my handwriting.

††††††† These signs occurred immediately after my most major enemy had reached the lowest depths of her crimes, her and others from their group spiking me with them drugs so to do to me the things they tried with me that day, and they did similar elsewhere too, well worse, so the signs in the sky were for the people witnessing what was occurring, to make sure people knew the truth of me there and then.

††††††† People around me had to make me look up at the signs, and every time I did I immediately looked away through embarrassment, it wasnít good timing for me.

††††††† I wasnít ready for that then, I wasnít ready for people reacting to me soon after because of that lot in the sky and what else occurred that day, I wasnít ready for any of it or expecting any of it, and it didnít really log in to my conscious as being a real set of events, due to everything of my conscious being and body that had been disrupted out from the normal of I, by my enemies and my supernatural friends, so I didnít really compose myself in ways I should have immediately after.

††††††† It was more than evil, awful and shocking moments from some of my enemies, then a display of Christ, I had no control over any of it that day and with my state of well being, being out of the window, it was hard to react afterwards in ways that were relevant.I still find it hard to believe it all occurred how I suspect it may have occurred, I was not only spike drugged but also going through trance talk, spiritual possession, memory resets of about 40 seconds, astral projection and my soul on a few occasions went into the bodies of my enemies and controlled their body as my own for a few minutes.

††††††† It was all totally unexpected by myself, precisely what the supernatural had many times told me to expect, expect the unexpected.I know some of it occurred, people have been asking and commenting about bits, and for a small period of time I had temporary physical changes proving parts of it was real, how much was real people say all of it was, but I find that hard to believe too.

††††††† There will be more signs in the sky while I live, there will be more alien and UFO activity seen close to me, and I am pretty certain there will be amazing things they give us we werenít expecting.They owe us more than we expect they can give to us, they helped lead me into paths of other peopleís awfulness and that spread elsewhere to other people, I feel guilty for it through association in 2 ways, and I know itís their fault why I wasnít steered away from those troubles.





††††††† The prophecy of the white buffalo, that has also been fulfilled recently, and the third was found in Goshen, I myself have worked at Goshen playing fields although it is in Bury, Greater Manchester and not the Goshen in the United States where the white buffalo was born.



††††††† Mabus being the Antichrist isnít a prophecy, itís an incorrect deciphering of coded quatrains, and since they couldnít get my name precise then they couldnít get the rest correct.The bible doesnít actually predict one Antichrist, it predicts many but many prophecies have been built around it predicting one.

††††††† Then thereís documentations say When Mabus dies vengeance will wreak havoc on earth, again incorrect deciphering.My supernatural friends claim that since the 1940s have postponed earth from shaking everywhere at the same time, and will continue to do so till they leave earth in the 2040s.

††††††† Earth governs herself and her to do that in the 1940s was to protect herself from the destruction humanity had, were and will cause to her, which if left to develop would eventually finish her off.Prophecies say it occurs when I leave life, which tallies with my supernatural friends saying earth is allowed to be herself when they leave earth.

††††††† Any psychic seeing the departure of me then global catastrophe occurs because of, would incorrectly define it as something other than what it truly is, as predictions of the future usually are defined with pictures that then need to be decoded, explained, defined, etc and using experience to work though.Sometimes definitions werenít precise due to incorrect decoding, Iíve done it myself many times, seen the future, tried to define those pictures, then after the events had occurred worked out by studying them and the original psychic images how in some cases my defining was ever so slightly incorrect.

††††††† There are many prophecies stating a major global cataclysmic event will occur.Well get through, I believe it will be in the 2040s, earth shaking everywhere at the same time for close to 3 minutes, with quakes everyday for the 1 to 2 weeks leading up till then.

††††††† I didnít want to put that prophecy in any of my books but worse has been written elsewhere so it needed correcting.


††††††† During a time of earth quakes caused by man was another prophecy, so even our harm to earth was foreseen.


††††††† Lif, the mother and father of a new race of humans prophecy.All of humanity will become as telepathic as I.


††††††† There are many incorrect interpretations of prophecies, just ignore all of them and only consider the original ones that can be compared to past events.


††††††† Then there are prophecies of him taking on and winning against a serpent like being and then a prophecy of a dragon of governments being beaten by a dragon of God, obviously not defining dragons but is esoteric for defining unknown and sometimes limitless powers.




†††††† There have been 2 journalists, to date, whom I correctly predicted 3 futures too, may be I predicted more to them as I do sometimes forget what I predicted.But vaguely speaking of them predictions here doesnít help me to convince people via words, I need more words to convince people of that so can only be added too with full chapters of writing.Apart from that when police have been asked by journalists about my psychic detective claims they usually reply with no comment or similar.Apart from the 2 journalists who witnessed me predicting future circumstances of crimes, Iíve had a work colleague experience my psychic detecting and a cousin boss, and 3 bosses experience telepathy from me.All of whom I can name for any person needing such information, such as journalists.The witnesses I will not name in this book, I donít want random people ringing them up with enquiries.

††††††† Iíve spent more than 30 years being in the eye of authorities and them learning what Iím capable of, spanning from 78 till 02 was when they saw the most of what Iím capable of, they saw much after that but not as much as before.

†††††† It was back in the late 90ís and by late 2001 when some journalists saw how I was more than able with the psychic and supernatural, since journalists got involved near the end of authorities being taught by me then I know its a new era Iím moving into slowly.Iím sure the public are going to see the supernatural with me and it will be something not before experienced by myself.The supernatural around me usually never perform one action for one purpose, they make the most of every situation so cover many circumstances with one set of proofs shown to me, so I expect theyíll do the same with the people who learn of me.


††††††† My supernatural, psychic, telepathic, spiritual and unexplained experiences and abilities are for sure of the level people expected of the man, thereís not much left to occur which I havenít already fulfilled.Even Magnus defining The Great One in Latin ties in with a lot, as well as Magnus tying in with Agnus Dei.


††††††† New Jerusalem prophecies, well when I first started generating interest of me on a global scale many people came to check me out, the nearest motorway roundabout to my home of them times had a Church on it, New Jerusalem it was called and with a big sign of such on that roundabout.It had 3 buildings and each with a pyramid roof, and in them times I had been advising people to read Peter Lemesuriers, The Great Pyramid decoded book.Itís a book that speaks of the prophecies and most, if not all of what he predicted in his book of this man has already been fulfilled by myself.Itís an amazing book and well worth a read for all people, even sceptics.

††††††† It wasnít I who made associations with the New Jerusalem prophecies and that Church in Kearsley; it was visitors to that area whom pointed it out to me.

††††††† Also something else that could be to do with the New Jerusalem prophecy, there is a Bethlehem and a Jerusalem in Wales, the place Iíd favour if I could choose where to live.


††††††† The Mohawk prophecy of dragon like beasts battling it out in the future, one of God and the other of governments is probably just indicating of beings of limitless power and abilities battling it out.But national flag of Wales is a red dragon and it is where in the UK I would prefer to live, the Mohawk prophecy of a dragon of God I think also says it will be a red dragon that drowns the government one.


††††††† The Pahana stones prophecy, Iím not legally allowed to visit the USA, hooray, so even if them stones did still exist I would not be allowed to retrieve them, but I have fulfilled the European descent expectation of that man.If the stones of Pahana do exist (which I donít believe they do) earth will unearth them for me, elders of the Hopi will know what to do.


††††††† The Blue Star Kachina prophecy, I reckon will be a UFO seen interacting with me, or some other kind of physical supernatural event seen in the sky near me.Could it have been the occurrence my family and me saw in the mid 70s, the night sky turning to daylight blue for close to 8 seconds?


††††††† image005


††††††† The riding a white horse prophecy.My uncle received this car, he gave it to my step dad as payment for a loan, he gave it to my sister, and she worked out it would be cheaper she sell it and buy a smaller car, so almost begged me to buy it, long before any person in family knew of my historical claims.Not only did it fulfil the riding a white horse prophecy, all the

authorities persons around me reckoned it just looked perfect for me.


††††††† The Rainbow Warriors prophecy, well Iím hoping that will be people with abilities and connections similar to my own and whom take on in lawful, non-violent, moral ways certain authorities and certain governments, like how occurs with me.


††††††† The end of the world, December 21st 2012 prophecy, I never believed, Mayans didnít say it was an end of the world, people wrongfully interpreting things said that.It could be a sign of the time of the Gods returning, so would be indicating of the times immediately thereafter, or like how our Gregorian Calendar changed in 1999 to 2000 it could just be a document thing.I suspect itís a God returning thing, the new era beginning for the public shortly after that date.


††††††† There are many wrong interpretations of prophecies but they were not the original statements, they were later compiled decipherings.Thereís many wrongs ones and the correct ones can also be deviated from to begin unknown paths, after all the prophecies are just statements from the supernatural to humanity, a guide of their future plans.Of course they have back up plans, secret ones, surprise ones and I expect thereíd also be intentionally incorrect ones so to create their preferred outcome.

††††††† I know what they are like, what we see as major problems they see as an easy hurdle, what we consider as possible outcomes are a small fraction of how far they can look into the future, and they know more of the future than I can even begin to understand how such is possible.

††††††† They are far more advanced than us in every way possible, and I feel like I am one of you lot, not one of them lot, and Iím more like yous than them.


What if youíre wrong about yourself?

If my psychic detective claims were untrue the Trading Standards would be very able at closing down my site and bringing legal proceedings against me for misleading the public with untruths, or maybe even fraud and deception, but that they do not do and will never do.Misleading the public with untruths in trade is not tolerated in my country, although they allow it from politicians, police, councils and newsreaders.It was I who sent the troops to Osama Bin Ladens whereabouts many times, and people in the Pentagon know this is true, it was I who used the psychic to predict things to Greater Manchester Police only a psychic source could have been attributed too, if any of them claims were untrue the Trading Standards will shut my book down and bring legal proceedings against me, because I will sell my UFO book and the other book on the strength of them claims.The Trading Standards donít allow businesses in my country to earn money on the strength of untruths; they donít allow any business to mislead the public with untruths, so for as long as this site exists it is a kind of proof that my psychic detecting claims are true.


††††††† How can I be wrong when all who believed in these prophecies before hearing of me highly suspect I am such?Thereís more than enough in my life and abilities to convince all believers of the prophecies that I should have gone public, Iíve set the standards for a Christ claimant, but I need not do that, as by the time I have left life it will be obvious to all people I was such.

††††††† Certain persons of certain authorities believe it is I due, to experiencing what they did of me.


††† What if all the prophecies are a collection of delusions?

††† Different cultures from different eras and all predicting similar, which then all occurs in the life of one man, long before he read those prophecies.Itís almost impossible for a sceptic to down talk me, and I gave them chances in forums and chat rooms online, wish Iíd never bothered though because I would have got a better discussion at any primary school.

††††††† I never accepted the prophecies as a guideline for how to fulfil them prophecies, I fulfilled most of them before reading them, it was that collection of fulfilled prophecies made me realise no man will ever fit into the prophecies as good as I.













††††††† This strange number 11 thing I hadnít noticed, I first learning of it from Uri Gellers website, then noticing instances of it elsewhere and in my life too.

††††††† The strangeness is where 11 lettered names, words and circumstances recur into big news events and other important matters.In this chapter are some I learnt from Uriís site, ones I read from other peopleís documentations I found on the net and then the ones I noticed that other people didnít.

††††††† Thereís a few which didnít really need including but I mentioned them just to be political.


††††††† All the names and circumstances that follow are 11 letters.


Osama B Laden

George W Bush

Richard Reid†††† The man whose shoe bombs failed to explode in that plane over the Atlantic, he was also sat on isle 11.

The Pentagon

Desert Storm

Mind Control

Public enemy




Propagandas, there are many of I, if you hear of any stories that are detrimental to my image and very high moral standard then they are either total lies, BS, propagandas or some other kind of untruth.My next book of this series, Chosen, it will explain everything in fine detail, dispelling all the myths and untruths of I.Iím told there are BS photos of me here, there and everywhere, truly they are spike drug induced coma-like effects on the person, pure heroine, sodium pentothal and serontin I am told is what they use, with managed photography of that to make false images of serious criminality, obviously fake to the police and I but to other people not so.I didnít even know about the moments till told about the photos by police in the early 90s, their questioning of I finishing within two minutes of starting, due to them instantly recognising my innocence.



††††††† The World Trade Center comprised of 110 storeys, was completed in 72 or first opened in 72, that number many people associate with God.Was destroyed on the 11th of September, and 65% of the 11th floor of WTC north tower was engulfed in fire in 1975 for more than 3 hours.

The Big Apple, it being another name for New York, New York is also the 11th state.

Democracies = Corruptions


British Rule


A War Of Words


Lion Of Judah


††††††† St Laurenceís Church, Chorley is where a few supernatural instances occurred, whilst working there on a new build extension project.

††††††† One afternoon when a delivery driver was delivering to the site, I directed him to where it was going and asked he be careful around the small obelisk, my boss had told me to tell him to be careful with it.So he reversed straight into it, pulled forward, drove into it again and then tried it all again.It was rocking too and fro whilst a woman and very young daughter stood to its side, froze and too scared to move.The obelisk rocked to its left, rocked back to the right, to the left, then back to the right, and then again left and then right, the last movement held it motionless very close to the edge of no return and which seemed like it lasted close to 5 seconds, and it was the edge the woman and her daughter were standing next too.It then rocked back to the left and settled down, if it had gone over on the right edge it could have hit the woman and or her daughter, they were still by its side in total fear.And Iím certain the driver did it on purpose, the woman and her daughter coming out of the church door as he was reversing towards it.


Magnus defines The Great One in Latin.

Magnus Deity is also 11 letters and even A breed apart.Oh but please Iím only writing all of what I think is relevant, Iíve lived as a person, its not been the other way around.


††††††† Nelson Mandela was freed on the 11th of February.I was close to 12 years old when the supernatural first asked me for something Iíd like them to do, to help Nelson was my request, in less than 7 years he was free, so the supernatural must have helped out somewhere along the line.There is a lot more to my supernatural contacts than can be seen or detected, and it wasnít long after my request a song was released, called Free Nelson Mandela, by The Specials.


†††††† Pandoraís Box.

††††††† Freemasonry & their Ashlar Chair, said to be one of their most sacred objects.


††††††† Jesus Christ denotes the anointed one, again though I have to say I have never and will never believe such of myself, he was Christ then, I am now.


††††††† Living Harps were a group of musical instruments I once met during a spiritual shamanic technique.Probably about 30 of them and all playing part of a new age trance like track, it was much more advanced than the trance of today and this was back in 89.U shaped harps with a speaker in the centre, they appeared intelligent.Were all on the floor doing nothing when I entered the room, then one got up and began playing notes while floating in the air, then another and another till they were all at it, they all playing in synch to make up one track.


††††††† Life On Earth, Homosapiens, Human beings, Planet Earth, Solar System, The Milky Way, The Universe, Angel People, Heavenly God, Terrestrial, Alien Beings.


††††††† Then I can add Sun Disc Sign & Eye in The Sky, both being names I gave to the supernatural signs in the sky I write of and without me noticing till years later they 11 lettered names.A perfect circle of cloud may appear, cover and surround the sun for an amount of time sometime in the future, Iíve seen similar before and it occurred after I predicted to police it would occur, only to prove to them my supernatural historical status, that occurred back in 2001.I said the sun disc sign would occur in 2011 then I took back the prediction in 2010.It may still occur but Iím not sure if I really do want to prove myself to the public in this way whilst I live.I said they would only occur to prove my claims are true, the eye in the sky circle of clear sky over the moon, within a totally clouded over sky appeared within the month, so authorities witnessed that event, named eye in the sky because of how advanced beings out there were and are still studying us.The sun disc sign I said would prove to the public who I am but I now donít want to prove myself that way whilst I live.I donít have much control over the supernatural anyhow, so theyíll let it be when it needs to be.

††††††† The public will see supernatural activity in the sky close to me but where, when, what and how is something I donít know, authorities saw lots of it and so what occurs next wont be the same as what has occurred before, because always they change to circumstances I havenít encountered before.


Alignements of Carnac can be mentioned, which are the thousands of standing stones found in a small area of France.


Heaven n hell is close but Heavenís Gate closer still.


Saint George the forgotten hero, surely Dinosaur fossils prove the existence of monsters from myths and legends.


A last supper.This would be the more appropriate name for The Last Supper.


††††††† Llandisilio.†† The place Peter Lemesuriers The Great Pyramid Decoded book said something has yet to be found here.A place where I prepared to perform a spiritual technique and religious expectation ready to be initiated the next day in the close by region of Tenby.

††††††† A few weeks after performing the same I read a prophecy that I found in a published book that stated whoever performs the same in the future will do so by rolling a rock into the ocean.When placing the 9 large quartz rocks into the ocean Iíd never read of this prophecy, or knew of it from any physical or supernatural source, so I must have been influenced in a supernatural manner to do that as well.

††††††† I spent approximately 5 minutes walking from my van to the beach and as soon as my foot touched the water this is what was sung in the music track I was listening to on my walkman, As the lamb opened the seventh seal silence.I started getting wary of continuing what I was doing, then as soon as I decided not to put the rocks in the ocean the tide turned, the waves doubled in size and I was almost drenched by the higher than usual waves.Yet again my thoughts, emotions and prevailing circumstances tied in perfectly with an environmental change.

††††††† When I contacted Peter Lemesurier I said this, Would opening the seventh seal at Tenby correlate with all them mathematical statements you have in your book, which it did very easily.

††††††† In his book he said whoever designed the Great Pyramid of Giza was obsessed with numbers and maths, and then I tell him what he was looking for at Llandisilio was probably the seventh seal preparation to be opened in the nearby Tenby the next day. (Ten by 7)

††††††† Itís more than weird when trying to work out how all these strangeness in names comes about, but easy to understand when considering it was all planned to be long before I was even born.Even my supernatural friends have a strange obsession with numbers and maths, which ill go into detail later.

††††††† Iíve deleted from this chapter many 11 lettered names and circumstances, and then thereís many more occurring in news I didnít notice, I know some people still wonít be convinced by it but if they give this chapter chance and themselves to look into it deeper, Iím sure they can believe in it.


††††††† David Koresh, another one who knowingly lied to his followers, another false prophet. There will be many, is what the bible predicted, and more than 40 have already claimed to be such before me, only due to telepathy I cannot lie to any people, and if I werenít telepathic I still wouldnít lie to any people.


††††††† Konkachila being a native North American name for God, interpreted into our language means grandfather.Then I can mention medicine man and Great Spirit, which again is a Native North American name for God, and Great circle was an insight first noticed by a Lakota medicine man.Lakota Sioux is also 11, and it was they, I believe, who made the white buffalo prophecy.


Dallas Texas, Grassy knoll, Dealey Plaza.



Lord Gyllene winning the Grand National precisely how I predicted it would.


††††††† One day in 2007 I tried to work out horse race winners competing in a race meeting I was watching.All day I studied the names of each winner, and always an 11 letter named horse won, or one with a le or la combination of letters in their name.(I have moved my lee and la mentions to the next chapter)So when the last race readied to start I reckoned Indian Trail was going to win, due to it being another 11-letter name.I gave tipsters to all the people who knew me to be telepathically present and the experts on horses were un-sure because it was an out of form horse, but it won easily.I donít recommend people betting on this basis, I think it occurs with race meetings Iím watching, may be due to a supernatural or telepathic presence the horses pick up on.I enjoyed small bets occasionally and Iíve always been winning more than loosing but as from now I donít bet.

††††††† And then Silver Birch won the Grand National in 2007, with Robbie Power as jockey.And in 2010 I told everyone I knew what would win the Grand National but I missed the race and it won easily.


Very strange

There is a prison close to where I live called Strangeways; government changed its name though.


††††††† The supernatural in origin people I have communication within the format of telepathy tell me they prefer to call him fallen angel number 13, due to not liking to use his name.So whoeverís authority is the highest in the supernatural and spirit place they do still persist with the number themes. Even calling themselves The 9 to me many times, even bible prophecies predict The Angels of Nineveh returning.




Then the Christian cross being another eleven.

V for victory is 11 letters and the v is another 11.

The Knights Templars were formed in 1118, which adds to an 11 as well, and The Knights Hospitalers were formed in the 11th century. (The Crusades.)


Pyramid Park, a strange looking park found in the town I was born, which had many large landscaped pyramids as features.


The total eclipse of the sun, in England, 1999, was on the 11th of August.In Newquay, Cornwall, where I watched it from the total eclipse began at 11:11 am.


Astronomers theorise that the universe will be about 12 billion years old; I reckon they would be wrong by about a billion.


9. 2. 72. My date of birth that can be used in many mathematical ways to arrive with 11ís.I was born at home at 11.40 pm on the same day the English government officially declared a state of emergency due to the mistreated minersí strike, the first state of emergency the U. K. endured after the Second World War.


Aquarian age. We may be in the Aquarian Age now but the Golden era of Aquarius is yet to be seen.

People power


Hapton woods is where I spent a lot of time as a kid.

Zylpha Scull was a family member clairvoyant medium.


The Pentagon covers 11.74 hectares of land, 7+4 =11.


Ace Of Spades is the most valuable card in the pack.


Apollo 11 being the first manned flight to the moon.


Jodrell Bank is a space radio telescope found in the North West of England, the region Iíve always lived in.


Cecil Rhodes was another industrialist who took control of the British government and then stripped many countries of their assets.


Glastonbury is a spiritually influenced area of England and Stone Circle is 11 letters.


11.11 is the easiest time to type, and remembrance day is sometimes on the 11th of November, November being the 11th month, the ceremony even begins at 11 am.


Premiership (UK number one pro football league) and they have 11 players on the field.

World Series

Major League

SuperBowl //

Americas Cup

The Olympics

The Crucible

The Ryder Cup


World War One, World War Two and World War Three doesnít fit in, some people say World War 111 does fit in but that is stretching things out of what is the normal for these names.


 †††††† The Big Shake is 11 letters too, the time in the 2040s when earth will shake everywhere at the same time.In free booklets I handed out I explained how this would be a quake lasting about 3 minutes, then not long afterwards the quake that caused the Japanese tsunami lasted close to 3 minutes, a quake lasting that long was unheard of at the time, well it was to me anyway, except for what the psychic had taught me.Iíd also explained in them booklets how quakes would become more common and more devastating.I didnít mix up the big shake with the Japanese quake; they are just becoming how I knew they would.

††††††† There has been a gradual and slow increase in number of quakes and severity of, over a number of decades but I didnít know of that when writing them predictions for the first time.May be it will calm back down before getting worse, itís hard to predict some things in fine detail.



Seventh seal


Harry Truman the man who dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilian targets.He died in 72, the year in which I was born, that strange number many people associate with God.


Pudding Lane, the place where The Great Fire of London began.


†† †††††Thereís even a badge number 11 in the Matrix film, which is of a messiah like storyline and even its star has 11 letters in his stage name. Then next he starred in the fictional, supernaturally rich film of Constantine, which their DVD release was on the 11th of July.

 †††††† I can easily add many more of these strange number 11ís which either arise in important circumstances associated with me, my personal life or other peoples, but which these other references are more on a professional level, or a personal one, such as in my past voluntary psychic detective concerns.And Iím sure youíll notice it occurring elsewhere.Check the net for Ďspiritual significance of number 11.í


Even the font size I use was always 11 and I began using that long before I learnt of strange number 11.


Ramsin Yuseb, The terrorist who threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993.

New York is the 11th state.

The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11.

Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11

Flight 77 which also hit the Twin Towers was carrying 65 passengers. 6 + 5 = 11

The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11, as it is now known.9 + 1+ 1 =11

The date is equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911.

The total number of victims inside all the hi-jacked planes was 254. 2 + 5 + 4 = 11

September 11 is day number 254 of the calendar year.

The Madrid bombing took place on 3/11/2004.†† 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 11.

The tragedy of Madrid happened 911 days after the Twin Towers incident.

††††††† And that isnít it all, thatís just all I wanted to put in this website, check the Internet for Strange number 11; thereís many pages about it.


††††††† We donít need to know why it occurs on bad and good levels, we canít stop it even if we knew why it is so.














††††††† Lee and la sounding words Iíve noticed appearing in strange ways, like how it occurs with eleven, I first noticing it occurring with myself then seeing it elsewhere too, and only after learning of the 11 thing, eleven, another strange one with le in it.


††††††† Lif (pronounced Leef) is the Scandinavian mythological name of the mother and father of a new race of humans that will arise on earth during their prophesised times of Ragnorak, when considered next to my listing of many le/la sounding combination of letters it appears to most believers of my claims it must be some kind of supernatural influence putting them names into being in the first place.

††††††† Prophecies of the future are usually given to us by people of unknown origins who plan them futures for us, and they then at later dates help to make sure them prophecies become fulfilled, so its easy to see that they could influence other parts of our existence we werenít expecting them too.

††††††† Names seem to be a major one they interfere with, with lee and la and the eleven.But then what comes to my mind is why does it occur with good and bad, amazing and awful, etc.††††††† Well there is good and bad in all races, in all intelligent species, and there is good and bad in people of the supernatural but this shouldnít be a major concern for people.

††††††† What Iíve experienced of the bad side of unknown origin people is that they are much less able than the good side, and they fear them immensely because of it, but it doesnít deter them from doing their awful things.But that is just a temporary thing, for we also have prophecies saying God will win his war in heaven and on earth.

††††††† So we have the good side and the others interfering with the use of some of our names and word usage, ranging from global news to personal insights and circumstances.Why would they even bother is a good question, the awful side of the supernatural did their thing with it so the decent side countered by doing their thing with it too.

††††††† The awful side has had a hold of this planet for too long, but the decent lot have shown us they were always here and their actions against the others has to occur with perfect timing, and not when people expect, want or demand it.


††††††† These next detailed names are all the places Iíve lived that have those same le/la combinations.


††††††† I was born at home on Whitelegge Street, in Elton.

††††††† Clayton Lee Moors is where I spent years of my childhood.

††††††† Granddad always took me and my sister to the Fernlea Hotel.

††††††† Accrington Stanley F.C.Accrington is the nearest town from 3 of my childhood homes.I think they were poaching other teams players by paying them and when teams were supposed to be amateurs, which helped them become one of the founder members of the professional league division one.So Accrington was one of the beginnings, if not the start of professional football.

 †††††† Underley Hall School is where I spent close to 4 years of my secondary schooling.

††††††† Ringley I lived in for a while.

††††††† Kirkby Lonsdale is the town close to Underley.

††††††† Walmersley road I had 8 addresses there.

††††††† Kearsley I lived within.

††††††† Burnley was a place I visited every week and my favourite football team when a child.

††††††† Astley I lived for a year and the closest town was Leigh.

††††††† Hindley y.o.i I lived in for 9 days.It shouldíve been never but thatís another one for the other book.

††††††† Lancashire Iíve lived there for a lot of my life and now in 2014 Iím living on Gillibrand Street.

††††††† Iíve worked in Leigh and Leyland, both being Lancashire towns, Iíve usually lived in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, I know no le or la in the latter but it doesnít need any, how it is says enough.

††††††† A successful football team I coached a few times were called Guardian Angels; they were situated on Lee Lane.

 †††††† Iíve also lived near Hereford and in Stamford Hill, the only places I lived in that donít hold these lee and la similarities, but Stamford Hill is in London and near Hereford I was living and working on an apple farm.


††††††† Uri Geller, when I was a kid and a teen and watching live television broadcasts where he was trying to prove his telepathic abilities I always connected and always got the correct answer, even telepathy is another le.


††††††† It was even Laden and Co who influenced me to want to tell the public about myself, 20 years before Iíd planned to tell the people.


 †††††† Then there was Anton Laívey, the founder of the church of Satan.


††††††† As a comparison of other supernatural instances of such I can mention Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Israel, Galilee and Palestine, the places associated with another personís historical life.Some even called him the Galilean.


††††††† In the film The 5th Element, the Messiah-like woman portrayed within was given the nickname of Lelu and the actresses name was Milla.

††††††† A pet I adopted was called Pickles before I adopted her.

††††††† Burnley F. C. was my childhood favourite football team, even a next-door neighbour from my childhood used to play professionally for them and he had ley in his first name too.Even my Boss at Bury FC had la in his surname and his surname and forename totalled 11 letters.

††††††† P. Lemesurier wrote a book concerned with aspects of the future Christís life and is the only full book I promote, except for my own of course.

 †††††† A Far Eastern cultural dance called Leela is symbolic of representing the dance between good and evil on earth.

 †††††† Then we have the Dalai Lama.

††††††† Elysium is the Roman mythological Heaven and Valhalla is the Scandinavian one.Limbo is supposed to be a place of nothing for dodgy spirits, Iíve seen it and yeah it doesnít look too good, just an empty mass of darkness and awful people.

††††††† Allah is the Islamic name of God.

††††††† Konkachila is one native North American name for God.

††††††† Then there are prophecies giving the name of The Lamb of God.



††††††† An artist called Antony Gormley created the then U. K. ís largest sculpture, The Angel of the North, which its wingspan is near equal to the length of a jumbo jet.It reminds me of 9/11, that moment that was part of taking me out of hiding.

††††††† Have Leprechauns harmed or helped me? Or a similar such life form?Just a bit of a laugh here but there will be some sort of truth in this and them people.We have 3 and 4-foot tall humans today so Iím sure there was some time ago when one and two-foot tall people lived on earth.Archaeological finds have found fossil remains of 3-foot tall human like people.

 †††† Thereís a whole lot more of this elsewhere, circumstances and events that I donít wish to include in my books, of good and bad outcomes.Iím sure youíll see it too, itís my only superstition, along with the eleven thing.

††††††† Enola Grey, the US bomber they used to bomb civilian targets with nuclear weapons.Then we can say Lincoln was the first and not the last US president to be assassinated by his opposition, and Lee Harvey Oswald was the man they intentionally incorrectly blamed for the assassination of President Kennedy.Nelson Mandela, the man imprisoned for near to 30 years for standing up against the crimes committed to his people by the government.

††††††† I can go on and on and on about these major news events, it continues to this day, and youíll see it too, then youíll understand why I cant be bothered writing about it all.The prophecies do say an awful side of unknown origin people have their controls on this earth, but they will loose their grip over the people, to us it will never seem like it came soon enough.


††††††† Llandisilio is where something strange occurred when I visited, a place that people had expected something to be uncovered long before they heard of me.


††††††† Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon and Wellington, Stalin.


††††††† Excalibur was the mythological sword of King Arthur, then the mythological place of Avalon from the same legends, even Camelot was one castle.


†††††† Then thereís monoliths and megaliths at the stone circles, and many monoliths close by to my home in Kearsley, within the Outwood Nature Reserve, I donít know why they call it a nature reserve though because the council does nothing to help nature in there and they let many people ruin it.Dogs should not be allowed in nature reserves, the last time I was there I was watching a man let his dog chase and eat rabbits, probably another of the undercover following me around everywhere, they do use dogs to look like dog walkers.


††††††† Thereís lots of leylines close by too, a kind of major intersecting junction of many.






††††††† It occurred with women in my life too, it always being in their names.Even the investigator of the paranormal who tested me for telepathy was called Alison.


††††††† There were many other leeís and laís arising in areas of either my physical life or supernatural one.Such as when conducting psychic detective work many le/la words or names would arise, either being part of the name of the perpetrator, victim or place of.Its far more common than this chapter explains and you will now notice it in major news reports


††††††† Myself also reckoning the Holy Grail is a state and way of the soul, not an object, or may be a person.

††††††† I read a few Holy Grail books but the only part that seemed to be relevant was one sentence of writing, it saying it could actually be a bloodline.

†††††† When giving a Police officer some psychic info, back in the mid to late 90s, I saw the words Holy Grail appear on my forehead in images seen in my mind, I told the officer I would achieve the Holy Grail but I think it may mean something else, like I could be it or a part of.

††††††† The bloodline possibilities that some Grail books didnít delve into much, and the rest not at all can be supported by my family background.To begin with before telling any person in my family about my historical claims my Gran had told me that an Uncle or second Uncle of hers had traced the family ancestry back to the Hapsburgs from Austria.Apparently they came over to England pre-World War 1 and took on the name of Scull.That is a very rare surname in itself; usually people with that surname have it spelt as Skull.And for me not to be the only one in my Mothers family line with telepathic abilities it seems they must have taken on the surname of Scull for those reasons.

††††††† And then looking at careers of family members from the past and present it definitely seems like the Holy Grail is either a bloodline, or a bloodline that leads to it.During the wars most family members received very responsible jobs and which were safer than most others.A Commander of Artillery on Frigates.My granddad in training was the only one to get a grenade in an oil barrel from distance so they gave him a tank in Africa.A machine gunner in the trenches.Weíve had a Chief Constable of Police, Harry Ambler O.B.E.Q.P.M. and who was also a Freemason Lodge Grandmaster, he also used an alternative spiritual remedy to heal family members, I expect though heíd have hid that from his colleagues.3 other Police officers, a Sergeant in the Army and my Dad who did a bit less work for the British Army.One of the national newspaper headlines of that went similar to this, Sergeant Bilko Strikes Again (Sergeant Bilko being the name of the starring role within the 50s US sitcom The Phil Silvers show.)What was happening there is a family member and a Sergeant were getting shipped out from a Panama British Army supplier truck loads of tyres then selling on the street.Weíve had 2 professional football players (Raymond Scull and Roy Ambler) and a psychic medium when such was probably illegal.Many legal workers and one of whom before he went into law was a semi-professional wicket keeper, called up to play for Lancashire reserves he refused it and went into law instead, his reason was he would never be able to better the then English Wicket Keeper so would be able to earn more money in law.I can remember watching him stump out Viv Richards when he was nearing his century innings, at Accrington Cricket Club, got his own back on him for bowling him out for a duck.My mum has le in her first name too, was a nurse; she hit the top of her profession, Matron but quit due to the state of the National Health Service.As a teenager I was always a bit of a rebel but despite this during an arrest in Accrington of myself, the Police tried to get me to apply to join the Police, adding they could get me in, I refused though because I didnít think I was a relevant candidate.For weeks they were trying to get me to apply.

††††††† So my mumís side of family originates from Austria although now most are in England, then my dadís side from the northern most shores of Scotland, near to Wicke.So thereíll be Viking and Austrian blood in me, if the Hapsburg distant ancestry claim of a family member is true, then that would be the prophecy of part of royalty fulfilled.

††††††† Then some said Robert Leroy Parker was a distant relative, aka Butch Cassidy.And his accomplice, Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, aka The Sundance Kid.I wouldnít believe everything you hear about them though, I donít think they died in Bolivia; I think it was more a case of them faking their death there, probably falsely working a deal with 2 others then stitching them up.

†††††††  ††††††  

††††††† People, toddlers, juveniles, male, female, family and elderly.


††††††† Laika was the first space traveller, the Russian dog, A Leanov was the first space walking earth bound human, first moon landing was Luna 9, Apollo 11 and the Eagle module were used for the first manned moon landing.


††††††† Helen Duncan, a le and an 11, the last person to be prosecuted under a UK witchcraft law.Her nickname was Hellish Nell, another 11.


††††††† Faster than Light is how me and my alien friends will eventually help humanity off this planet, an advanced particle generator being the main of that technology, an alien technology, le its in alien too.And then there is the Hubble space telescope and the Kepler space telescope, and to mention something in relation to these telescopes the alien humans I am in close telepathic and physical contact with their home planet is always in darkness, it seems like their home planet doesnít orbit a sun, whilst the Kepler space telescope is looking for planets that orbit suns for a chance to find life on other planets.Another planet with aliens living on that I have had telepathic and physical contact with their home planet has an artificial atmosphere, a planet totally clouded over permanently.And one other planet, I saw grey aliens on that isnít a blue and green planet either, itís a yellow, brown, orange and blue planet.

††††††† When I refer to seeing planets with life upon I am referring to seeing live remote viewing images of those places.

††††††† The best place to search for aliens is within us, within our thoughts and within our earth atmosphere.Itís obvious to govts and many other people that many species of aliens are visiting us on earth, and its obvious to me and many other people the best place to have contact with them is in thoughts via telepathy.We shouldnít look at the properties of Earth and its solar system to determine where we should search for life in the universe, earth is a young planet and its life even younger, we donít need to find similar, we need to find more advanced beings but they are already amongst us, for they found us and they wish to keep distant to an extent, but I expect that will change.

††††††† They have to stick to their plans and they have many of them in place with us.


††††††† Miracles is another le and my Dad was of the Clan MacCleod, le is in my mumís name too.


††††††† It also occurs in lots of circumstances I donít want to mention in this book, in personal ways that I cannot understand and in my past psychic detecting which I also couldnít understand.Itís much vaster than this chapter suggests, Iíve deleted many instances of and couldnít bring myself to mention many others and now you know you will notice it in major news reports.Itís stranger than strange; itís freaky, totally.I admit some instances of could be coincidental but itís hard to work out which when considering everything.


††††††† May be it will one day subside and disappear, I hope so and at the time of writing this in 2014 my main concerns of my abilities are towards the awful side of the supernatural.Thatís what I want next in my life, to get rid of some of them lot from within humanity, although I canít pick and choose how my life entails, it just continues rolling into different circles naturally.

††††††† How all these strange things occur is a bit too much for me to comprehend totally, itís obvious that something made sure it occurs but what and how is too hard for me to work out.My supernatural friends tell me it was all planned, by the good side of the supernatural and the bad side.When referring to the bad side of the supernatural itís awful spirits and unknown origin life forms that infiltrated life on earth against the will of the hierarchy from the spiritual realms.But still that doesnít explain everything; I think itís just going to have to stay as one of two areas of the supernatural I cannot get my head around totally.

††††††† Some people say itís a coincidence but coincidence is 11 letters, then some say itís just very strange but very strange is also 11 letters, then some say its imagination and that too is 11 letters.Itís far more common that I dare to say in this book.Thereís a lot of awfulness with it and people will notice it too.

††††††† I keep asking the supernatural if I can be used to do something against evil spirits and all that lot and similar but they tell me not whilst Iím in this life.There are prophecies of similar and Iíve been expecting something in this life of that nature, but even if they, IE my alien friends had a plan of such they wouldnít tell me about it beforehand.Iíve got rid of one harmful menacing spirit and whom had power and influence over people on earth, and Iíve got rid of a couple of lesser awful spirits but the prophecy of evil being wiped out that can only mean all awful and horrible unknown origin life forms meddling on earth will have to come to an end.

††††††† As a kid when asleep and visiting a spiritual realm I came across a tapestry of my life, very eventful Iíll say that, the last quarter section was blanked out, for if I knew what that would be my enemies would have known of the same.Iím only allowed to know what other people are allowed to know.


††††††† And then there is Lucifer, originally being named Morning Star (11 letters) before his fall from heaven then being renamed Satan.But his time will come; prophecies predict his demise with God winning the war in heaven and on earth.

††††††† From what Iíve experienced of the awful side of the supernatural it doesnít have as much power, influence, wisdom, knowledge or abilities as the nice side, and the ones with the most power and ability are very much scared of the nice and true side, they know theyíre outclassed in every way but not outnumbered.The awful side it does have a bigger grip on earth and humanity than the nice side, but which comes to an end soon.How soon though I donít know, in the amount of historical significance 300 years could mean soon.


††††††† I think I saw him once, back in the early 90s during a bout of sleep paralysis.I woke up and couldnít move then saw vision images of him hovering over me and then thoughts saying, Magnus you will die by my hand!Iím now glad to see he thought it necessary to scare me, at the time though it did scare me, for about ten minutes till my supernatural friends came back to my thoughts.People havenít got images of him correct, he was very muscular and he didnít have horns, but he did have what looked like similar to horns, only covering his head like a kind of shield, beginning at the forehead.They were similar to horns but more like the shape of his skull with no pointed ends.







††††††† Iíve also noticed myself to be inundated with many other strange and bizarre coincidences, which till the present date continue to occur.Not only were these moments based within my psychic and supernatural experiences and abilities but they also occur in physical form as well.

††††††† I wasnít the first person to notice this, people coming to the area to check on my telepathic abilities told me about all the strange coincidences held in local place names, add-boards or similar.There were dozens of such close to my home in Kearsley, people only have to drive down that main road to see it themselves.All words closely associated with the supernatural, spirituality, religion or similar.

††††††† Elsewhere I live very close to the A666 road but we shouldnít associate all instances of this number with evil.Many scholars believe it, 666 the mark of the beast equates to Roman Emperor Nero, but within the Cabbala 666 represents perfection, 2 totally different definitions.The bible has 66 books and to date there have been 266 popes, religions say the world was made in 6 days and there are 6 cardinal points, North, East, South, West, Up and Down.And then there is the 6th sense, which certain religions said is of the devil, theyíd never say Jesus was of the devil, well many did whilst he lived but he was using his 6th sense more than others, and angel influences and if any person tried to emulate this or do similar its referred to by certain religions as being of the devil or evil.

††††††† I only have to compare my psychic, spiritual, telepathic, supernatural and UFO experiences and abilities with those of historical supernaturally able persons, to know I must be in close contact with whoever from unknown origins helped the other historical psychics to fulfil the prophecies and expectations of.And how I am in telepathic ways is how all of humanity will become.The future will prove me right, not one person today can prove me wrong but they will try and use formations of words to suggest Iím wrong.Angels of God have told me a few times, it does and doesnít matter if people believe you or not, Gods plan is final and it will be successful, no one need interfere, help or hinder, God cannot loose.

††††††† What I also know is that there is more strangeness in and around my life than I dare mention in this book.Iíd also been noticing how these angels have a sort of obsession with numbers.

 ††††† For a few days Angelís claimed to me that there were strange and bizarre instances held within names around and associated with me, strange and bizarre in ways of having to have been a supernatural influence.People tried to convince me of it but I was reluctant to accept it, so Angels stepped in to convince me of such.I tried to prove them wrong by thinking this to them, There are no strange instances with my adopted surname, so it must just be coincidental all these esoterically linked associationís held within these other nameís and my own. ††Their immediate reply in my mind was this, Well actually Magnus, Rawstron signifies; RAW Science = TRON, because everything has its own energy and was brought into being by a supreme being.For people who donít know of the film Tron, it has a saviour like storyline throughout, where a man enters a computer system and liberates everyone held in captivity within.The original film they were referring too was not of the normal formatted video images though, everything within the computer system glows with bright neon like energy.Thus being the descriptive part of, everything has its own energy, something science has known for close to a hundred years.Shock was my only emotion immediately after hearing this about my surname and I didnít really know how to reply in thoughts.Then their next reply in thoughts were, That shut you up didnít it, which it did very easily.Yes I know it isnít exactly a complex mathematical working but it is displayed as an equation, Iím uneducated so they have to deal with what I know.My supernatural friends use numbers for lots of things but with me they have to keep it basic because of me being uneducated.

††††††† Many authors have claimed that whoever was the architect of the Great Pyramid in Gizah was obsessed with numbers and also a mathematical genius, and the equation description of my adopted surname verifies that whoever my supernatural friends are they know more about me than me, and have the same obsessions with numbers and maths.



††††††† Strange circumstances never cease to occur for me, becoming more in number and strangeness the more I write for people.

††††††† When writing for religious groups in 2003 during one-moment Angels in my mind said this, Magnus, will you please open the dictionary by picking a page and word randomly for us?On a number of occasions Iíd played this proof game with them, where we were speaking in our minds of things then they instruct me to open my very large Oxford English reference book by picking a page randomly to open.Then the first word I see on the page would be directly concerned with the subject matter supernatural friends and I were speaking of in thoughts.I didnít see the point of playing this proof game anymore, so replied in thoughts with, No Iím not playing these silly games any more.Their reply then said, please Magnus, we wonít ask you to do it again.†† Reluctantly I agreed (in thoughts as always) but added they better make it worthwhile, as I wasnít going to play the game again.She replied with, Thank you, we will make it worthwhile and wonít ask you to do it again.

††††††† Reaching for the large dictionary/reference book that was on the floor closed, I sat on the settee with closed eyes, moved closer to the book then reached with one hand.When my fingers touched the closed pages I decided to point one finger at the closed pages then an Angel instructed me whereabouts to choose a page.As my finger moved over the page edges a thought went through my mind and said, there.I stopped moving my finger and opened whichever page my finger opened first; my eyes were still closed at this point.I opened the pages then looked and the first word I saw was nimbus.I didnít know what it meant so had to then read the definition of, which is: A bright cloud surrounding a deity, person or thing.

††††† ††A few weeks later I began to write about it in my book, and decided to look at my dictionary so to include the full definition of nimbus.†† I reached for the dictionary and opened the pages, the first word I looked at on that occasion was nativity, it happened naturally.I donít like to leave this circumstance in this book because I could never believe anything of such as I, but I have to explain everything major that has occurred with the supernatural and me.

 †††††† A few months after this event I informed many local religious groups of my life.It wasnít long before masses of local people learnt of my telepathic abilities and so were able to connect with aspects of such.One day whilst writing parts of this book was sat at home when a person from Bolton asked in thoughts for me to try the random page and word routine, with the copy of the Holy Bible I own.I thought out aloud to local people and in particular spoke out directly to Asian people for them to take note and witness this moment, told them what I was about to try and many hundreds did hear me.Opening the Bible and the first word I saw was the first word from a paragraph of writing concerned with war in Mesopotamia.It was identical to conflict and terrorist circumstances occurring in the Western Democratic initiated Iraqi crisis.To be precise it said, Nebuchadnezzar sent for 5000 war chariots. (An Iraq king from biblical times)

††††††† In 2008 I again tried the bible random word and page routine, this time asking to find mention of war in Iraq, and again war in Mesopotamia was the first statement I saw.On about 7 or 8 other occasions Iíve tried this with the bible, every occasion each word I looked at first was identical to whatever was running through my mind before trying.


††††††† I tried the random page with the bible again, on the 9th of October 2006.This time many thousands of people witnessed the event via telepathy.I asked a question in thoughts to find something to do with me, and then was instructed to try to open the bible three quarters of the way through.I looked at the pages and picked an area, then as I began to open the pages the bible itself flicked more pages over in one action, so it choose which particular page to find as mine was only close to what the supernatural wanted me to find.I heard and saw the pages flick over on their own accord, and felt them, then when opening on one page saw a paragraph of writing before the pages were fully open.Thoughts told me to start reading that paragraph and it was verse John 14.That verse began like this: Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me.


††††††† And then I tried it 2 more times, in January 2014, for people close to me to experience, thatís when it got too much for me to accept as the truth, on this occasion with my Oxford reference book and epiphany came out, which is another major Christian thing.

††††††† The second time I tried with the bible and the sentence was, this is the year of my redemption, and it was in January I tried this so the year part of that sentence fit in perfectly too.


††††††† I donít like it when the Christian thing comes out, itís something I myself wonít ever accept as being of me, I actually tried not to live this prophecy fulfilment, I tried not to be a part of this lot, I even tried to suppress it in me but the supernatural made sure I couldnít.


††††††† The last time I tried the random page with the bible was as follows.It was the 12th of February 2013.I was in Wireclubís Religion chat room; back then mainly the room was about sceptical atheists down talking religious and spiritual people, religions too.I was well known in there for my historical claims, visiting the room over a period of months and giving them details of my claims, books, experiences etc.Many times I had also explained parts of the supernatural sceptics had down-talked as being impossible, explained in ways of being possible if such and such were the fuller picture.I always won every discussion; I always do on these topics.

††††††† On the 12th of February I told the people present in the chat room about the random page with the bible thing and that I would try to do it for the chat room, I opened a page randomly and what I saw first was this, I trod on them with my anger.A few times when in discussions there I had got a bit angry with my words and usually because of how sceptical atheists cannot discuss or comprehend in a fair way, and then usually resort to name calling when I get the better of the discussion.

††††††† Previous to that day when in there I had told the room many times that it was Gods reasoning why there are sceptics, and usually itís the individual sceptic who God doesnít want to prove anything too.Many times I even told the sceptics that if they put other people before themselves, IE going out of their way to help other people and which costs them more than it earns them then they may see evidence of God or the psychic and supernatural.

††††††† Surely God wouldnít want to prove anything to some people, Iím not saying all sceptical atheists are awful but I am saying many are sceptical because God, spirits, angels, the psychic and supernatural wouldnít want to prove a thing to them.

††††††† I always totally destroy every sceptic I step into talks with, and they then react in ways that are in favour of me winning the discussion even more easily.They canít beat me in the sceptical discussion, they never do and always loose.

††††††† For one they believe they are being scientific in being sceptical, but to be sceptical means to have blind faith in that experiencers of the psychic and supernatural are deluded, itís the sceptics who are most full of blind faith, as many of the others usually go off personal insight and experience to formulate their beliefs.Psychics are the informed people, them with experience; sceptics have opinions that are biased from inexperience.

††††††† When I tell them Iím scientifically, communally, independently and personally proven as being telepathic able they say Iím either lying or deluded, that basically is more of their blind faith clouding their analytical processes.Their faith that they are correct and my claims arenít.

††††††† A true scientific approach to these discussions would be to have an open mind in considering unknowns, that is how all scientists and discoverers of great achievements made waves in their profession, by considering unknowns and then discovering an unknown or formulating a new way or item.If science knew everything humanity would never again discover anything, every person reading this knows that science will make new discoveries.


††††††† To be scientifically analytical we have to consider that non-biological life forms could exist, and to take that one step further we then can consider they could be close to humanity, which is basically just another way to explain spiritual life forms that get close to some of us.It isnít scientific to say only biological life forms exist, that again is blind faith.And many people have experience of non-biological life forms either interacting with them, interfering with them, or having telepathic contact with them, so it is scientific to consider spiritual life forms exist but the sceptics refuse to accept anything that is different to their biased opinions.


††††††† Many people have scientifically proven the existence of the psychic, but they refuse to accept these claims too.Rupert Sheldrake and myself for a start.Then the sceptics sometimes refer to James Randiís one million dollar psychic challenge, so I mention how James was an on-stage illusionist who created a different way to trick the public due to illusionists being in a failing profession.James Randi is a professional trickster, he isnít a paranormal investigator, he is an illusionist and has tricked the sceptical atheists very easily.

††††††† Also the scientific process cannot cover everything, for one experience cannot be duplicated, and 2 a psychic occurrence is not a physical event; it is an event of the conscious awareness.What has science taught us about conscious awareness?Not a lot, a tiny fraction, the rest personal and communal experience taught us.It cannot explain why we dream, it cannot explain why we generate emotions, it canít even explain why sleepwalking is not a function of the persons own brain, that has been scientifically proven in the public domain, by a sleep disorder clinic, but the atheists refuse to accept that has also occurred.

††††††† Atheist sceptics never admit to having biased blind faith but most person reading this knows that is a true statement.

††††††† It isnít scientific to be theoretical; it actually contradicts the scientific process, but people claiming to be scientific have bombarded the sceptical belief structure with theories, we now get it a lot with science workers too, they giving us unprovable theories and claiming it is of science.


††††††† It was Einstein that said conscious awareness could become pure energy, for he was considering unknowns alongside the established beliefs of life after death.Even dreaming during sleep is more evidence that alternative conscious awareness is available to us, and since there is definitely at least one alternative conscious awareness available to us then surely there could be many others elsewhere.And with telepathy proving conscious thoughts do exist outside of the body that is more evidence of conscious awareness existing outside of the persons own body.

††††††† Then there are all them people who died then came back, and people whoíve performed astral projection, in the belief side there is far more to consider than there is in the sceptic side, and this is just comprehending things from the view point of people who have experienced nothing of the psychic, supernatural, spiritual, etc, for they also have peoples witness statements to consider too.

††††††† Its gonna be close to a 10 points for and none against, in the believers/sceptics debate.Explained in those ways it helps to easily define sceptics as them with the flawed intellects, where as they believed it was the other way around, that they donít have flawed intellect and everyone else does.

††††††† And then I can say that all societies and cultures are based upon witness statements, the most important facet of our countries are the legal systems, they accept witness statements, they accept that the individual is the expert on what he or she experienced, and science cannot cover everything, for one personal experience with the psychic cannot ever be a part of the scientific process, for it is an experience with alternate conscious awareness.

††††††† Telepathy has been proven in scientific ways though, many times and by many different people, itís much harder to scientifically prove other abilities of the psychic, mainly because those other psychic abilities are not just the individuals own abilities, they are usually also part of an ability of an unknown origin life form giving advice to the psychic or getting close too.


††††††† Anyways, I know from experience that the psychic was shut off in the masses so to help the masses, and when it is turned back on it will again be to help the masses, and then there will be no sceptics.


††††††† The world is changing slowly, humanities abilities are developing and sceptical atheism is to become a part of history.


††††††† When evil will be wiped out I do not know, I hope itís not hope that Iím looking at fulfilling prophecies there during my lifetime.I will amount to more in this area than I expected, I would have to be in the dark about that due to being telepathic.







†††† †††††


††††††† What people and authorities have been doing to me is far worse than what Nelson Mandela suffered; and he was free within 10 years of me asking the supernatural to help him get out.

††††††† I need those video evidences to prevent it from snow balling elsewhere.Justice has to be served, to keep societies in with the times we are now in, or it goes backwards hundreds of years.

††††††† Do not listen to the propagandas that it be best I not receive a copy, this is what is best for other people, what is best for me is to get a copy, there are many different reasons why I need.I learn everything they did to me, although I learnt the worst from peoples thoughts, The European Courts of Human Rights need evidence, I need evidence, I need to see it first hand, instead of listening to peoples thoughts about it all.I need the recordings of supernatural events, and to stop people putting lies in me about the day.

††††††† 55 Gillibrand Street, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 1HA, England.


††††††† Do not believe anything from television that says opposite to what I say.It is best for television that I do not get copies, because they were seriously criminal in broadcasting those criminal images.

††††††† They tried to kill me, tortured, raped and worse, and tried to cause permanent mental instability, and when I ask for a copy of the recordings people refuse and say it best I not receive a copy.Its best for other people I do not get a copy, and it be best for UK authorities I not get a copy.


††††††I apologise for some of the things I said when in public and spiked up with sodium pentothal, heroine and whatever else they gave me.I know I said some awful things, with them spiked drugs in me I was being easily controlled by the enemies, to say awful things.

††††††† Iíve said it many times before; manmade drugs are far more dangerous than the illegal natural kinds.


††††††† Them people from Hollywood if they want to speak to me they know my address, I cannot speak correctly in public, letters only now.


††††††† Iíve never asked humanity for anything, and gave more than any other; all I ask is for those recorded evidences of me, to seek justice, to use the stills of supernatural events for my books, to know what went on precisely, to see what was in the sky, I know the worst of that day but not all of it.I didnít even get chance to read what was written in the sky, I never even saw the sun disk sign, I was messed up on drugs and too embarrassed to move, that day was all about me and yet humanity refuses to give me a copy of the recordings.Is humanity that guilt ridden that they donít want me to see what they did to me?I know what they did; I need to see it from recordings, instead of hazy thoughts from other people for the rest of my life.

††††††† The greatest ever, subjected to the worst ever, thatís what a stranger told me people are saying of me.And then many people are trying to make me believe all that in Darwen was a psychotic episode, including police.Yes at times I am not sure what precisely went on, the drugs they gave me you see, Iím sure just talking about it may help me move on, but I donít really have any chance of chatting about it too.I need to see the evidence.


††††††† May be my emotions will change after I have finished writing my books, reliving everything by writing about it all regenerates all the awful emotions caused in me, itís like Iím reliving every moment in emotional ways whilst I write about it.



††††††† And now his supernatural friends are speaking here, if justice isnít served here, he will serve it himself, and so we will to, and that way isnít the best way for all, the best way is it occurs from The European Courts of Human Rights, if they do nothing these sorts of unjust street punishments escalate, and people hitting back also gathers pace.No we and he donít want that, we are trying to move society forward, whilst enemies do their best to send it backwards.

††††††† He sees his opposition as sick and evil, worse than animal behaved humans, because animals never torture, with the exception of domesticated cats, so he scares opposition with his words because it is all he needs.

††††††† He doesnít want in on television anymore, any TV crews that get near to him to film back away, you made your awful entrance so we will make it your empty exit.Their broadcast authorisers and program makers went against him in the worst ways possible, and in seriously criminal ways, and helped destroy his family in unjust ways, so stay away from him, far away.


††††††† Sick low lives make him do all of that and expect him to be happy when realising their mistake, all who were part of that will get far worse in the next life, and it will be worse than that if justice and compensation isnít served here, and all who refuse to use authority to serve justice, they will in the next life get far worse than what he was subjected too throughout this life.

††††††† And low life plod repeatedly tell him in thoughts he is a d head and deserved it, well they deserve a lot of what he will not explain here.Yes he is a d head to plod, d heads are out of order, plod have abandoned law and order with this man, and justice to his attackers and organisers also abandoned, and they were part of allowing and organising, and letting it be, so he has to be a d head to them, d heads are out of order, and that he has to be with those low life most serious criminals.

††††††† Magnus worked in justice, freelance and for free, against who most criminals would want him to grass up, we know how to keep those happy we want to keep happy.Mag did it for free, to do the right thing, plod will only do it for money and pick and choose what to uphold and what not too.It should be a criminal offence when plod abandon law and order, they are there to serve and protect, but we know they only do that to those they want to do it with, and were a major part of this lot against him.All on duty in Darwen during that moment, and he who had authority over Darwen police station from elsewhere.


††††††† When people make his emotions hit rock bottom he stares into space looking for our craft, searches for us in his thoughts, because he has never had one person permanently in his life that he can trust.No he canít trust his family, they starred within against him, that day of torture, perversions and attempts to murder, and talking a load of lies about him.The lies his mum said were unforgiveable, he has been told what she said.He really needs to know it all, he needs to know which of his family starred within, he needs to know a lot from that day and is refused a copy.

††††††† They became part of a murderous plot against him, without even questioning him, his closest family.He had no one when it was occurring, not one on his side, not even the army he was working for, he the innocent who had never been questioned.


††††††† And who did I shout for help from?The woman Iíve loved for more than 7 years but whom I had never seen in 7 years, her I have always wanted more than any other.I didnít even know then my family had plotted against me by starring within, but I did know not to ask them for help.

††††††† My family never even entered my thoughts and emotions when wondering who can help me, because that they never did, they were always only ever a hindrance to me.Thick ?ucks who canít even recognise superior intellect when I lived with them for 12 years, years of living with me and not one conversation of decent levels.Glad it was only 12 years.

††††††† Hundreds of people in Accrington on Broadway recognised my highly intelligent unique awareness within 2 minutes of me speaking to them in public, and yet my family thought I was an idiot.Yep, Iím beginning to think residential school in the worst of Englandís schools was better than staying at home for the remaining 4 years of my schooling.


††††††† His parents intentionally ruined his education with a decision they took as lightly as choosing which clothes to wear that day, and then told him about it 4 months before he left school at aged 16.He reads the dictionary, he always has, and thatís why he is average with words, although when speaking from top form no one can match him.

††††††† She followed him around with a bright red face and apologising for her lies in television, so he told her to go away and donít come back, when he has no one.This man never lies and never do we, we donít need to, explaining facts is enough to prove our worthiness.

††††††† Or maybe we should say how he, his brother and sister were made to feel less important than the careers of their parents, or how at times they could afford to pay off a mortgage but had no money to feed their kids.Potatoes for tea sometimes.

††††††† Not allowed to talk or laugh at the dinner table, whilst parents sat eating and watching television in the other room.Not allowed to watch kids programs, and having to sit through news reports as primary school kids, and having to watch brain and other surgeries in television programs.

††††††† As an 8 year old he watched his granddads ex-wife get threatened by her daughter with a baseball bat, a serious altercation, held her up against the wall with it and threatening her big time, because her mum complained that she had made him dinner.So Julie freaked out on her mum, Claire, heíll never forget her for that, one of the few adults who stood up for him when he was a kid, thanks Julie, it meant a lot to him and us.Nice adults never had problems with him, awful and idiotic ones did.

††††††† Or how when 4 the worst times of his life were being home alone with his mum, all she ever did was sow and knit, and give him toys to keep him busy with.That is what toys were, for their parents, something to keep the kids busy with.He wanted people to talk too but there was no one, they never talked to their kids, they told them what to do and asked what had been occurring.

††††††† When dad got home it was, oh no, stop being kids, gotta be regimented soldiers.

††††††† He was 3 years old when he threatened to leave his mum, if she didnít leave his dad, because he was giving her black eyes every other month, his first dad this.

††††††† She used to think he was miraculous, till she stopped listening to him and listening to everyone else.

††††††† A couple of years before she starred within on television speaking against him with lies, he got his head exploded in a public house, one of them royal guards from accy, dum dum pistol, told to do it by Joanneís mother, but a grey technology always fixing it for him.His mum was shouting, ďWhat have you done?Ē and all that, Magnus recovers so then his mum gets one in the head, and sheís on the floor with the same damage, and wondering why she canít feel her head and asking what is going on and asking why she canít feel her head and what just occurred to you Magnus.This is how easy it is for Magnus to blag his parents.ďMum, you canít feel your head because they have knocked you out unconscious, you are recovering and you have lost some feeling in your face and head.Just calm down and donít try and move till you have fully recovered.Ē

ďI just watched them explode your head.Ē

ďNo you never, youíve been in and out of consciousness, you must have hallucinated.ĒHe made all those lies up instead of trying to convince her of the truth, because he knows how dumb they are.Sheís a nurse, he said those lies because he knew she would believe that, if he said, ďoh itís because Iím Christ and a grey UFO technology fixes it for me and you,Ē she would have probably tried to get him sectioned into a mental ward.Marilyn as well, sounds like Mary lyn.

††††††† She was the only one he trusted in his family, waydago Mary Lyn, W.D.

ďSo you expected her to die did you?Looks like it is going to be yous who dies before any of us love, see you in hell when I open the doors for you!ĒIntentionally targeting innocents is a no way out scenario, no person can escape justice for that, in the next life, so yes all them police who targeted he the innocent or were part of against, expect to find out what hell looks like.

††††††† Oh we forgot to mention, there are lots of people in his family that he trusts, but they are all dead and in the next life, itís the only place the truth can change their beliefs of him.

††††††† As a 14 year old he had hospital surgery on both big toes, and had to walk home 3.5 miles because they left him alone at hospital and gave nothing to get home with, so they could go and do some shopping and play with the racing pigeons.It didnít even cross their mind he would need a lift home, 14 years old and tears streaming down his face in agony.Less than a mile to get home and his mum drove passed and picked him up.He was absolutely gutted he got picked up; wanted to be able to say he got home alone.

††††††† If what she said in television was true, would he be provoking a reaction with all of these truths?Absolutely no way.

††††††† He did used to steal small amounts of money from them, and always bought something to eat with it, because he was always hungry.He even used to shoplift food when in Asda with his parents, then disappear to quickly eat it out of sight.

††††††† Watching dad kill animals for food, by snapping their necks, yeah he had a lot of that in primary school years.

††††††† Aged 4 he and his dad found his puppy with a dog meat can stuck on its head, the inward facing opened lid acting like a trap and preventing it from being taken off, so his dad lied and said it had gone away, really he just killed it because he didnít have the intellect to work out how to get it off, or patience to take his time.He knew he was lying when he said it had gone away, he knew he had killed it, but yeah adults seemed to think they could lie successfully to this 4 year old.

††††††† Every Sunday morning being forced to be ball boy for Accringtonís Wicket keeper, his dad practising with him, dad bowling and uncle batting, that made his batting worse, not better.Practising with someone who canít bowl then facing world class bowlers says it all doesnít it.This kid never forgets, and after the dog, ball boy thingy and vast distance elsewhere, was enough to make him be distant.

††††††† When he had talked her into leaving his violent dad, when he was 3 years old, a few weeks or months later he and his sister were given a 5 minute meeting with her new fellow, and that was the entire introduction they had with who they would be moving in with soon.

††††††† Even his gran used to say his new dad was the grumpiest person she had ever met, but not when he was with the rest of his family, then he was a changed man.

††††††† He was 6 years old when his mum, dad, gran and grans husband were commenting about the Tomato plant his grans husband had been caring and tending too for months.Not one person could work out why it hadnít grown Tomatoes, till Magnus saw it, ďThatís not a Tomato plant, itís a Thistle!ĒAnd that then gave him ideas to put spiky Thistle heads in the toe ends of his dadís slippers.


††††††† As a three year old we used to place ourselves in his toy bears, to play with him as real people, he had no one except his sister, so we had to give him ourselves in those ways.Kind of like Toy Story, the cartoon, but only with cuddly bears.They came alive for him, we told him not to tell his parents, so he did, and we told him we told you not to tell them, I didnít, honest, so we gave him one last wink from his favourite, a black and white Panda, then told him we had to stay invisible for the rest of his life.

††††††† He has an 8mm tape reel here Al, wants you to take it, from those times, recordings of him as a 3 or 4 year old claiming to be an angel and all similar.It hasnít been played since the mid 70s, all he remembers is humorously claiming to be an angel, more than and how he will change the world.

††††††† He will do a trade with you Al, you can keep the reel, give him a copy of the recording, and a copy of the crimes against him in Darwen and what was broadcasted, and stills of the supernatural events.He will only use stills of the supernatural events for his books, and the crimes he wishes to use to seek justice, compensation and a clear head.It isnít correct he is refused evidence of these crimes against him; you all know that isnít right.He needs to learn it all in one go, instead of hazy bits and bats from other people for the rest of his life.He will never be able to move on in emotions, for as long as he is refused it, so is probably why there is that much propaganda that it be best he not get a copy.

††††††† He was detecting murders in thought images and locations when he was 10, he can handle more than anyone.

††††††† If those claims are still on the 8mm reel itís worth a fortune.You can have it Al, for what he asks for, then he will be able to release his new books.He wonít release any books before he is given a copy of what he asks for, he wonít even let people view those books, with one exception.



††††††† Look at the dates of every major religious leader or God like person, and the locations, they were all the same guy.Osiris, Quetzalcoatl, Jesus, Krishna, Zeus, Buddha, Mohammad and the many others, but do not believe everything that is said of those persons, because it isnít all true.

††††††† He refuses to let any other do it for him, we try and talk him out of it and he always says heís the best man for the job, I think this is his last time on earth though, as an iconic figure anyhow.He doesnít want to come back here anymore, has had enough of his work as well, so wants to be there for the religious now, as he hasnít yet, and he needs them.

††††††† At least his opposition managed to make us get our way with him, we never like him coming here, in the future others can do it for him.We have earned from irreligious humanities unjust ways to him, because he will never be back here again, we never like him coming here, it is always the same old story, so yes as a race of people we have earned from the irreligious unjust evil and perverse ways to him.We will never lose him to them low lives again, THANK YOU very much; best present irreligious humanity ever gave to us their ever so distant angels.

††††††† What he does to you he did to us, guided and helped us into a brighter future, saved us from ourselves, gave us abilities and knowledge we never knew existed, he changed our everything for the better, itís what heís doing to the irreligious and now feels as though he has done enough of it.

††††††† Itís why so many authorities go against him, they donít want humanity to be better off, they want to counter his nice and brilliant effects unto the people and the planet.Why?You canít explain that to him, it will destroy his emotions.And why are authorities trying to cause as much awfulness around him as possible?Again we will not explain these things to him, except for saying, governments have always been the weakest link in the chain, the worst of the worse, we wonít explain their worstís, we never do, we explain what we have too.

††††††† He and we have disrupted more of their evil than can be explained in these books; weíve turned evil low lives in world leader status, into God fearing low lives.

††††††† Imagine the worst of the worse, within governments, and that is who is behind all this opposition of your biggest most amazing helper ever.

††††††† Itís now just normal for him to be within the opposition, to know they will always be there doing something, it is his only guaranteed emotional overload, to have unjust, criminal and conspiracy forming enemies within authorities is his normal, it is all he expects from life.


††††††† These accy enemies, they failed with 2 nukes, failed to kill him, too scared to kill those next to him, and more than 11 of them dead, they went for civilians and did many, and they for a while unjustly ruined his image and his emotions.They didnít ruin his life, they and he thought they had, they actually made him the man he is, known to be unbeatable and fearing nothing and no one.

††††††† He sees this as a loss, a 10/4 win isnít good enough for him and it isnít a 10/4 win; with nukes involved itís more like a 10,000/4 win.One man with nothing but himself against dozens of rich folk with authority above the usual, and he sees his 10,000/4 win as a loss.He doesnít look at his wins, he looks at his losses.


††††††† UK and European authorities have known about his telepathic abilities since 1978, they had it within their power to tell the people and make them behave better because of him, but they choose to keep him hidden from the people who pay their wages, which left many people continuing with their evil ways and to not know about God.

††††††† They choose the most awful paths around him every time, they had it within their power to annihilate atheism and scepticism in 1978, and choose to try to destroy him instead.

††††† ††The most evil of European authorities and beyond are doing their best to take God away from humanity, to make as much of a mess of it as possible, he cannot understand it and we donít want him to.Yous could handle it but he canít, he knows they want the worst and will try their best to get that, but why we dare not tell him.

††††††† In 2001 he verbally told police whilst being recorded, ďWhen I die all hell breaks loose, like how prophecies predicted.ĒHe also told them heighten surveillance of me and it will cause my suicide, within 2 weeks on duty and off duty police surveillances of him escalated to levels never known elsewhere.

††††††† Why they have wanted that you should ask them, because we do not want to say it in the presence of your God.Ask them why their authority has been trying to cause all hell to break loose, watch their guilty reactions, make them feel the error of their ways.

††††††† They turned their back on law and order with him, and justice for his attackers and organisers of, they were a part of the most serious violent and perverted crimes against him.Their authority tried to stress him into suicide, when believing that will cause all hell to break loose. And since all that Darwen evil have pointed 2 guns at him, one tazer and told him heís psychotic in beliefs about crimes against himself.Theyíve never upheld serious law around him, never, since he was 16.

††††††† It should be a serious crime that police turn their back on law, order and justice, because it perpetuates more serious crimes elsewhere.Those people are supposed to protect and serve, but they always protect and serve their wages and emotions first and foremost.

††††††† The amount of police on his case, it getting into his head that they donít want the public behaving better because then we wouldnít need half as many police.Honestly everyone, the UK under Magnus would need half as many police and there would be half as many victims of crimes.Police states, itís what they want, control over the people and they fearing of living.



††††††† Look at what they did to Nelson, all because he stood for justice and equal rights.Nelson is a bed time story when compared to Magnus, he would have preferred 35 years inside, instead of 35 years with them in his life and soul.

††††††† People please be careful, consider everything, and donít go to levels awful horrible people want.Stay on a level, not too bad and not too good, always only ever what isnít serious, if you know what I mean.The individual comes first in all of similars, not the target, gotta consider the individual not the target.

††††††† Honestly, Nelsons story is very tame in comparison, and still the European authorities do nothing because it is part of their way unto him.


††††††† His UFO book, Alien Angels, he had to change it around, It was called UFOs our Future Transport, but people at United, Bury F.C. and people in television and Joanne and her lot copied it, distributed and in effect stole a lot of money away from charity by doing so.It was written like a report, not a book, and was incomplete and incorrect, and too many mentions of authorities.All the people who have read a copy and do not give him the book price, you have stolen from God and charity.

††††††† So called decent people have disrupted Gods plan and taken a mass of money away from Charity, and donít even have a plan to repay it back, or to delete those copies of books that belong to a charity.Stealing from charity is the most serious kind of theft on this planet, but people donít see that do they, all they see is chance to read a book for free.All people who do not delete or destroy all their copies of UFOs Our Future Transport will get 100 years in the next life, we canít be bothered trying to work out a just punishment, so well just say 100 years for all who do not delete those books.


††††††† One man with thousands of unjust enemies, they failing with everything of the top priorities.Every major opposition that occurs and he climbs further up the ladders, he reaches for the sky and he gets there, whilst stamping on them below him, them trying to get up there with him.He ascends with opposition, this evil moment in Darwen was supposed to kill him and ruin his image, or turn him into an emotional wreck, it had the opposite effect.Now it is nearly everyone who knows him, and they know what he is and what his enemies are, and he has reached further up than they believed possible.And there is now nothing that can ruin his emotions more than that, so when he has moved on he has become stronger than he believed he would be able too.

††††††† There are always good points to awful things; it is the only way we can get him to move on, to make him look at only the good points.


††††††† We are the most intelligent in this universe, the most learned, the most advanced, the most able and the most secretive, and we get our ways with enemies by encouraging them.Governments cannot beat him, a countries police could not beat him, billionaires with nukes couldnít beat him, what will be next?He invites them in, bring it on is his way now.


††††††† Some of his ways look idiotic and foolish, but look at what he has achieved, more than any other, look at what he has done with opposition, beat them and used it to make himself be known as Christ and worthy of worship.People call him an idiot, or just awkward, no he is not, people donít listen, he is acting out on moral ground that has been assembled with tens of millions of years of accumulated evidence and experience.They cannot break his moral ground but try all the time, and when they fail they try and make it look less than their own.


††††††† When them at United and others from pro football were readying for their most perverted sickening and awful evil crimes unto him, we could have stopped it all very easily before it began, but we wanted people to see what he is and what his opposition is, and how he cannot be beaten, and if he had avoided it another time would have been necessary in the future.His soul wasnít even there for 99% of it; some other was placed into his body, they harmed other people and themselves more than him, and now deeply regret all of it, and he has ascended yet again, and they fallen down to the gutter.

††††††† Plus he was on a nuke mission for the army, he wasnít gonna turn around and say, ďOh guys she is an evil murderess with nukes, Iím undercover army waiting on her trying to nuke me and the North West.ĒHe sat it out and waited for the nuke, he knew it was on its way so stayed with the people he knew were scheming against him.

†††††† The most important thing to him then was the mission, not himself.As weíve said before, they devalued him a long time ago from within himself, and only now can they see that gave him strength.To have no fear for yourself is a strength, not a weakness, well in this case anyhow.


††††††† If justice isnít served on his attackers we will serve it, and to those who refuse to serve it.You have seen nothing of us yet; expect the unexpected is still the common ground we are on.

††††††† The prophecies speak of justice, and this is the biggest injustice around since he was alive, the most serious and perverted crimes by police, European and UK authority, of the most sickening, most perverse, most awful and violent ways ever.

††††††† They cannot do that to this innocent man or any other with nothing in return, he worked for law and order and justice and they give him none on these the worst crimes they ever witnessed, and were a part of it the police.The justice we give out it will be far worse, in this life it will sometimes takes years to fester out, in the next life it is obvious, instant and continuous.

††††††† If authorities do not serve justice, we will give it and it will be far worse, if we donít he feels insecure about us so we cannot let that occur.We will not allow him to believe we have deserted law, order and justice; authorities do so we have to counter that.


††††††† Opposition people are going to try and shut this site down, so lots of people please put up elsewhere on the net and please help publicise.Tripod and Lycos, there are no libellous claims in this site; it is all news that is well known of in England.


††††††† He didnít need to do anything, in provocation, defence and attack, he didnít and he doesnít.


††† ††††And enemies still have the idiotic views that reading prophecies can give them some sort of lead over him, FFS guys, we make the prophecies, for us and him, not you, FFS, did you ever leave infancy?

††††††† Enemies reading into prophecies to try and gain a lead on him, tell you what guys, why not ask Magnus for some advice, he is sick and tired of this chite competition, he wants someone he can say was good at what they do.Honestly he will help you more than prophecies.

††††††† Leave him alone and they canít have any more losses, there you go guys, best advice you ever had.







††††††† Stand Up For Your Rights saw that poster, I wonder what he thinks?And he was trance talking me almost instantly, Deletion Mister, even sounded like him, wants me to delete the password and email account to this site, stop me from deleting it all together.Plus he meant deletion of them 30 or so, all of them, may be comp will put them out of target ranges, from my supernatural people anyways.

††††††† He made me agree to giving him the last say here, after making me confront the plastic rasta I was with, there hant been a true one near to me, so he says, but three wannabees and one half man.If Magnus aint ya God you aint Rasta, so say Bob.Haile Selassie fulfilled no prophecies, I have fulfilled most of them before 45.

††††††† And it was he made me look at that fighter 2 dan with sympathetic eyes, he made me see the truth, made me explain how it should be for him.He stood for Black Power, I donít wanna name him but you all know who it is.


††††††† Their own authority men itís now lawful!Law, order and justice has been abandoned, their own would do the 2 for 1, they others would do close to 15 for 1, some authority guys would do them in footie for justice, with some added extras at other dates, about 30 of them in these three groups.The supernatural will get involved.All in authorities would have stopped it for anyone else, they all know my words are right, they have no choice, this is their path, their path that ends while going into his intersection.

††††††† If he explains it all, all would have temporary insanity and diminished responsibility, a win in every courtroom, and all would want too, n many would, n if it was your mum or dad all would, n it will be done.Justice will be served, itís what the prophecies say n it aint going away.

††††††† He suffered 2 seconds of those awful moments, them 2 stops of 2, astrally projected elsewhere for the rest, messed up on the others, they messed everyone n him so they have to go.He knows it from peopleís thoughts and emotions, suffered it more that way.

††††††† Magnus would try to forgive, it is why he is not allowed to have a say on justice in the next life or this, he is too forgiving because he knows nothing but opposition.

††††††† He wonít write for justice to his attackers, they devalued him a long time ago, but for others yes, for the victim Symone yes, for the one with her yes, for them who got messed up in the head by having to watch.Justice means more to him if it is for the other victims, for he he doesnít care, opposition is just normal.

††††††† If he avoided all that in Darwen it would still be on the cards, main men mainland go away fast, taken him to a level no others can reach, continue and you know the end, just for you.


††††††† People tortured for months, some to cover, one from Bury F.C.She tried to stop it, Symone, got no joy at Bury F.C. they who planned with Man U, and she didnít make it home from the plod station, kidnapped on the way home, held, tortured, raped, forced perverted sex, diseases given.Then on the day of evil with Mag she was the one he found himself having sex with, obviously given a rash down there by her captors, and other things.She had all of her face skin acetone dissolved off; hence their lies about other people being skinned by acetone.They put lies in their crimes to create doubts on truths.They always failed to give him herpes, so they had to do it publicly too, you know to create that atmosphere around him.

†††††† She was known by Magnus from Bury FC, he knows who she was, despite her having nothing but muscles in her face.He woke up and found himself with her, then noticed her face skin missing, pulled off, backed off, and she walked away in shame trying to hide her face with her hair.

††††††† Letís ask Alex Ferguson, Neville Neville and Gary Neville, where has Symone from Bury F.C. gone?You know that innocent woman who tried to stand in the way of evil sick and twisted perverted freaks in football.

††††††† Sir Alex Ferguson way, sounds more like a moral ground standing now, not a road to Manchester United.All them from pro football that were there, except db, them doing her and the black guy I beat up, they will be taken out, they have bypassed law and order so it has to come from somewhere else.They are all gonna die a slow and gruesome lawful death of justice.You low life

?astards have become worse than serial killers with police backing, police allowance, and police paid off to let it occur.

††††††† Symone she wants to say Bury and United management were behind a lot of the organisation, and that is just them from football.And all them police who were working Darwen that day, youíre going too.

††††††† Oi pig plod, serious criminals want in on you lot now, yous targeting innocents to harm an innocent, forcing people to watch the sickest chit going, you are now far worse than the Russian mafia, they target people in it, people who owe, people who took the ?iss, competition, you target innocents for your own benefits.There is nothing lower than that, police and government of this land have become worse than Eastern European and Russian serious criminals.

††††††† Be a good favour from God who does, but I know who will, it is on the cards, it will be done.Civilians only need do the petty stuff, what cannot get them into major troubles, and they should always think of their defence before the attack, work around defence first, then work out attacks from defence.

††††††† The damage cannot be repaired, except for justice being served, police and them two in 10 Downing street do not plan to serve justice and never did, were a part of it, their justice will come from elsewhere, it will be served on them, in this life and the next.

††††††† Innocents have died, people will never be happy again, suicide rates have escalated again because of police ways with me, only a small amount of damage can be repaired, and only when justice is seen to have been served.

††††††† I am inches away from looking at worse, they have to stop and cease, like how they forced South Africa to stop apartheid, they attack me they attack everyone on the planet, Iím here protecting humanity from earth whacking us all.

††††††† These sick chits controlling the USUKUN if they donít change have to be changed, and justice has to be served by them if they are to be seen as beginning change.

††††††† They are gonna try and spread their evil elsewhere, which many countries knew about long before I.They are affecting all in the USUKUN in the worst ways possible, this isnít just the UK, it is the UN and US too, all my opposition from these accy billionaires represent them three whateverís.

††††††† I want them to change, I donít want it to continue, Iím here to do the right thing, and I always do, and they never do.


††††††† The channels that broadcast, all people should avoid those channels, the BBC, people do not need to buy a TV licence, it isnít necessary, you can own a television without having to buy a TV licence, can be using it for CCTV, videos and gaming, and you can tell them to get out of your garden and off your garden path, they have no legal right of way into your garden, never mind your home.You can forcibly remove them from your garden path, if they refuse to leave, you can actually have them arrested for trespassing if they refuse to leave your garden.They sometimes threaten with police action, but police are too busy to bother with that escalation.And the channels that broadcast who do advertisements, when the adverts begin is the best time to check for better things on other channels, to do what you quickly need to do, to put audio on mute.When you start doing that, audio on mute and avoiding all adverts, you realise how mind ?ucked adverts make people.


††††††† Many in pro sport knew of the plan, that is guilt through association and not trying to stop it, check the chapter, anyhow, justice is going to be served, on all the police that were part of it, all them in footie, all the others, it will be lawful justice, just not by the plod because they are impersonating police, they are not that.Police arenít there anymore, so justice has to be served elsewhere.

††††††† I complained to police about all these serious crimes in street they were a part of and helped to organise, 20 minutes after it had ended, and the low lives threatened me with arrest, to the obvious discontent of my army friends.


††††††† Have to apologise about switching from statements from the supernatural to my own, seems a bit wayward in text, seems a bit out there, but without it Iíd keep quiet, they donít want me to keep quiet anymore.So yes at times I switch from my statements to my supernatural friends.

††††††† Enemies also try and control my words, so the supernatural counter that too.

††††††† Authorities persons said Iíd get killed by police if I write everything in my books, ďIíd love to see them try,Ē was my reply,†† Her thoughts then saying, he knows about his supernatural protection.

ďIíve known about it since I was 7, my angel friends only allow me to think how they want me to think.Ē


††††††† They are going around Darwen with body cams and vehicle cams, that is how scared they have made themselves.They are trying to blag me saying they have all left for different areas, they are pretending it didnít occur.


††††††† Bury F.C. gonna get cursed too, so now they are even worse than before, no fan base and itís getting even smaller, folding before I leave, again, WD evil idiots, for Symone and Justice.The Cemetery Road End, Bury could never score in that goal when I was working at Bury F.C.Bet they change that name now, bet Bury disappear and some other takes over, Bury Manchester United sounds good.All opposition teams have to do to whack these teams heads, is briefly glimpse at the sky after eye contact, point up to it and display ya disgust, and their nerves have gone.

††††††† Now it is obsessive and compulsive to ruin their heads.Unitedís getaway is Worsley Old Hall.United train at Carrington, Bury end of Gigge Lane and Goshen playing fields.Many United fans deserted them, because they are a sick, evil low life management, desert United and Bury, no other teams are going to be targeted as much as they by fans and unassociated persons.Water bomb balloon their turf with weed killer.Iíve even seen it occurring with airplanes, early mornings with a bit of drizzle and spray the turf with weed killer.Players are going to be cursed, you know to prevent good ones going to them, so they now gonna struggle to get the best players too.I will always ask the supernatural to ruin these two teams for as long as they exist, so fans gonna be best finding another team.Team coaches Iíve seen the future, people targeting their tyres at traffic lights, when on the way to a match.There is nothing I want to do more than ruining these two teams and clubs, on my work level that is.Shout some names at them during matches; it distracts them and bigs up the opposition.

††††††† Women targeting players was a good one; you know luring them in, then stitching them up with all sorts of lawful nasties.Symone tried to stop their awful criminality to me, and got tortured for it and died.

††††††† Catapulting stadium windows with marbles is enough to wreck their teams heads in permanently, best at night time on MTB, can cover ya face and get off quickly.Do that every week, and they have gone.

††††††† Bury have always been crap anyhow, its crap football what they play, dirty and long ball, that is chite football at Bury, it always has been.Dirty long ball is crap to watch and play, that has been the main Bury tactic since the early 90s.Itís a waste of money watching that chit; school teams play more entertaining football.If fans always target goalkeepers during matches, for constant verbalís, then itís over for them.Same with players, always have their goalies as the main target, they canít beat this now.Just sly and nonsensical fouls is enough to do their goalies heads in, at beginning of matches, make sure both teams know it is going how I want it to go, and thatís it, with a goalie head ?ucked they canít ever win.

††††††† Some of it was about money with United, Glazers stripping the club and then Joanne offering financial help if they went against me in the most serious criminal ways ever imagined.

††††††† They deserve to die and many of them will.

††††††† Guys, Joanne set you all up, she has known since the 90s I cannot be beaten, her family have known since the 80s I cannot beaten, they set you up ya dheads.They wanted to die because they had to kill me and couldnít, so had to take things to a level that would kill them.

††††††† Do you know how many nukes they have tried on me? Four, Darwen was the last one.The reversed formula mushroom cloud was not what it seemed, not what I wrote it as, it was a nuclear explosion gone wrong, with the greys making it ineffective.Me and plod we all marvelled at it, we were stood amazed by this attempt to kill millions, although we just thought it was something else.

††††††† I fell asleep in a field that night, and woke up with her sleeping by my side, cuddling up to me.This is my worst enemy, forced to go against me and totally in love with me.They were forced to go against me, you lot in football did it through personal choice.You were more evil than they who were threatened with death and torture if they didnít try and kill me.

††††††† I amazed their everything, and yes Alex Ferguson did have sex with her, is Alex married?

††††††† She set you all up and we set her up, Iíf I had avoided that Darwen evil they would have got me elsewhere, it had to end in a big way for them, and they used yous to get that.

††††††† Billionaires with nukes couldnít beat me since the 80s, and you still think they thought they could win with you lot onboard.Wake up dheads; they respected me more than yous.They knew Darwen was their end and not mine, and to turn the people against you lot.To make everyone see what I am and what you lot are, they had to try; it was either that or be murdered for themselves.

††††††† Yes they did awful and evil chit to me, because they were forced too, they got you lot onboard for their benefits and mine, not yours.

††††††† If some of what I have read is true, about me coming into money, then Iíll be making a new big premier league team, it will take over from Manchester United, many fans will switch to it.Iíll have to use my head not my heart on that one, and go for a team from a big city, so naturally they can have a massive fan base.

††† ††††Guys and girls, honestly, there is no one more sick and evil in football than the management of these two teams.

††††††† With me I have watched them both ruin many innocent people by trying to ruin me, twice Iíve watched them both do this, ruin innocent people by failing to ruin me.People have died, people have committed suicide, people will never be happy again, they deserve much worse than I have predicted with lawful words.

††††††† Twice they both took me on in seriously criminal ways, Bury and Man U, both times others suffered a lot and I not as much, twice they played games with me, this one has not even got started yet.

††††††† They did worse to Symone than they did to me, and they did worse to one of hers than they did to her, this is what you have become Alex Ferguson and the rest, the lowest of the lowest, targeting innocents and letting innocents get involved with being a target.Youre worse than the Russian Mafia, public figures tryna be serious criminals! WTF kind of planet are you from?Oh its earth in it, that explains everything.

††††††† Where we came from doesnít matter anymore, where the attackers are going that is what matters, and the plod organisers, and them in footie hiding behind bigger names.


††††††† I aint gonna do anything criminal, I aint gonna direct people into criminal actions, I aint gonna try anything, but explain what will be.Justice has to be served, and if it isnít served from this country, or the European Union, then it will be served from elsewhere.And we will all see which authorities did nothing and were part of.Police, UK government, European Royal Guard authority from Accrington, these authorities need to be stripped and prophecies say it will be, theyíve gone to worse because they failed with the worst.

††††††They want to take societies backwards; itís what they have been doing intentionally for more than decades.They donít want God to influence the masses into better behaviours, and themselves into better ways, they want to take things as worse as they can and itís what they are doing.

††††††† They all been tryna make the cataclysms occur, for more than 10 years they knew my life is preventing it, and yet they tried to stress me into suicide.Plod seem to think that is better than having to live and work within my telepathic abilities, that is their authority, and all workers do whatever their authority says.

††††††† Sick evil low lives of the worst ways possible, you cannot get worse than trying to cause all hell to break loose by creating the worst kinds of scenarios possible.

††††††† What they did in twisting my family against me I can use, they canít harm me now by harming my family or going for them, they deserted me on propagandas, so now I desert them.I lost a weak spot of my life, thank yous.

†††††† Theyíll even say Iíve turned extreme, nah, they were more evil than extreme when I was 7, Iím just writing on their level.

††††††† I worked for free, for justice, law and order, for 20 years, in ways that most criminals respect, so they turned on me, them in that profession, their authorisers, them you vote into government office, WTF?Theyíll all sit there and blame me; all I do is write of their most evil and seriously criminal and perverted ways.


††††††† You know if that UFO technology arrives from my alien friends, we gonna take all off this planet, and leave the chite behind to face the cataclysms, may as well, thatíd be a good plan they couldnít consider without I.

††††††† Justice is a major of the prophecies; it will be served, down here and in the next life.All we are seeking is justice, law and order, but they the authorities of the obvious they abandoned it with I, so it has to come from elsewhere.

††††††† Joanne and her lot were as close to thrones as I, royal blood but distant.I am a bigger public figure than any Royal, all I need next is money and surely I can then buy my royal guard permissions.Is that when certain authorities only begin to realise they have to back down?


††††††† I can explain billions of lives the billionaires from accy tried to take elsewhere, well their big bosses, 2 nukes werenít it all, much worse, sicker, more evil, more so elsewhere.He has hi def video of one nuke, with a Geiger counter going through the roof.

††††††† Hundreds of attempts on him, he thought a dozen or so before he was 13, more like more than dozens of different ways, dint know of abduction before 10, suspected aged 17, suspected 23, knew 42.Thought they went from failed car run downs to a nuke.Thought there a dozen attempted car run downs before 13, more like hundreds of different attempts in different ways.

††††††† Abduction techniques before 13, put out of action, drug up, take, or just drug up and take, held, tied, blindfolded, drugged, constant mind manipulations with telepathic value added too.Aged 17 drugged up, controlled, drugged up, controlled, 23 the same, 42 realises it.But it never works to the levels they want of it, nothing works correctly against him, he just jumps higher up the ladder of achievement and global recognition of total respect.

††††††† Still under some hypnotics of theirs but not now itís known.They up to worse elsewhere, funny they canít do one.

††††††† They target his all but the most important one they couldnít ruin or wreck before it began, always did their head in that, no way to beat this, the most important to him.

††††††† In it at 5, now 43, work questions on hold, aint getting late in the day so changing each and every way.The 35 year questioning of his work stops, itís tiresome, itsí boring, repetitive and even annoying now, anything else will be in his books, or a personal touch individually.Be OK when he is with the religious, heís prepped then, every other way is different.

††††††† Clairsentience, telepathy with emotions, whatever you wanna call it if he doesnít get prep on important speaking, and away from most prying eyes, it isnít favourable for him to get his ways and wants across, other peopleís emotions over rule his and he doesnít get to say what he needs to say.Do it any other way and the supernatural speak for him and he wonít know what has been said.

††††††† Heís been saying this for months, and no one listens, and when it all goes wrong they blame him for being awkward, idiotic or nonsensical.He does everything differently and no one listens except a few.


††††††† Al got some more yet.If you need to meet him he needs a day or 2 to prep, then meeting not in public, you alone with discreet people all around, canít work any other way.He needs prep on all speaking of importance, being telepathic means he needs that, and to be away from prying eyes, many people on one telepath disrupts his emotions big time, so itís hard to talk business in those circumstances for him.He does everything differently to others, he isnít awkward, he just knows whatís best for him.


††††††† All copyright breaches need to end, the UFO book he didnít give to anyone, all need to delete it, canít come at him with copyright breaches, itís going out of control, it has to end everywhere because it is stealing from charity.

††††††† The ufo book copyright breaches need to be deleted and burnt everywhere, that is stealing from charity, stealing directly from people who need it, and disrupting Gods plan.

††††††† Thatís all he has here, 2 books be done next year, for charity and somet else, no breaking copyright, thatís disrupting Gods plan and stealing from charity, need to delete all them copyright breaches, except for the established religions, they can keep their copies just to read amongst their religion and not to be held or copied outside of the religions committee.Taking from charity is worthy of justice in the next life, and when he takes it personal well what would you do?Gotta be the max, taking from charity in those levels gotta be 50 yrs in the next life, itís imprisoning people into the awfulness charity would get rid for them.


††††††† All copied and saved books are copyright breaches, except for the one he gave permission of; and you can have one copy of this current website, nothing else, a paper copy, not a computer one.


††††††† Law, order, justice, survival and protection, how I work and the opposition against all of that.Authorities of this lot are no more with me, they abandoned it all.Humanity has lost their most achieved policing and justice detective, I had to quit informing on them evil ones who target innocents, itís all I went for and had to quit because they quit law and order around I, and blatantly became evil and most corrupted criminals in authorities ever known by this most achieved detective.All I went against were the sorts who kill or do kids, women or masses of innocent people.Corrupted and criminal people within authorities, the sorts of people most serious, minor and average criminals would want to be informed on.


††††††† The opposition wonít get their way, wonít turn me to the extreme, will make me explain how it will be.They have left the supernatural with no options but to take justice into their own hands, it doesnít exist with me and authorities so has to come from elsewhere.

††††††† Donít get involved people, unless itís minor and petty, and unavoidable by the opposition, the more serious stuff will come from elsewhere, just wait and see.


††††††† This is me, hate to beat up those who oppose me in worse ways, would rather talk them into awful emotions, and that usually works better than fists.You canít bang sense into some people, so I drill it into their soul, speaking like a lion is another prophecy.

††††††† I used to drive down to Moss Side, to vex the plod on my tail, so they threatened to clamp down on them down there, so yes that kept me out, the only ones from the street I wanted to keep.I aint a snitch guys, I had plod on my tail, canít do FA to my worst enemies in those situations, plod be right on me.I grassed on evil who target innocents for their own gains, or evil in authorities, or them enemies of mine plod would not let me beat back.Wanted back in Moss Side for rare moments, and to find the undercover black plod, dozens of em down there guys.Youíll know who it is because they wonít be around when I is, I wonít have to look for any.

††††††† One plastic rasta from down there wanted to keep me out, stayed away for him too, put myself in front of his car when he was revving it up, told him to do it and he panned it.

††††††† And I know an inspector from down there too, he had undercover black on me once, giving me threats, I can find out when thereís gonna be a clamp down.February guys, you know near my birthday, so theyíll change that now I know.


††††††† Iím embarrassed at the life and ways people forced me into and to live, and feel bad about asking for justice, and feel as though I have had enough of this work, unless itís now for the religious.I need a life and the 35 year questioning of my work to cease.


††††††† I will finish 2 more books, and hopefully will be able to be where I want to be, to move on to where I have never been.


††††††† Ask questions of my work and I will tell you about my books, things have to go my way now; work and life need now to be separated, even though I have neither at the moment.


††††††† I walk around unsure of that moment in Darwen, people showing me the worst via telepathy, people giving me lies too, give me a copy, a full copy, cannot move on without, it is that simple.You all wanted to watch it and you all did, and then demand I donít watch any part of it.Every step of the way is steered to my worst outcomes, by the opposition controlling around me, and they making sure people who would be close donít do as is best for me.Opposition put their lies in television, it is best for they I do not get a copy.Authorities put lies in television lots; itís one of their ways.

††††††† Give me a copy, all of it.Itís nearly 8 weeks gone, Iím unsure of some moments, needs stills of the supernatural events for books, still has nothing, I need a copy to move on or Iím stuck here for the rest of my life.

††††††† I have spoke to no one about any of it, may be one or two minutes, and some people who approach me expect me to bounce back like FA occurred.

††††††† All I ask for is television stay away permanently, authorities stop following me, copyright thefts from my future charity to stop now, stop questioning me on this work, I need out of the public eye and prep to speak about work, give me a copy and they who owe me compensation pay up with crossed cheques.


††††††† My only worry now is my anger in written and rare spoken words, worrying about how religious people will react to it, also worrying about if I have lost them too.This was the lowest part of my life, I will bounce back and get rid of that anger, just a bit hard now.Thatís my only worry now, how religious people react to my anger and if have lost them too, so I can handle receiving a copy of that broadcast.I know what they made my body do, I was only there for 2 seconds of it, come on, you know I need a copy, anybody would.


††††††† Another way with me, something that needs mention here, to telepathically control me into people who are not good for me, coupled with authority decisions on the same, been occurring since I was 7.And recently I heard thoughts saying they were gonna ruin any chances I have of getting close to decent religious people.That is what the propaganda photos were about, to turn people against me, that is what the perverted sick chit was about, to create awful atmospheres in the telepathic air, to create awful thoughts and emotions of me, to put distance between me and decent people.To keep me in an empty life.

††††††† They try every trick not known elsewhere, and everything that is known elsewhere, and everything my telepathic abilities can ruin for me via their own controls.Iíve even heard some decent people I am wanting to get close to, replying to me, ďhas anything occurred to yous?Ē With, ďNot really.Ē

ďOh, I see, so Ďnot reallyí now also exists in your life?Like how it has been doing in mine!ĒSo it looks like certain enemy persons are now going for who may want to get close to me.

††††††† It is always authority persons, English authority persons, white and irreligious.Iíve seen Indian people in their groups once, and they were making sure I knew they were not on the opposition side, although working for them they made sure I knew they were on my side.

††††††† Iíve even heard thoughts saying they were gonna buy out the printers I was planning to use for my books, the printers who specialise in books, they who I worked for in school work experience aged 16.

††††††† They plan to ruin it between me and any love I can have, me and any nice friends I can have, and push their way into people who were planning to get close to me.Youíve seen how they ruined it between me and my family, with propagandas and making them lie about me publicly, so that makes me not want to let them make up, these tactics donít go away, they just change slightly.

††††††† Honestly, now do people realise what I mean when I say they litter trap doors in every circumstance good for me?I donít even trust physical snail mail and emails, because I reckon they will destroy any of importance or good to me.Donít even trust the NHS, last time I was there I was getting grief from a Doctor and he refusing to give me any sort of treatment, he actually wanted to stitch me up in the most irrepairable and evil ways imaginable.

††††††† WTF is going on?All I have ever done is help the right thing to occur, help in ways no other can, and all I get in return is opposition and enemies, or decent people being blagged into being opposition, or others not listening to my polite requests.


††††††† And there are still many propagandas flying around here, there and everywhere, one is that I refused one million in cash as a present.More structured lies.I did politely tell many people I cannot ever accept large amounts of cash, because of my telepathic abilities and enemies I can only ever accept crossed cheques, also due to my now gone short term memory problems, telepathic based security issues and many enemies wanting to go for that.

††††††† Just ignore all stories of me that make me appear to be foolish, idiotic, my own worst enemy, or anything that is contrary to what people would expect of a God.People donít listen to what I say is necessary for me, and when they do they wrongfully suspect I am just being awkward or idiotic.

††††††† Nothing is the normal with me, listen to me for a change, FFS. £2k is my biggest wad and Iíve had hundreds of Ks offered, I couldnít accept how it was being offered, politely asked for it another way so I didnít get another offer.I did accept one of them 7 £50ks, contrary to how I politely asked for it to be given, and it was stolen from me in less than 5 minutes.

††††††† I need dayís preparation on everything out of the ordinary, I need preparation on all public speaking or speaking of my work, I have the worst security issues on the planet so need time to formulate ways around that.Enemies waiting on my crucial good beginnings so to telepathically control me out and away from, so thanks for all the people who have made me explain that in public, now I have a mass more of people wanting to wait on them crucial good beginnings for me, so now it is even worse for me in these ways.

††††††† Propaganda and opposition people follow my every move and plan, that is all.Which is why I have to be out of the public eye to do any speaking of my work, and why I need to be prepped for anything of importance to myself.

††††††† When enemies fail with one way they go to others, itís what they have always done; I still have enemies on my case.


††††††† Iíve had 5 £50ks offered and got none when I needed each one and wanted each one, because people donít listen to my polite requests on how to get around my the worst security issues on the planet.Also I canít just put £50k in the bank, because of telepathy every enemy of mine know all my bank details, and many of my enemies know the banking system more than most people.If someone wants to give me a large amount of money it has to be crossed cheque only, I cannot accept anything else.5 £50ks offered, I got none because they wouldnít listen or give me time to prep, and so yes £2k is still my biggest wad.

††††††† I did accept one £50k and it was stolen in less than 5 mins, because of my short term memory problems back then, telepathy giving the details to my following enemies, and the guy getting that big wad out in front of my enemies.He didnít even sit down with me to sign the contract, made me sign it in the street without any sort of talks, except sign here.Even when trying to give me that wad against my polite requests to do it other ways, he got stroppy with me, thinking I am being awkward.There were also two other £50ks offered in circumstances I could not work out, so I had to refuse those.

††††††† Any business talks with me I have to be out of the public eye and speaking with only one person, or it is an unfair discussion, being telepathic means if I am in important discussions with many, they can control me whichever way they want.Iím not being awkward or idiotic; I know what is best for me.

††††††† Listen to me if you wanna help me, not yourselves or others.I do everything differently, I have to, my enemies know all my importance through telepathy, so I have to counter that.Plus if I didnít do everything differently I wouldnít have 4 books to write.

††††††† It would also probably take me a week to find a bank relevant for me, you know, I need an account I donít know the numbers of, or photo recognition of my face being used as the only way to let money be drawn out of the account.Telepathy gives my bank details to everybody.If I put £50k in a normal bank account it will be scammed out in less than 24 hours.

††††††† Plus when abducted Iíve been hypnotized to mess everything up for myself, has to have been, look at this.Back in the 90s Joanne gave me chance on £50k, so I let others take it.Then I found £50k on my door step, so I threw it at traffic, she threw me another, so I gave it my next door neighbour, she offered me another, so I said give it my family, then the next week I got a one million cheque in a letter, which I burnt.2012 someone tried giving me £50k, which I took reluctantly, which was then stolen off me within 5 minutes because I was in panic attack.I got £50k put in my pocket, which I threw on the floor, got another offered, which I refused.Then was offered another, which I refused, and another bigger one, which I refused.Then next had £50k put in my shopping trolley, which I threw on the floor.Next I was offered £50k and told him to ?uck off.Then I was offered £30k, which I kicked back at him and told him to give to charity.

††††††† Every time I see a big cash offer I am in instant panic attack and nausea, so politely ask for it to be given in different ways, ways that are safe for me to accept but not one person listened.

††††††† It feels like people want to listen to everything I have to say, unless I am explaining something I cannot do that they can do easily, then they wrongfully suspect I am just taking the ?iss or talking chite.Sorry for my language here but itís a sickening feeling, knowing how to counter but no one listens.

††††††† Has to have been hypnotism, I bet they have lots on me.I think thatís now £2,500,000, its only £2,498,000 more than my biggest wad.O and another guy tried the same, he didnít even get chance to offer it to me, heard all of this and quickly walked away.

††††††† Think they have controlled me with both the most important things in social life.

††††††† And you know something else, I still get told by the supernatural that I will have a load of money in the future, if that is true then I am glad I wasnít able to counter the enemies hypnotism of me, mind control programs and telepathic controls of I, because all them other people got all my money, people who would not have got those amounts from elsewhere.And me having nothing meant I was more willing to put myself into helping others, itís all I had and it made me happiest.Money would have distracted me, it would have given me a life and to not worry or get involved as much for other people.To be optimistic, yeah Iím definitely good at that too.

††††††† And all the people who got what I should have, I bet they are glad I was controlled not to take it.And with me recently learning all my closest family plotted against me, in that broadcast which was part of a murderous attempt of me, Iím glad I gave all that money away, because if I had of taken it theyíd have got most of it.They were part of a murderous attempt against me, like those broadcasters were also the same, how can I ever feel like I want to go to those people?Hypnotism and mind control programs may work!


††††††† Honestly, all the grief doesnít bother me as much as it could do, I can move on, some people live all their life and donít even get chance for a pair of shoes.


††††††† Another thing, people I donít know please stop trying to kiss me, and Iím getting annoyed with having to explain everything, so just please if I say I have to do something differently Iím not being awkward, and donít ask me to explain it, it is getting nauseous having to explain every fine detail.

††††††† I donít want other peopleís germs in my mouth, if I let everyone kiss me who tries Iím gonna pick up all sorts of illness.Even when I was being a proper uncle to my nieces and nephew I never kissed them, kids canít handle some of the germs adults have in their mouth, adults should never be kissing kids.Kids have been known to die by contracting germs from adults; because their immune systems are weak in comparison.

††††††† There is only one person I want to kiss, my future other half, everyone else if they try I will have to avoid.

††††††† You really do need everything explaining, and if I donít people wrongfully believe I am being awkward or distant.

††††††† I thought I was a virgin till the week before my 21st birthday, then recently found out them accy billionaires had been abducting me, drugging me and making me have sex with all sorts of nasties and themselves, when I was a kid and teenager.So no I wonít allow people I donít know to kiss me, Iím reserved that way and others, I want to be there for one woman and no one before.

††††††† I also prefer the Far Eastern way of greeting people, with smiling and head bowing, instead of shaking hands.Itís just how Iíve always preferred it.

††††††† I had a fake policewoman try and hug me one day, and she had a malfunctioning Semtex vest under her jacket, and Iíve had a kid of 4 with similar, a malfunctioning Semtex vest under his bulky jacket, so please all genuine people, I donít like to hug people I do not know.Itís OK with people I know, no others though; and Iím very sorry it has to be that way; it is how I feel most at ease.

††††††† And erm I got my test results on the 11th of December, all clean again, she failed with the big H on me yet again.So my grumpiness up till now has all gone, unless Iíve been thinking about my life, sorry to those people who had to see and be near me when I was in those awful emotions.

†††††† And it was only 12 hours ago I also learnt that reversed mushroom cloud, as mentioned earlier in this book, was actually the opposite, a nuclear explosion made safe by my grey alien friends.So now all four of those weapons are accounted for.They tried a plane drop with the other, over Kearsley, it just disappeared.

††††††† I knew something wasnít correct about the description of that reversed mushroom cloud event, now I know, and I also now know what happy tears are like.

††††††† There were many authorities persons close to me that day, police and many others from other authorities; they can verify it was precisely the opposite of a mushroom cloud.

††††††† I fell asleep in a field at that music festival, away from everyone, where that reversed mushroom cloud was, and woke up with some women sleeping with me, cuddling up to me with another girl by her side, quickly I moved away.It had to have been Joanne, everywhere else I went she was always there.


††††††† Iíll clean up this site sometime next year, close to my birthday, I want them lot to feel the error of their ways.


††††††† Iíve been telepathically controlled by my enemies since I was 7, Iíve been hypnotically controlled by my enemies since I was 7, Iíve had dozens of mind controls programs on me before I was 10, Iíve been controlled with spike druggings since I was 7, other peopleís emotions over ride my own so I cannot be myself when in talks, the only way I can counter any of it is with preparation, my own advice, to not be in the public when speaking about anything important or good for myself, and people knowing everything.

††††††† I think also I need to be re-hypnotized, to reverse all the harmful hypnotic effects enemy people have placed on me, but where do I even begin to try and start that?I have nothing and no one.

††††††† Their hypnotic effects of me have ruined everything about my social life, and careers, every last bit, but it could never and didnít ever ruin my work for humanity, the Angels in me are too strong for that.And the enemies The 9 had to let them get their awful ways with me, because if I had countered any of it they would have stooped to worse and more evil ways.Enemies they thought they had me, no; they had been controlled to keep to certain levels.

†††††† The 9 can totally amaze my everything; even after everything they still amaze my everything, they deserve more worship than I and then say they are just following out my plan.

††††††† It isnít something for people to be upset about, I wasnít allowed to know everything before now, if I had countered my enemies they would have stooped to worse levels.If I had countered everything they would have done the worst thing to me possible, targeted many more innocents.If I had everything I wanted they would have found ways to take it all off me.Every time I got close to love they ruined it, but even if they hadnít they would have ruined it somewhere else down the road, and failing that would who have resorted to ruining her.And that helped me continue with my main number one goal for myself, which was always, one love.

††††††† My supernatural friends always know the best route through everything, sometimes itís straight through without countering and it does seem daft at first glance, but not when you consider the worst on this planet were my enemies.And I would have felt guilt ridden all my life, if I had lived for me first.

††††††† I agreed aged 4 or 5, to let my supernatural friends do to me whatever was best for humanity, whatever would help humanity most, I came last in those deliberations, OK they didnít explain precisely what would occur, but how could they, nobody would have continued if knowing all that was the future.

††††††† To save thousands of lives one man is worth being put through the worst of the worst, but it wasnít like that was it, it was millions of lives.And if we count everything, letís say the 20 nuke program they tried just before I was born into this life, which failed due to the greys I know, I can say we have saved billions of lives, at the cost of time and effort.

††††††† And then we can say we stopped earth whacking humanity, back in the 1940s, so thereís billions more saved.

††††††† Weíve saved earth twice since the 1940s, Iíd do it ten times over again if I had too, how could you ever have a God that does F.A. but watch?

††††††† I used to think, where are you God? Why are you letting all the evil continue on earth?That was when they were making some of my angels friends appear as God to me.I hate using that word, it is a word given to us by yous, it is not what I and my angel friends would call ourselves.The 9 and me, thatís it, thatís how we like to be known as, no titles, just people.


††††††† My next book of this series, Williams, will be completed before Christmas 2014, co produced with Lenny.

††††††† Angel Aliens will be completed before Christmas.

††††† ††Authorities And Me will be the last book of this series.


††††††† I may leave the Authorities title till late in life, I need a break from all of this.


††††††† There are many untruths that have been seen from my thoughts, and a few untrue prophecies out there, thatís the intellect of my 9 friends, way off the scale and working things how they needed them to be seen.The all hell breaking loose shortly after my death may not be true, it maybe, it all depends on many different circumstances.The future isnít set in stone, nothing is definite, all paths can twist and turn, they arenít definite paths, they are possibilities.Humanity can take whatever path they want but stay on the one that has always been straight out in front, but to stay on them paths we do have to respect earth more.Our atmosphere is titchy in comparison to earth, a very thin layer.Fossil fuels need to go and we have the technology to get rid of them, The 9 they repeat these circumstances over to me time and time again.But nothing is changing, paths are staying the same, those that matter do not try and change a thing.

††††††† Itís pathetic, it really is.Deserts used for electrical generation with solar power, then combined with sea water being used as an electrolyte to make hydrogen, all our fuel and pollution problems solved in one sentence.Water, one of the most abundant elements on earth and yet we are destroying life and the planet by burning fossil fuels.


††††††† You know thereís more at stake here than the happiness of one man, as there is always something can be said to change things for the better.



††††††† Iíve been using my tarot cards for roach material, as I have had enough of readings, shuffled them up tonight, and tried to find a good card, 11th of December still.I have binned the book to describe each card, so I tried to find something that would seem immediately recognisable; Knight of Swords was first, second and last was Justice.